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Inland Seas School of Defence

ISSD History
ISSD Members

Timeline of Events in ISSD
>2004 February 14th Val Day Bear wins "The Sword of Pentamere" Alto Sixe!! Other members who were in attendance in the fencing list Gwiddion,Cinnie,Boleslaw,Pierre,Fish, Blaise.

>2004 January ??th Starleaf Gate practice Blaise Von Bremen is named a member of ISSD. Alto Sixe!!!

>2004 January 10th? Pentamere Open Ramiro Nunez won the reverse bear bit, others in attendance Bear,Fish,Cinnie,Boleslaw,Pierre,Ottar.

>2003 August 14th Pennsic War Ramiro Nunez and Tristan Silvertoes fight in the Rapier Champions Tourney. Uilliam Fitzroy is named alternate for both sides. Other members in that attended War was Bear,Boo,Pierre,Fish.

>2003 May 17th, Baron Wars 6 Yoshi wins the Bronze Ring Challenge tourney and is awarded a beautiful rapier. There is a strong presence of Inlanders for the day, Ottar, Ramiro, Bear, Boo, Cinnie, Boleslaw, Pierre (who did not fence due to injury) And a possible new member Lord David (mka Paul Smart) authorized in single who has been fencing with us for about 3 months. Ramiro received his Purple Fret and Boleslaw received his AoA. Hognuts to all.

>2003 April 5th, Clancy Day, Ottar’s Cup IX. Winner is Blaise Von Bremen. Pierre authorizes single rapier. Bear receives his AoA.

>2002 March 23rd, Clancy Day- Vlad is the winner of Ottar’s Cup VIII.

>2001 Maximillian der Zauberer Wins his first Ottar;s Cup VII. Bear authorizes single rapier.

>2000Clancy Day Mar 25 Gunthar von Drackenburg wins Ottar’s Cup VI

>1999 Vlad Teppelus is the winner of Ottar’s Cup V

>1998 Ottar’s Cup IV Blaise Von Bremen wins again.

>1997 March 7th,Clancy Day,Blaise von Bremen wins Ottar’s Cup III for the first time.

>1996 March 9th, Clancy Day, the second annual Ottar”s Cup was held. 29 fencers sighned up to take part. The winner was Edgar of Trinovantia.

>1995 April 1st, Clancy Day first Ottar’s Cup held. Garth Brandon is the winner. Right around this time Stephanie Goodchild starts coming around.

>1994 October 22nd, we hold ISSD’s first ever Rapier Workshop at the U of W . We need special permission from the EM and the Crown to hold the Event be cause there still are no rules in the MK.

>1993 Clancy Day is held at the old curling club on Central Ave. First event for

>1992? Gareth,Randle,Uilliam start fencing

>1992 April 5th, The initial concept of ISSD is born by Ottar, Andreas, Duncan, on trip home from event Rapier Workshop II in Indiana .

>1992 March, Clancy Day, Andreas and Ottar run a Rapier demo for the first time at the South Windsor Knights of Columbus Hall..

>1991 Nov 23, Ottar authorized single and then rigid at the first Rapier Combat Workshop in Chicago.

>1990 or 91? Winter-Andreas arranges fencing class with Eli Sakundu, U of W Fencing Coach.

>!990-Was our first War, Pennsic 18. We camped on Two-Chuk Hill.

>1989/March-Lou and Melanie Becigneul went to their first Clancy Day Event. It was held at the Perophy Hall on Seminole. I was impressed with a fellow who's name was Finn. He was of course Norse, early influence.

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