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OnFire Putters

Traditionally, putters have been designed to rest a broad sole on the ground and strike the ball well below its midpoint. With this low center of gravity and upward-angled face, the ball would lift and skid toward its intended path, or the putter would scuff and alter the desired result.

Several years of research and development have brought putters to new heights (literally). The revolutionary OnFire Putter incorporates design changes to improve roll and reduce scuff:

  • A forward-angled face
  • A contact point above the center of the ball
  • The majority of the mass directly behind the impact zone
  • A small sole to greatly reduce the potential to scuff

The unique center post allows the golfer to "locate" the putting surface, and stroke nearly scuff-free. The higher center of gravity and forward-angled face impart a smooth, true forward roll...The first step to lower scores!

OnFire is more than a name, it's an attitude!

Model M-10

Precise milling and polishing makes the M-10 a welcome addition to any bag. The brass body incorporates a stainless steel sole and aluminum inserts to maximize the OnFire feel. Conforms with USGA rules. kirk.gif=/images/animate/

Model M-21

An overwhelming favorite... the soft feel of aluminum with dramatic brass inserts. At 290 grams, this blade putter creates exceptional roll, with a smooth pendulum swing. Nice lines and ease of aiming.

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