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License Opportunity in the

Windshield Washer Fluid


(Bulk Distribution)


Getting money from every car, pickup, delivery truck, transport, RV and bus in your area each and every year!!!

Being known as a leader in the environmental movement in your town!

This is what we want to help you do and be!!

Refill It and Save is pleased to announce that after 5 years of test marketing their product and evaluating different equipment packages, that licenses are now available for most of Canada and the United States.

Initial licenses are designed so that you can obtain your territory; and, through sub-licensing, a near 100% return on your license fee within a very short period of time. All while still having your personal area to profit from as well as profiting from the efforts of your sub-licensees!!!

This is an excellent stand alone opportunity.. with lots of time to golf in the summers.......... or for those people that have summer based businesses, and have downtime during the winters. People who do things like lawn care, pool maintenance, aluminum siding, power washing, farmers, etc…since as much as 80% of the activity of this business occurs in the winter season!!

The product is sold to wholesale, retail, industrial, trucking, busing and many other clients. Agencies at all levels of government, like post office and military, need and use it!!. You can open your phone book to any page, and virtually every name on any page uses the product either directly or indirectly. It's a product that everyone knows what it's for and how to use it!!

The Refill It and Save commercial dispensing system uses gravity to dispence the product, features inventory control for the clients, just in time delivery (no more storage of pallets of product) and seasonally adjusted product for cost efficiency.

Get in on the ground floor NOW!! E-mail us at with your name and phone number and a franchise representative will get in touch with you!

SOMETHING TO KEEP IN MIND!!!!! The best time to get involved with any company is at the beginning!!! Ground floor licenses are the lowest in costs and the best return on your money!!!

Just think if you had bought a McDonald's License back in the 60's!!!!!

E-mail us your name and number!!! Do it NOW!!!!

License Information

Licenses are available at three levels. These are AREA, ZONE and TERRITORY.


(Fee based on population)

This license allows the operator the exclusive right to manufacture and distribute windshield washer fluid within a specified area; usually a town or county. The operator purchases the required product concentrate(s) either from the Corporate Head Offices or from the ZONE LICENSEE.


(FEE based on population)

This license allows the operator the exclusive right to manufacture and distribute windshield washer fluid within a specific area, but this area is much larger! The ZONE LICENSEE has the additional right to seperate the ZONE into as many AREAs as the operator feels is appropriate, then SUB-LICENCE these areas to others! She/he may charge fees for these SUB-LICENSES, sell equipment to these AREA LICENSEES, purchases the required concentrate(s) from the Corporate Head Office at a reduced rate, and supplies these concentrates to the AREA LICENSEES. At this level, the ZONE OPERATOR can profit from the sale of SUB-LICENSES, Equipment, Concentrate(s) as well as from the sales within her/his own retained AREA.


(FEE based on population)

This license allows for the holder to the exclusive rights to an entire Province or State!! She/he is responsible for setting up the ZONES within that Province/State, SUB-LICENSING those ZONES as they see fit (at the price they see fit), they will purchase the concentrate(s) and equipment from the Corporate Head Office at the best price and distribute the concentrate(s)and equipment within their TERRITORIES.

Equipment Packages

Equipment packages are specifically designed for each LICENSEE. Some (like lawn care providers) may already have much of the equipment required such as tanks, trucks and pumps; while some may need a mixing and delivery unit. So the equipment package will add anything from a few hundred dollars to $16,000 to the cost of the License. That decision is yours.. and yours alone.. to make.

All the other equipment that is required for setting up the on site dispensing systems can be found in your areas, where you can purchase them as required by you when you need it!! We are not here to load you down with equipment or tanks that you might not need or want. We allow you to make your best deals on what you need, getting it from your area, and supporting the businesses in your area.. not the Head Office of Refill It and Save.

The Concentrate(s)

These specially formulated concentrates allow you to easily and quickly manufacture a high quality windshield washer fluid. In the summer months, mixing is as easy as emptying the jug of concentrate into the empty tank, adding water and mixing for 10 minutes. All of the concentrated cleaners, colouring agents, and softeners are packaged in recycled 4 Liter9(1 U.S. Gallon) jugs, that can again be recycled in YOUR local program. These concentrates make 1000 Liters (264 U.S.Gallons) of ready to deliver product.

In the winter, all you have to do is the same thing, but this time you add the non-freezing agent that you will obtain within your area from our supplier.

How much can you make with windshield washer fluid?????

Well, we can't tell you what YOU will make!! That is all up to you, based on the effort you put into it... but we can help you imagine!!

We have found that the average client uses about 80 Liters (21 U.S. Gallons) a week over the year. So lets say that you have done well, and the first year you have set up 200 clients with site dispensing systems. That would mean something like 16000 Liters (4,226 U.S. Gallons) a week... and let's say you made just 10 cents a liter (40 cents a U.S. Gallon). Now you do the math!! IMAGINE!!! 300, 400, or more clients!!!

SOMETHING ELSE TO THINK ABOUT!!! How about all those clients that may not be interested in bulk product.. but would prefer packaged?? You can fill their needs.. and be environmentally friendly as well.. by getting your jugs from your local recycling center and refilling and labeling those!! It's cost effective, a great sales tool, and profitable!!

Other Products

We are constantly developing new products within our organization. As a Licensee, you will have the right of first refusal to the handling of these new products within your areas. All of the other products are based on a simple format.. take the concentrate, add water and mix. There may be an additional fee for the rights to these products, but you will be the one to make the decision whether or not to handle these.

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