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This page last updated 04/29/07.

This page is dedicated to the game Full Thrust, produced by Ground Zero Games (tm). A GREAT fleet starship combat game that has all too few players and miniatures yet.

The Rim World Concordium is my unofficial addition to the Full Thrust Tuffleyverse. The Concordium is a group of four star systems on the rimward edge of known space. Formerly nothing more than mere pirate havens, the increasingly forceful retalitory and punitive strikes by the galactic powers that be brought about a change of thinking amongst the larger pirate clans. Led by the Crimson Angel clan, the larger clans convinced the smaller groups that the founding of a legitimate nation would be more profitable and healthier all around. So the Concordium was founded and a capital established on Haven, the fourth planet in the Capella system.

Applying for status with the UNSC, the Concordium has yet to be officially recognized as a true nation. It's peoples are still clannish and very independent with the occasional privateer hold-outs causing no end of trouble beyond the Concordium's borders. Though the 'legitimate' Concordium Navy has actively assisted in hunting down these miscreants, it has cast a pall of doubt over the legitimacy of the Concordium as a whole with the rest of the interstellar nations. If not for the danger of the Kra'Vak, there is little doubt that larger UNSC and foreign national fleets would be present within Concordium space.

Most of the renegade groups come from hidden bases amongst the many asteroid fields of the Sargasso system. Frontier law rules here amongst the many prospectors and few starting corporation facilities. The privateer clans blend in easily and hire out as protection to the locals. Concordium Naval units, while not told to leave, are unwelcome in-system.

While small still, the Concordium Navy is formidable and growing. In light of the Kra'Vak threat and sudden appearances of two OTHER alien races, has citizens of the Concordium thinking about BEMs and sparked an undercurrent of species prejudice. Talk in the Concordium government has been heated over contributing valueable Concordium Naval assets and citizens to the UNSC efforts against the Kra'Vak. Some feel the gesture would ensure the Concordium's legitmacy. Others feel it would merely weaken the Concordium and invite hostile intentions from the larger powers. Time will tell as to which course the Concordium will follow.


Optional Weapons for Full Thrust and a listing of Concordium Naval Assets.

Enter CIC

Full Thrust House Rules and VBAM adaption

Full Thrust Technology Progression Tree

Full Thrust, More Thrust, Full Thrust Fleet Book: Volume 1& 2, Dirtside II, and Stargrunt are all copyright and trademark of GZG. No infringements or profit is intended by material presented here. Private or commercial.

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