Dancing With Myself

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Welcome to my newly revised website. I hope you enjoy the stories.

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A little Pre-Tour Warning, Please!!! All of the stories were written by me (anon462). They have been written over the past several years. When I first started writing my stories I mainly wrote (porn/slash/porn), because honestly, it seemed easier to write. This is the breakdown. The stories in the "Buffyverse" and "Angelverse" sections are mainly (porn/slash/porn) and each story is clearly labeled as either NC-17, R-18, or X. The stories in the "First Slayer" section do not have any "sex" in them, but they are "very violent" with lots of "blood and gore", so they are labled NC-17. The newest section "Dancing With Myself" contains all of the stories that I have written in the past year and a half, and are for the most part "angsty Spuffy stories". The stories in this section are labeled PG-13/NC-17 (mainly for language). SO, if you go ahead and read any of my stories, You've been "Warned" ahead of time.