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Family of Dan Kernan

I'm both providing and searching for additional verifiable links to the Wheelock name. (My mothers side).

NAME: Pearl Johns
DOB: 12/10/1914 born in Oneida.

RELATIONSHIP: grandmother
NAME: Alvira Wheelock
DOB: 11/29/1887
married Anderson Johns, they had 4 children;
Arnold, ?
Orville (in Anna Johns )
Pearl (Rock Island,Ilinois )
Orin, ?

RELATIONSHIP: great-grandfather
NAME: Wesley Wheelock
DOB: ?
married Julia Palmer,
they had 4 children;
Simon, d.o.b. 7/28/1880
Lydia ,d.o.b. 4/15/1883
Alvira, d.o.b. 11/29/87
Willie,d.o.b. 4/8/1890
also had 5 brothers & sisters
Jonathan and Ophelia

RELATIONSHIP: great-great-grandfather
NAME: Isaac Wheelock
? DOB: ? (born in New York)
his wife's name: Hannah
DOB: ? (born in New York)
children.Wesley and

My quest is documented information linking my great grandfather Wesley Wheelock to my mother Pearl Johns. Thanks,I appreciate any and all information.

Dan Kernan Enrolled member of The Oneida Nation of Wisconsin.