Still I wonder if body ever found
high above, where ceaseless waves daily pound
tightly wedged within deep cliff-held abyss
beyond reach of eyes - never found amiss.

Midst those war battles waged fifty years ago
personal conflict between I and he
our struggles ending, he far flung below
as deadly dueled high above that sea.

His loud piercing yell yet haunts my nightly dreams
those rocky crags still echo his falling screams
as stood frozen, watched his spiraling plunge
unguessed outcome - after initial lunge.

Long I stood there to know him dead, yet hid
for landed within that deep caverned niche
a freakish happenstance mute Fate once bid
unplanned nor thought of - with his falling pitch.

Perhaps to this day, those bones there yet lie
chanced waste of war, but to win - lose or die.
July 11, 2001

Greed breeds hates, taking what others earned as now their own
usurping foreign rights, gained by waste of blood and bone
old resentments felt, xenophobic bigotry longly held
amassed into armies, fought til their enemies finally quelled.

Valor, honor, heroics mixed with pain
deceits and lies, defeats with surrender's stain
a time of gloried greatness mixed with shame
for every war fought, wears men much the same.

Can it hap, that ownership be changed to one of sharing
possessions passed among each and all with that of caring
a balance of pleasures, with that penchant to be one kind
but only if taught to hunger - for joys of the mind.
July 17, 2001

How tightly held me with her enwrapping arms
like early done of first love's endearing charms
til greedful powers ruptured world peace
war's devastations - thought would never cease.

Memory of her tight flung arms, four years retained
midst brutal battles war waged, that dream sustained
her smell and smile, eyes with tears deeply engrained
like a promise each vowed to trust - until regained.

Sixty years ago, that war now but some distant dream
like an ancient tale retold, old warriors might scheme
yet what remember best, despite those battle harms
how longly had held me, with her enwrapping arms.
Both before and after.
August 1, 2001

Such haunting notes impinged upon my ears
awakened olden thoughts from far-back years
episodes of former days, life soon outran
brought in focus by nocturnes - played of Chopin.

Terrible yet tender tracings evoked
thoughts longly hidden, once again uncloaked
no fear like caught behind enemy lines
directions lost - unknowing hidden mines!

A loneliness so complete, dreading all
occurred in brown dry of an early Fall
seek orchards in-fruit, with water nearby
perhaps, chance upon another GI.

Days or nights gave equal cause to keep alert
heeding any sound, careful to stay unhurt
decision - stay put or keep on the go
only wish, find our lines - yet didn't know.

By then, lost count of those passing days
til an Abbey found where monks give praise
Abbé spoke broken English, took me in church
same day German troops came - with orders to search.

Though quickly frocked and cowled like a friar
made to stand beside that gentle prior
terse questions Krauts harshly hurled at him
my English attempts of French - did me in.

Took us both beyond monastery gate
German spoke lost on me, yet chanced my fate
while prior pleaded they let me go
their intentions were clear - could not be so.

Since saw my fate now sealed, anger showed
as I pointed prior back up the road
for reasons unguessed, found they let him go
I shoved in their half-track, whence - did not know.

Foibles of foreign ways, war once waged
strangely unexpected, history has paged
events found gone awry or saved, when war wears grim
fickled Fate's good-luck once chanced, with capricious whim.

Upon such odds of godly chance, other than what might have been
thereafter of that daring Abbé - t'was last I saw of him.
August 30, 2001

(In memory - September  9, 1939)
Putrid stench blown far to the East
spewn of fires lit by savaged beast
ashes far-strewn from hearths of Hell
yet those who knew - would never tell.

Tracings up-plowed each new Spring thereafter
as if told again without their laughter
death is natural, yet its cause weighs Man's scales
since first fist raised, later - by Cross and nails.

Always some who yell - such should not be so
when at last are heard, tis they first to go
no matter what lies preached with purposed aims
always spawned of wars - flesh fueled as flames.

Can't live with differences each Culture crafts
as bigger bombs replace first flinted shafts
til warm civility, frozen by cold greed
life itself found useful - but to kill or breed.

Grovelings dug of dirt, those dredged up from sea
expose this naked truth for all to see
until laws are bent with blind willful ruse
good or bad, always tried - yet both sides lose.

First they deny, preaching life beyond - a hopeless lie
declared by those still in power, one needs not ask why
no matter what ploy ill-used - but another way to die.
September 10, 2001

Again stand on barren brink of fear and hate
goaded on by honored duty brought of state
in olden times, always led to works of war
yet after done, former hates felt even more.

Such cycles centuries have long self-fed upon
once more war with war, that will be fought - foregone
as tolerance of different others grows less
lines drawn between by fear, causing further stress.

