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Shower Scene

She stands in the doorway, watching you in the shower. You can see her through the shower curtain. You take your time, trying to tease her a little as you use bare hands to soap your body. By the time you are ready to rinse the smooth, slick foam from your body you are aroused. The water rinses the suds away and still you linger in the shower for just a moment. You quietly hope she’ll join you, it wouldn’t be the first time, but she doesn’t. With a soft sigh you turn off the water and step out.


She’s leaning against the doorway now. Her stance is casual as she continues to watch you.

Her tone is normal, as she asks you about your day, tells you about hers.

Her eyes tell a different story. They seem to burn as she tracks your every move. 


You almost expect her to take you right there, her expression is so intense. When you reach for the towel you are surprised she does not stop you. She continues talking as if you are not standing naked before her. As if her eyes are not traveling every inch of your exposed skin. As if she can’t see the way you are reacting to the way she is looking at you.


When you wrap the towel around yourself she still does not stop you. You move to the door. She does not move. Now you are sure she will touch you. Now you think, she will make love to you the way her stare promises she will. You wait for a small eternity as she simply looks at you. Finally, she brings up her hand and strokes a single finger across the tops of your breasts just peeking out of the towel.  Before you can lean into the touch she steps back and away.


“You need to get ready.” She says. Her eyes still burn you. You know she wants you as badly as you want her to have you. You want to demand, or beg. You want her to give you what her eyes are promising you.


You do not try to hide your disappointment as you move into the bedroom to get dressed.

Following you into the bedroom, she ignores your expression and again talks about small things.


Now you try to entice her. She’s chosen to lie back across the foot of the bed as she watches you dress. You want her in the middle of the bed, hovering over your naked body. You dress slowly, moving time and again over to where she is. You hope she will pull you down onto the bed and spend the day making love to you. Your frustration mounts as she seems to ignore your increasingly less subtle advances. Her eyes still burn into you, but she does not touch you. She does not even acknowledge your excitement or frustration.


You are almost ready. She moves to stand in the doorway to wait for you.

When you try to leave the room she blocks you. Again she simply looks at you. This time she brings a hand up to cup your cheek. Her thumb glides softly across your lips. Her arm wraps around your waist and pulls you close. Before you can question, or protest, her lips are ghosting softly across yours.


Again and again she explores your mouth with the feather soft touch of her lips. The hand on your face moves and you feel her fingers tangle in your hair. You’re pulled impossibly close as the kiss deepens. The pressure of her lips increases as her tongue dives into your mouth to taste you. Your hands warp around her shoulders as you try to get even close, to kiss even deeper.

“Finally!” You think, just as she steps away.  She reaches up and takes your hands from her shoulders. Turning them, she kisses each palm softly then turns and walks away.

Your protest is loud and immediate.


She looks over her shoulder as she continues to walk away.

“We’ll finish this later. It’ll be worth the wait, I promise.”


It takes a few minutes to compose yourself, but you do not complain.

You follow with a knowing grin. She always keeps her promises.