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So you came here, being the curious person that you are, wondering what in the world trampolineboarding is. The answer is quite simple and is probably exactly what you first thought it was. Trampolineboarding is pretty much like skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, etc. on your trampoline. You take the deck of a skatebord, the bindings off of a snowboard, a trampoline, and any kind of imaginable tricks and POOF! You've got the base of trampolineboarding. Some people don't use bindings on their boards, which can be just as fun, but they really aren't the proper kind of board to use. Yes there are pictures on this site with people doing this but this was just to give you some kind of idea of what any kind of trampolineboarding was. Who can participate? Anyone of course! I recommend getting real good at jumping, doing flips, tricks and all of those things on the trampoline without the board first before you try it with a board. As said before, the board usually consists of a skateboard deck with snowboard bindings, but of course there are many other combinations that work just as well. You can always make your own homemade board, but based on personal experience I can tell you that these fall apart quite easily, although they are fun to make. All in all I feel you will enjoy trampolineboarding. It's more challenging to do tricks on a tramp with a board than without, which adds to the fun. You don't have a trampoline you say? Well shame on you for not having one already. They are great fun and you can spend hours every day on them they are so addictive. And that's without the board! My advice would be to right now get a trampoline regardless if you plan to trampolineboard. They have gone down in price, are very safe if used properly, and provide a great workout. Some places to buy a trampolineboard on the net can be found here. Trampolines are definitely a good investment.

So what are you waiting for? If you do plan on trampolineboarding then you've come to the right place: