Much like a balmy end of Summerís day
eve-time, when early shadows start to splay
lengthening, as Time measures day into night
gifting what elysian reveries might.

From childhood days, those occasions later on
dreamy places situate, as perfectly drawn
magic spun of oneís later hopes, views briefly cast
oft comes unbidden, surreal - some early scene hast.

Like been there before, though of some elsewhere by
full happiness re-felt, left to wonder why
vague premonitions of having been there once before
oft brings back for me - what our courting-days outwore.

Perhaps a foretaste, how those fully Spirit might know
pervaded me with a joy, once again to show
oh, if could but full-describe of what I speak
sure others have felt of such - if but a tweak.

Have found it seldom abides for very long
births when some scenery viewed, first felt very strong
thence simply know of what it tells - elysian like
a taste of Lotus Land - sensed within oneís psych.

As past memories reappear again as fully real
once more enjoyed, both back then and now - still deeply feel
tasting brief blend of some past event, re-felt right now
as have said, am much pained to explain - precisely how.
August 16, 2000

Perhaps one will never know
how so much to others owe
tis likewise of such, I ought to freely share
giving back what others gave - with friendly care.
June 9, 2001

How grand those writers of old
spoke of first love, soon grown cold
for thirty coins - too cheaply sold
only in retrospect - later told.
November 27, 2001

Far back, long before tis said
old Henry dwelt for years
six kids wife labored by - he'd bred
kids grown - but he and she.

Farm's harvest daily earns his bread
home-brewed, dark ale cheers
keeps each other spry tis said
til Death sets - other free.

A tale once caught, as ate
cafe-heard - of and why
still wonder, rethought of late
if Henry - first to die.
January 8, 2002

Adhesions longly matted, til held many one
shriveled browns wasting gray - Winter's season wrung.

Much like memories, old lesions - Time's healing spun
frivoled wastes of once days, bitter treasons flung
cold winds intoned their dirge - weather's hymnals sung.

What winds scattered, soon entangled midst wild briars
forever caught, until passing years bid them rot
life-schemes shattered, strangled by Fate's hidden wires
their former words forgotten - Nature's final plot.
January 30, 2002

Nights set one's scene for dreams
days for work, thoughts or play
mornings gift but newer schemes
evenings - quiet-time to pray.
August 9, 2002

You can be sure of this
often done with my kiss
on lips of many Miss
'twas but one - felt perfect bliss!
August 30, 2002

Eerie nights of grief with wakeful sleep
weary years of suffered stings, stung deep
bleary days of love untasted, though given
dreary hours lost, one's trusting hopes - found riven.

Calls made for war, soon rallied the most
paused for peace, unheard its proffered toast
laws held so high, later found - Justice gone slack
til at last, found mere straws - broke the camel's back.
September 5, 2002

That truth just been told
later, heard his laughter
by then - we knew he lied.

That lie she once told
found to be true - after
but only when she died.
October 23, 2002

When morning sun hove in view
observed things both old and new
hopeful dreams, future days bring true
memoried past - former days once grew.

Within narrowed scope life had dealt
Time circumstanced, til inly felt
experience gleaned where ever dwelt
reflections gained - when weekly knelt.

Toiled labors, earning what hardship spends
loyaled neighbors, yearning what friendship lends
ora et labora unto death - til life ends.
November 8, 2002

Cuddled close, nestled near
not of love but with fear
darkened night, gentled rain
hoot of owl - whistled train.

Til their tiredness went to sleep
counting fears instead of sheep
premonitions, such sounds evoke
but morning's fog, first fears thought - smoke.
March 15, 2003

But should you come again
to teach of what you may
of former talks, re-spin
this time - must longly stay.

For youth forgets Truths first heard
early years taught thereby
now with ears to hear - the word
late years - now knowing why.
April 22, 2003

What fears bred in cities dim?
What jeers spread by wanton whim?
What tears shed - from olden hymn?

