Should I cast some tendered thought upon a page
flung with care of meter, thence rhymed to gauge
after stand back, read aloud to hear its tone
til its wear of thought, such - I might proudly own.

Should grasp some wondered thought, that scraped upon the mind
worried with facts, one's musings nature led to find
longly sitting there looking out, test its truth of worth
something long sensed, surmised, thence revealed - brought of Earth.

Should perchance retrace an olden trail, early taken
stumbling among weathered foundations, Time had shaken
pause at trailís end, decide go back or further on
finding answers unanswered, hoped for solutions - gone.

Should self-trick myself into believing, that Truth always true
contrive varied tests, ascertained absolutely - old or new
thence find in summary, essentially - existence ever be
discovered Trust but Faith, til one lastly learns - Love is simply free.
November 13, 2000

When WHAT stepped forward to fully expose its worth
WHERE and WHEN both approved, close partners since WHATíS birth
only then, WHEN, WHERE and WHAT understood of HOW
thence this foursome stood better known - at least for now.

Yet its final key to synthesis, pursued with every try
in the end, found all attempts failed - to discover its WHY.
November 20, 2000

When Death's gathered scythe swings its chosen stroke
slays one dead, with not one word after spoke
in but six days, entombed beneath sod's soil
what then remains - of their life-long toil?

All had shared and cared with others, much still remains
bits and pieces scattered among them,  yet sustains
remembered by those, whose life been so graced
lives impinged upon - that friendship once traced.

Of how such matters to those who die - as birth anew
Spirit free forever, without what Nature once threw
of such unknown, only one's trust gives worth to value life
gathered by us all, stumbled attempts - slowly learned from strife.

Nature's need by us - necessary to gift existence
death-after, perhaps subsumed by Spirit's persistence
of values life earned, those left - may review their worth
a question oft asked of, when one loved - death-leaves Earth.
April 8, 2001

There were days should not have been
deeds then done, far worse than sin
perhaps true, each age of man
tempests - fevered hates must fan.

When love wasted til found lost
thence cold Hatred paid its cost
such, world cannot long endure
Time heals - yet dreams left obscure.

There could be days, might have been
deeds then done, the best of men
fevered raptures brought to love
perhaps true - yet unknown of.

Should caringness leave its thrall
like Love - freely given all
world seldom hears of such
for silence - but kindness' touch.

Tis of such we oft learn too late
struggled deeds - of both love and hate.
January 1, 2002

Whence a silence, once lit by brightful moon
so might hear Beauty's music, night had strewn
composed upon strings, only Natures play
so might see Beauty's birth - like brought of May.

When a silence stilled by shadows ill-cast
so might not trust Truths, salvaged from one's past
further strengthened their black, so longly last
as might be blinded - one's self-doubting hast.

When silence outdone, tender love compels
so might learn, Life endless - Faith foretells
felt on heart-strings, plucked with music's stroke
trusting those ancient Hopes - such loving woke.
February 18, 2002

What might venture next, if not before
something freely given, comes your way
dangles its wonder, til must explore
freely gifted - you unthought to pay.

What might never happen, longly looked for
something that will not occur - never
haunting your hopes, til can hope no more
those gods refused - for they are clever.

What might you find, by another given
perhaps something never thought of
more pleasing than if longly striven
when whispered lips - bespoke their love.

What might you have lost, once dearly held
Death so quickly took, grief daily knelled
someone found to be life's best
one's loving vowed - from all the rest.
September 12, 2002

How much further will these feet bring
future travels, one's heart might sing
trails newly trod, or those of old
until Life bought by Death - finally sold.

How true will memory gift but Truth
early learned, savored in one's youth
though fact and fiction cede equal weight
til Death discards all - unknown its date.

How strong will one's weak faith become
staunchly honest before succumb
deny oneself for other's need
til life's ending - one's final deed.

How much after left, found has worth
longly gathered from natured Earth
words empoemed, written for the mind
til life's last gift - what others find.

Few years at best, past memories hold
scattered words penned, their writings told
until life finally lost to view
Death's scattered remnants - left no clue.
October 1, 2002

Man-made gods firstly fashioned, ancient times proudly cast
Hate corrupted, when ruling powers devised social caste
idols carved of stone or gold, bespoke but words of man
they who believed, loved only those - of their race or clan.

