After all tis said and done
more learned from what words have spun
such as those truths Scientist seek
or beauty hears - when Artists speak.
June 13, 2001

Is only now remember, once citified
north, south, east and west - earth's horizon uneyed
sunrise firstly seen two hours after uprose
sunset last seen two hours early - I suppose.

Ever roar of traffic's constant din
only at night might some silence win
weather unforeseen til found full-arrived
of full natural vistas viewed - such denied.

Sirens, whistles, horns, hum of tires
views occluded by poles and wires
seldom a stillish silence, just sounds
beyond sidewalk and hedge - out of bounds.

Yet as a child, unknew its deprivation
such denial, a spiritual desolation
years after, found greater wonders far beyond
only on looking back, if now there - would despond.

Recalling those long years past, as now sadly assay
when youth felt but what Life gave - or simply took away.
June 29, 2001

So subtile, those ploys used to obtain
one's self-styled selfishness might attain
mistrusting simple trust, false gods ordain
unless aims selfless - fails to sustain.

So subtile those ploys used to gain
self-styled, what selflessness might deign
trusted with simple trust, Christ's words ordain
unless aims selfless - fails to remain.

Sometimes wonder if Life but a game
no cause nor reason by which to blame
neither right nor wrong, til brings no shame
Heaven's title - but a nameless name.
June 30, 2001

By seventh day of July
weathers either wet or dry
no need of asking why
time buckwheat planted by!

September's end, puts to scythe
sheaved and shocked then left to dry
flour thrice-ground with grist mill's ply
buckwheat cakes - now ready to fry!
July 12, 2001

No one living knows
what happens to those
when Life by Death foreclosed
nor whereafter be disposed
tis of such - merely supposed.
June 16, 2001

Why waste what worth others might gain
should death cease life, surmised as vain
destined lot of all, til finally slain
should God's free-will so decide or deign.

Might it be true, still one of worth
a valued pawn amidst life's dearth
some hope tendered of by giving birth
like mere magic brought by laughter's mirth?

Wasted words one's poetry flung
far worse than others may have strung
well, not for me to cheat my God
yet why must live - seems rather odd.
August 1, 2001

As stood by wintered oak
saw one limb, Fall winds broke
learned - strength tis not enough
to withstand Life's rebuff.

Oak's summer leaves now shed
Fall flung, til last one fled
late learning  - Life always dies
Death offers but otherwise.
September 4, 2001

When Time lies dead in dark depths of night
new moon casts no shadows brought of light
nor moan of stalking wind's stirring fright
then silence fully heard - though not quite.

For in quiet of one's soul, remembered of
what late days now lost, first found of distant love
idle dreams back then seemed so unreal
when Time lies dead, tis such - nights reveal.

Til healing sleep inveighed with silent rest
as rocker stills, nodding head touched one's chest
idle dreams unremembered at morning's light
dreamt when one asleep - birthed in dark depths of night.
September 19, 2001

Unlike some pretty face once met
soon after we quickly forget
whereas a single word harshly flung
remembered - sharp bite of bitter tongue.

Unlike first snowfall past winters brought
only one recalled as not forgot
whereas melodies people proudly sing
what memoried most - knelling bells sadly ring.

Unlike all sounds and sights life caught
words telling truth or lies, lips taught
those tense moments, love or hate clearly gave
few now treasured of - worth trouble to save.
September 28, 2001

From across far reach of my greening lawn
 fell tendered notes, until heart felt drawn
gentle fingers awakened, what strings put in play
across soft evening's air - music chanced to stray.

Tis such, conjures thoughts without lettered words
echoings Nature gifts, like singing birds
fond notes once graced my ears with such delight
til heart knows a deeper truth - if not quite.
November 28, 2001

Day-dreams came after what evening lent
when words dealt laughter, til twilight spent
was then they parted with but one kiss
next day, dreams darted - remembering this.

Though was long ago that evening sent
day-dreams still bestow, old memories lent
dreams old men still dream, past days once gave.
Will such wear in Heaven's scheme
heard again beyond the grave?
December 18, 2001

How mundane must life now seem, worried frets with fevered brow
hurried hastes, hopes hollow held, when your death-toll loudly knelled
like babblings of babyhood, pretendings misunderstood
beyond our powers to scheme, what you now know - we but dream.

Presume such keeps you fulfilled, doing what the Father willed
so must leave it there for now, til curtsy me with your bow.
December 21, 2001

Of a single word, if had but spoke
turned pain to a pleasant joke
or reached with aiding hand, might have told
brought a smile - of one growing old.

