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Inland Seas School of Defence

ISSD Members

I want to say that our thought to start a school was a unique one but Id only be kidding myself . The idea was being tossed around by a lot of people to have schools like in period So Andreas (Don Gauthier), Duncan (Jeff Hasulo) and I, Ottar (Lou Becigneul) went to an event in South Bend at the Rapier Workshop #2, on April 4, 1992. After attending that workshop we were inspired to create what is now known as the Inland Seas School of Defence.. It was even before the Midrealm had fencing rules in place. Let's face it, it's taken us a long time to get the school to where it is today. Everyone in the school has played a role in its developement.

I can remember thinking that Andreas was a little weird. This little red haired electric bouncing off the walls with energy kind of guy, with his mischievious grin, saying to me "Come on Lou you got to try this". Well I tried "it" and here I am 13 years later.

At first I have to say it was Andreas Rautholt mka.Don Gauthier who was the firecracker who kept it going in the early days. I remember thinking who is this guy with the car antenna. I had no confidence in his ability as a fencer. For one thing he had only started fencing that Pennsic in 89, I beleive and so young. I think he sensed that because the next thing I know is he has organised a fencing lesson with someone I knew and had some respect as a fencing coach Eli Sakundu That got me hooked. Vlad and Davin did you guys participate in that? I forget. I think Aidan was there?

As for the School Badge I'm sorry to say I don't remember who came up with the idea. Was it Duncan mka.Jeff Hasulo? It might have been. Was it Randle or Gareth who got the Badge actually registered with the College of Heralds? But I think it represented the eight core members at the time.

Now the origin of the salut "Alto Sixe". Well I think again that goes to Andreas. Always studying the art of defence and being short it was his way to just save his skin. He always had a low stance so he needed to parry high. It was on the opposite side so it became alto. Now mind you I don't know who actually came up with the term. I hope someone can remember.