Religion but of Laws obeyed, such others saw - each one knows
perfected one's honored worth, obedience proudly shows
duties required openly practiced, all knowing why
so could be measured, of their convictions - lips honored by.

But seldom found in their fleshy hearts, patient deeds of love
rather, amount of shekels proffered - counts of proffered dove.

Til later One came, recasting idoled gods as but one
not of Laws overtly displayed, others seen - smugly done
rather in one's heart, shared their care - as would a brother do
even to that point of one's suffered love - no matter who.

Words apostolic texts remembered, taught long ages through
awakened inner hopes, each one child-like - wished come true
freely gave, without limits imposed by sect, race, tribe or clan
human love family-given - any sister or brothered man.

Life's struggles overthrown by need to control, strick laws breed
what once meager had, now glutted beyond one's daily need
yet some still venture, what kindness for another might give
for tis by friendly sharing, most will earn - enough to live.

Across dry stretch of savannahs, steppes or arid desert wastes
man-made gods controlled the vast by but few, government based
still found in old beliefs of Law, holds each one in their place
limits wealth each held, by narrowed view - of belief and race.

Still found where ignorance practiced, greed controls the many
powerful holds most wealth, majority owns but scant penny
castes strongly enforced, most live on scanty fare of crust and crumb
untaught, keeps masses beneath ruler's thumb - such to keep them dumb.

Some became soldiers, battle what those in power chose to take or deny
thousands slain in bitter religious wars, usually with neighbors nearby
gods birthed by mere human thought, but a ruse - controls those held beneath
to measure love found within hearts of man - only God can bequeath.

Such tis found in Islamic codes, Judaic or Christian texts - written in the past
Time and Hate re-interprets, what first authors thought would last
those Slavic millions bearing arms, for bounties of lust - pilfered spoils of war
old wine-skins re-used, people pillaged midst cruel inflictions - shed blood and gore.

World still finds Evil rules overmuch, for what humankind doth practice by
yet tis those who learn their hearts of simple love, all elsewise taught - but a lie.
May 1, 2003

New problem recently arose - what be Beauty's worth
evolving human hearts firstly learned from Natured earth
for tis from such, poetic minds - ever giving birth.

What tis felt as beautiful, is there a reason for?
Of those studied aesthetes, for them - tis nothing more
but those unlearned, for them - Beauty but an utter bore.

What ears gift, nose sniffs, eyes gather, tongues taste within
slowly learns what preferred, so might be known again
hence nascent Beauty grows - Love's esthetics begin.

Artists enamored with their skill - Art for Beauty's sake
no other claims need justify for their heart-felt ache
yet others more concerned, ask - more nobler doth one make?

Should Beauty be kept for one to fully possess
clutched with ungiving hands, unshared others largess
then Beauty's blossomed flowers soon wilt - if suppressed.

Beauty Nature gifts, shares its joy til grateful of
like all else in life, to others ought be shown as love
tendered with honored feelings - proffered with velvet glove.
May 10, 2003

Whatever found, brought of elysium dreams
too often fashioned from delirium schemes
for beneath their inexplicable mystery's shell
often found despicable - or so historys tell.
May 13, 2003

Yes, are those retaining lines
that keep some in and others out
as if keeping measure of who or whom
deserves such restraint
to remain within - or without.

But those limits Nature approves
beyond far lengths of endless Time
found ever changing, though so slowly by
relearning measures, patient science learned
still affirmed exactly - in every clime.

Our penchant strength, bred of such protocol
as to master others with our self-control
so might have enough for our future days
heedless poor, ignorant clods who lust their flesh
between they and those - requires fencing's mesh.

Divide and conquer, ancient maxim of politics
quite different than each side mending fences, once implied
strong and weak, rich and poor, old or young, smart or dumb.
Not a reaching in nor a turning out - but give
centuries attest - a wise and proven way to live.

For are always found, gentle kindness others choose
easy axiom, simple souls so often use
afflictions healed by one's caring, proven best
learned if shared from their least, finds returns the most
both those of good repute or ones - poorly dressed.