Had held back a look that disapproved
thence grinned, a brightful smile behooved
or hurried haste caused one be ill at ease
if took time to kindly wait - such would please.
December 29, 2001

Too long life seems, til one old
too short love's woo, soon grown cold
hopes briefly held, dreams once told
what youth-time yearned, Time has sold
what wisdom learned - Faith makes bold.
December 30, 2001

Those younger seem not to understand
of olden days
nor hunger such need to comprehend
of country ways.

Even in my youth, such knowledge
early taught to me
tis of that difference, passing years
old visions yet see.

Found therein truths of one's past
age soon taught would shortly last.

Before new ink has dried
of some versing lately writ
already outdated
for few who might read of it.

Soon shelved with other forgotten tomes
bards penned long before
old thoughts out of fashion, but dusty poems
one's final encore.
December 31, 2001

Would that some vague voice, one known or not
pierce those odds of Chance to tell of what
whether clearly heard or dim, still unknown to me
seen brightly eyed or but glim - of what yet to be.

As high-hill sat adream, that voice yet loudly heard
signaled when moon agleam, by hoot of owlish bird
needs but be a whisper's breath, my cheeks would feel
speak here not of fatal Deat - nor knelling's peal.

Outside of Time must it be, yet I would clearly know
some brief notice freely given, much like angels throw
anywhere or time hear it speak, by day or night
voicings bearing good news or bleak - if would she might.

Telling what's not been told before, knowing it may lie
til my Faith's failing strength restored, before I should die
perhaps vague voicings came, clearly known of or not
for such tis but a game - curious poets plot.
January 7, 2002

What secrets did each whisper each, deeply felt
lost years unraveled by those who daily dwelt
did what spoken then, latter-days bring true
when first echoed up chimney's hollow flue?

Best heard when brought of harsh storms, Winter's raging roar
deep rumbles, chimney echoed up its hollow core.

More than smoke and soot spiraled into distant skies
words softly uttered, hearth-heard before flue-ward flies
olden secrets family whispered, of what life's troubles brew
hearth-held words spoken, echoed - as drifted up chimney's flue.
January 15, 2002

What young hopes once dreamed
after-days soon wore thin
not what firstly schemed
but of what might have been.

What olden memories tell
prior years birthed so free
not of what actually fell
but what then hoped might be.

Ah, what dreamful dreams once felt
their future years might chance to send
despite what latter times dealt
still remembered - first hoped back then.

Merely vapid musings
later years now bring to mind
much came by our choosings
although chosen - as if blind.
January 31, 2002

Would that purest Hate ever cast from bowels of Hell
devour what left of me, down to final cell
consumed til not least trace remains of one, once was
my only tribute, be as least kindness God does.

By special dispensation, Divine Wisdom late decreed
delt as last example of that bruised reed - now crushed indeed.

Ordained my smoldering wick should be staunchly quenched
misbegotten slip of brief love, dry hopes quickly drenched
wept salt-bitter tears, unsightful eyes held tightly clenched.

An aberration no depths of love nor hope could sustain
an abnegation, no hint once was nor trace should remain
lastly done by God, with a father's faithful love
til I have no remembrance, whom once was nor of.
January 31, 2002

Ever since cave men first cast grunts with meanful sound
voiced to describe some idea, their quick mind had found
til spoke with purposed aims, heard in their ancient ears
echoes lost to silence - of prehistoric years.

Echoes after-lost, until words captured on stone or clay
thus History began, as if last echoes reheard to say
what hopes first humans grew, thence believed through ensuing years
those ancient dreams still pointing - of whence our Spirit steers.
February 12. 2002

Red-tinged with flaxen, some stray gave heir
such to crown her head with Irish hair
skin paled white, shy flecks befreckled
eyes of pure saxon blue - unspeckled.

Youthful mind alert with ears to hear
a ready smile so brightsome clear
right hand finger encircled, gave gloss
ring-held - embossed with a celtic cross.

Such a bonnie lassie once chanced to meet
wore an hour or three as whiled to eat
again taste youthful health with future's hope
without vague predictions of horoscope.

Endless exploration - whom we are
each one unique, like some distant star
life once given, thence hoped to ever be
no matter how fettered - still inly free.

Born to share, care, dare - til Death decides
eternal struggles, growing Faith confides
sail those uncharted seas Life may toss
helmed with hope - foretold by an Irish cross.
February 25, 2002

Should laws be cast far across a land
found to curse or bless, Fate brought to hand
as if moon turned blood with warning signs
or burnt sun burnished white - dimly shines.

