As soft music gentled on heedful ears
bedewing former episodes with tears
til bestowed blessings on one's youthful years.

Like some ancient canticle sung, priestly cast
purifying forgotten sins of the past
expunging derelictions considered crass.

Distilled from what long fermentations bring
express a richer brew, reflections wring
til of their truths - even far angels sing.

Back when liberties so harshly crushed
written words spoken of, softly hushed
if thought overheard - lips quickly hushed.

Time of suppression by despotic powers
like some hunted prey that frightfully cowers
warring times - last century's most dreadful hours.

Of those times, nights still haunt within one's dream
as soft music gentles, recalling old schemes
til bestows a blessing - on war's early themes.
November 25, 2003

Perhaps two or three years more
onslaught of third world war
Mother Russia plays the whore.

Already too many cower
held within dark dungeoned tower
as Putin seeks further power.

Curbing both media and press
with newer laws we can but guess
controlled til civil-rights found less.

Across those ageless fertile steppes
harsh sounds of proud booted steps
echoed warrings by lineaged septs.

Sterile fertility former wars bred
fueled by bragging words Czars once said
left behind scattered bones of those long dead.

Stalin reincarnate returns
as Slavic dreams regerminate
poor busy with selfish conerns.

A country ruled by Fear and Hate
their demigod but worshiped State
an idoled hope - their destined Fate.

Again to ravage as before
feast and rape those spoils of war
Mother Russia - China's backdoor.

Mongolian hopes, they too aspire
beyond their western rim - lands acquire
til becomes pan Slavic-Mongol Empire.

They too wish to rule the world
as cold fingers finally curled
around people's throats - firmly furled.

An ageless greed in full control
feigning Trust, same old lies cajole
til Earth scorched with flames of Sheol.

Both have access to that fearful bomb
of its usage, either have no qualm
nor do those near neighbors of Islam.

Wars fought til entire Earth reddens
pollute atmosphere til leadens
last of many Armageddons.

This haunting fear still looms of war
soon to come despite treaties swore
bought by Greed's need for even more.

Two sleeping dragons awake - awaiting
lustful empires aroused for mating
ravaged country's worth - old bloodlusts hating.

First flinted shafts now evolved into guns
recall two wars fought with germanic Huns
endless slaughter - of each other's sons.

Perhaps this fearful prediction spurious
here penned for those few who might be curious
as well as others - may find this serious.
December 6, 2003

Amidst lost battles fought long years before
when blood-lust surged full in his pulsing veins
til shameful tears found shed among that gore.

War-weathered wounds still wracked within
yet inside his heart, worst of pains
should dreadful 'mares of night - dreams begin.

Ravaged years crucified his neglectful soul
phantoms of panicked death, savage deeds arcane
an inner peace his passing years deftly stole.

When but of mere words, eyes happened on
idle readings first thought but mundane
transfigured - like sun's bright birth of dawn.

Of that and a tender woman's late love
gained an absolution sorrows ordain
old age reflections gave forgiveness of.

Midst those conquered battles still fought each day
a gentled soul, old words could not explain
of battles once fought - has few words to say.
December 10, 2003

Scraps of wasted snow dappled beleaguered ground
but three-score past thereon, fierce battle found
recalled final shot, then heard - but silenced sound.

Despite war's end, hill yet held on its eastern height
when sudden storm of snow mottled ground til white
as if war's final end - blessed by Nature's rite.

Yet then would hear whimpered sounds, injured felt of pain
as anguished moans and groans grew louder, some cursed in vain
while others heard but silence - Death cedes to those left slain.

Such now recalled three-score later, my returning found
that dappled snow now white, once red upon cold ground
of all life lived, still remember - foreign battle's sound.

To know war a dilemma of right and wrong
suffer tares to sprout, until in time grown strong
or uprooted by lust of warrior's song.

Years still yield no convictions either way
if wars ought be fought, as some harsh spoke to say
or circumvented, awaiting - come what may.

As reviewed those former fields, past years healings show
midst tooth and claw of war, mindless creatures never know
again heard battle's silence, as once more - began to snow.
December 11, 2003

When anger lunged its flinted spear
into hard heart of war
striking steel - birthing sparks
ignited into burning flames
til hates inflamed even more.

Hate full-enraged, hurled its wrath
venting vengeful battle's cry
til tears, weeping widows shed
salted ancient springs, til unfit
to drink - war's blood and gore.