For love is lost, if force be its earning powers
inly felt, freely given - a source uniquely ours
needs but simple trust, mere touch of garment's hem
though may well die the day, or out-last several score
know such retaining lines, keeps love out - poem's ad rem.
May 31, 2003

Behind those false facades, where unmortared sand lays idle
between unchiseled stones, held by gravity's downward grip
hand-fashioned timbers, tenoned without nails - such Time discards.

Day ends with flash of lightning's bolt, as foul weather's grumble
between dark clouds now enraged, til thundered claps rumble
as winds and rain drowned out - that quiet peace of night.

For kings no longer live to end their reigns in honored peace
nor stretch of years, to yield an age or two with social rest
young blood shed before gave seed, to bear their name beyond the day
til Hope holds no length of honored hours, yearning - but warring's quest.

Unnumbered pages read, with searching eyes - study what ages taught
scientific theories, philosophic musings - why wars were fought
epic tomes artistic minds put to pen, human history left to rot.
as world rattles on, finds greed and lust but man's full worth - like as not.
July 23, 2003

Gathered waste of Autumn's scattered leaves
wind-swept into corners, no one grieves
stashed til Spring returns - cold weather thieves.

Hibernate Winter through, most will rot
hid beneath blanket, wet weathers brought
until late Spring snows melt - finds them not.

Amid leaves waste and harsh Winter's strife
nurtured by rot and wet, rampant rife
whereof molds and fungi - comes to life.

Recycled elements Nature sows
unhurried Time so quickly grows
birthed from death, each Spring - new life shows.

Replicates itself, one wonders by
transports human hopes beyond the sky
some believe - others still struggle why.

Like shattered waste of death - wars leave behind
those forgotten grave's, cold-white stones remind
til Truth and Trust lost - though treaties signed.

Hate and Greed rebirths but Honor's shame
truce but a lie, Freedom a hollow claim
civility mere facade - but a game.

Few found with strength enough try once more
those in power, rotten to their core
til quarrels bring on - another war.

Recycled like seasons, winds bring by
swept into corners, secrets sold high
of Spring's new vision - old Winters try.

War-swept into corners like Autumn leaves
losses left to rot until not one grieves
survivors record - but what history thieves.

Of what remains, some may be found to tell
when world young, olden words spoke to foretell
til Winter's rot rebirths Trust - instead of Hell.
November 14, 2003

That idyllic dream, to be as one held extremely rich
like Ben Ladin or Saddam Hussane, either one of which
oft leads to lust for powers, Devil soon holds them by
til those ground under, wish nothing more - than quickly die.

Tyrants twisting their trust into raw flaunted power
til those they rule, harshly suppressed - fearfully cower
in their silence, trusting no one - suspecting each other
in secret met, til bonded with - like a familed brother.

As worst of hates multiplied, til ordained a sacred duty
human hopes turned upon their head, preferring ravaged beauty
sin birthing fouler sins, rich yearned to own the world
as future days smelt Death's rot - foul stench rankly swirled.

Of how we so oft waste our days, birthing freely gifts us by
dazzling world so fascinates, til quiz our askings why
help or hinder, give or take, love or hate, dreams or fate - live then die
a gift life freely gave, til old age yearns - dwell beyond the sky.

Tis of such old men dream, widows weep - as life slips away
looking back on their past, refashioned by what hopes convey
til old truths heard long ago, resonate within one's mind
gained riches should be shared, ancient teachings taught - be one kind.
April 16, 2004

Forgotten memories found buried beneath
this moldering waste of house, barn and sheds
from rot and rust, slowly changed to dust
future years - will gradually blow away.

As Time and mold enfolds their dying past
into unrememberence, none left to tell
uncounted years dissembled, leaves behind
but fading echoes - lost on winds of Time.

Wear and waste of time and place, dry as inert clay
new lessons ever old - nothing remains to stay
former dreams built into living hopes, loving bred
birth and death, Time discards - histories left unread.

Treasures turned to jumbled junk, winds scattered wide
long built til torn down, new ventures now decide
long-labored loves and hates, found turned to waste
til future eyes un-see - their vanished trace.

Yet sun and moon, annual seasons of our years
measures time much the same, muted silence outwore
earth to earth, dust to dust, death and dying fears
until next season's harvest reaps - but what gleaned before.