Later years may assay worth of those enacted laws
if of future years, Truth still found in some hidden clause
did such words give peace, society brought more civil
or rather cursed their freedoms - til began to slowly shrivel.

Denying olden truths, past History once freshly taught
forefathers long suffered from, their former wars had fought
 til unjust justice practiced, why newer wars were brought
for laws cannot compel mankind's selfish needs - done as ought.
March 4, 2002

Are times we see most clearly what once dreamed
yet not quite, no matter how deeply schemed
are times known with certainty, grasped as true
yet not quite - for Change remakes all things new.

The arrow that first flies straight, must arch to reach the ground
to wonder worth of life, yet after death what thence be found
enigmas hinting hidden mysteries, for Truth not clear as first held
much left unanswered, like brief poem here written - poet's ink once spelled.
March 8, 2002

His laughter rattled kitchen door
left us rolling on the floor
our eyes ran with riant tears
humored echoes - from lost years.

Good times back then, come no more
left us laughing on that floor
his humor no longer reach our ears
stories once told - our retelling hears.

Old age best remembers those former days
reheard by what memoried laughter plays
gifting happy eyes, until runs with saddened tears
old episodes re-echoing - one's passing years.
August 27, 2002

Where might those tiny feet stray
when babyhood put away
whence future footprints may
Chance and Choice - might betray.

Scattered lifetime wanderings
unknown dreams one's hopes soon chased
pattered ploddings - ponderings
whenc to where - one's History traced.

Until some distant day will briefly note
date of birth and death, of when and where
of children, those left - obits lastly wrote
tiny feet's last footprint - ending there.
September 23, 2002

Lives just over my hill, valley below
not one to visit by nor bid hello
elsewise she tis seldom seen - this I know.

In early days years past, a stranger came
renting acreaged land, but unknown his name
should we pass by, both would wave - just the same.

Youth known by name, but never chanced to meet
joined early, when war drums heard to beat
two score after, re-met - both chanced to eat.


She who dwelt that valley beyond my hill
only after learned she'd died, taken ill
told by our sexton - as her grave made fill.
One renting ground across where river flows
later heard he'd died, name none hereby knows
nor who farms there - or what new neighbor grows.

Youth thought lost to war, lives in distant state
long years since that war, thence as if by Fate
on vacation learned, he - one with whom I ate.
October 11, 2002

Her daunting smile caught my eye
those flashing eyes smiled as well
though I but glanced, stood frozen by
what eyes inflamed - futures would tell.

She stood aside, allowing me pass by
yet noticed as I did, her eyes fell
was then I spoke, you need not ask why
too quickly - her magic cast its spell.

What transpired after, might well guess
full batch of nippers told our years
half wore pants, other half wore long dress
as Time wore on - with its hopes and fears.

Still to this day, she may slyly smile
as steps aside, now with flirting style
then laughs, as I may kiss her on the nose
knowing such will end, when of both - one goes.
October 16, 2002

Would that doubtful Death forestay its slay
so continue upon my wanted way
for what good or ill might do, should I try
thence perhaps - one could do much better by.

Soon after this secret parlay had taken place
betwixt Death and I, as labored our separate case
still found much muddled of, daily had to face
until chanced to learn - a far deeper love.

Yet too soon, Death came back to tell of its concern
told could no longer bide Its time, would soon return
this time would not fail, my life must then adjourn
whence would I  abide - down below or above?

I acquiesced as thought proper, placed my bet on God
so in silence waited, til Death gave its final nod
yet within I prayed, for parlay with Death seemed rather odd
beyond this poem and Death, untells when placed beneath cold sod.
October 16, 2002

In all that confusion of our talk that day
her question went unasked
pertinent point of insertion, missed its play
what wished to ask - bypassed.

Only after, remembered that quizzing look
when her mouth opened, then slowly closed
wondered what line of thinking, would have took
of what her wanted question might have posed
buried yesterday - her grave lastly closed.
October 18, 2002

Her aging steps faltered as took those stairs
another day lost midst what old-age wears
still fumbling unending household cares
night ceding quiet ease for whispered prayers.

Their spry steps skipped along citied avenue
family bent on shopping here and there, whither-to
free-day fully planned, that evening a barbecue
she with three children, while he but twenty-two.

His practiced pacings measured among show-cases there
within Museum's silence, where people pause to stare
although aching steps gave limit, how long his feet could bear
knowing after, each night must sit alone - her vacant chair.
October, 2002 - January 10, 2003

She left before I came
but this I did not know
yet you were not to blame
for why you had to go.

