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Adventure Stories

UberMadness (The Battle For The Third Age) By: Bat Morda
Unfinished--Future--Located on Obsession's Home Page

******Summary Coming Soon*******

The Agent By: C Paradee

An FBI agent transfers to a less stressful job in Cleveland, where she meets a young coroner. Join them as they team up and try to solve a homicide.

Daredevil Hearts By: WolfDragon
Finished--Present--Located on Amazon Nation, Northern Tribe

An Austrian Stuntwoman and a young video camerawoman meet up after several years apart and shoot a documentary.

Uncharted Galaxies By: B. Smith
Unfinished--Future--Located on The Raven's Nest

Megan is a recent graduate from a prestigious college of interstellar journalism and beginning a career of her own far from earth. Addison is a fearless renegade with a dangerous history known throughout the galaxy. Fate guides these women together, creating a friendship and an epic journey that was destined to occur. The stars have fallen and the descendants of the Warrior Princess and Amazon Bard are free to fly.

Port Royal By: Kelly Piper
Finished--Past--Located on Fade to Black: Warrior Princess Fan Fiction

Jayne Kingston is a pirate looking to avenge her parents death and her own rape by going after the one responsible, One Eyed Jack. While commandeering another ship, she meets a German girl who just lost her brother and mother and is being forced to marry by her uncaring father. At the same time, the British navy is going after Jayne and her crew, but the Captain has bigger plans for Jayne, which may lead to her death.

A Janice and Mel Adventure By: Harlequin
Unfinished--Past--Located on The Athenaeum

***Summary Coming Soon***

Is There A Doctor On The Dig By: Bat Morda
Finished--Mel/Janice--Past--Located on Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Page

***Summary Coming Soon***

The Western Chronicles By: BL Miller and Vada Foster
Finished--Past--Located on BL Miller's Stories

A deadly gunslinger rescues a small town girl who ends up following her. The gunslinger tries to put her past behind her, but runs into some trouble with her old posse.

Tales of Emoria By: mindancer
Unfinished--Past--Located on The Tales of Emoria

***Summary Coming Soon***

Darkness Before Dawn By: Bel-wah
Finished--Present--Located on The Bard's Corner

***Summary Coming Soon***