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Picture gallery of all Bushranger / Bushrangies and Dakars throughout Australia.

JDM made Bushie's.
White Bushie. Build #1. 1st Production Bushrangie. Build #2. 2nd Production Bushrangie. Build #3. 3rd Production Bushranger.

The Mud Runner

Build #4. 4th Production Bush ranger.
Build #5. 5th Production Bush rangie.

ex-Red Bull Bushie

Yellow Bushie - spotted at Goulburn, NSW 'RANGEE' - Bayswater, Vic Dual Cab ute - 135 inch wheelbase. JDM Rally.


Dakar Cars:
Dakar Cars:
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Youtube Videos

DRIVE's Bushrangie Review                            JDM Jumping and rolling
Mal's Bushie - Walbundrie 06                          Mal's Bushie - Tuff Truck 07
"Griffo" #1                                                     "Griffo" #2
Bushy utes at Jamboree 1999                          Bushies at Jamboree 2000
Bushy Mud Runner - Jamboree 2000              UPQ498
UPQ498 - Cruise 1                                          UPQ498 - Cruise 2
UPQ498 - Cruise 3                                          UPQ498 - Early years
UPQ498 - Bushie                                             UPQ498 - Bushie on Sanddune
UPQ498 - Bushy at Jamboree 2005                 "Pinky" retouched (UK)
Dakar bogged (UK)

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