As if for brief moment I held them near
former visions last Fall recalls, now re-seen
gathered flock to strengthened wings, soon will steer
across miles - I will never fly between.

Against blue sky, circling formations test their flight
 unknowingly practiced, genetics steers them by
swirled beyond then returned, closely clustered tight
til one evening bid them leave - now as migrants fly.

Yet left behind that silence their vanishment left
knowing here I must remain as one alone
abandoned from what Summer lost by Autumn's theft
again to nest a southern clime - for me unknown.

One aging old, with but sad relics of traveled days
retained as mere flights of fancy, my past once held true
changing venues from the past, now but untraveled ways
former journeys taken years ago - age tells are through.

As their preparatory flights caught my observant eye
strengthen feathered pinions for ventures, instinct leads them by
til next Spring some return, perhaps may chance again to see
as their flights and seasons come and go - Life yet gifts to me.
November 9, 2003

How do we recapture old episodes
past years celebrated as holydays
recent pagans renamed - but holidays?

An ancient faith later pantomimed into fable
yet retained sanctity of Last Supper's table
a pauper's birth en-cribbed - within cameled stable.

A nascent faith refashioned from some pagan myth
gave visions understanding, ignorance encumbered with
til belief engendered love - beyond kin and kith.

All manner of classic legends salvaged from the past
still survive as ancient wisdoms found to longly last
yet what birthed in stable's stall - endures more deeply cast.

World upholding truths, Faith re-taught from olden dreams
as Nations haggled between contending Culture's schemes
til even Greed seeks some brief reprieve of peace - it seems.
November 30, 2003

Takes but some brief stray of someone's peculiar stance
or hear an idle voice when so unlikely chanced
perhaps but soft shadows - swaying tree-limbs may dance.

Tilt of sun, as cloud-shadows skipped across lay of land
recurring endless wavelets awash upon wet strand
as footprints left behind - disappear on coastline sand.

Flash of a swirled yellow-skirt among jostling crowd at noon
sudden glare of reflected light, drift notes of some olden tune
cool breath heard of whispered pines or haunting cries of northern loon.

Slow grind of wagon's wheels with stray whiffs of alfalfa hay
in hot silence of July, midday slam of door - chanced to stray
yet no words heard spoken, giving clues of whom - its why or may.

A single shot whose echo too soon dies, left to wonder why
far off without its sound, black smoke bellows risen to the sky
a searching plane circling twice, then quickly leaves - flying high.

Ten tolls of knelling bell scattered across an English shire
as late evening dusk silhouettes villaged churchen spire
or lofty drift at midday - lonely falcon slowly gyres.

Chanced episodes of single events, Time brings to mind
stirring forgotten remnants one's life-long travels find
reminders old age understands - though be deaf or blind.
November 30, 2003

A cold that cursed the sun
a warmth that scorched the sky
til heat charred reasoned hopes
remembered by those forgot
starving dreams reduced to crusts
til cursed a faith - none believed.

Old hopes one's long trusting held
a treasure lost to others by
stolen til left behind but such
thereafter, none would ever know
sharply shattered like brittle glass
upon which to bleed their final hour.

Vanquished dreams of an ideal
found but a cold and frozen waste
new world views now ignore
recent thoughts pulled down to shame
til left behind its forgotten name
found but a lie - old poets tell.

Poems cast beyond those far-flung stars
dies an astral death assumed lost
yet just perhaps long after, re-read
distant eyes of future years may note
regathered like some ancient wisdom
again revealing - those former hopes.
December 1, 2003

Echoes from long ago I still know
more real than harsh words heard today
passing centuries shared, truths soon bred to tell
once gave a purpose - before Adam fell.

Now again those echoes re-echo words
one's inner silence clearly hears so well
like still evenings, as sunset slowly fell
glittered there - upon vast ocean's calm.

Til one knows Life but a gift
to save, waste or throw away
with such a strength one may own
uniquely theirs - to share and save.

Echoes cast across those distant spheres
reaped with a smile of happy tears
shed of a forgiving love one once knew
til Death rebirths old hopes again - as new.
December 1, 2003

When found his fist-folded fingers in my face
my brief bravery soon began to fade
fierce words I proudly spoke with such proper grace
meekly melted into lies - quickly laid.

