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Extropian Agroforestry Ventures
Extropian Agroforestry Ventures

EAV has through LIFESPAN PHARMA Inc. since April 2005 implemented a stategy to promote cannabis alone and cannabis compounded with other natural health bio-products as a safe natural health bio-product alternative to the 6 billion USD of Vioxx, Celebrex and Bextra NSAIDs (Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs ) This would include various forms of hemp cannabis and marijuana cannabis. Side-effects of cannabis cannabinoids, aromatics and flavonoids as documented by formal research are best described as health benefits. At 50 cents per gram this functional foods ingredient is competitive with any newly released biopharmaceutical. Hemp can be safely consumed up to meal sized quantities and has a 5,000 year history of use by humans. No one has ever been injured by ingestion of cannabis to the knowledge of the writer.
Welcome Visitors of our Booth #50 @Sundog Natural Health Expo-Regina Sask, Oct 22-24, 2004.
Custom compounded natural Health Products Consumer Driven Health Care Provisioning including Cannabis Condominium bioreactor bioproducts

Buffaloberry, shepherdia argentea agroforestry biomass production as an ingredient for LIFESPAN medical foods

LIFESPAN CLOCK logo for NHP ingredients barberry, hawthorn, gotu kola, hemp, marijuana, omega 3 oils, soy germ isoflavones , stevia and other nutraceutical ingredients

Cannabis Health magazines and medical cannabis related ingredient information

Also see the new site @ New file archive site Password = Cannabian.Extropian
CARDS APPLICATION and project related WEBLOG
interactive, updated project information

-edited body of CARDS (Community Adaptation and Rural Development Saskatchewan) E45 Project "Custom Compounded Natural Health Bio-Product Market Development"

Agriculture Canada-July 30
RE:CANNABIS;THC;BIOREACTOR XX-Austin Tx-Aug 02 XX West Mifflin Pa/Cherry Hill NJ USA-AUG 01 XX Swedish RESEARCHERS-July 31 Re:CARDS Blog - Calgary , Alberta-Aug 03 XX-Gov't of Saskatchewan Aug 24-XX
We are Dedicated to the Creation of a Farm to Consumer
Integrated Supply Chain for Delivery of Medical Foods

160 acre Aerial pic of our Agroforestry project on SW34-01-16-W2

description of SW34 pic

Perennial Wheat- Washington State University

Intensive Agriculture Bioreactor Production = PHARMING. Is this a step up the value chain from large scale commercial production of low value commodities?
-Pregnant Mare Urine (1970's)
-MOLECULAR PHARMING by Axel Schwekendiek
- Medical Cannabis Pharming - 2005 -
Marketing to the 70Billion USD Chronic,non life threatening Pain and Suffering, 55+ year, high income/asset demographic Natural Health Product market
-Trees and other Agricultural Crops as Bio-reactors?

For something really interesting see..... - DARPA funded alter ego -archived ... the ultimate prediction tool template for human activities?
EAV "Extropian Agroforestry Ventures" -- Google search
EAV Saskatchewan Nutraceutical Network Member Bio
EAV Buffaloberry & Hemp Healthy Breakfast Bar - Western Producer
EAV -Consumer-Driven Access to Natural Health Products
ECO-Farm & Garden - Agroforestry on the Prairies- -Summer 2002
EAV Sask Hemp Association Member Bio
EAV Sask Prairie Agroforestry combines alleycrop grain with Wildlife Habitat-pg 9
EAV LIFESPAN Food Bar - Pg 28 Cannabishealth (CH) Jan/Feb 2003
EAV Food Bar Health Benefit Trials-pg 28 CH Mar/Apr 2003
EAV Cannabis Condo - The Medical Marijuana patch you own-pg 28 CH M/J-03
Use of Cannabis Medicines in Clinical Practice
## Health Canada's Information for Health Care Professionals ; 51 pages -"not quite a Monograph"-lacks vaporization and whole plant extract data (as found in Dr David Hadorn's paper -above ) ##
Has the time come for the CANADIAN CANNABIS INDUSTRY to evolve. Cannabis as a multi-chemotype plant-based natural-health-bio-product bio-poly-pharmaceutical?
CANNABIS CONDOMINIUMS:The LEGAL medical marijuana source you OWN
EAV's Lake Alma , Sk. ' Cannabis Condo Hosting ' Facility; Consumer driven healthcare provisioning VIA Custom bioreactor produced biopharmaceuticals designed to augment anti-ageing integrative Rx strategies
Google search for ' Cannabis condo '
BUDDING BUSINESS Cannabis Condo wants to take medical marijuana to the next level -- a legitimate business "Bovine , Saskatchewan" = BEAUBIER
We offer Registered Cannabis Condo Units for Re-Sale as an investment instrument
and as a place to grow you own personal Medical Marijuana supply.
Purchase EAV shares that are convertible to Medical Marijuana Cannabis Condo Units. "Lease to Own" and Timeshare also available.
Cannabis Condo Units are Registered with Land Titles. Number of units available are limited and are offered on a first come-first-served basis.
# ISC-online-regististation-of-cannabis condo-titles-to ownership #
# general condominium operating info found within a USA legal case file #

