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Glimmer began as Messinger in 1995 (actually, it began as Daemon way before, but, we can't include everything). Messinger played lots of cool shows and had lots of fun, rehearsed in the now-much-missed Palace, and made lots of friends and went to lots of parties. One day, the evil band virus called "bonehead egofest" descended upon the group and things got to be not so fun.

Bogus record deals, power plays, and jaded behavior finally took its toll and the band stopped playing cool shows, but still went to cool parties. Much wonderment ensued as the remaining unincarcerated and un-Mob-beholden members took refuge in escapism, pondering the fates.

Glimmer was born of a reality that maybe there was more to being in a band than cool shows and fairweather friends, power-hungry no-talents and Spanish Coffee. Glimmer was born out of a drive to play that never quite left the core members. Maybe we're wiser than 2 years ago. But don't count on it.


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