Such leaves a heartless, hollow barrenness behind
perhaps future hopes may fondly recall again
salvaged its gathered rust, their dreams once designed
for a season, years or life-time - hopes may retain.

Left to wonder what worth human toils hast
brief flick of strain and pain, someone's love may care
what slowly learned, old age soon buries at last
until finally lost - Earth may no longer share.

Like a clock measuring time, knelling out-lived hours
calendars recording weeks, passing time devours
history noted down, til lies unread on dusty shelves
left to wonder of one's vague faith, our prayers - barely delves.
April 21, 2004

Eyed from afar, as if might grasp broad reach of things
from first blink of dawn, when Time arose
vaguely hinting - all will decompose.

Viewed up close, as if meanings might hear song it sings
felt those full depths, delved beneath it all
heard endless howls - of its ancient call.

Descriptions briefly read, explained all found there
one's long travels heard, by songs they sung
such read or dreamt by me - when young.

Eared up close, as if felt what those readings told
from dawn til dusk, all-night til dawn
awaiting vague hints - Place would spawn.

Now reviewed from afar, in safety of one's old age
still smell and see, taste its aging tang
hear that ancient music - life once sang.

Til turned to those revelations, One spoke back there
detailed notes taken down with written care
well-spoken words, long ago had told
now found full-believed - when growing old.
April 23, 2004

When sun goes down, dark shadows brought
moon gave rise, til night rebirths day
light gifting sight, where one might go
despite dim glimmers - shadows show.

Those doubts of confusion, one's darkness hides
within those depths birthing hopes, heralds a journey
 life ill-prepared to step, beyond those outer limits
fearful yet dare to risk oneself - hopes pander of.

Those fears, meekness forbids - that sad shame of regrets
sins of the past long neglected, until one freely forgives
or unfairly retained, despite old fears - regathers one's shame.

Titled at birth, holds each one named unique
with a destiny their own, to be what but can
recalls days of childhood's mystique
free yet frail, tried or failed - life-long struggles of man.

Encouraged by visions, blind eyes presume
proudly performed to share, give or retain
for what purpose will do, or simply propose
of what others find undone - tis for them to do.

Hands calloused by labors, to earn one's keep
clutching meager crumbs, some shared with those weak
too timid to trust, risked of self-suffering - left in shame.

Lips tasting malice, savoring its sharp tang
envy inviting those, whose wanting, seeks more
til their dull drudgery, begrudgenly drags all down
into those dark depths of despair - hates still quarrel.

Life's last race unwon, wilting fresh green of its laurels
brought of proudful fame, or sad disgrace of one's shame
til time grows old, with sun's setting - dimming reddish gold.

As quiet shadows of night speak of a silence, yet not quite
til what one now knows, when Death comes - Life goes
into that unknown, some surmise - must lastly own.

Another world, new with different rules - only faith brings by
when sun dies with shadows lost, left but to wonder why
what deep darkness gifts, one's own unknowingness birthed
into hopes Faith bred to breed, life-long living - daily taught.
April 28, 2004

Such bold power, that treasure of printed book
emplacing one's thoughts within reader's mind
need not be ever seen, yet their writings shook
upon a world, each hears - self-kindred kind.

Sheer magic, symbols gather into word
should be blind, by another's reading heard
testimonials re-telling histories
solving yet evolving - olden mysteries.

A thousand years takes but an hour to read
enraptured by wisdom's majestic worth
time and place, cultures birthed by human seed
spread across global's reach - eyes now rebirth.

Within two hands, words grasped by reading eyes
of one hour's length, knows how ancient years
explained those older truths or latest lies
human hopes bought and sold - without their tears.

Knowledge of good and evil, Eden firstly cast
when creatures emerged, until gave that birth of man
simply by one's turning pages, from first to last
a creation books still assure - Life's gift of Pan.
May 5, 2004

Emboldened with a staunch resolve
full-faced harsh strains of one's future years
no matter how they may evolve
despite frightful fears - or weeping tears.

Marched to hourly beat of measured Time
across world's change of place and clime
earned by chance, or learned in life's harsh school
heard at mother's knee - or of idled fool.