Thrice-felt feelings, to rend one's soul
brought from a past, Time's future stole
will penance done - remake one whole?

Broodings brought of dark rainy nights
moodings wrought by stark scary frights
grieving tears, panicked jeers - fearful sights.
April 26, 2003

Might a dream dreamt long before
gave rise to another, while slept abed
some elseone dreamt to explore
a future re-awakened - within their head?

Til this dream of mine, early morning bred
devolved from whence their former schemes once led
others first hoped, what their dreams had meant
former years early planned - lately sent.
May 29, 2003

Sadful hymns sung of pines, gently-stirred by air
as aeolian fingers stroked their needled limbs
retelling ancient stories - softly whispered there.

Eternally eager to gift their proffered prayer
caressing winds, but Nature's homage of daily hymns
each day tenderly spoken - by their bough-ful dare.

A music cast across far northern spheres
their hauntings translated by human souls
timeless echoes flung down - lost endless years.

So seldom silent, idle winds may provide
earthen tribute, prayers a pregnant world foals
old revelations, ancient winds - still confide.

Within forests dim, beneath dark bowers of tall pines
quietly ponder Life's enigmas til one felt mystified
tossing limbs daily call, softly heard - from whispered signs.

Listen for what human souls hunger deep down inside
join their benedictions, til heart left sanctified
aeolian hymns of praise, answers - Nature may confide.
July 19, 2003

Tension felt between Love and Hate
for Fear oft mitigates Love
intensified by Fate.

Such duality debilitates
full worth of Hate and Love
requires Trust - before one arbitrates.

For Hate denies one's absolution
yet Love accepts with restitution
tis Faith - gives final resolution.
April 5, 2004

Accepting Fear's cost, for price of Hope
tis one's Faith must daily grope
when Death lingers before the end
Life's ravaged tatters - Death may mend.
April 10, 2004

Few ever found doing of what they should do
full intent to bring their intentions through
so reliable - people like I and you.

But then are those who always have their doubts
aimless aims vanquished, flaunted with vapid shouts
cede defeat before begin - snipped before hope sprouts.

Finally are those who ponder their endless dreams
unharried, unhurried, planning varied schemes
drift with Beauty's enluring charm - of idled themes.

Do or don't, doubt or drift, dream or die
determined to question, as ponder why
youth's early wisdom - first learned to try.

Humanity at its best or worst
life's endless quest, until quenched one's thirst
but to try or not - man forever cursed.
April 12, 2004

Sun's bright gave warmth for growing things
tis such strength, fresh Spring firstly brings
seeds soon give sprout, warm Summer sings
til Fall returns - first frosting flings.

Endless cycle, earthen weathers share
daily rise and fall, Nature gives heir
we ourselves render with tendered care
til mute Death in the end - buried there.
April 17, 2004

That sly-mannered mien of her talk
well-chosen words to clarify
or harsh-spoken to terrify
a simple child - could not understand.

That well-intended logic by which she lied
keenly thought-out to simplify
or wryly chose, but to mystify
a growing lad - could not countermand.

Well-thought out schemes, few could apprehend
constructed as but a game
til ill-advised by such shame
a full-grown man - would not recommend.

That un-selected time she chose to cry
with shallow sorrow barely felt
angry for what his dying dealt
dead man's silent lips - could not defend.
April 26, 2004

Gentle rain fell, but briefly so
Spring clouds quickly scudding by
yet just enough for things to grow
Nature blessed - beneath God's sky.
April 30, 2004

Old she-devil, churned her brains to pus and paste
stole those joys, from what others gave
til shamed such proud pride, by what lips had lied
yet crowned her head with laurels - others lost.

One longly held false truths, to boost their boast
cheat those found weak, as gain thereby the most
hoard the very best, til rots itself into waste
until foul Hate's tongue savored - its fetid taste.