Tis control upon which those in power feed
their feastings enriched from wealth's unending greed
ever yearned, enslaving poor for gains of more
unlearned, war always breeds - but another war.
September 11, 2001

Across a silent world, weathers wear as they must
solar storms, winds and rain or blow of desert dust
a time of devastation, hate and greed wrought there
yet heard within its misery - voicings of silent prayer.

In hearts held mute, tragic anguish telling of
flames of Hope still burns by faith and caring love
stood or knelt, as acknowledged OF beyond the sky
such human needs expressed, gathered - when many die.

As distant Time looks on, old seas churn their waves
despite war's waste of lives, so many used like slaves
not one held unguiltless, nor some deed done of shame
yet not forgot, some still found to tell - Love Life's aim

A spark of Spirit still breathes, quickens what is right
midst mankind's crippled souls, found healed by Its light
sharing their pain, anger - confusions cast by grief
so soon forgot, yet remembered - though life but brief.
September 14, 2001

Unfractured Hate heaved to crush those living - dead
vent its venom, misguided loyalties fed
enlists perverted pretense of some fabled god
fanatical fangs piercing others - unthought odd.

Founded on a devilish faith bred of unreasoned hate
by those too long deprived of hope, til vaunted by their State
disguised with facade of some ancient god, Truth long cast aside
thence inflicting death upon those, Hates prechose - would provide.

A ritualed practice still found among those deeply deprived
long listed on historied scrolls, revealing - some survived
remembering as a child, hearing first news of war begun
as stood by dad's wireless, December seventh - nineteen forty-one.

Years piling wars upon wars, some once thought as won
Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf - wars lately done
absolved by the greater good,  theologians spun
now once more another war - when will there be none!
September 14, 2001

(In remembrance -  September 11, 2001)

As twinned structures quickly ruptured by what Hate flew
thence collapsing, to crush and maim all but few
Temple's curtain torn from top to bottom, earth-shaken
telling truths of love and hate - crucified and forsaken.

History replays on modern stage an olden tale
reminding self-greed breeds hate into war, not gone stale
that endless struggle between what Love unites, Hate divides
that senseless battle between what Love confides - Hate derides.

Tightens up control one more notch, with freedoms found less
wage war once more, lives lost and maimed - justice seems to bless
those found different, prejudiced - weakens civility
to treat each as one's brother - beyond love's ability.

Two symbolic structures sank to their knees as if died
killing those could not birth, of what their wombs held inside
Hate still believing, their man-made faith as word of gods
Love still trusting, justice with mercy - gives best of odds.
September 16, 2001

Remembering watching there, far below
now seems so long ago
listening, as stood atop cliff's high ridge
heard fall's roar - below that bridge.

Hearing a silence unheard in war
for two shattered years - but noised roar.

There saw one pushing her baby buggy
a day balmy warm, yet very muggy
remembering an Autumn day, unlike as not
first saw her fall - then heard its shot.
September 23, 2001

Seems so many ill-deeds found done of late
as if Hell replanted olden creeds of hate
latent seeds from ancient days of the past
all at once, now rebirthed - recently cast.

Even here on our native soil, once thought as friendly free
under cover of darkness, some vandalize with wanton spree
ignorant youth found besmirching wild words, frightfully scrawled
hieroglyphics splattered on pillar and post, leaves one appalled.

While entire Globe trembles from despotic tyranny
fueled by fanatic use of faith's forgotten litany
centuries simmered across third of ancient Eastern world
its dry barren wastes, still holds their mute ignorance - tightly furled.
December 3, 2001

For millennia, much of humanity quietly suppressed
wisdom's worth untaught, so could be totally possessed
control quenching freedoms, except those with regal powers
human spirits crushed, enslaved til life's bloom never flowers.

Amassing wealth at expense of Freedom's need to be but kind
disregard innate worth each human pleads, til hopeful eyes go blind
ignorance enslaving those masses, Freedom's future - fate had signed.

As ravaged life and nature aflame with fire and hate
til comes to warrings world-wide, perhaps forgiveness too late
hearts pandered by false freedoms, without each other's brave need to care
those few knowing otherwise, left to fear what occasioned there.

Beneath skies turned leaden, as war-trodden soils slowly redden
perhaps tis the End-Time, or but one more bloody Armageddon.
December 5, 2001

Heat of battle wore my fears with hate
cursed with a war, my predestined fate
no time to sleep or doze - merely wait.

Brutal savagery fought face to face
shot or bayonet, so tight our space
if not, then drove foe with rapid chase.