I left before she returned
for I too had many things to do
seems only I been concerned
that I came then left - you never knew.

Perhaps just as well we unmet
since of my visit, you never knew
nor I, if you too would regret
should your smile seen - burn me through.

Well, was nearly three-score ago
your name forgot - of why I came
nor why left when you did not show
yet still I ponder - what a shame!
January 19, 2003

Above frozen waste strewn white with snow
full-moon's bright bathed all with silent glow
stilly quiet, til Peace felt clearly heard
not sound - but what Nature's Beauty stirred.

Left one speechless, night's depths filled the mind
learned olden Truths of far different kind
of what foretold, Time's length did not tell
nor revealed - only that It will.
March 4, 2003

Seated there unaware across that aisle
someone's face, as if chiseled from flinty stone
such as could neither laugh nor ever smile
revealing held a heart - but of brittle bone.

If should be tossed on sharp edge of some circumstance
whereof might be called upon to lend a helping hand
might that one act with aplomb and kind assurance
or deny the occasion - there but to staunchly stand?

Of such harsh appraisal, seen across that aisle
thought, perhaps my face sculpt much like his - each one owns
I can laugh and sing or wear the happy smile
yet beneath, may find my heart - hard as brittle bones.
May 16, 2003

Cool winds bestirred themselves with evening's air
neutralizing a Summer's day of heat
as well-worn calloused hands long labored there
one's near-neighbors gathered - for shocking wheat.

Hot winds baked arid land further dry
sweat too quickly dried, with such a burning air
awaiting dark cool of soft evening's sigh
til night's salve balmed eyes, sore from sun's brightful glare.

Til cool winds gently soothed evening's end
night's black signature so slowly penned
tranquilized unspoken fears, life gathers by
perchance night's drifting winds - now telling why.

A brief episode, life chanced elsewhere by
Aeolian whispers but testify
syllogized old quandaries, til their mysteries resolved
by sacramental wind's soothing balm, late evening once absolved.
June 27, 2003

What disturbance awakens thought to dream, as if real
scattered remnants one's memory caught, Time can never steal
that world within, one hears so loudly felt inside
salvaged from forgotten years, remembered days provide.

Facts refashioned as we please, clearly seen as if true
or quickly altered with ease, one's mind may simply do
such powers each life contains, from gathered scraps one retains
a source of all our future schemes, til life felt eternal it seems.
June 28, 2003

She gave him a look only scorn could sneer
til felt that piercing sting of godless fear
harsh words soon followed with verbal abuse
self-pity - became his life-long excuse.

Such to shatter any semblance of one's self-worth
thereafter vanquished all future hopes deemed at birth
died a lonely vagabond, without strength to love
a stoneless grave well-marks how one - still unthought of.
July 18, 2003

With that she turned then paused, Time so seldom lends
measuring strengths, one would need before life ends
no words out-spoken, stoic-stood like one in a trance
thence three steps more, door softly closed
with no backward glance.

Whence will hopes and circumstance guide her by
traced across unknown ways her trust may try
from pains of failure, faith may teach her of
such my prayer for her, future years teach why
until gathered one - with firm-bonded love.
August 17, 2003

Centuried trees now grown beyond their prime
trellised vines brought from some foreign clime
shaded by arbored hedge-rows darkly drawn
that weedless grass - of a daily mown lawn.

Where its shaded quietness could be softly heard
despite muffled background's roar, constant traffic stirred
amidst metropolis' vast sprawling rush
where park's peacefulness - held its natured hush.

Those strong vapors of citied smog and drifting trash
overcome by rich smell of its green-growings there
contradicting each other by its daily clash
extremes of human waste and wants - bleak and bare.

Though high-rise towers denied sun-light til ten
park a quiet refuge among those savage sounds of haste
a sanctuary of escape, like an outdoor sheltered den
midst life's frantic rush - park peacefully graced.

A time-out place, where one might rest awhile
sit park-bench alone, like one in exile
hid from maddening rush, their frenzy loudly shouts
removed from citied din, that oft leaves one with doubts.

Moiled mass of mankind, some kind - some not
a destiny each destined, without a reasoned thought
driven by dreams, demanded by yearns to gain or grow
yet how one's future days may end  - few will ever know.

