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Chevy staunchly believes that getting there should be more than half the fun. That credo is well represented by the Cavalier ZR-24 MOAB, a concept car that treats day-to-day driving as an extreme sport. The MOAB’s mission goes beyond simply transporting a couple of mountain bikes to a suitable location for an afternoon ride. With a snarling 2.4-liter Twin Cam engine under the hood, an eager five-speed manual transmission and extra ground clearance, this feisty Cavalier can attack a rocky trail or a dusty slope with no strenuous pedaling necessary.

The MOAB’s in-your-face exterior starts with a vivid canary yellow paint job. Door handles and trim items are dipped in the same hue. Window areas are subdued with a light smoke tint and dark-gray-metallic B-pillars. That sets the stage for the flamboyant fashion accessories: bright-blue break-away mirrors and wheelhouse liners; hot-red disc brake calipers; screaming-yellow coil springs; and ultramarine 17-inch Fittipaldi Polaris wheels and suspension links.

To keep the MOAB charging come what may, its Twin Cam engine breathes cool air through a K&N conical filter. More aggressive camshafts from the 190 horsepower high-output edition of this engine nudge four valves per cylinder. A tri-Y exhaust header is ceramic coated for long-lasting protection from chipping and corrosion. The exhaust exits just ahead of the left rear wheel to eliminate a vulnerable pipe under the MOAB’s tail. Brakes have been upgraded with Raybestos racing pads up front, larger rear drums and braided-stainless-steel hoses. Larger anti-roll bars are carried in more substantial polyurethane bushings.

An extended air dam and side splash guards help deflect debris kicked up by the Michelin Pilot rally radials. Self-adhesive wear-guard material prevents damage from flying rocks or while loading extreme-sports toys into the trunk or onto one of MOAB’s carrier racks. The trunk itself is lined with a tough, removable textured-rubber floor mat. Similar material protects the back side of the MOAB’s fold-down back seats. A built-in electric air pump facilitates tire inflation deep in the tubes.

The interior emphasizes high-style durability. Door panels and seats are trimmed with an attractive cloth that’s practically indestructible. Rubberized floor mats catch the debris brought on-board during messy treks. A Momo carbon-fiber shift knob lends a high-tech look, and instrument faces are color keyed with blue markings and yellow needles on a white face to mimic the exterior theme. All four seating positions have a grab handle to help occupants stay in the saddle.

MOAB: It takes a cavalier attitude to such extremes that an ordinary drive to work would never wind up at employee parking.