Across fields and hedgerows, midst roar and dust
smoke so thick, thought one's lungs would finally bust
war deeds beastly brutal - tis such one dost.

This time we found no need to retreat
three hours later, knew enemy beat
yet heard ghastly cries of dying's bleat.

Medics arrived to tend those living dead
screamings cursed a silence with fatal dread
so oft we shot them quickly in the head.

You saw that pleading in their panicked eye
such wounds fatal, knowing would quickly die
single shot to their brain - need not ask why.

Mercy midst that strange madness, harsh war begets
of such brutality, one never forgets
for if likewise wounded so - not one regrets.

Oft been said - all tis fair in love and war
as long what's given to the other for
still I ponder - strange deeds among that gore.
January 4, 2002

As stood grave-side bare-headed for two fallen chaps
hearing those solemn notes no other sound upholds
their haunting tribute praised, by prideful play of taps
to bless one fallen, this sacred ground now enfolds.

Bury that waste, youth had fought upon foreign shores
finding too soon, too often - of such
cold Death - cannot amend.

Honored one's bravery, life's blood had bled of wars
their vanquished valor had given much
tis such - proud Taps commend.
January 8, 2002

Should future Time still allow
its sacred gift to you
so might live beyond this day
dare say - what they cannot.

While life's blood yet found to flow
fully care with tender charm
new futures you yet may dream
dare by hope - what they need not.

Keep what sorrowed moments save
their silence yet loudly heard
of what they so proudly gave
dare to thank - with prayerful word.

Centuried wars past soldiers faced
Death cast off as merely waste
struggled Freedom so costly bought
lest these buried here - be not forgot.

Though Death must still attend
seek what Peace might amend
to tell - Truth never lies
nor Faith - a lesser prize.

Of life's blood, their bodies slowly bled
still flows through saddened tears we cry
from where below they deeply lie
may new hopes arise - from those now dead.

From what their dying hopes had bravely won
if yet alive, of what they might have done
tis for future souls, bring an end of war
weapons cast aside - peace must now explore.
January 10, 2002

Is when we forget the past
our futures held at risk
of what was done or not
what they did - will not last.

Of those who did not return
because what once done or not
must be remembered
lest again - we never learn.

Midst war's use of unreasoned hate
til brought down death of human life
former crooked ways now made straight
peace may cast amidst warring's strife.

Despite those tragic horrors brought of war
seeking that illusive peace - each fought for.

To forget our dead, wars left behind
is a traitored act of shame
of what they did or not
not one died in vain.

Nor those crippled, maimed or blind
for them, each day brought to mind
they who suffered far more than we
their honor braved - that we live free.
January 12, 2002

How held days before I grew
future times would unfold
or later, if such I knew
what might have been foretold?

Does Future Time ken its known plan
as days yet to be slowly unfold
despite what others might or can
could it be but cheaply bought or sold?

For such a day came to pass
when refused, because of doubt
'twas how met a nearing lass
just to test my theory out.

She had firmly planned next day to leave
then chose not go, rather sew or weave
but after, deliberately took her walk
how came we met - long dallied with our talk.

Life since has worn a different shade
when both at first refused to go
just to thwart what our futures bade
tis how we came - to deeply know.
January 12, 2002

Either they lied
with laughter wild eyed
or loudly cried
fearful - as slowly died.

Some screamed their anguished curse
vengeance, dying lips gave shout
beyond the very worst
unforgivingness in their doubt.

Though here had done their best
of human deeds extreme
as last breath heaved their chest
of warring creeds - blaspheme.

But most would long after-live
dreadful dreams, dismembered future years
grateful for what few would give
remembered long after - yet with tears.

So much done of fearful duty
midst that frightful din of thundered war
birthing some with a visioned beauty
learned from self-sacrifice - others bore.

Now those guns are silenced
Time intensely condensed
shortly after would soon be forgot
til that war but a dream - left unfought.

Years later, battlefields still showing
weed-clumps here and there more richly growing
where sacrificial blood, some last anguish spilt
in silence telling, what fears and hate once dealt.

Seeds, ages ever found to sadly sow
death dealt at random, winds of war still blow
where trust and love, brotherhood shoved aside
for few years of peace, their death may provide.

What scale will measure out with equal weight
Justice blindly held by future's unknown Fate
thrust of one's knife in another's throat
trust of one's life - some brief kindness wrote.

Valored deeds done, every life found to cast
future years shaping history, hoped would last
loosely fashioned or closely attended to
seeking those civil rights - still pretended true.

