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#SailorStarsRPG PAGE!!


Yes..Yes.. me and Usagi have decided to make our own lil page.. it has some of the logs of the rpg's me and Usagi have done with the other gang.. I would like this oppertunity right now to say something.. HI REI-CHAN!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs* HI SETSUNA-CHAN!!!!!!! *hugs* HI AMI-CHAN!!!!! *hugs* HI MAMORU-CHAN!!!!!! *hugs* HI DARIEN-CHAN!!!!!! *hugs* HEY UNCLE ENDY!!!!!! *gives him a bowl of soup*
ok now that THATS out of the way.. please feel free to roam around in here.. pardon if its a bit messy but It'll be better..
Do you expect me to just sit here and rot? You are taking all the fame!! Well, anyways, hi to all that lurk here! Especially my friends (I hope you know who you are)! Please continue looking around every few weeks or something. We will update it alot. Don't worry. We have at least one log one week. Well.. at least use to. But you see, there has been problem with RPG times. So we'll contact you all A.S.A.P.! Okie Dokie!^^

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For more Information about the RPG click here
Click here to check out the groovy logs
You think you know everything eh? Try the Flunkiee test first!
Hey, BOKA (you know who you are)!! THIS PAGE IS DEDICATED, JUST FOR YOU!!
Wierd stuff!! yes WE HAVE WAVES.. PICS..AND.. STUFF.. come and get it!!

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(Serenitie's)Chibi-Usa's Sailor Moon Page
The Official #SailorstarsRPG page

Coming Soon:More Quizes that will scratch your brain yep.. also.. more wierd stuff on our spiffy wierd page!! Oh.. and also coming.. AMAZONESS QUARTET PAGE!!!

Me and Mommy (Usagi) did this page.. *hugs Usagi* BIG WOOP FOR US!!!! *cheers* GO USAGI GO CHIBI GO USAGI GO CHIBI... ok thats enough ^-^ Do I look sexy in that picture?? ^_-
In the future:: Neo Queen Serenity + Chibi-Usa

Updated on July 22, 1998

If you are confused that who and who is talking. Pink font is CHibiUsa while Purple is the great Usagi!! ^^