Know but to understand, learned by word
what brought of eye, double-visions stirred
til mind gathered nerve, felt beauty's rich strength
one's hunger nurtured by - for a life-time's length.
May 5, 2004

Within that confinement, Life's fence surrounds one with
dwell within an unending destiny, like a child's myth
compelled to search way out of labyrinthian maze
whereby exit of, whence Death downs one's final days
that endless enigma of existence - humanity plays.

Such magic moments, suddenly opened vistas unseen before
bright visions gifting one, a surreal understanding
however briefly so, thence knowing some unknowingness
never grasped before, now held cradled within Wisdom's arms
 proud Beauty's posterity - preternaturally birthed.

When sudden flash of insight, gifts our blindful sight
til gathers all together within some universal whole
like a single entity, outside Time and Space
as here and now, comprehend its ancient essence
without a single doubt, thence - so quickly gone!

As if forever after never met, til but Death
itself may recreate once again to reappear
like some former vision, life once briefly caught
an episode held with mystery, premonitions taught
knowing within one's eternal dream - God's kind spirit brought.
May 12, 2004

Yields up future years with trustful strength
flung across centuries' unfolding length
global convolutions, world measures
of varied cultures - each freedom treasures.

Powers disowning greed's desires, freely sharing
interdependence inspiring, each one's caring
til people's freedom secured by rights and laws
human honor fought - with equal cause.

Die that others may fully live
live that others may learn to give
unfettered Freedom dies without shame
until to live or die - much the same.
May 26, 2004

Only God could dare to look
upon this dispairing world
where no one gave, each one took
self-love close-kept tightly furled
yet His kindness - soon forgave.
July 30, 2004

Strange hauntings within the mind gave pause
past genetics fractured into flaws
til one's self-chosen life, finally stumbles
upon those unseen edgings - til crumbles.

Despite firm resolve by their inner hope
misunderstandings, ill prepared to cope
with proprieties societys ratify
self-sought ends, of themselves - cannot sanctify.

Youth too young to know of whom they really are
distant dreams reached out, beyond their questing star
ideals falsified, strict rules required
early dreams shriveled up - til expired.

A child confused by denials, Life refused
stern Nature or one's mistakes found, were not excused
harsh lessons, reality teaches to each and all
even those proffered prayers - unheard God's distant call.

Freedom true love allows, to each their own
though choices asked, oft handed bread or stone
only other's love may cure, with friendship's constant care
while alive, awaiting Time permits - each may dare.

Various dilemmas, quandaries of both truth and lies
caught midst sharp thorns, yearning hopes still reached beyond far skies
long tortured years pleading, searching for their inner whys
til quenching Death gives final answer - when each one dies.
October 15, 2004

Of all that we sense with our touch
reveals that single truth of such
we and all beheld - simply are.

Could all we know, have not been naught
but blank barren nothingness brought
a truth we each accept - like or not?

Yet we exist, everyone shows
use of Cause and Effect, now knows
such the world we live in - goes.

Even after we question why
whence however did all come by
truth strongly felt - within each I.

Why, alludes to some purposed cause
scientists measure into laws
world a given - makes one pause.

A truth we may as well accept
freely held, a simple concept
some defined - a Divine precept.

No proof provides with full certainty
of how birthed World's nativity
held Hope's - with proud proclivity.

Like true Love, gives itself away
freely offered for what one may
yet some see of Death - but decay.

Some accept one's Faith may provide
while others let God decide
a few still found Faith - left untried.
October 22, 2004

A sharp slit of pink cracked loose
dawn's eager labors brought to birth
dark night held hidden, to rest the sun
now gave another view, only day before
early dawn - brought in view.

Too quickly, first blush of pink smiled
 into that bright laughter of another day
world would soon find itself, written down
into a history, day before - unknew at dawn.

Where no shadows cast their darkish past
freshly lengthens, like one's youthful hopes
grown old before one knew, with more light
than early dark had shown, with first morning rays
strung up with such beauty - sun birthed of day.

Its charm will wear diurnal hours, until drew
old age wrinkles across wry mute face of Time
never realizing such slow pace, accrued such grime
as to change what lay behind, til found solidified
transformed, as if fossilized into frozen stone
preserving its past in hieroglyphics - science reads.

As if God's whispers launched upon those winds
of change, would out alter all - ever done before
of what lies across each morning's ignorant dawn
cracked loose from that seal, night enclosed within
buried down into history - as another day begins.

