Men have ever sinned
but in war - even more.
Amid haste and waste
everywhere -  sad despair.

Where lines of Law and Ethics blur
til often disappear
when deeds are done, before begins
God gets lost - the devil wins.

Cold fear is always near
skewing thoughts that ought to steer
one's only wish - is over.

Oh to be finally over
and never again
but it never does.

Though those dreams fade with time
if you make it through
yet those anguished mares of the night
always lie in wait.

But dear God - know
still love you so.
January 27, 1997

Fifty years have far placed their past
a season now, as but once dreamed
a time one thought understood
though evil plots - are ever schemed.

Whence those years unfolded
once fine wines long-aged
later turned to bitter gall.

what found lost soon regained
changed by what war wasted
til upscaled wars now world-wide
affecting humanity of us all
by those gone mad, their final vice
need for greater power - at any price.

Half a century later, with other wars
semi-waged in between
memories of those times few remember
had need be least sixteen.

Time heals all, if enough given to bring such true
yet facts become lost, evils done - thereafter longly brew.

Amazing most emerged from warring's hell
well-balanced - still holding life sacred
though many slaughtered down
by one's angry anguished hatred.

When war brought up, most retell
but not exactly the way it was
in fifty years, lies newly refashioned
 lately learned - what war fully does.

Some keen enough, cared enough to grow
 re-tooled warring's hell, to loving's growth
these listen to, learn evilís yield
those of peace and war - or both.
November 5, 2000

When its raging storm subsides
know at last been done
wanton wastes of wars
too longly lasted - til won.

Tragic turmoils life leaves after
each vet may proclaim
surmised within, despite love or sin
know what one became.

There stood in quietude
reflections, ageing years upheave
those that survived, at last
 reconciled - what now believe.

Find themselves stronger
than their undoubful youth had been
virtues found victorious
with such valor - vanquished sin.

Now knowing, caring has greater power
to win - long term
than those weapons fiercely flourished
 standing tall and firm.

Are governments which fan Hates
into those flames of war
fueled by men in power
Greed's wealth - lies at its core.

Nationís honor profaned
social pride, trust defamed
ageing vets growing older
former pride - reclaimed.

Those who once fought
reflections now remember
til each one forgives
late in lifeís December.
January 30, 2001

Hell found only within those living
their selfish hatred, always giving
waste what obtained, their only pleasure
anguish suffered - what gives it measure.

Minds brought to lust and greed early yearned
selfless love and its care never learned
til events emplaced their powers bred
only cloys - with those others dead.

Inhumanities embraced with arms of war
used til spent their worth, like some wanton whore
such savagery creates itself, their life ordained
truth and love lost midst wastes of wars
hatred still holds ingrained.
September 10, 2001

How they rallied and longly dallied
shaking high rafters with riant laughters.

Their loud voicing's call, lay unheard by all
what youth first cursed, quickly grew far worse
til raging hate, drew each across the Strait.

Not one of these found came back
 undone by what - high-hopes lack.
September 17, 2001

Across weathered skies
where dry heather lies
mountain's echoes flung
what church bells had rung.

Words not of peace but war
yet tis for peace, not gore
those chiming steeples rung
sang of peoples tongue.

Across blackened skies
where burnt bracken dries
echoed brutal screams
from their dreadful dreams.

Cries, their anguish told
future's languish sold
til steeple bells now stilled
peoples war - freely willed.

Across peaceful skies
where rich heather vies
mountain echoes praise
springs fountain sprays.

Grateful prayers re-tried
peaceful tongues out-cried
chiming steeples proudly ring
freedoms - people loudly sing.
September 20, 2001

Across this quiet world
a stillish silence lay
fearful of what those ancient Hates
may soon put in play.

Awaiting those dreadful words
new wars preach,- same olden lies
whence despotic rulers
usurp full power - then Freedom dies.
March 15, 2003

Again am brought graveyard near
again, wars of recent year
again their hopes unfulfilled
again for us
theirs rebuild.

Blood spilt on foreign soils, warring bred
each fought as enemies, both sides freely bled
different aims each one believed, by such were led
games war played, yet leaves behind
their wasted dead.

Dare we once again take up the plow
again sow fresh seed, if still know how
with hopeful trust, live out Freedom's vow
extend friendship's hand
at least for now.

Those survived, tis they who daily come
where brave last buried, still grieved by some
until some future war blots out distant sun
future weapons launched, til Earth's life
finally done.

Viewing Death's afterwaste, ceaseless wars have wrought
past years soon forgot, lessons their teachers taught
treasured memories, parents and siblings cried upon
precepts so many trusted, savaged Hate

These graves remind those left living, tis they
who must change, redrafting future days
midst a world rather strange, dare refashion
hopes of those who died - now understand.

Life lived to share and care
dreamed hopes - of Lotus-land.
April 19, 2003

So many ways one may die, self-chosen freely of
war's blood cost to save another, out of one's pure love
or those dark shadows, suicide breeds with some strange truth
so many ways one may die, oft now embraced by youth.

Savage minds filled with hate, urging their own sons to die
acclaimed by what strange gods decreed, self-death gifts them by
unlike previous wars fought, only midst themselves will vie
from an ancient hate, false premise ill-devised its lie.

As those still in power, sit behind their distant desks - fortified
Abraham's echoed words thricely split, Christians looked on horrified
Judaic believers recall their destined fate of genocide
Moslem's Koran re-codified into twisted hates of fratricide
despite each heard or read kind truth, of that One high-hung and Crucified.

