TO: Const. James M. Saxon

FROM: Mike Cox, President APA

DATE: October 24, 1995

RE: July 18, 1994 complaint/last communication October 10, 1995

As you are fully aware the association never agreed to back you in regards to your complaint. I made the motion to back you in obtaining a response to your complaint at the May 11 meeting. I in no way attempted to leave the impression with you or the membership that I supported one or any of the items in you letter--as I do not. I did feel that the PSB owed you at least a reply.

Referring to Ray Marentette's August 1994 letter, as I have told you I did not have a copy of that letter so I was not aware of it even existed until early spring of 1995. Ray did not remember sending a letter and as I was on the executive in 1994 Ray obviously sent it by himself. I even asked you to bring me a copy of the letter which you never did. I am assuming you have a copy as you were personally sending all of the correspondence to the PSB, totally detouring the association.

Let me make this perfectly clear, the executive feels that your complaint has been dealt with by the Level III inspection. It's true they did not directly respond to specific incidents, but if the recommendations are followed your concerns will be more than taken care of. The request of obtaining a response from the PSB has been fullfilled, though it is obviously not the reply you wanted. The option is still available to you in requesting financial aid for legal assistance from the membership for whatever avenue you decide to go.

I would also like to express the executives concerns over the comments made by your wife that we are not representing you adequately. This is definitly not true. Because we do not agree with your position in this matter, it does not mean you are being improperly represented. If you would have handled this matter in the proper fashion, instead of going to the PSB by yourself, the situation may have been resolved much faster and the results more to your liking. As you are a member, the executive will attempt to assist you in any way possible that is fair to you and the general membership. We, however, will not succumb to your demand for support by distorted and untrue comments made by your or your wife in the local papers or to the P.A.O.

You also have another option--actually attend the next association meeting and explain your position in full and asking the membership for its support--not only to assist you in getting a response to your complaint.

Yours truly,

Const. Mike Cox, President APA