As frightened fear felt his growing frown
first staunch convictions boasted with my pride
until backward steps shamed my backing down
future days still remembers - when clearly lied.
December 6, 2003

Are quiet times when shadows cast
delved from lost days of one's past
re-played - too briefly found to last.

Words now reheard entirely whole
sounds awakened within one's soul
ravaged years Time had deftly stole.

Melodic drifts flung upon awaiting tides
blown across far world, sea-wind's steerage guides
yet within those winds - its ancient secret hides.

Until some quiet found chanced, wan shadows caught
again re-played til discerned, what old age sought
secrets long hidden now released - new hopes brought.
December 25, 2003

Sun's slant of Summer's mood - high-hill's rise
warmth to feel by, sky but endless blue
smells of mid-season hay, a perfect day
buzzard circled high above wooded trees.

Graveled road on my right still well-traveled
churning clouds of dust, years never paved
thence lost between two slopes, til hidden by
quiet peaceful day - its silence fully saved.

Entire landscape eyes captured, driving past
framed and hung within, my memory drew
stolen dreams, foreign landscape briefly cast
when first etched - its beauty brought to view.

Its vintaged site, perhaps elsewhere still seen by
across Irish leas, Scottish braes, English sky
and far otherwheres have never traveled of
lent Beauty's strength, wished of hopes - especially love.

Must look northeasterly, two or three of afternoon
hid midst rural scenes, a Summer's brightful sunny day
shirt-sleeve weather when warm airs gently opportune
but always that stillish quiet - must in silence lay.

Brought of some childhood magic from my past
embedded within one's soul, eternally cast
its meaning unknown, only its beauty needs show
still awaits other days, perchanced - when driving slow.
December 29, 2003

Uncounted millions eons never tallied
across continents, hopes - culture first rallied
til world awash with humankind alive
eternal wars fought, struggled - so might survive.

With such words, gave preface of one's Death and dying
so many starving, yet seldom brought of drought
more often wrought of fattened greed's need for thriving
well-placed monies empowers, their riches brought
yet many die of famines - ill-used lands found drying.

At last turned his head, til eyes faced dry wall
of ancient stone, dust of ages piled there
in semi-darkness, starvation's basic law
awaiting that final end - Death will share.

Worst of first painful anguish no longer a threat
last food taken three days past, now but water's wet
to moisten the tongue, yet weakly - briefly so
until mind finally allows - senseless body go.

Thereafter, only their soul knows what it knows
drifting beyond earthen ties no longer owes
brief run of years, both pain and pleasure tried
unaware of Death itself - when finally died.
December 29, 2003

One dumb of both mind and tongue
genetic flaws early flung
til age bid his funeral sung.

One of those be soon forgot
none wept tears nor felt distraught
in shallow grave left to rot.

After, no stone etched his honor by
no one asked nor came to briefly cry
yet grass still weekly mowed - wet or dry.
January 10, 2004

High hill, that road, beyond - blue sea
all such I clearly saw
of but a day - difference made of me
when first heard your happy call.

High hill nor road, beyond - no sea
sad memories left behind
of such passing - what then made of me
Death and dying now remind.

But can you now lend your deafless ear
hear what a lifeless love may tell
in your distant memory, still may hear
what my aging heart - kept so well?
March 27, 2004

Tension between Love and Hate
for Fear mitigates Love
yet intensifies Hate.

Such duality debilitates
worth of both Hate and Love
requires Trust - before one arbitrates.

Hate denies absolution
Love accepts restitution.
April 5, 2004

Accepting fear's cost for price of hope
dimly seen, one's faith must grope
deny tonic's use - ease pains to cope
when Death lingers before the end
what Life hungers - Death will mend.
April 10, 2004

Few found always doing what they should do
full intent to bring their intentions through
so reliable - people like I and you.

But then there are those who always have their doubts
aimless aims vanquished, flaunted with vapid shouts
cede defeat before begin, snipped before hope sprouts.

Finally are those who ponder with endless dreams
unharried, unhurried - planning varied schemes
drift with Beauty's enluring charm of idled themes.