Until Islamic extremists have dared to flame our world down
til not one stone left upon another, in any place or town
for Allah desires but blood, infidels bled on sterile ground
flames of faith fanned into hate, no human left to be proudly crowned.

Like those ancient cults, centuried wars have brought to shame
bloodied hands fought to honor some forgotten name
until mere beasts found left, far more noble than human kind
who kill but to live, thence breed til die - Nature kindly blind.
November 5, 2004

Face to face daily vied, fearful deeds war once tried
each man's valor bravely cried, held up with their manful pride
fears felt on either side, one's buddies honor-tied
self-respect never pried, inner fears - each one hides.

Wan white skin, charcoal dyed, dreadful wait Time must bide
cursed wet mud's slip and slide, days and nights sleepy eyed
mistrusting locals spied, doubting those paid to guide
hopeful, battles may turn the tide - braggings their brave bravado lied.

Taken down in full stride, those strong who weakly cried
dying gasps lastly sighed, died with eyes opened wide
shallow graves shovels plied, Winter's kill froze open-eyed
Grime Reaper daily scythed - those heroes brave who died.
January 13, 2005

Some brass in his pocket, day-late may be
no matter, foot-lose and fancy free
to see what one might learn, if he could
strong as an ox, healthy
six-foot - he stood.

Four of a morning's bright, bid him take leave
clever boy, with several tricks up his sleeve
word came down, a right good pony well-bred
or so his well-connected
sources - said.

A day at the races, ten-to-one odds
laid down his brass, sat with other poor sods
starts fast and furious, such it would end
racked in a sizeable haul
due to his friend.

Held tight to a freight, so save his earnings
called free-on-board, with leanings and turnings
arrived back two days late, and one day short
bought a book or two, then smoked
an Old Port.

With brass tight in the bank, college next Fall
of such and more he told me, young vet tall
crossing that Channel in dark of new moon
landed Omaha beaches
sixth of June.

Soon all were scattered, to die or push on
despite well-planned, too many things went wrong
a disaster - ask those who still survive
only by sheer luck - some
came through alive.

War spoiled on, Fall through Winter til Spring
yet still we fought, for what proud peace might bring
though so many died, I came out alive
peace declared May eighth
nineteen forty-five.

But of that limey, late rumors confirmed
blown up by a mine, his valor ill-earned
I gave him high honor, when back in the states
whence chanced with others, bets waged
for high stakes.

My well-placed horse, out-ran by one faster
an unlikely old nag - named Disaster
we all laughed, who cared if we won or lost
just back from that war
unmindful of its cost.

His name long forgotten, a friend to me
like others war-met, across that far sea
recalled in my dreams, seeing them once more
some made it back, some did not
from that war.

Recalling those bets, his and mine - I lost he won
now a parent, know high cost
of loosing a son.

That careless joy of youth, so brief their years may tell
unmindful of those risks, unknowing what life brings
such Time unwittingly bids, to win - Life or Death's knell
cherished in one's old age
Time un-owingly flings.
May 21, 2005

Among eroding stones, weather wears
each stands in silence, yet mutely shares
heroics, their bravery died to dare
memorial flowers - gave homage there.

A ritual their death remembered by
grieving widows pray, still to question why
war's high cost must be paid by those who die
til even weeping willows - heard to sigh.

In time, their war-honored bloom slowly sours
until ground-crews remove last faded flowers
as summer's green enlace those hallowed bowers
where last found laid to rest - those sons of ours.

From battles won or lost, wars still bequest
a place of final peace, but now to rest
for of these least, bravery grew their best
til all wars might cease - Man's eternal quest.
May 30, 2005

So far back in Time it must have been
when apes first grew themselves into men
what Eve did with Adam, gave birth to sin
just because of that - all are kindred kin.

So late in Time, all can yet well remember
when last ape alive, we killed to dismember
thereby lastly learned of how we first began
therefrom first learned of how to upright stand
without need of nurse or awkward - bed-pan.

Whatever they teach these days, 'tis taught too late
wars now fought world-wide, still must rule with hate
til Earth implods, naught left but its burned-out core
found Life not worth one's living - nor dyings for.
December 8, 2005


Mountains high, valleys low - uplands midway
whereof back then, wolves and coyotes heard to bay
when full-moon high, clear night-air chanced to hear
Nature sang its best, yet for some - brought fear.

Land where echoes gave music, when work was done
by campfire's light, jokes each told, old tunes were sung
roused up, rolled-out early before daylight come
quick-fried bacon and grits - 'twas how was for some.

A century later, much the same was done
where mountains were merely hills, no echoes flung
roused-out early before dawn, full-moon or none
again, new weapons of war - refought the Hun.

Much still hand-to-hand, or faster weapons of Death
same jokes retold, proud fears still cursed beneath their breath
same full-moon shares its light, when skies clear and bright
no coyotes shot, only Krauts - to kill or fight.

Of what will future eyes see, ears hear at night
a world far different than a century back
will wars again be fought, some still think as right
or will Earth be but a world - hates turned black?
December 13, 2005

Was old enough to be my father
yet so young in age to be a boy
our friendship never seemed to bother
gathered up our young days
with such joy.

Time grew up fast, until war
earned their strength to fight
four-long years of battles fought
with one's fears and might

Until crippled those truths
one's early years had taught
to wonder thereafter
why those battles were fought.
November 8, 2006