Human struggles suffer most by hate and war
sharp extremes greed assures, soldiers bleed for
til moneied powers plead their goverment for even more
dishonored ritual of the state, still found must play the whore.
January 25, 2002

That first war our country fought, perhaps the best
just few years after, pioneers onward pressed
til reached Great River's wide, its flow gave divide
when crossed beyond, soon became that lawless West.

Freedoms first fought for, failed their second test
truth found severed, its valued worth soon cast aside
captured, corralled, cruelly crushed a race did not understand
their freedoms butchered, bartered, cursed - til became cattle-land.

Ignoring lessons learned from that tyrant, Good King George
faster guns soon crafted, plowshares re-shaped in war's forge
enslaved, exterminated til gained Indian Lands far and wide
land-deeds drawn up properly, but in fact - they always lied.

Why must every first fought freedom, soon after slowly sour
as greed infiltrates man's need to gain, even greater power
freedom but a social condition, more fully do good or wrong
when its eternal lyrics proudly sung - belies truth of its song.

Later came Civil War's attempt, remand slavery's wrong
left over from English rule, crude bondage held too long
although not war's central cause, rather re-bind their Nation one
such its glory, such it gave, presumed Freedom again had won.

Yet class-suppression still stifles true Freedom's thirst
never after, fully felt those hopes held at first
cast midst old debris, shattered Freedom leaves behind
those of Faith testify, Freedom's worth - be but kind.

Hate and lustful love to possess, still duels with Freedom's cause
endless battles ages fought, with predicted misuse of laws
yet only Freedom gives strength, abet those hopes all have need
ever challenged be retained, by Death's blood - each war must bleed.
March 11, 2002

How peaceful all seemed in chilled silence of winter's noon
as walked that day beneath wan sun, then of evening's moon
across farmed fields and wooded hills just beyond
reflecting on past endeavors - ancient ages spawned.

Fifteen thousand years of human footings, past History found
mostly to hunt and gather needs, tribal clans require
spent bitter winters encamped, by Spring - would be further bound
time when land thought free for all - unheld like an empire.

Yet even then, all else-tribes sharply felt as those other's
allegiance but 'mongst themselves, only they bound as brothers
no doubt, savaged battles fiercely fought in those years of yore
for always lurking behind Future's skirts - their lust for war.

Even then felt need be separate, apart - in control
enslaved those they captured, self-toiled for their tribal's whole
since nomadic, drifted where game found - farmed til ground arid dry
then left behind their waste, migrate elsewheres - hungers led them by.

Such thoughts as these science-history tells, mused within my mind
how slow long years have taken, learn that worth of being kind
for where stood this day, now memorial grounds of Civil War
even then fought for same reasons - yet for something far more.

Newer visions their freedoms taught, each should live as one free
no longer enslaved by another, new voicings gave plea
human bondage forever banned, but only by cost of war
retain Union without aristocratic rule - what slavery for.

Nearly one-hundred forty years later, enslavement stands
two-thirds of our world, powers require bondaged hands
many bound with enforced ignorance, in poverty oppressed
monarchies richly rule, oligarchies thrive - unrepressed.

Across farmed fields, those wooded hills beyond and more
peacefully lay in stilly silence, without hints of doom
remembering back then as now, our world still engaged with war
of far deeper concern, terrorism - hatred's latest bloom.
March 22, 2002

What was done there so long ago, war would provide
of hate and fear, Time's waste of memory casts aside
til seems but a dream, a story re-read long ago
slowly eroding true facts - by one's male macho.

Tis just as well, for if thought too much on, go psychotic
such intense confusions in battle - always chaotic.

Starts with reasoned orders, until found each must take a stand
battle-plans scrambled, salvaged by what survival lends to hand
always those who die outright, more likely wounded in some way
always expected yet rejected, calms one's fears - come what may.

Yet after-years may be kind to those who survive a war
slowly learn how to suppress one's anger, hate, fear and more
for what done there so long ago, fearful war deeds tried
old age but recalls its best, those heroes brave who died.
August 11, 2002

With battle finally over, haggered tensions uncoil
clank of shovels heard, delving red dirt of southern soil
too tired to sleep, minds worn blank - savaged killings numbed
several heard to bravely sing, a few softly hummed.

Most listened in silence, quelling their battle pains
trusting sung-words, an absolution each one gains
warm strands of music, melted chill of evening's air
refocused on home - those peacefully living there.

Til mock-birds and whipperwills ceased their evening calls
as if even Nature knew shame of warring's cause
words drifting into hearts who lonely thought of home
young left behind, farming Ohio's richer loam.

Auralea, Kathleen - those that spoke of love and death
ones their youth first sang, olden tunes that caught one's breath
as late shadows turned to night, dreamed of what ever might
knowing too soon, uncounted battles yet must fight.

