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Unfortunately I am unable to accept any orders for the time being. I am pregnant, have some complications, and need to take it easy. Hopefully soon after the baby is born I will be able to start back into doing art again.

Canterbury Tails Art - by Sara

Computer Drawings

These drawings are the property of Canterbury Tails Art. If you wish to use them on the Internet you must provide a link back to this page. When using them elsewhere give acknowledgment to the artist.

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To see a couple of the steps in the making of one of my computer drawing, click here

These are examples of charcoal drawings.

Click on the thumbnail to view the actual drawing.







Boofy framed


Clifford and Norman

Click on Snoopy's picture to see her 8x10 computer drawing.

Amy - who needs bowls?





More Art By Sara

I hope to be adding a new drawing every week. I am attempting to keep the drawings small so the head studies will be more detailed than other drawings. I hope you enjoy my work and I would love to hear what you think. If you would like to have me draw your pet (it doesn't have to be a beagle) please email me so we can set it up. The price is dependent on the size you want, the background you need and the style you would like. I can explain everything when you tell me what you want. I do this for fun though so regardless of what you want it will be an inexpensive way to get an original drawing of your pet. If you do not want the drawing to be on the computer I also work in other media types. Again, the cost depends on what the size is and also what supplies I need to use (pen and ink, paint on canvas, colored pencil etc.).

Any of these can be turned into "back buttons" or "next buttons" etc. Just let me know if you would like that.



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