Do or don't, doubt or drift, dream or die
determined to question - pondered why
humanity at its best or worst
but to try or not - man forever cursed.
April 12, 2004

She laughed with a smile so friendly drawn
til gentle smile returned once again
of what had asked either of, by her or I
now matters not nor what purpose brought me by.

She cried with a weeping so sadly drawn
til dried with a pallor gray-ashen wan
of what trauma wept, surmised from what she told
such matters much - when widows left growing old.

She died with a peaceful death bravely strong
as burial praised her hopes with hymnal song
those brief dreams she held up high, when Death took her down
were those I thought upon - when Fall's first leaves turned brown.
April 17, 2004

Sun's bright gave warmth for growing things
tis such strength fresh Spring firstly brings
seeds soon give sprout warm Summer sings
til Fall returns - first frosting flings.

Endless cycle Earth and weathers share
rise and fall of life, cold Death gives heir
we ourselves render with tendered care
til in the end - graveside buried there.
April 17, 2004

Who yet honors one's worth of honor
or blames those deeds brought of shame
monied greed, powers buying fame
conceiving life - but a game.

Despite struggled deeds of history's past
suffered pains proud ages cast
learning firm truths, hopes might longly last
now mis-trust felt - eroding fast.

Blood-bled battles fought for people's right to know
til Freedom's flame sputters out with whimpered glow
what wealthy powers bought, new laws will provide
religious moral guidance - full-cast aside.
April 19, 2004

Grown children masquerade as grown-up men
standing on one's ignorance, their greatest sin
which is to say, beneath - they have a plan
two greedful hands - steal as best they can.

Suavely reserved, toothy smiles portray
an honest face to those of western ways
step up close as if in secret - convey
can get what you want - if one quickly pays.

Have neither king nor queen to honor by
each familied clan, a tribe unto itself
allowing one's allegiance sworn - lips lie
their life's earnings earned by stealthy pelf.

So smile, buy their junk with money left
over from exchange-rates - their bank accepts
in sparse desert lands, have no laws against theft
only religious practice - of out-dated precepts.

Hold no allegiance except with their brother
one eye blind, yet see well with that other
sly as sin, quick with their lies
if someone fails - another soon tries.

A nation of ancient tribes time passed by
morals account for their constant need to sin
students of history still wondering why
Time left them as but children - instead of men.
April 23, 2004

That well-mannered mien of her talk
well-chosen words to clarify
or ill-spoken to terrify
a simple child - could not understand.

That well-intended logic by which she lied
keen-thought out as to simplify
or ill-chose so as mystify
a growing lad - could not countermand.

That well-prepared scheme she long prepared
well-constructed as if a game
or ill-advised by such shame
a full-grown man - would not recommend.

That well-selected time she chose to cry
well-meaning sorrow firstly felt
or angry what his dying dealt
dead man's silent lips - could not defend.
April 26, 2004

Again made visit of neighbored friends long knew
been a year since talked or even written to
gathered both myself and I to travel there
need to tell and share old friends - or compare.

Have now returned, to live very much alone
echoes of loud laughter's ring each freely thrown
such feeds my lonesome hunger, til once more I may
travel there again, share what former friendships say.
April 28, 2004

Old-world tunes her mother sang
as cuddled our baby close-held by
accents foreign tongue softly rang
melodies she sang - could make one cry.

Of her silent pleasure would only smile
yet in those eyes, sang a different tune
visions her childhood seen of British Isle
sung long ago - by her mother's croon.

Her eyes saw behind lost years
age and time quickly gathered by
long widowed, now sang with tears
childhood songs now make her cry.

One's mother-in-law - my wife gave
like an after-thought marriage brought
singing lost tunes old memories save
a foreign tongue her childhood taught.

Fading shadows too soon briefly last
echoed early times of love's first bloom
til drying wisps of tears sadly cast
a sudden quietness within the room.

Was so - so long as she lived with us in town
til awaiting Death finally took her down
into those unknown realms her dying led
quaint tunes long ago - one's accent bred.
April 28, 2004

Gentle rain fell briefly so
Spring clouds quickly scudding by
just enough for things to grow
Nature blessed - beneath God's sky.
April 30, 2004

Old she-devil churned brains to pus and paste
stole those joys from what others gave
til shamed such proud pride by what lips lied
yet crowned her head with laurels - others lost.