When songs died away, gave night back for whipperwill's encore
dying fires burnt down to embers, dead ashes could not restore
as clank of shovels, delved dirt and Death in as one
allowing those that slept, to dream - war quickly won.
August 23, 2002

There will always be wars and rumors of war
a constant through History, hate and greed have swore
controlled by those in power, grows til their greed seeks more
rape what unearned by love - or settle some olden score.

Its roots found in the past, social sins for their cause
til justice becomes but lies, mere pretense of laws
culture's moral teachings spurned by self-greed's want to have
as Beast of Hate breeds with power, in due time - must calve.

Then, tis not those in power who bear sword in hand
but rallied citizenry, preached throughout their land
patriotic duty, self-sacrifice quickly planned
til foe finally crushed, time Nation must take a stand!

Yet behind this mock charade - sins one's greed had sown
poor or not, gathered gains unearned - til avarice grown
thence trustfulness compromised, former histories descry
scales once held blindly, sightful Justice's judgements lie.

Tis not those leader's bones found bleaching white
their pious platitudes preached - war is right
ill-using selected quotes, their holy scriptures cite
war highly honored, tis citizen's duty to fight.

For root cause of war, sins each Nation desired
ignored their poor, education not required
laws handed down without judicial judgements
limp laxity - nurturing olden grudgements.

Time gathers social sins, til greed seeks beyond its reach
thence comes the reckoning, as war's suffering comes to each
all must pay their just desserts, some more than others will
for World is messy, when each seeks more than one's fill.

So when war again lays waste those hopes of future years
both good and bad suffer, maimed or dead - war's cost none hears
as both sides reap that whirlwind, years longly after
each hand bearing guilt, sins of all - become war's crafter.

Their want of more quickly, with appetites now endless
avarice becomes our social sin, leaves many friendless
yet tis one's kindness, honesty - that makes each one strong
gives moral strength to uphold the right - deny the wrong.

All this has been said two millennia in the past
always wars and rumors of war - World ever hast
His enscriptured words retained, their truths will ever last
let him without sin, be first - their deadly stone to cast.
August 23, 2002

Of how they babbled on about the war
its right or wrong, sound reasons given for
til exhausted minds heard of nothing more
just or contrived, greed or care, hate, love - or!

Tis such my duty to care of others, as if brothers mine?
In their distress, waged embattled foe, as friendship's caring sign
til have slaughtered other's hopes, life-futures taken down
maimed, crippled, tortured abuse - buried beneath cold ground.

Terrorism now has its day in the sun, global it seems
brought on by greed's lust for power, such proud wealth ever dreams
much like those school-yard bullies, whose self-anger always schemes.
Are such as these should be taken down - with their anguished screams?

Though soon taken down, others quickly step into their bloodied shoes
or will futures find wanted peace worldwide, when all wars should cease
or are wars merely a human sport, some choose to fight - win or lose
whose to say, whose to fight til fall and die - will such inspire peace?

A quandary World struggles with, as brothers still slay other's sons
rumors of war ever present, now futures fought with larger guns
til peace but a brief reprieve, so may practice for some future war
wanton wastings, greedful powers still seem to wage - for ever more.
October 17, 2002

Could I but write another poem
though now implaced away from home
across far sea on foreign loam?

Again on familiar ground, how strangely felt
inside an ancient Abbey, Celtic monks once built
attend comrade's funeral - as I in silence knelt.

But for several days, Death required
past adventures, comrade inspired
friendship of one - I long admired.

After that war, our lives elsewhere led
while passing years so fastly fled
til now here, far from home - he lay dead.

On the morrow, my friend's funeral Mass
later, body buried beneath garth's grass
friend war-met years past - an Irish lass.

After obsequies, helped fill in his grave
a sacred duty I now lastly gave
shoveled dirt back in - fond memories save.

Day after, Abbot blessed my farewell
on flight back, recalled what once befell
taken place so long ago - now tell.

Were of those years, foreign war occurred
events there implaced, we both endured
wastes of passing years - have not obscured.

Like many war deeds wrought, quickly done
fear and anger's response by one's gun
sting of fear, taste of death - on the run.

Survival required comrade's trust
one's inner thoughts, of what each must
Time gifts no means - to know what's just.
When battle over, none thought of shame
deluding ourselves, as if a game
heroics each shared - left none to blame.

Entangled by those enigmas of war
trusting one's comrade, survive its brutal gore
loyal comraderie - each one swore.

Those who survived, long after muse
matters not which side, win or lose
nor absolved by those lies - leaders use.

For in the end, pressed down deep inside
buried for future years to decide
thence disinterred - old age may provide.

