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Welcome to Puke Club. We are an elite group of dumbass kids who like to take pictures of each other puking! The only way to join the club is if you have a picture of you puking or breaking a bottle over your head while puking. Feel free to send us a picture of yourself puking. I have enough cars to choke a camel. As of right now there is a whopping 10 members in our club. But there are tons of future prospects lined up. So go out and take a picture of yourself puking today and join our club.

WE WANT YOU!(to join)

Since January 12, 2000

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Nick member #1

I'm Nick I tried to drink 4 litres of milk in one hour. Apparently it's not as easy as it seems. Cancun wasn't all it's cracked up to be.

Andrew member #2

I'm Andrew, I thought I could drink more milk than Nick. I will never doubt Nick again.

Colin member #3

I am known as Colin. I am a puking machine. I puke with style, strength and almost four litres of milk in my stomach.

Stu member #4

Resistance is futile. That having been said I am another stupid person that didn't believe that drinking 4 litres of milk in an hour is impossible.

Mike member #5

I am the first to get in puke club without trying to drink four litres of cow juice. Yo. I chugged two glasses of o.j.+milk+beer. Then another Beer.

his other pictures

Matter member #6

I am Matter, a drunken fool. I like doing impressions of Pinelli. "Man, that guy's got powers." YEA

Unknown member #7

Did my mother show mercy when she poked me in the heart with a coat hanger when I was still in the womb? Puking, it's coming back up.


This the wall of puke, otherwise known as the puke wall, don't mess with it, really.

Eric member #8

With the right combination of pizza, hair gel and beer I am an unstoppable force. Mark my words...

Ju Lien's other picture

Ju Lien member #9

Here's proof of the fact that it's not safe to eat or drink when powdered milk's around.

Shmacky Member #10

Nowhere is more puke freindly than a crowded bus in Ireland on winding roads.

PS Fuck you Vince

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