Reasonable cost, Tax Deductible - Medical expense, Lease/Sublet income source CALL, WRITE, E-MAIL FOR DETAILS ==================================================================================
#NHP Mfgrs. use a standardized collection format -Ex- fibromyalgia#
# Patient Collaboration in managing Chronic Conditions #
================================================================================== CUSTOM FORMULATION
# Nutrigenomics-What Your Genes want you to Eat #
# Natural Health Products - history of regulation concerns #
# Canada's Natural Health Products regulations now LAW #
# Canada's Natural Health Directorate-#
In compliance with provisions set out in Canada's Natural Health Products Act and Regulations , XXXXtra-Hemp or XXXXtra-THC LIFESPAN Bars can be compounded to order/customized with a minimum first order of 250 and subsequent lot sizes of 500
COMPOUNDING TO ORDER- includes BLENDING specific strains of Marijuana to produce grower-specific medicinal marijuana blends
###- LIFESPAN Version 1.1- Original XXXX-tra LIFESPAN formula
###- LIFESPAN Version 1.2-Cannabis (Marijuana) XXXX-tra LIFESPAN formula
###- LIFESPAN Version 1.3 Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica) XXXX-tra LIFESPAN formula includes 1.0g Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica) / 24 gram bar
###- LIFESPAN Version 1.4-Bison XXXX-tra LIFESPAN formula
###- LIFESPAN Version 1.5-AR-MOR (buffaloberry- Shepherdia Argentea) XXXX-tra LIFESPAN formula
###- LIFESPAN Version 1.6-Shrooms (mushrooms)LIFESPAN formula
###- LIFESPAN Version 1.7-Mimetics XXXX-tra LIFESPAN formula with Berberine from Barberry biomass
###- LIFESPAN Version 2.0- Rx (Custom Compounded) XXXX-tra LIFESPAN formula
Medical Marijuana (MMAR) User - specific Info:

# Medical Cannabis user and grower forms #
# Hemp, Marijuana and Health Benefits #
# 2002 Belgian Health Ministry Study #
# Pharmaco - economics driven Rationing of Health Care Services #
# Can Medical Marijuana THC Suppress Multiple Sclerosis-?..#
Medicinal cannabis (including hemp plant parts) is tax deductible if
Rx'd while a MMAR authorization is in place

# History of Hemp #
# 'Hempology101' -medicinal uses #


Milk, or other favorite beverage and a LIFESPAN Food Bar;
Such a convenient way to make a light meal of such useful nutrients
(23 grams includes 3,472mg Vinegar and Vanilla- natural flavoring )

Each Individual Food Bar Ingredient has
an Extensive History of Medicinal Applications
Bovine Colostrum (spray dried) (250mg)
-(Immunoglobulins) immune regulation/support originating from the colon
-Probiotic (useful colon flora stimulation factors) , up-regulation from gut
Buckwheat (Tartary) (333mg)
-Natural ACE inhibitor tannins improve Cardiovascular functions
-Cholesterol lowering properties
-Type 2 diabetes preventative flavonoids
Buffaloberry - Fruit,leaf/stem/bark/Bud ( 5,166mg)
-Pectin, complex carbohydrates aid colostrum for colon ecosystem support
-Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant Anthocyanin/polyphenol/flavonoid combo
-X=Anthocyanidin/polyphenol/flavonoids multiply Soy Isoflavone properties=X
-Reactive Oxygen Species (Free Radicals) potent de-activation from Tannin/Oligomeric Proanthocyanidin/flavonoid combination
cardio-protective, anti-viral , phase 2 enzyme activator, oxidative stress reduction
Kinetin - historical uses
- DNA protection-KINETIN - source-Journal of Anti-Aging-Medicine
Cocoa (416mg)
- Anti-cancer -Polyphenol
-Proanthocyanidin source
Cranberry (1,133mg)
-Natural preservative-antibacterial/acidifier
-Stabilizer/preservative co-factor for unsaturated omega 3 oils
Cinnamon (183mg)
-Blood sugar management aid
-Antioxidant - tannin source
Cloves (50mg)
-Increases antioxidant activity of other spice antioxidants
Fenugreek (416mg)
-High blood sugar reduction
-Hair loss reduction
+hair growth stimulation with long term use
Flax Seed (583mg)
-Lignan- unique antioxidant fibres and complex carbohydrates
Secoisolariciresinol source
-LowDensityLipoprotein reduction, cholesterol reduction in bloodstream
-Omega 3 oil source- alpha linolenic acid.
Ginger (300mg)
-Unsaturated oil stabilizer/anti-oxidant,
- Anti-inflammatory,anti-pain-tannin-combination
- Systemic Anti-Fungal
-Stabilizes Joints to allow repair to begin
Grape Tannins/Proanthocyanidins (183mg)
-Hair growth promoter
-Cardiovascular protective factor found in wines
Hemp Seed/Bud blend (4,150 mg)
-High Arginine content - (protein)
- Relaxes cardiovascular tension
-Omega 3" (Alpha and Gamma Linoleic Acid) reduces cancer risk
-Increases calcium availabilty and bone repair activity
-Anti-arthritis CBD
-Phytosterols-, antioxidant that reduces LDL cholesterol
-Cannabidiol(CBD), flavonoids
-Terpenes and aromatics
- Anti-inflammatory antioxidant and nerve protection
-Cannabinoids treat glaucoma
-Overview of effects - including arthritis
-Hemp for Collagen induced (Rheumatoid) arthritis
-Cardiovascular benefits
-Time Release Via Oral Consumption
Honey(H) and Pea Flour(PF) (5,125mg and 167mg)
-Natural Sweetener(H), Binds together ingredients(PF, H), seals out oxygen to preserve freshness (H&PF), antibacterial (H)
Lecithin (483mg)
-Beneficial phospholipids support nerve functions
-Aids the blending together of all other ingredients
Mustard/Radish/Cress(Crucifers) (108mg)
-Glucosinolate-sulforaphane anti-cancer activity
-Phase 2 enzyme inducers promote glutathione peroxidase system activity
-Anti-bacterial, antioxidant preservative for oils
Rice Bran/Sesame seed (58mg)
-Sesaminol -LDL antioxidant source
Soy Isoflavones from soy germ (416mg)
-Multiplied phytoestrogen antioxidant Synergy occurs when combined with phenolics/flavones/tannins/anthocyanidins from other components
-Reduces osteoporosis when combined with several other ingredients
Stevia (125mg)
-No carbohydrate Protein based sweetener with anti-bacterial properties
-Blood sugar management for both highs and lows
Turmeric/Rosemary (133mg)
- Antioxidant , anti-mutagenic factors protect DNA

