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New Peter Book (Update!)

Orson Scott Card has said that there will be a sequel to his new book "Ender's Shadow." This book's title is Shadow of the Hegemon. It is scheduled to be released in December and it will be about Bean leading Peter Wiggin's armies to unify the world. Also, I believe it will be grouped with Ender's Shadow and Shadow's Child to form the Shadow Trilogy. Here is what Orson Scott Card said about it:

".... The sequel to Ender's Shadow, "Shadow of the Hegemon" (working title), will deal with Bean's relationship with Peter Wiggin as Peter uses him as his commander in the wars that are part of his effort to unify the world under one government."

Mr. Card has also recently released the first 5 chapters to "Shadow of the Hegemon". They can be found at, or through

New Petra Book

Orson Scott Card has released the news that he will be soon working on a book that deals with Petra as the main character. The title as of now is Shadow's Child

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