One longly held false truths to boost their boast
cheat those weak, as to gain thereby its most
hoard very best, til rots itself into waste
until Hate's tongue could savor its foul fetid taste.

Praising the worst but only to curse the best
shame one's honored name, ruin her former fame
with hurried haste, waste a day to gain but an hour
shouting others down - again to boast her brag.
May 3, 2004

Another centuried age found collapsing
raveled waste of ravaged years, country flamed
into burnt cinders of a forgotten past.

Slow disintegration by denigration
those endless deals honor dishonors by
as once hopes, disclaim themselves with lies.

Sacred oath blasphemes Bible's trust sworn in
inaugurates another term of lies
among that flock of same-kindred feathers.

Much like a wedding day when one's marriage vowed
sworn between them both with their happy smile
yet turns to lust before reached end of aisle.

Democracies smirched by deceitful demagogue
ill-determined by each one-sided dialogue
merely idle chatter, til four years - retire.

Beyond once clean windows - full-raging fires
burning last shreds of Democracy's dying
crumbling a Constitution til charred into ashes.

As blind Dame Justice extends her scales
two centuries trust codified into law
weighs final verdict - on a dishonored land.
May 6, 2004

All neighbors met, stayed, died or moved
life-long, seems they but come then go
for neighbors never last forever
such experience has lately proved.

Every neighbor, right-proud friendly like
near yet far enough unsee them by
should be walking past, perhaps drop in
or bump into if out for my hike.

Yet in the end, died or moved away
land, house and buildings re-bought when sold
those moving in either young or old
knowing soon will leave - to my dismay!
May 8, 2004

Of where two imaginary lines found crossed
measured out for pirate mercenary needs
salt-sailors soundings quizzed to know if lost
upon an endless Sargasso sea of weeds.

Formed seafaring navigational info
an ultimate ground-zero, ciphered into
degrees of both longitude and latitude
as well as zero degrees of altitude.

But a non-existent point of reference
that would seem of itself without consequence
with neither height, length nor measured widths
merely a point of referral of crossing gridths.

Zero by zero, north or south, east by west
a third one added when aviators flew
their triple crossings found where waves daily crest
upon an endless sea below that sky of blue.

Points of departure assures where one is at
a point of no return, come to think of that
triple negatives, three zeros measures out
transects where South-sea waters leaves one in doubt.

South of Bight of Benin, west of Gulf of Guinea
where three zeros verge into none, yet still a place
left unnamed for its forgotten ignominy
finite points measured out into infinite space.

Know of where one is at or perhaps wish to be
of such fragile lines, place one's earthly trust upon
much like those frail hopes bred of Faith's prayerful plea
when Life turns Death - may guide one to their Eschaton.
May 11, 2004

Slimy mucus-trails snails leave behind
slurred with an unknown formulation
enluring other slugs travel there
kindred snails - oozing slowly by.

Or with full-sail, salute sea winds head-on
into some unknown destination
even rude rudder may question of
til all-night steerage found - surprised at dawn.

When a stranger's happiness waved its greeting
thrown unrehearsed with gratulation
across a crowded street's tight congestion
as one waved back - unaware who first waved.

Unearthed facts discovered, found belied their truth
prior attitudes firstly alleged without proof
false pretense learned from mere suppositions
til old lies amended - by Truth's corrections.
May 13, 2004

She was one to hard-hold me by
such wise words spoken - carelessly
wild scatter of ideas told why
some modest thought - sworn swearlessly.

Then laughed to absolve her candor
as if such pride ought be atoned
proud ideas of visioned grandeur
wisdom - her words meekly condone.

Her genius stripped of vanity
unflaunted demeanor smiled
assured of her sane sanity
despite ideas sometimes wild.

Cynthia - a name she despised
like some curse Devil shamed her by
both parents cherished when baptized
a bonnie lass - yet never shy.
May 14, 2004

Spare the rod, spoil the child
let run free til grown full-wild
as Devil looked on - and smiled.