Um, Um Good
Beef Stew and Chicken Soup
Assorted Chocolate Muffins
Smoked Grouse With Cannabis Sauce; Roast Pheasant
Forbes & the Fraser Institute estimate 400,000 MEDICAL marijuana USERS , AND 6-9 BILLION CAD in national domestic and export revenue from medical and non-medical cannabis, has industry status been achieved?
#The Compassion Clubs Speak Out #
#BCCCS Operations Manual#
# The Wine Industry- A Comparative Benchmark? #
# Global-Cannabis-Prohibition-Policy = Medical Marijuana decriminalization #
========================================================================= BITS AND BYTES
# medical food -FDA-doc
# Steps to launch a medical food in USA
# Medical Food Example #01-Airozin for Asthma
# Medical Food Example #02-Estrobalance for female hormone mediated maladies
# Heartbarplus-Cardiovascular medical food bar - Arginine content is active ingredient; Cannabis Food Bar is also an excellent arginine source
# Conditions for Tax Deductibility of LIFESPAN bar
( Health Practitioner Rx plus MMAR Authorization)
University of Missouri, Center for Agroforestry
Integration of Agriculture, Medicine and the Environment
Alley Cropping (12meg [large] PDF doc)
Bio-Products Saskatchewan Inc.
1st World Congress of Agroforestry, 27 June to 04 July 2004 =================================================================
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Road 707 South, Box 33
Beaubier, Saskatchewan
Canada, S0C-0H0
Morris Johnson, 306-447-4944 ph/fax - , mfj.eav (at)
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Next Update Oct 10-30, 2004 < Keywords to help you find us: plant-based ; transhuman ; therapeutics ; posthuman ; novel molecular structure ; extropy ; combinatorial chemistry ; tranhumanism ; polypharmaceutical ; posthumanism ; polypil ; Richard Dawkins ; high-value ; Francis Fukuyama ; carotenoid ; President's Council on bioethics ; glucosinolate; fuel cell technology ; phytoestrogen ; Our Posthuman Future ; Nietzsch ; phenolic ; nietzschean ; terpene ; X-men ; glycoside ; George Annas ; alkaloid ; Lori Andrews ; saponin ; Rosario Isasi ; Werner Syndrome ; pleiotropy ; phytochemical; LMNA mutant ; secondary-metabolite ; Lamin A mutant ; ; Semco ; pathway ; Oberholzer ; shikimic ; LETS ; malonic ; timedollar ; mevalonic ; ; pyruvate ; private token system ; alternative complementary finacial transaction system ; tricarboxylic ; Ricardo Semler ; aliphatic ; XXXXXX ; scibiono , metabolite ; mimic ; hormone ; neurotransmitter ; autotoxic ; senescing ; hydrophilic ; hydrophobic ; vacuole ; laticfer ; trichome ; cuticle ; subcuticular ; plastid ; epigenomic ; secretory ; artemisinin ; sesquiterpene ; endoperoxide ; flower ; bud ; uneconomic ; complex ; derivative ; analogue ; lactone ; baccatin ; jasmonate ; triterpene ; monoterpene ; tetraterpene ; biosynthesis ; production system ; suspension culture ; hairy root culture ; shoot tissue culture ; rhizogene , inducible ; biosynthetic capacity ; tropane ; tiophene, prenylated flavonoid ; nootropic ; whole plant ; semester
Pharming + THC + bioreactor