Praised the worst, but only to curse the best
shame one's honored name, til ruined her fame
with hurried haste, waste a day - to gain an hour
shouting others down - again to boast her brag.
May 3, 2004

Spare the rod, spoil the child
let run free til grown full-wild
as Devil looked on - and smiled.

Teach the truth with twisted lies
preach false words, their ignorance buys
as Satan looked on - proudly wise.

With sneakful con, take what thieve
urged need for war, til widows grieve
as Ole Nick - laughed up its sleeve.
July, 1, 2004

All night, waves raged against hard rock
 til vapid strength found itself repelled
backwards into that restless sea
a strong south-easter - urged to form.

Lighthouse beam kept turning like a clock
outcast warnings to those still found at sea
uncumbered by that raging surf at its feet
til a northern calm blew in - quelled that storm.
July 20, 2004

Cry me down to slumbered sleep
beneath soft dream's lumbered heap
deeply buried - til memories weep.

Whence again should rise at dawn
disperse those dreams night had drawn
traumas found - completely gone.

Await what new day might bring
olden tunes may newly sing
freshly birthed - of budding Spring.

Past remembered, new futures tell
til onward days, hears that final knell
toll of one's Death - chime's sadly bell.
October 4, 2004

Scattered dreams untangled, night freed with care
scuttled 'cross the mind, new hopes may implore
to weave its sticky web much like a snare
so retain some stray strand - uncut before.

Neurons gave birth to an idea, held by thought
that of itself, newly crafted some further scheme
til would rend those quandaried enigmas from doubt
released from neuraled knots - much like our Spirits dream.

That interface, where neutral shades into color's clutch
gifting artistic beauty, even staid words convey
til leaves behind, all trace of felt-feeling's bonded touch
beast and bird neither count nor named - Nature must obey.

Deep as firm hopes, fast as thought - whereafter unknown
until they seem more real, than life itself can gather of
that realm beyond when and where, Death at last makes loan
upon unsuspecting man, without reason's proof - only love.
October 27, 2004

Most improper to jump oneself into the fire
offer one's life, sanctified by burning pyre
an abnegation, self-attonement requires
to cheat cold Death - with suicide's false desires.

Life's dual purpose, be saved by what one freely gives
struggled labors kindly shared, by which one daily lives
healing those who suffer, for whatever reason why
til trust gives birth to future hopes - someone's love brought by.
October 28, 2004

Full-load of barreled kegs, lost from wagon's spill
broken wheel and axel, thrown down the hill
smashed against oak tree, thence highly tossed
til well-aged wine's precious taste - was lost.

Percolates within soaking soil, with a choking sound
til came those scavaged bees a-swarm, deeply delved in that ground
vinyard's gathered vines, wasted another years toil
drained of its vintaged charm - imbibed within sterile soil.
October 30, 2004

Words scattered like seeds within the mind
til ideas grew themselves into dreams
random thinkings solved, whence one may find
dreams gave their reply - of far better schemes.
November 28, 2004

With such sharp-held brutality
and keen-felt harsh reality
brought down by Death's finality
knelled funeral's - last formality.
March 18, 2005

