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We offer translations and Interpreting from English into Russian and from Russian into English at affordable prices

We support a wide range of clients, guided by the five principles of accuracy, value, confidentiality, speed and reliability. We aim to help our clients succeed by adapting our products and services to meet the demands of the global marketplace.

Client Base:

Our client include companies in a wide variety of fields such as:

o banking and finance
o law and immigration
o science and medicine
o advertising and trade
o manufacturing and publishing
o Charity and relief organizations
o Individuals

We specialise in business, technological, engineering, banking, financial, scientific, medical, advertising and publishing fields.


Your work is translated by native speakers, who are also certified translators.

Our prices:

£70 for 1000 words of written material from English into Russian and from Russian into English.
Minimum charge £25
Send and receive your translation by fax, e-mail or post.


We have considerable experience handling interpreting assignments in a wide variety of settings including:
· business meetings
· conferences and training seminars
· personal matters

Learning a Language

Group language instruction provides students with the opportunity to learn a new language or enhance their verbal and reading skills. In-group classes, students benefit from the opportunity to converse with other students in a warm, friendly environment.
Private language instruction allows students to rapidly gain fluency through intensive one-to-one sessions. Students can advance at their own pace having a full attention of a tutor.

How to contact us:

Mob: 0777 6098379
UK address:
20 Gerald Rd