War deeds refashioned on peace-time's lathe
refurbished by what sore memories swathe
soon found former deeds of war - still scathe.

In the end, are never fully resolved
none elseone knows, unless likewise involved
trust in Father's love - one's Faith absolved.

On flight back state-side, such I thought upon
a friend of mine but yesterday, grave-drawn
for tis after Death - such long mused thereon.

Well knowing then, another poem I must toil
a comrade in arms, to whom forever loyal
retelling that war - both fought on foreign soil.
October 18-22, 2002

Again it comes, that roar of guns
with loss of life
again they bleed by those who lead
with loss of men.

Again held right, so one will fight
with loss of Truth
again are heard, lies put to word
with loss of Trust.

Again fear is felt, newer war has dealt
with loss of Hope
again they die, in honored ground now lie
with loss of Life.

Again it ends, death of one's friends
and loss of Love
again few have learned, wars should be spurned
their fighting earned.

Again some are taught from what war brought
with their loss of Hate
again will end, short peace may lend
by loss of youth.

At last for some, taps echoes flung
their final Hymn.
February 19, 2003

Again they go, how long or if come back
only Time may gift
unknowing when nor what their letters lack
only Hopes will sift.

Those forever left behind, lips unspeak
only Prayers shall keep
in one's sad silence, memories long critique
only Trust can reap.

Til comes that day, or in dark black of nights
only Fate could know
they theirself returns, or some else-one writes
only Chance will throw.

Thereafter such joy or sadness felt
only then be sure
should they return, yet suffer what war's dealt
only Love will cure.

Seems Freedoms must be forever earned by war
olden hates may sow
for tis by wealth's self-greed, those poor suffer for
only they can know.
March 22, 2003

Midst waste and want, those extremes War once tried
quivered patch of bluets found, Spring-thaws bred
as if shaken by warring news, sad winds cried
such, great-grand-dad told - but was all he said.

What Nature rebirthed, War had not impaired
bluets freshly growing - Petersburg closeby
mere weeks before war's end, signed peace declared
of further stories asked, grand-dad - gave no reply.
April 3, 2003



With puzzled look like a muzzled ox
those forsook, cursed with unholy pox
neither food nor drink til die of thirst
or quickly slaughtered - Hates loudly cursed.


Fifty-nine years ago, still remembered
vast numbers butchered, crude Hate dismembered
human flesh cremated til ashen embers
flues lofting soot - remains of human members.

Horrid sights beyond barbed-wires, electrified
fearful eyes, starving bodies - fueling genocide
a frenzied Hate, despotic havoc wrought
their wasted bodies unheard that final shot.

Inner hopes each held, their minds could grasp
before cold Death quenched their final gasp
bloodied soils, every century hast
burials enmasse - brutality cast.

Upon rumpled ground where countless rot
Solomon's ten-thousand soldiers fought
flesh and blood, their sacrificial gifting
as above warm chimneys - soot yet drifting.

Of numbers killed, astronomical
of human sin, catastrophical
nearby civilians lied they unknew
those millions - genocide's deja-vu.

Though long remembered, soon found forgot
til new hates arose, despots re-plot
tis by fears and hates, people controlled
bred of greed, til meek found likewise souled.

Be not deceived - Evil often wins
too late found to atone of one's sins.

For who give's their life to freely die
that others may live, one's death gives by
not one voice cries out - asking why.

A foretaste of what newer wars may scheme
from Koranic teachings, old men still dream
satanic preachings, til twisted minds go awry
hatred killing thousands - holy-wars deny.

Reshaping world's map, both East and West
til rules entire globe, money's quest
a new Babylon, armed Armageddon ending all
Eden's Garden ravaged - Creation's final fall.
May 20, 2003

Amid a southern's late evening gloom
whipper-will calls echoed their solemn plight
as if to tell across lost miles
how Death inflicts its waste
upon those slain - wars leave behind.

Of such, so quickly happened
when snipers bullet struck his neck
he fell before heard its fading shot
as her sleeping form sprang upright
she quickly felt - pierced within her heart.

With anguished twisting pain
 he cruelly writhed - until
her hand reach out to his pillow
 as if to strangely know him there.

As eternal blackness closed up those eyes
last vision of her face seen, as he died
when suddenly she lastly saw his eyes
she would never see again.

When sentried rounds made at dawn
 his stiff body found coldly dead
as she rose earlier than would have done
birthed strange fears, her dreams could never share.

Along with four others, shovels delved
with silent lips, those graves filled in
recalled last night's fear, she sharply felt
  when her reassuring hand - reached out.