Bombs flung so high, til vaporized
those loud voicings wanting peace
declared before all die, found
a death no one living left
to remember - that final war.
December 14, 2003

What we need is another war
in which no one fights nor dies
fought 'cross desks of those in power
until no one speaks - with lies.

A battle fought with honest words
unlike ever done before
til sour Hate curdles into curds
with such foul taste - all abhor.

Yes, is but a poet's dream
pre-emptive strikes soon shot down
til devised but another scheme
without neither Cross nor Crown.

Yes, without need for Cross - of course!
Many hate that symboled sign
dreading truth of its ancient source
its rituals of bread and wine.

To love each as if one's brother
with strength to bear such pain may cost
their friendship shared with each other
until man's wish for war - is lost.
December 14, 2003

Around full-turn of earthen landscape
frail frightful years cannot escape
an ancient madness again returns.

Fires a warmth, Hate at times requires
inflaming malicious desires
incinerate human flesh - til it burns.

Dying screams excites their beastal fury
randomly condemned without a jury
appeased by demagogue's burning pyre.

As their greasy soot blackens once clear skies
latent hates fanned into fanatic lies
with an ill-logic, despotic minds thought wise.

Til tears of Heaven's rains rend those shameful clouds
as dust to dust, returns beneath earthen shrouds
when Reason fails one's soul - left unknowing why.
December 28, 2003

Seventy years reflects that mania of savaged genocide
herded into fenced corrals of death-camps, across world's landscape
til years after, confects insanity - madness of suicide
greed and pleasures dispelling self control - a self-sought last escape.

Gulags of Russia, dank jungles of Rwanda and Vietnam
Malaysia, China, India and so ad nauseam
sins forgiven by repentance - Lent or Ramadan
mass-killings, ancient hates enraged by beastal fury
without need of judicial judgments nor vote of jury.

Decimating entire cultures, beaten, butchered or burned
like late return of Old Testament, those unliked spurned
eradicating unwanted people, their Culture earned
unlike New Testament teachings - a scattered few have learned.

Rallied cry of adult children angry - what others of
self-seeking but their own, unlearned of self-suffered love
traps laid, guns fired, machete's harsh slash, clubbed down like dogs
aftermath left to rot - soon glutted by feral hogs.

Unburied, battered beyond recognized maims
entire families, futures unknowing their names
returns to savagery, pre-christian times command
buzzing flies laying eggs - starved bellies expand.

How many will never know, only what was done
a mania self-fed upon itself til felt like fun
uncontrolled blood-lust thrust with heated passion
piled high, burnt then left to blackly ashen.

Free-world cannot forbid, self-greed has seen to that
self-preservation - Justice wears its double hat
sometimes blindfolded, other times - perhaps not
as corrupt democracies slowly decay - left to rot.

Survival of the fittest, let death fall where it may
despite loud voicings uttered, their pleadings pray
til friendly neighbors in secret - found saving some
smoldering wick snuffed out, bruised reed bleeding
to live or die, answered with turned down thumb.

Tis of such savagery, the very stones must cry out
kindly soul's reaching, pleading, beseeched their dying shout.

Perhaps are only these and those killed, will enter Heaven's gates
for alternative of saving love and care, is but horrid hates
inly each one knows, yet heat and panic raise their deadly fist
ten thousands grown to millions, slaughtered by an ancient thirst.

As human kindness evolves into inhuman blindness
unfeeling other's bleedful pain, fanned til beastly mindless
whereof after, knowing wars again will consecrate anew
til some final power or earthen quake - devours all once knew.

A sterile cindered globe, still limps it annual solar spin
til sun itself explodes, then re-collapse upon itself again
decimating Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars
humanities ashes outcast - beyond those distant stars.
April 12, 2004

Of what they bore
harsh words swore
held in cold hearts of men.

For what they fought
their freedoms brought
bravery aimed to win.

Despite fears' pallor
with fevered valor
another war fought again.

Of wars and peace
will never cease
ancient lure of Golden Fleece.
April 15, 2004

That all-day battle each fought
warm and muggy, very hot
when found one recently shot
both neck and throat bled a lot.

Stood watching him slowly fade then die
as inward awareness left his eye
til blank vision unknowingly stares
not one of ours - but theirs.
April  17, 2004

Late news sadly came to tell
crude use of both love and hate
heard in every clime and place
wherever man found to dwell.