Half-day's labored work, mere handfull of dirt
dash of water's need, gave planting - full worth.
A-hopeful will come, glad news of tomorrow
yet awaitful for some - their grieving's sorrow.
Beyond the hill, heard slow grind of a mill
when winds go slack, wait - til comes back.
A word spoke its smile, paired eyes played their game
may well-take a while, til both names - the same.
A name well-known, and one that was not
ears did not hear - sound of rifles shot.
Sound of falling snow, kind words one would know
clearly heard despite the cold  - of such I have never told.
Shadows told of some sorrow, ruined a sunny day
will they return tomorrow - if clouds come out to play?
Snake we cut in half, a child's game
all we did was laugh - til mother came!
That string of five days, tied-up a week
what hard labor pays - but tiredly weak.
Spool and used sucker-stick, wound-up with rubber-band
watch it go til finally stops, thence wind it up again.
Shit scattered everywhere, what the hell got loose
ate far too many plums, September - gave excuse.
Guitar five fingers strummed, a fiddle rightly strung
two voices twicely hummed, banjo played - loudly wrung.
They said it couldn't be done, though both thought had fixed it right
 agreed by every one, God straightened out - took all night.
Four by four, eight-foot long, cut all day - stacked up at night
til found out he'd been wrong, afterwards - restacked up right.
No matter which way held, needle pointed North
harsh words of anger yelled - shake it back and forth
kid didn't have a clue, until taught just what to do
thereafter understood - trusting compass' point of view.
Old 8:09 never showed, whole week much the same
six-mile turn, landslide closed - why it never came.
Every line filled-in except the last
of what it answered - could not be asked.
Too young to fight, to old to go
but is it right - if all said no?
She did her best, he did his worst
much like a test - who comes in first.
That lie she told, he did not believe
for price she sold - soon laughed up his sleeve.
Each month rent goes up, utilities the same
everything corrupt, cost and expense - a game.
Ran to loft his kite, long tail held it down
something wasn't right - grumbled with his frown.
Most-proper to be correct, why should bow before their king
politely done for effect, so obtain - their wanted thing.
Her charm well-disguised, to take what she took
til his loss surmised - but a common crook.
He would have but one to keep, if three were given away
to save his only sheep, yet all four - were led astray.
His faithful clock often quit, yet he didn't seem to mind
had no way of knowing it - was equally deaf and blind.
Sold his lies for truth, wise-man bid him do
words he held in sooth, turned out - both were true.
Ugly as a sin, evil held within
long years passed by, Death - let her die.
Eating curds and crumpets with her favorite man
in sooth was a strumpet, tis such - such women can
Seems Colonel Wright was completely wrong
how many of his soldiers yet stood strong
heroes whose lives were lost, had proudly stood
found war's cost far cheaper - than thought it would.
Two-legged Jack lost one, while fighting that war
could stand longer on one, than did on two - before.
Seemed ill-advised to advertise
unless disguised - to amortize.
Knob on that door lost its sheen
as here-to-fore - firstly seen.
For what could anyone do, when both missed their carriage
with wedding planned at two - too late for their marriage.
Sober as a judge he stood, standing before that Judge
to say what been told he should, still - the Judge wouldn't budge
so they locked him up for one night, to sober him up for next day
with head now clear, he spoke outright - to learn what must fully pay.
Old King Cole was a merry old fool, when sent his kids to the local school
there learned not one thing, found fit for their King
how to read or add numbers up - nor sing.
With one foot in the grave, for trouble it would save
so buried both deceased and him, choir twice sang - a double hymn.
Their phone seemed ever busy, left her mom in a tizzy
loud ringing made her dizzy - as well as deaf Aunt Lizzy.
Nearly ten, still hadn't called - nearly time should crawl in bed
clearly their old car had stalled, unless all seven - were dead.
That length of one's rope, measures out how long
one's patience can cope, yet - still hang right on.
Dear God in His own good time, thought of an excellent rhyme
to sing while He sang - let the world be dang!
Who would have ever thought, what those past ages taught
what finally came to naught, fresh ideas - left to rot.
They said it couldn't be done, whether 'twas done right or wrong
either lost or never won, ten years after - all were gone.
Gave me his hand to say goodbye, that was a long time ago
years later, I now knowing why, his goodbye - still says hello.
Prince Charles fell on his knees, pleading what his begging grieves
humbled stance for what might save, knelt there like a simple knave.
One day Devil found of his tail, Hell's fierce flames burnt off - half-way
kindred imps thought a funny tale, perhaps make proud Devil - behave.
On over-night trips, heard ill-muttered quips
of dad's angry shout - when lantern runs out.
His greedy eyes  glittered like gold
stolen with lies - his soul had sold.
The last thing I need say, to tell of what one may
these quips here put to rhyme, not one of them - tis mine.
Fifty ditties herein ill-written
gifted for those who live in Britain
where Truth but lies, to make one laugh
or lies but Truths - til minds gone daff.
March 31, 2005

Tailings, day left behind
to waste away
perhaps in other years
gold would assay.