Teach the truth with twisted lies
preach false words their ignorance buys
as Satan looked on - proudly wise.

With sneakful con, take what thieve
urge need for war, death must grieve
as Ole Nick laughs - up its sleeve.
July, 1, 2004

Shook with such a shaking
knew his need was dire
both feet and hands aching
as gathered by my fire.

Too far that walk taken
too cold Winter's weather
sleep here the night til waken
not a question - of whether.
July 6, 2004

Whereto late shadows draw
their edging's end, marks well
if one knew just how far
could know what Time may tell.

For of shadow's false image
but a phantom thrown by light
across a families' lineage
may not be exactly right.

Of clasp and cling birthings oft bring
of such their families oft presumed
yet some lapse fidelity cast
their progeny merely assumed.

So when dark shadows fall
cast far across a lawn
like remarks on one's tomb
presumed true - may be wrong.

Of how we measure, measures us
when one found birthed - its time of day
merely a guess records approve
what shadows tell - old secrets may.
July 14, 2004

All night, waves raged against hard rock
found itself repelled with empty strength
backwards into a restless sea
a southern clime urged to form.

Lighthouse beam turning like a clock
cast warnings to those still found at sea
uncumbered by raging surf at its feet
til northern calm quelled that storm.
July 20, 2004

Only now know have been to fairyland
long ago traveled then
mysteries of Nature's northern hinterland
gold found at rainbow's end.

When dwelt with creatures among low heather
beneath blue skies clouds seldom shook
studies taught of wild fowl and feather
observations learned of eyes and book.

Scant farming near edge of year's growing clime
flat horizon out measured hours
brief summer season unconcerned with time
nights slept beneath bright northern stars.

Ageing Time magnifies facts into fiction
saving only what one remembers
old memories honed dull by forgetful friction
until reality dismembers.

As age returns back to youth's days of fairyland
once dreamt of what now cannot be
til evolves into hopeful dreams of Lotus land
full believed - when Death sets us free.
July 29, 2004

That eternal endlessness ever to abide
upon our waking awareness Time may provide
yet of its inner secrets - to none will confide.

Measured into experience, sense its passing by
constant Change of events captured in the eye
despite Death's reminder - all living things must die.

Of such wise words of wisdom spoke, Death prattled on
until those caught within its web began to yawn
as each drifted off into eternal bliss - anon.
August 4, 2004

Whereof did we take that road
untraveled unbefore
across ventured dares each strode
future hopes could not ignore.

Whereof then, we did not know
some magic led us by
far beyond what dreams may show
un-needful to question why.

Whereafter full-circle came
until led us back home
finding there so much the same
as when first began to roam.

Yet all had changed deep within
ventured travels erstwhile taken
re-schooled by both love and sin
until former hopes - firmly shaken.
August 14, 2004

Cry me down to slumbered sleep
beneath soft dream's lumbered heap
deeply buried - memories weep.

Til again should rise at dawn
disperse those dreams night had drawn
night traumas - completely gone.

Await what new day might bring
olden tunes may newly sing
freshly birthed of budding Spring.

Past remembered, futures tell
til onward days finally knell
remains - Death chimes sadly bell.
October 4, 2004

Truth twisted into lies - alleged as true
facts reshaped, til fits into well-planned schemes
bribes and kickbacks disallows honesty heard
ever found where nation's powers rule - it seems.

Til comes the revolution and destruction
despite rule of laws and first formed constitution
new ages but rebirth the same once again
with popcorn and peanuts - let next war begin!
October 26, 2004

When leaves begin to talk of Winter's time
winds whisper how soon cold would come
sun slowly ambles south with lesser climb
crisp Autumn chill - leaves evenings numb.

Shuttered windows firmly shut up tight
as if to seal house against cold winds bite
gales search entry, to tell of Winter's tales
spoken loudly with sharp tongued gales.

Til whole house shook itself firmly proud
its ancient foundation proclaimed firmly vowed
battles winter fights to keep cold winds out
 its centuried years still standing - leaves no doubt.
October 31, 2004

Words scattered like seeds within the mind
til ideas grew of themselves into dreams
random thinkings solved, that one may find
til dreams gave reply of - far better schemes.
November 28, 2004