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D.C. By: Lizzy Tendre
Unfinished--Present--Located on Tendre's Tablet

Set in Washington D.C. The first daughter of the United States, Noelle Corrigan, has someone trying to kill her and it's up to Zora Dexter, the stoic Secret Service Agent to watch over her. Join them as their "relationship" unfolds.

Much Ado About Uber By: Poto
Finished--Present--Located on The Bard's Corner

Set around the life of theater. A stage manager and the lead actress are not hitting it off. The story is about the relationship of the crew members and the thespians in the play.

White Trash Series (read in order):

1. Love and Death in the Trailer Park

2. Ways to be Wicked

3. Mayonnaise and its Discontents

4. I've been to Pocatello, but I've never been to me

By: Vivian Darkbloom
Finished--Present--Located on Tom's Fan Fiction Page

Some funny stuff. A factory worker just found out that her boyfriend impregnated her sister when they appear on the 'Jerry Springer' show. At the same time, she meets a mysterious firefighter named Zina.