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My Place

Welcome to My Place. This is my little corner of the web, where my original stories, poems, Xena and Voyager fan fiction and any other thing I can think of live.
This is alternative fiction. If the idea of two women having an intimate relationship bothers you, or is illegal where you live, you should leave now.

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Original Stories

The Deepest Part of the Night       Is it real? Is it a dream? You decide   

Echo    Eyes meet across a crowded room.


Shower Scene      Is it a tease or is it more?


The Massage      Sometimes a relaxing massage is more than is seems.


A Kiss Is....      What is a kiss?

In Passing    Something as simple as walking down a hallway can become an adventure

Captive    Not really a very good story, but lots of people think it's cute so I'll let it live. 

In the Window       A reflection can say so much more. 

Dear Diary      An entry no one would want to make. 


World of Change

 This is the beginning of a fantasy story that I hope to get back to some day. 


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

more to come



 Only Then       

Wolf (1)   Click
Perfect   Diary    Wolf (2) White Rose   
Raw Mine   Loss   Princess   
In Whispers      



Without a doubt the strangest thing I've ever written

>>>>>>>>> Clitzilla Vs. Lickalotapuss<<<<<<<<<



*All of these Voyager stories are T/7 unless otherwise noted.

I Quit    Part 2    Part 3     Part 4      Part 5    Part 6    Part 7    

  Part 8   Part 9    Part 10 

B'Elanna has had enough


Forget Me Not    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5    Part 6   Part 7    Part 8   Part 9

B'Elanna has lost her memory. Seven is the only one who can save her. 


Slavery Suits You        Part 2     Part 3     Part 4   

****New Part5

B'Elanna, Seven, Tom and Harry are trapped and Voyager is three weeks away


Vignette (1-3) (NC-17)
Three short, connected, vignettes of our favourite ladies.

Vignette (4-6) (NC-17)
Three more short, connected, vignettes of our favourite ladies.

Vignette (7-9)
And three more


Under the Mistletoe  
In spite of the title, this is not a Christmas story. It's a vampire story. You'll have to see for yourself

The Wrong Button  
Why is Seven being transported, naked, to the bridge?

After Midnight  
Seven tells the captain about B'Elanna's strange night time visits.

Not Interested  
Everyone thinks Seven is looking for a date.... she isn't.  

Ponn Farr  
B'Elanna is again under the effects of the Ponn Farr Vorik attempted three years ago. 

Missing You 
After two weeks stranded on a barren planet, the away team is glad to be back. So why is B'Elanna so aggravated?

In The Night  
Seven and B'Elanna keep waking up in strange places.... together.

Circumstances result in B'Elanna and Seven being confined to the holodeck for an indefinite time.

Tom sleeps with the Captain, then has to face the music

Home Sweet Home
Too silly to describe

In Code
B'Elana gives Seven a challenge. 

The Piano
Just a short bit of silliness. Poor Tom. 

Yet Another Turbolift Tale
Seven and Torres are stuck in a turbolift....again.

It's the OK Corral, Klingon style.

Rage (NC-17)
B'Elanna is in a bad mood.
***This story is NOT about non-consensual sex. However, that is not revealed until near the end of the story. If you are sensitive in any way to this topic, you may want to give this story a miss.    

B'Elanna and Seven discuss a new idea (very short)

All's Fair in Fairhaven 1  
All's Fair in Fairhaven 2  (NC-17)
B'Elanna wants a quiet drink, Seven has other plans

Tom's Bet  (part one) Tom proposes a bet.
Meanwhile on the Dance Floor (part two) Harry proposes a bet of his own.

Scary Story 
Not quite a Hallowe'en tale, but very much inspired by this ghoulish season.
Perspective definitely defines perception.

Twas The Night Before a Voyager X-mas
My turn to thoroughly destroy this old classic.

XENA Stories

The Cave
Gabrielle is waiting for Xena in...a cave.
A very short story. This was written right after Lyre Lyre
Xena needs to learn a little control and Gabrielle's just the one to teach it to her.
The Right Place
Xena and Gabrielle have trouble with a clueless writer.

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