Scraps left over, thrown away
waste had no use
perhaps in other times
have fed our goose.

What one man may have out- cast
for another - good as gold
what one earned from hurried past
his whole life could have well sold.

Of those high cards he held
four aces - with spare king
other players could not meld
dared make - a win might bring.
April 6, 2005

Gathered grays be-smirch the sky
gloomy light left shadows by
as if clouds must sadly cry
as t'would be done on the sly
sudden grief - has yet to try.

Of such, left but to wonder why
some omen lent - til one would die.

Azured blue be-swept the sky
til no shadows seen thereby
tears of joy proudly cry
braved what hopes had to try
such beauty - full-knowing why.

Now unafraid, should lastly die
cut down by Grime Reaper's sharp scythe.
April 12, 2005

There she oft knelt a far-back pew
to tell her beads, each evening came
one neither of, nor others knew
silent woman - without a name.

Thereafter, her shadowed form unseen
absent months remind, til out of mind
long years grew up far between, until
attorney's note - her name underlined.

Of such was all their old priest told
she who long past, knelt that far-back pew
discretion's cost, both bought and sold
foreign people - her relatives knew.

Such those years slowly came to tell
but what had ever come of it?
No one ever learned-of nor will
even old lies told - finally quit.

For secrets are meant to be secret
their slightest detail, never spaken
although even I must now admit
have liked to know - whom or what was taken.
April 28, 2005

That mid-day quiet of an August dry
spew of graveled dust, no traffic brought by
calm green fields below, above an azured sky
only silence loudly heard - olden memories try.

But an hour thereafter, again see one's traveled dust
slowly drifts across green fields, browned with its crust
work and wants, reawakened to earn and buy what must
farm-folk past centuries saved - friendships based on trust.

There sat a-laze, whiled an idle day til downed to dusk
regathering childhood episodes, mind-chucked their drying husk
calloused hands of years past, now gone soft - age allows
crippled fingers slowly write - one's wry muse endows.

Til last sip of cold coffee, leaves behind it lees
again felt that mild stir, of late evening's vagrant breeze
unraveling those interludes, of midday's quiet ease
til calms an evening down, to idle - as one please.
May 9, 2005

In mid stride, cat stopped when saw me there
its left fore-paw held out in mid air
as I sat stoic still in my chair
thence ran off - after that brief-held stare.

A local pet that runs the neighborhood
of their nine lives to live, well understood
a perfect creature in every way
out and about, late at night - or day.

I have no need of pets held my own
neighbored dogs and cats, eat up my scraps
left-overs of garbaged meat and bone
kittens suckled - from her turgid paps.

Through tall weeds or grass, ever slinking
keen eyes on alert, never blinking
my proud aloofness keeps them wild
farming days well taught - when a child.

Perhaps they never die, since so clever
faster than thought, seem to live forever
have yet found one dead, except by cars
a few observed - with well-healed scars.

Eat my scraps, their purged waste carefully bury
loose morals when comes to sex - never marry
seems gods did their best, when created the cat
out and about, always hunting - never fat.

Sins of our youth, devious torments we devised
sly-planned slaughters, our kitty-kitty well disguised
found more ways to skin a cat, despite their velocities
farm cats quickly scattered - fearful of our atrocities.

Now in old age, atone those savaged sins of youth
friend's death and dying, has taught a far deeper truth
my acreage now allows free-range, food-scraps gift them by
merely creatures yet must struggle - just as you and I.
May 11, 2005

If those dead came back to live once more
would run same old groove, like ran before
no better understood than when first began
their self-held pride, still would brag - as man to man.
May 19, 2005

To do the Father's will
a price far too high to pay
tis of such, one must tell
tearful words - have need to say.
December 6, 2004

Why does a gathered throng of bad ideas
should all be brought together in as one
so quickly becomes not overpowering
but dissolves itself down - into but none?

