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Out Of Sarajevo By: Poto
Finished--Present--Located on Xena Fan Fiction (on tom's site)

A truly powerful tale about the horrors of War and where it can lead to. Taylor Wilson, a photojournalist, is on assignment in Sarajevo to capture the essence of the destruction that is caused by the Serbs' attacks on that nation. She meets an American soldier who asks her to join her on a secret mission. The two embark on their journey not realizing what is to become of their future. Guys, this one is definitely a tissue alert.

The Teenage Years By: B. Smith
Finished--Present--Located on The Raven's Nest

Sarah sees her best friend (Jamie) less and less as the school year progresses. During this time she realizes that she has fallen in love with the all-star. Jamie has been keeping her distance and Sarah wants to know why. Will she discover the secret that Jamie has kept hidden for so many years before it's too late? This is a really cute story.

Anteros By: Stoley
Finished--Present--Located on Uber-Stoley's 'World of Words'

Shayne is trying to cut off all connection from her brother after she finds out that her family was a crime family. She moves to the country but everything still seems to be following her, including a little blond who owns a bookstore in the town.

The Deal By: M. Ryan
Uninished--Present--Located on The Bard's Corner

Chris is a rising all-star anchor woman in the town 'Burkett Falls,' but things may change once a hot shot news director from Dallas comes along.

Resa By: Journs
Unfinished--Present--Located on The Bard's Corner

A writing major is asked by a Priest to write a narrative on a very dangerous, ex-gangsta. Set in a convent in East Los Angeles.

Warlord Metal By: Redhawk
Finished--Near Future--Located on Redhawk's Realm

Sonny Middlestead's brother is the drummer for a band named Warlord. While looking for a replacement for the band's guitarist, they find a perfect candidate named Jordan, who, while suffering from a drug problem (among other things), take's the band to new levels with her talent.

Rising By: Archaeobard
Finished--Past--Mel/Janice--Located on The Bard's Corner

Janice Covington is invited to Melinda's party where the wealthy, aristocratic people in attendance don't think anything of putting down our favorite blond Archaeologist.

1971 By: Tonya Muir and CN Winters
Finished--Past--Located on The Bard's Corner

A hippie and a cop get together in a time when war and riots were a common thing.

More Than Words By: T.S. Chandler
Finished--Present--Located on The Athenaeum

Two women get to know one another over a few months via internet.

R'Place Series (read in order):

1.R' Place

2.Silent Lucidity : Gabrielle and Tara are back, but this time reality get's in the way. Gabrielle has to go home for Thanksgiving to her religious parents.

3.Out on a Limb


By: Minerva
Unfinished--Present--Located on Minerva's Domain

Redemption Song By: BlondeBard Chandler
Unfinished--Present--Located on The Athenaeum

U.S. Marshall, Megan O'Reilly is given an assignment to protect a former member of the Italian mafia. Soon she finds out that this assignment is like no other.