Loudly yelled til finally heard
endless calls gave cause for war
rulers rallied blood be shed
old embers weakly fanned - til full-stirred.

Again they go, some to die
spurred on by battle's ancient cry
flags unfurled one's honor tries
new reasons - but olden lies.

Til at last a treaty signed
old battles lines realigned
yet still smolders in those older
but not those - who rot and moulder.

Late news finally came, in foreign sod interred
no hands prayed nor flowers placed, hearts unstirred
only that endless lap of proud ocean waves
gave lasting obescence of - unhonored graves.
April 23, 2004

Of that long trip back across the sea
with full-faith in future hopes to be
once again take up life's eager plow
yet oft found looking back - then and now.

When stood hour by hour at ship's stern
watching receding waters churn
til enfolding waves full returned
upon themselves - left unconcerned.

Past and future fought within my mind
grateful yet hateful what left behind
three years twisted into much forgot
of those one saved - yet those ones had shot.

Unknowing then how much time would cost
to heal old wounds scarred within my mind
knew each one of those I saved or lost
some clearly see, others - ever blind.

Sounds and sights, for three long years but to fight
battles won or briefly lost, day and night
midst confusions, conflict's never sure
such thoughts stern churns, war - a distant blur.

As Time reshuffles old memories once more
re-dealing different hand than dealt before
til dates and names, place and facts fading fast
perhaps may lie - left unsure what once passed.

To wonder what my God now thinks of me
kill and maim, cursed with hate - across that sea
war's ancient lies, fresh youth trusts til full believes
memories old warriors still fight - old age retrieves.

A saddened sorrow again tomorrow
still wage an inner war refought once more
brutal traumas deeply singed with sorrow
left behind by an unforgotten war.

With small atonement some assurance gives
battle scars still bleed - as long as one lives.

To humble war's proud pride, youth thought but right
came to neighbor's aid, valors taught to fight
only God with father's forgiving love
could amend strange convictions - wars taught of.

How prone to anger, righteous rights demand
battles brave men honored with fought command
old veterans rehearse, as newer lies unfold
in dim shadows of Legion Halls - still retold.

Anger explodes before forgiveness has a chance
to trade its proffered peace instead of brutal war
yet Nature itself replete - savagery killed
innate self-survival quickly brought - yet unwilled.

Saving life by destructions others need to live
or die by tooth and claw, fatal struggles might give
done without control, no soul to question why
eons of evolution - birthings still borne by.

From those genetic generations, Man arose
til in tender moments, felt beauty of a rose
with evolving hands and mind, would write and compose
from contentions strongly wrought, calm peace could impose.

Yet haste and hate, greed of need or merely want
quickly bought or brought by ventured dares of war
as spilt blood pays for what power's monies flaunt
steals a brief stretch of years - wars stole before.

Only dared forgiveness cedes a chance to live
one's shared giving, buys or but freely give
only kindness may earn such trust man requires
beyond life's death - an eternal hope yet aspires.

Old age reflections, passing years confuse the mind
re-lived, re-thought, searching for what some truth may find
watched loud stirrings stern-seen below, til curled wavelets roiled free
as cleaved waters slowly gentled back - into a peaceful sea.
May 7, 2004

In after-silence felt there
before deceased buried low
honored hauntings stung the air
blessed by tap's final tribute
dying echoes - fading slow.

Called to arms on other shores
citizenship requires
defense by offense of wars
rights stolen by Power's greed
their full control desires.

For eons - the sport of kings
dare take over or back once more
cleansed by blood their dying brings
til won or vanquished by next war.

Til treaties signed on sheepskin's hide
to right one wronged as both lied
morals lost, appeasement brings
sworn in or out by oaths each swore
reshuffling lines or laws once more
such - that eternal sport of kings.
May 20, 2004

Begins now some discontent
to last a thousand years
an ancient hate malcontent
wasting far more than fears.

In that hid silence of secrecy
mere hints may slip to tell
those with ears to hear may disagree
when and where falls - next shell.

A new game now played world wide
where many die the more
lies and truths spoke on either side
another world war.

Martyrdom but their latest craze
without regards who may die
wars now fought in such diver ways
yet its truth - but an olden lie.

God may save the Queen or Kings
but who will save the world
til brings down last end of things
with Freedom tightly furled.
June 26, 2004

Before late evening evolves darkly night
fading sun replaced by moon's ghostly light
cliff-high held, endless ocean far as might see
reflections from long ago - once chanced to be.