Gave their last salute, as taps drifted on empty air
fading feelings she felt - to wonder if such be true
two months til notification came to tell
of what she had already innly guessed.

 Thereafter, suffer down all her future days
bearing that lasting grief - of anguished pain.

Until of her own impending death
her husband would instantly know
so as quickly be at her side - when
she with him as one again - would share their love between.
May 24, 2003

Of why they go or stay
either way
each one goes - for what may.

Duty-bound if enlist
or called up
even so, will be missed
not to die nor but kill
reasons vary
why they go - yet they will.

A risk each freely takes, overtly
done for their country's sake
after their training done
thence sail off
to fight, til war's peace be won.

Each knowing may be killed
for to die
comes to all - Fates have willed
in hot heat of fierce fire-fight
risked to save
another - thought justly right.

Sacrifice, dying braved
found noble
of one's land - men had saved
an Honor each deserves
Country's final gift
three shots, bugled taps observes.
May 25, 2003

Across that fractured aftermath of waste and slain
in but mere hours, found historied lands held in vain
shattered shards a country's past longly saved, til now
 but lifeless bodies, blood and bone - with faceless brow.

What hopes yet remain for these daring dying men
no medics left to tender needed care for them
bodies bullet-riddled, knowing pain and certain death
til drowsy dreams cede declining life - their final breath.

Such how a battle quickly ends one's future days
their memories quickly lost, ill-slaughtered there
upon ravaged fields again plowed deeply under
until newer dreams arise - on fresh mornings air.

Nation again proud of those who fought and won that war
yet some may ask of what their death and dying had done
will newer wars disgrace those who had fought once before
their former ardors now defamed - for what thought had won?
May 30, 2002

As late evening waves gentled in from rising tide
with some distant prattle of a foreign battle
that wastes the best of a nation's sons
when eve-time comes, battles bury but those who died.

With early dawn's risen tide slowly ebbing out
words now returned from distant lands of foreign wars
that spills the blood of a countries worth
at last finally buried, released of Death's last doubt.

When eve returns with roaring waves on risen tide
bringing fatal news of battles fought, then lost
killing thousands of some nation's youth
sea-storm's fury scatters beaches, with those who died.

As wasting waves nibble fringe of a countries' shore
tasting what land be like, peace or wars bestow
searching midst those spoils, ships sunk in war
fish glut on floundered dead - in dark depths below.
May 31, 2003



High building clouds rumbled with dark distant thunder
gray menaced words grumbled, plotting schemes of plunder
first those winds, then their rain - day darkened as if night
summer storms oft ordained, by Nature's baptismed rite.

Til noon sun dried up wet terrain
winds relaxed, left a quiet day
few pools of water still remain
kind blessings sent - storm-gods may.


Recalling how that battle so loudly began
those bloody engagements of man against man
its endless bombardment outlasting til noon
senseless fury, ravaged fields - dead lay strewn.

Sporadic scatter of loud ammo's clatter
until rage to live or die doesn't matter
across farm lands, screams groaned of death and pain
fought for what few years - fragile peace might gain.

Thence disabled Truce, tiredly signs its forgotten name
reconstruction rebuilds once again, yet much the same
til presume, only honored dead did not die in vain
as distant thunder rumbles - its next portended rain.
June 28, 2003

As soft music gentled on heedful ears
be-dewing former episodes with tears
recalled past blessings, of one's youthful years.

Like some ancient canticle sung, priestly cast
purifying forgotten sins of the past
expunging derelictions, considered crass.

Distilled from what long fermentation brings
a richer brew expressed, reflection wrings
til of truths held, even far angels sing.

Back when liberties so harshly crushed
written words spoken of, softly hushed
if thought overheard - lips quickly shushed.

A time of suppression by despotic powers
hid like some hunted prey that frightfully cowers
warring times, last century's most dreadful hours.

Of those former battles fought, nights still haunt within one's dreams
as soft music gentles down, dissolves their olden schemes
until bestows a final blessing - upon war's early themes.
November 25, 2003

Perhaps two or three years more
onslaught of third world war
Mother Russia - plays the whore.

Already too many cower
held within dark dungeoned tower
as Putin seeks further power.

Curbing both media and press
with newer laws, we can but guess
controlled - til civil-rights found less.

Across those ageless fertile steppes
harsh sound of proud booted steps
warrings waged - by long lineaged septs.

Sterile fertility, old warrings bred
fueled by bragging words, past Czars once said
left behind scattered bones - of those long dead.

Stalin reincarnate now returns once more
ancient Slavic hate, still festers need for war
as State sponsors ignorance - among their poor.

A country ruled by Fear and Hate
their demigod, a worshiped State
curse God then die - their destined Fate.

