This July 4, 1985 article from The Windsor Star is copied here with permission.

Town backs police ruling

AMHERSTBURG-The town police commission will dismiss the chief's secretary as part of its decision on a controversial report which also calls for demoting the chief and reprimanding an officer, The Star has learned.

The complete decision made Wednesday night and scheduled to be released at this afternoon is based on the Ontario Police Commission's recent public inquiry into the conduct of employees and management of the department.

A source close to the inquiry told The Star the commission is also expected to generally follow other recommendations by the Ontario Police Commission ;which has called for demoting Chief Everett Johnson to sergeant and reprimanding a constable.

The inquiry was prompted by an extra-marital relationship between the senior officer, Jim Foreman, who has resigned from the department, and the chief's secretary, Karen Deslippe. The inquiry heard officers' complaints of low morale within the department and a lack of respect for Foreman's command.

THE ONTARIO commission's report had called for the dismissal of Foreman and Deslippe because of the effect their affair had on the department, the demotion of Chief Johnson for failing to recognize his responsibilities in the situation and reprimanding Const. Ray Marentette for failing to disclose knowledge of "dirty tricks" played on Deslippe when he was questioned by the local commission under oath.

The local police commissioners met for 2 1/2 hours behind closed doors Wednesday. The meeting dealt with all aspects of the report, including the employment records of the parties affected and the commissioners' own responsibilities, Mayor Garnet Fox said Wednesday.

The commissioners also weighed a petition signed by 10 officers expressing confidence in Johnson, offering support and calling on the local commission to keep him in the post.

JOHNSON, 56, is about four years away from retirement.

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