Before late evening evolves darkly night
fading sun replaced by moon's ghostly light
cliff-high held, endless ocean far as might see
reflections from long ago - once chanced to be.


Sweeping ray of Craighead's light surveyed dark sea
a silent sentinel on nightly duty
its measured warning slowly grew further bright
as late evening evolved into deepened night.

Her eyes looked beyond circling swing it brightly gave
across far sea, midst lost years old memories save
ghostly phantoms of childhood long before
bright beams of search-lights - nightly swept skies offshore.

Streaking tracers crisscrossed each other far up the high
below, flash of bombs hurled down from night's fearful sky
all the while, heard steady drone of endless planes
shattered chaos of ancient Hell - old Devil deigns.

Loud echoes re-echoed across that distant bay
anger fought between light and dark - Death had its way
devastation ravaged night into frightful flame
what proud powers proposed - insane war brought to shame.

Young eyes fascinated by sights and sounds that night
despite strange fears, unknowing of its wrong or right
til later days and years would teach her of further more
Evil still vies with honored rights - of both rich and poor.
June 28, 2004

Out on those dry flat plains of Kansas, day hot and dry
idled by crossing, watched long train passing by
mostly but empty cattle-cars, both side doors open wide
as sat there in silence, old memories came back - til I cried.

Those monotonous clacks, trundles speak at each rail's crack
like counting off those miles, days remaining Time keeps track
til final car emptied with loud shouts of voice and butting rifles
quickly made to stand, pushed and prodded, stench so thick - stifles.

Just like cattle, corralled into holding pens - there die or wait
constant yells Germans shout, several sentries at each waiting gate
there above it all, tall stacks stoic stood - belching Death up the sky
dreadful scenes now well known, world back then - believed its truth a lie.

When tailing caboose rumbled past, left behind a silence clearly heard
as there I sat in silence, seeing what once saw - unspoke without a word
for world still bleeds its ten thousands, enslaved by those in power
eucharistic cup of wine priestly blessed - still tastes rank and sour.
July 15, 2004

They said it couldn't be done
and they were right
lost every man but one
only I left to fight.

Midst harsh reality of war
shot and ran - but not away
such running might convey
so might kill even more.

They said it couldn't be done
now knowing they were right
truce signed - how t'was won
when need not kill or fight.

Until reason overruled anger's cry
redrawing lines much as redrawn before
despite argued with truth instead of lies
yet as peace being signed - plotted next war.
August 17, 2004

As sea-side sat a morning through
wavelets brought by
colors reflecting only blue
of sea and sky.

Watched waters wash upon coastline strand
as if bidden by
some eternal need - cleanse sea-side sand
left as never dry.

Constant cadence measured back in time
ticking off past years
memory chose, recalled a foreign clime
echoes - one still hears.

That saddened duty war requires
in mute silence done
bury those, invasion left behind
History acquires.

A roguish detail - blood and guts
parts and pieces left
beneath sandy soils, burial shuts
raveled up - Life's weft.

Ravaged carnage, that others may live
each grave recorded
for brief reprieve short peace may give
young men afforded.

Years after, grave duty forgotten
future days cast behind
til old age recalls, sadly broughten
sea-side waves - remind.

Dreaming dreams old veterans ponder on
now to question why
as watched endless waves at early dawn
both blue - sea and sky.
October 10, 2004

So many ways one may die, self-chosen freely of
war's blood cost to save another, out of one's pure love
or those dark shadows, suicide breeds of some strange truth
so many ways one may die - often embraced by youth.

Savage minds filled with hate, now urge their own sons to die
acclaimed as what strange gods decree, self-death gifts them by
unlike normal wars fought, only midst themselves will try
from an ancient hate - false premise ill-devised a lie.

As those still in power sit behind their distant desks - fortified
Abraham's echoed words thricely split, Christians looked on horrified
Judaic believers recall their destined fate of genocide
both of which have long heard the truth - of that One high-hung Crucified.

Only Islamic extremists have dared to flame the world down
til not one stone left upon another in any place or town
for Allah desires but blood, infidels bled on sterile ground
flames of faith fanned into hate, no human left to be proudly crowned.

Like those ancient wrecks centuried wars have brought to shame
bloodied hands fought to honor some forgotten name
until mere beasts found left, far more noble then human kind
who kill but to live and breed til die - simple Nature blind.
November 5, 2004