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Advanced Pub Scanning

By scoobasean

Stuff you need:

Well, this is the first edition of this tutorial, so if you find any errors, misconceptions, etc, please send me a message. Anyways, I've been scanning for a while and through trial and error have found myself a decent method for seeking out those pubs that are becoming more and more scarce by the day. I'm writing this just because I think it's something that every pub scanner should do. If you're gonna do something, why not do it fast? Now I admit, this method may miss some results, but would you rather be able to scan an entire range in one week, or two months? That's what I thought. Anyways, enough with all this b/s, onto the tutorial!

Step One: You should already have ProxyHunter installed, so go ahead and fire that up. Go to the System menu and then to Change Options (System --> Change Options). Set your options according to the picture below (This is what I use for a 56k, you may want to increase the "Ping Count" and "Parallel Sockets" based on your connection speed).

Step Two: Ok, now click "Setting..." next to the protocol plug-ins: FTP box. Enter the following info:

Step Three: Leave the other stuff alone as those aren't important. Now click ok and click the Add Task button (Tasks --> Add).

Step Four: Click next and then click the Add button on the next screen and enter the range you want to scan. I like to just add a whole range because even if you stop the scan at anytime you can resume where you left off at. Click Ok.

Step Five: Click next and then click the Add button once again on the following screen. Enter the information according to this picture, make sure to check the "Must Try" box. Click Ok.

Step Six: Click finish and now we are ready to start the task! Just click the start button and we're off!

Step Seven: Now comes the hardest part of the whole thing... Waiting! I usually let it go for about 20 hours, roughly. That usually gives me the right number of results (around 20,000).

Step Eight: Ok, so it's been a while since we've left off, but it's worth the wait. Press the stop button (red circle with a line through it) and check the results page. It should look something like this...

Step Nine: Click the Export button and save all the results:

Step Ten: Now click the Status tab to get all the good results to the top (or simply click the remove button and remove all results except good ones).

Step Eleven: So now we have everything we need from ProxyHunter so go ahead and close that and open up Grim's Ping. Go down to the Queue window and right click --> Queue List --> Import PubFind. Select the file you saved all your ProxyHunter results to and allow Grim's a little while to load it. (Grim's can handle at the most around 30,000).

Step Twelve: Grim's should take around 2-3 hours to check all those.. When you're finished your screen should look like this with a big fat number of found pubs!

Well, that's it. Twelve easy steps to pub scanning bliss! Questions, comments..? You know how to reach me. For additional pubbing guidance, try JTPFxP or his board.

Happy pubbing!