Each morn resurrects anew, countless years tallies down
into a forgotten past, once felt their brief day in the sun
baptized by fresh morning's dew with a name, age forgot
for Time and Hope but equal twins - Existence brought.

Enigmatic mysteries, we strive to solve with olden faiths
or new dreams, from what Cause evolves, til gives some meaning
to bless those onward years, each downing day begins with dawn
tis of such we might well pray, giving our thanks - back to God.
October 25, 2004

Faint echoes in dark shadows
wavered hidden depths of mind
thoughts strangely searched, til one knows
final answer - will never find.

Lost memories woven into olden facts
a life-time has stored away
stashed midst those twisted knots of neural tracts
broken ends - cannot convey.

Yet when tired sleep inveighs the nodding head
til outer sounds unheard, nor felt within one's mind
some forgotten nuance may slowly thread
itself into a rich pattern - though eyes be blind.

Some mutant gene, edged into otherwised
birthed an unlearned insight, so freshly new
solves or extends an idea, rebaptized
newly named - of one whose time came due.

Whereby old visions reviewed for deeper worth
til clarifies strange dilemmas, once unclearly solved
at last, ideas released from their bondaged birth
staid science or faith, long ago - thought had resolved.

Perceptive insights never taught, now newly thought
brought into truth, by feeble twinge of genetic twist
til proud man thinks he can know it all - such God wrought
should please His timely wait - for what tired Creation wist.
November 5, 2004

The letting go, thence holding on
the giving up, those left behind
tlearning til knowing, thence soon forgot
one's tongue, those words, its truth - or lie.

Wonder plunder took, til death of things
that sound, quietly heard in silence
dark night, bright day found noon midway
a time, its place - why and how.

Thence whence to where, tested by vow
one's voice, their meaning understands
light and dark saw within, without
truth those questions asked - then doubt.

Fresh thought, thence hope, its trust to try
one's lust, its urge, thence shame - unsaved
that face, their mien, our laugh, thence cry
the birth, quick life, sad death - now graved.

First light held darkened black, thence gray between
both mind and soul long pondered - there beyond
fresh seed, its growth, their young - years growning old
the buy, its sell, our gain, their loss - thence end.
November 6, 2004

Opportunities futures uphold
bought with hard labors, those brave and bold
unfound, til taken full-in-hand
both dreams and brawn - togethered planned.

Ideas realized into knowledge of
merging fact with facts, like long-labored love
strong convictions, hard nerves braved to try
til both dreams and thoughts - blent togethered by.

Tis such History tells of Life's struggled years
despite vicissitudes of doubt and haggered fears
earned by toiled hands, planned in one's mind
both dreams and happenstance - Hopes may find.
November 7, 2004

Beneath ancient dust, deep grime buried there
lost residue, Time saved with idle care
what past history told, recent thoughts - gave heir.
Whereon stood, blue sea viewed far beyond and below
were a Time, sea once an ancient land - long ago
tectonic plates slowly shifted - Change would bestow.
Those treasured memories held deep within her mind
love-letters collected, young hand firmly signed
ink fast fading, her eyes as well - aging blind.
Social patterns built onto Culture's front facades
centuried years civilized, religions sought their gods
til savaged into waste - psychosis of Jihads.
Wise wisdoms ages learned, now ill-used by ignorant men
former laws overturned, til new wars returned to sin
old folks alive still dreaming, but of what - once had been.
Tis Death itself gives hope, Faith assumes beyond the grave
a choice each may self-choose, from what their living gave
firstly learned in ice-age caves, dimly lit - long ago.
November 18, 2004

Hope found far stronger than Truth
oft proudly felt in one's youth
Love held much stronger than Fate
trust in one's heart - ages wait.

Grief stronger than pain's denial
inner sadness may beguile
Trust far stronger than certainty tells
despite future's knell - of churchen bells.

Dreams far more real then events
long held within, one's Hope ferments
yet tis Faith, each soul hungers for
held deep within - our human core.
December 7, 2004

Cold snap broke itself well below zero
frozen into negative degrees of hardness
until crystallized - into shatted shards.

 Like brittle glass, through which one might
 see and feel warmth's heat, with such gratitude
as could melt cold hopes - with prayerful attitude.