A-sit at night of late quiet hours
mind all a-tumble, things undone or should do
whereafter waken with warming showers
those undones put off- to drink my morning's brew.
December 15, 2005

Night quietly puts away tired moils of fading day
as passing Time enfolds to rest, memories of a former quest
soft-played notes, gently remind half-forgotten episodes
future years found left behind old cameos - Time corrodes.

For such cannot return again, both time and place but once occurs
still calmly felt down deep within, Chopin's gentle notes fondly restirs
tis such only music tells, some chanced moment rebirthed anew
as fingers played late-night nocturnal endings - bids their adieu.

Fading memories now laid to rest, cannot be re-lived nor played again
Chopin's soft nocturnes at their best
dreams still dreaming -  what once had been.
December 28, 2005

Soft play of well-trained fingers
deftly reached far back in time
a brief affair, slowly lingers
music well-puts - into rhyme.

Re-seen within an aging mind
tilt of sun, wet or dry, rain or snow
events emplaced, one might yet find
tis such music tells - anyone could know.

Recalling those days of I and she
only far Heaven may gift again
for anyone with inner eyes to see
old visions replayed - til felt within.

Until its ending coda, resolving all
harmonic's combination of thirds
re-resonates, enrapturing life's thrall
nocturnes saved with tears - instead of words.
December 29, 2005

The last of warm summer's wine has been drunk
Autumn now awaits Winter's heady brew
vine's tender shoots and limbs, cut back to trunk
stems carefully retrained a precious few,

when winter's cold requires a strong taste of wine
smooth out those scattered wrinkles, cold weather shares
their imbibe elixir grown of Nature's vintaged vine
ease one through winter's waste - warm fireside wears.

Nectar of those gods, keeps one most regular
with a bit of wine, each meal ends to settle on
fruit of the vine, its ancient practice helps reassure
those cold doubts, winters cast - til last bottle gone.

With glass and pipe, warmly sit by winter's fire
dancing flames, by which one might well dream upon
hearthside's glow, gifting what old wine may inspire
an evening fire thereby spent - to think anon.
December 30, 2005

Down those well-remembered episodes
up-gathered throughout long passing years
scattered memories, Time soon erodes
til mere remnants left - of happy tears.
March 16, 2006

Whereby knelling tolls, told one had died
kith and kin gathered from far and wide
pews held friend or foe, sat side by side
most stoic sat, a few - damply eyed.
Spetember 8, 2006

With half a notion, to fill one's day
thereafter gathered by, what have to say
with those words, one's lips barely explains
reasons why or not - of what remains.

And so that sad day came to pass
whereby months later, met that lass
when past youth had strength to tell
that truth - shame had brought from Hell.

Ridicule and mockery soon took him down
with strength firm enough, to leave this dastard town
thereafter never heard nor found alive
if or if not had courage - to survive.

One cursed with an out-right honest tongue
til spoke those words, that would hang him hung
for a crime, neither proved right or wrong
whispers still hear - echoes of his song.
November 9, 2006

Much like a friendly voice have come to fully trust
in those silent hours, that wears both day and night
those quiet recollection, among life's long gathered dust
dark mysteries of one's past, clock's hourly chime brings to light.

 Such comfort timely felt, its ticking kindly quells
those wastes of former days, our past has lost behind
of what might well have been, late night so often tells
becalms those times long past - passing time may remind.

Requires but a weekly wind to keep clock a-running right
thereafter left on its own, to count those hours - day and night
once a year, a dab of oil emplaced on each pivot's end
kept high above that mantel's shelf - for what its soft sounds may lend.

Those old or long widowed out, grateful for clock's being by
its sound never questioned, without ever one asking why
but a duty daily done, to know how late day may be
clock and yearly calendar weekly turned - twelve turns of key.
November 14, 2006