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Group 25 Members Pictures
This Page Last Modified June 29 2002

More pictures being added all the time

CLUB MEETING PICTURES - Note that these contain a lot of pictures and can take quite a bit of time to download. Due to limited space on I have had to delete older pictures.

May 2000 meeting
Oct 2000 - Pictures had to be deleted due to limited space on
November 2000 meeting
December 2000 meeting
January 2001 meeting
February 2001 meeting
I forgot my camera for the March meeting so No pictures from this meeting. Sorry
April 2001 meeting
May 2001 meeting
So after a summer layoff it is back to normal meetings. I have a new program so there are thumbnails and the pages will load faster.
Sept 2001 meeting
October 2001 meeting
Nov 2001 meeting
Doh! Forgot my camera at the Dec meeting
January 2002 meeting
February 2002 meeting

Yeah well I missed a few months but I will try and get back on Track

June 2002 meeting

I had to take out the hobby show pictures since Angelfire changed the rules and limited the web space from 50megs to 20megs.

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