Again to ravage as before
feast and rape those spoils of war
Mother Russia - China's backdoor.

Mongolian hopes, they too aspire
across their western rim, lands acquire
til becomes pan Slavic-Mongol Empire.

They too wish to rule the world
til their cold fingers, finally curled
around people's throats - tightly furled.

An ageless greed in full control
feigning Trust, olden lies cajole
til Earth scorched with flames of Sheol.

Both have access to that fearful bomb
of its usage, either have no qualm
much like their close neighbors - of Islam.

Wars fought til entire Earth reddens
pollutes atmosphere, til leadens
last of many Armageddons.

These haunting fears still loom of war
soon to come, despite treaties swore
bought by Greed's need - for even more.

Two sleeping dragons awake, awaiting
lustful empires aroused for mating
ravaged country's worth - old bloodlusts hating.

First flinted shafts now evolved into guns
recalls two wars fought with germanic Huns
endless slaughter of each other's sons.

Perhaps this fearful prediction, spurious
here penned for those few who might be curious
as well as others - may find this serious.
December 6, 2003

Midst those lost battles fought long years before
when blood-lust surged within his pulsing veins
til shameful tears - found shed among that gore.

War-weathered wounds crippled one within
yet inside his heart, worst of pains
should dreadful 'mares of night - dreams begin.

Ravaged years crucified his neglectful soul
phantoms of panicked death, savaged deeds arcane
an inner peace, war's passing years - deftly stole.

When mere words, his fevered eyes happened on
those idle readings, first thought but mundane
transfigured like bright sun - birthed of dawn.

Of that and a tender woman's late love
gained an absolution, sorrows ordain
old age reflections - gave forgiveness of.

Midst those conquered battles still fought each day
a gentled soul, old words could not explain
battles once fought - now has few words to say.

One I briefly knew, in years now gone by
endured opprobrium's harsh battle cry
wars fought long ago - yet still questions why.
December 10, 2003

Scraps of wasted snow dappled beleaguered ground
but three-score past thereon, fierce battle found
after final shot - heard its silenced sound.

Despite war's end, hill yet held on its western height
when sudden snow-storm mottled ground completely white
as if war's end - blessed by Nature's natural rite.

Still hearing those whimpered sounds, injured yelled of pain
anguished moans and groans growing louder, some cursed in vain
while others heard but silence - Death cedes to those left slain.

Such now recalled, three-score later my returning found
where dappled snow lay white, once red upon cold ground
of all life heard, still remembered - foreign battle's sound.

Knowing war a dilemma of both right and wrong
suffer tares to sprout until have grown fully strong
ill-ravaged by blood-lust of proud warrior's song.

Years still yield no convictions either way
if wars ought be fought, as some harsh spoke to say
or circumvented, awaiting - come what may.

As reviewed those former fields, battle scars - healings show
midst sharp tooth and claw of war, mindless creatures cannot know
heard that battle's final silence, as once again - began to snow.
December 11, 2003

When anger lunged its flinted spear into hard-heart of war
striking steel, birthing sparks - til hates inflamed even more.

Hate full-enraged, hurled its wrath - venting battle's vengeful cry
as tears weeping widows shed, salted ancient springs
til found unfit to drink - from war's blood and gore.

Bombs blast so hot, vaporized those loud voicings wanting peace
declared before all should die, til found their world had died
with no one living left, to remember - that final war.
December 14, 2003

What we need is another war
in which no one fights nor dies
fought 'cross desks of those in power
until no one speaks - with lies.

A battle fought with honest words
unlike ever done before
til sour Hate curdles into curds
with such foul taste - all abhor.

Yes, tis but a poet's dream
pre-emptive strikes soon shot down
til devised but another scheme
without neither Cross nor Crown.

Yes, without need for Cross - of course
many hate that symboled sign
dreading truths of its ancient source
its rituals of bread and wine.

To love each as if one's brother
with strength to bear such pain may cost
their friendship shared with each other
until man's wish for war - is lost.
December 14, 2003

Around full-turn of earthen landscape
frail frightful years cannot escape
an ancient madness - again returns.

Fires a warmth, Hate at times requires
inflaming malicious desires
incinerate human flesh til it burns.

Dying screams excites their beastal fury
randomly condemned without a jury
appeased by demagogue's burning pyre.

As their greasy soot blackens once clear skies
latent Hates fanned into fanatic lies
with an ill-logic, despotic minds preach wise.

As tears of Heaven's rain, rents their shameful clouds
dust back to dirt, settled beneath earthen shrouds
til Reason fails hopes - of those ignorant crowds.
December 28, 2003