Park-bench seat for so many, retreat for one's solitude
whereby rest in itsquietude, a relaxing interlude
as I rose to leave, shook off those feelings of lassitude
back to life and labors - filled up with peaceful gratitude.
October 13 - 19 2003

For a brief moment, my eyes held them near
former visions late Fall recalls, now re-seen
flocks gathered to strengthened wings, soon will steer
across miles - I will never fly between.

Against blue sky, circling formations test their flight
 unknowingly practiced, genetics steers them by
swirled beyond then returned, clustered closely tight
til one evening bid them leave - thence as migrants fly.

Yet left behind that silence, their vanishment left
again to dwell a southern clime - for me unknown
abandoned from what Summer lost by Autumn's theft
knowing here, I must remain as one alone.

Now aging old, with but tired relics of traveled days
retained as mere flights of fancy, my past journeys taught
changing venues then taken, now but untraveled ways
former episodes of years ago, age tells are through.

As their preparatory flights caught my observant eye
strengthen feathered pinions for ventures, instinct leads them by
til next Spring some return, perhaps may chance again to see
as flights and seasons come and go - Life yet may gift to me.
November 9, 2003

How might we recapture olden episodes
past years celebrated as high holydays
faithless pagans now re-named - but holidays?

An ancient faith later pantomimed into fable
yet retained sanctity of Last Supper's table
a pauper's birth, en-cribbed within cameled stable.

Its nascent faith refashioned from some pagan myth
gave visions understanding, ignorance encumbered with
til belief engendered love, beyond kin and kith.

All manner of classic legends salvaged from the past
ancient wisdoms yet survive, some found to longly last
yet what birthed in stable's stall - endures more deeply cast.

Not mere fulfilment Law requires, vainly shown of
but enduring deeds of kindness - freely gifting love.

World upholding truths, Faith re-taught from olden dreams
as Nations haggle between contending Culture schemes
til even Greed cedes a brief reprieve - for Christmas themes.
November 30, 2003

Takes but a brief glimpse of someone's peculiar stance
or hear an idle voice, when so unlikely chanced
a familiar gesture, brief movement caught your glance.

Tilt of sun, as cloud-shadows skipped across lay of land
recurring wavelets awash upon eroding strand
where footprints left behind, disappears on coastline sand.

Flash of a swirled yellow-skirt among jostling crowd at noon
sudden glare of reflected light, drifting notes - some olden tune
cool breath of whispering pines, or haunting cries of northern loon.

Slow grind of wagon's wheels, with stray whiffs of alfalfa hay
in hot silence of July, midday slam of door chanced to stray
yet no words heard spoken, gave no clues of whom - its why or may.

A single shot whose echo quickly dies, left to wonder why
far off without its sound, black smoke bellows - rising up the sky
or searching plane twice circles low, thence quickly leaves - flying high.

Ten tolls of knelling bell, scattered across an English shire
as late evening dusk silhouettes villaged churchen spire
or adrift at midday noon - single falcon slowly gyres.

Chanced episodes of single events, Time brings to mind
stirring forgotten remnants, one's life-long travels find
those now grown old still see, though be deaf or nearly blind.
November 30, 2003

A cold that cursed the sun
a warmth that scorched the sky
til heat charred reasoned hopes
remembered-love soon forgot
starving dreams reduced to crusts
til cursed a faith - none believed.

Old hopes one's trusting long held
a treasure lost to others by
til left behind but what stolen thereafter
no one would ever know
sharply shattered like brittle glass
upon which to bleed - their final hour.

Vanquished dreams of an ideal
soon found a cold and frozen waste
old-world views now ignored
recent thoughts pulled down to shame
til left behind its forgotten name
found but a lie - old poets tell.

Poems lauched beyond far-flung stars
now cast aside, words once struggled
yet perhaps long after, found re-read
distant eyes of future years may note
regathered like some ancient wisdom
again revealing - their former hopes.
December 1, 2003

Echoes from long ago one still hears
more real than harsh words heard today
passing centuries shared, old truths bred to tell
once gave Life a purpose - before Adam fell.

Now those echoes again re-echo words
one's inner silence clearly hears so well
quiet evenings, as sunset slowly fell
glittered there - upon vast ocean's calm.

Til one knows Life but a gift to save, waste or throw away
with such a strength, one must own uniquely theirs
to share and keep, grateful for what life both took and gave.

Echoes cast across far distant spheres
reaped with a smile of happy tears
words of kindness, one still inly hears
shed of a forgiving love, one once knew
til Death rebirths old hopes - again as new.
December 1, 2003

When found his fist-folded fingers in my face
my brief bravery soon began to fade
fierce words I proudly spoke with such proper grace
meekly melted into lies - quickly laid.

My frightened fear felt his growing frown
first staunch convictions boasted with my pride
until backward steps shamed my backing down
future days still remember - when proudly lied.
December 6, 2003

What lies beyond ill-ravaged hope
til encouraged their need to cope
some inner strength brought by?

What lays behind those awkward lies
quickly told to save one's face
yet left foul reek of disgrace?

What lies beneath our proudful pride
vain vanity seldom casts aside
bold forgiveness never tried?

What lies just before death attends
upon which forgiveness oft depends
another's love found gifting by?

What lies beyond, we cannot see
limits built deep within one's soul
where ignorant dreams often fail?


Despite former hopes now long forgotten
from shy lips, encouraged one be fearless
spoke of those deeper truths - each hungers for.

When one's starving doubts felt unsure
uncertainty left insecure
evoked one to do as seemed right.


When balanced scales of justice
once blindfolded, now seeing all
found justice - no longer stands.

Finally lost through long illegal years
where back-room palms were money-crossed
til held no strength to bless themselves
before final judgment - sundered all.

Then those with power, in their madness
launched Hate from brutal guns of war
til ravaged into waste what others held
within bloodied hands, their hates intended
til peace never found - long years pretended.

Although each thought, were they who obeyed
now know that olden lie - only brave survive
their death-honored names, bestowed by those
who rule beyond that foul reek - wars left behind.

Left a desert waste of selfish pride
their wealth unshared with giving hands
upon those who thought could save them by
until another war world-wide - finally ended all.
December 13, 2003

Are quiet times when dark shadows cast
delved up from lost days of one's past
re-played - yet found too briefly last.

Words now reheard entirely whole
sounds awakened within one's soul
ravaged years - Time had deftly stole.

Melodic drifts flung upon awaiting tides
blown across far world, sea-wind's steerage guides
yet within those winds - its ancient secret hides.

Until some chanced quiet found, wan shadows caught
again re-played, discerned by what old age sought
secrets long hidden now released - new hopes brought.
December 25, 2003

Sun's slant in Summer's mode, high-hill's lay
warming felt of wind's soft gentle breeze
smelt of mid-season hay, a perfect day
buzzards circled high - above woodland trees.

Graveled road to my right well-traveled dry
churning clouds of dust, years never paved
thence lost between two slopes, full-hidden by
its quiet peacefness - silence fully saved.

Eyes captured entire landscape driving past
framed and hung within, my memory drew
stolen dreams, foreign landscape briefly cast
its beauty quickly etched - brought to view.

A vintaged site, perhaps elsewhere still seen by
across Irish leas, Scottish braes, English sky
and far otherwheres have never traveled of
lent Beauty's strength, wished-of hopes - especially love.

Must look northeasterly, two or three mid-afternoon
mute rural scenes, hid midst a Summer's brightful sunny day
shirt-sleeve weather, when warm airs gently opportune
but always that stillish quiet - must in silence lay.

Brought of some childhood magic from my past
embedded within one's soul, now forever cast
rural landsacpe's beauty seen, felt would always last
tis such eyes and ears, a feeling heart - poets hast.

Its meaning unknown, natural beauty gifts to show
thereby felt of Nature's innate charm, til deeply know
within those dreams each one holds, instinctively grows
awaiting other days, perchanced - when driving slow.
December 29, 2003

Uncounted millions, eons never tallied
across the globe, their hopes - culture first rallied
til world awash with humankind alive
eternal wars still fought - struggled to survive.

Tis such words, gives preface of Life's death and dying
children starving, their mothers forever crying
oft wrought of fattened greed's need, for their richly thriving
so many die of famine - ill-used lands found drying.

Til at last turned his head, eyes faced dry wall
of ancient stone, dust of ages piled there
in semi-darkness, starvation's basic law
awaiting that final end - Death will share.

Worst of first painful anguish, no longer a threat
last food taken three days past, now but water's wet
to moisten one's tongue, often yet briefly so
til mind finally allows - lets senseless body go.

Thereafter only their soul knows what it knows
as pulsing pace of beating heart weakly slows
brief run of years, both pain and pleasure tried
unaware of Death itself - when finally died.
December 29, 2003

One dumb of both mind and tongue
genetic flaws early flung
til age bid his funeral sung.

One of those be soon forgot
none wept tears nor felt distraught
in shallow grave - left to rot.

After, no stone etched his honor by
no one asked nor came to briefly cry
only grass weekly mowed - wet or dry.
January 10, 2004