Until Winter well-thought through, that warmth
Spring might bring, to birth bright sun's vernal season
as measure itself into those future days, found widely opened
one's questing eyes looking far beyond, into a snowless
landscape, bedecked with springtime's vesture - of hopeful colors.

Early flowers quickly bloomed, with that growing pride
maturing days held up with full-strength, til emerging plants
could get off their sore knees - of youthful prayer.

Thence looked beneath that close-held clutch, of its
deep-seated roots, eons evolved, slowly nurtured into
what became an endless paradigm - of life and death.

Birthing life with grandeured dreams, of what might become
from what once were, thence to look beyond cold Winter's snow
for what Spring's early flowers - Nature will innatly grow.

Until bloomed into such a diversity, Methuselah
 could never catalog such varieties, in time to realize
that another cold snap, harsh Winter would take down
far below those zero degrees - of frigid negativity.

As further warmth gave birth, with a new nativity
seeding onward minds with their far-sighted hopes
some distant God, had well planned long ago
before Time and Space took full-measure of
just how and why Creation - came into fashion.

Change and Circumstance, soon altered to fit some vision
old eyes may yet live to see, far beyond those distant stars
where frozen ice of silent stillness, never tells those secrets
Time might reveal, minds of searching Man ever seeking
that eternal Why, existence so well-founded on
at first dawn of History - and all that after came.
January 8, 2005

Across vast ripples of distant Space
whereof beyond, we can but guess
few facts reveal, trite tremors trace
whereof within - we onward press.

High and low, true science ever seeks to know
of Nature's strength, man's latent yearn for greed
unconsidered nor concerned how much each owes
not truth but control, one's proudful pride will plead.

Yet deep within, only there fully ascertained
trusting a vague faith, those ancient gods preordained
faith-hopes, those eternal dimensions without end
pro longum pro latum - distant echoes may send.
March 30, 2005

Those mid-summer rains daily passing through
fast scudding clouds, puffing plumps of gray
briefly cried, before hurried on anew
to drench far-further lands - if it may.

White above, dark gray below - clouds brought by
midst day's growing heat, building up the sky
til reached that cold layer of upper air
thence to weep its rains - shed with sad despair.

Til lightning lit those fires of embattled war
two-sided hates, proud years slowly grew apart
ruptured clouds, winds and rain ravaged more
squeezed out last tear - widowed griefs impart.

Life and Death, live or die, peace then war - at last to cry
of all those future hopes, mankind longly struggled for
to rear and raise a livelihood, youth grew up to try
yet others lust and greed, bred needful desire - for war.

Thence black clouds of battle, hurled down its curse of pain
like those tears Adam's Eve sadly wept, of Abel's death
whence began a string of slayings, with might and mane
as pantings of birthing's purge, breathed out - its painful breath.

Such majestic beauty, white clouds topped with gray
against backdrop of azured skies, warming summers may
slowly rising, roiling, churning - amassing their strength
til lightning's thunderbolt, cuts across sky's stormy length.

Thence those fertile rains, hot Summers briefly cry
to water hopes, future dreams may inly try
freshen Nature up a bit, to face that coming night
til its beauty profoundly lost - by war's hateful spite.

Those rains a blessing, cools down high heat of day
those wars a curse, hate and blood must pay
of such I thought upon, as dozed beneath a tree
what proud youth firstly dreamt, Life proved - would never be.
April 2, 2005

Harsh Winter's wastes, left on frozen ground
budding Spring, rebirthed all things freshly found
spread across warmer calendar pages
than winter's harsh weather - so often wages.

Those vernal seasons, Spring through Autumn's fall
re-newing what past Winters wasted by
Nature's voicings, echoes their ancient call
with no cause nor reason - to question why.

But an annual present, God yearly gifted free
whereby rebirths what soon may come to be
from those natural tools of both Life and Death
one's birth gave to live - til one's final breath.

Joys mixed with pain, confusions casting doubt
upon hopeful claims, Faith presumes - left out
yet to each their own, of what may full-believe
awaits that final season - sad tears must grieve.
April 6, 2005

Tattered rags and ravaged wastes histories tell
culture's struggled climb to reach some higher aim
whereof not by wars nor treaties signed, to fill
out their pockets, greed brought of power - but a game.

History sadly retells again old lies lied before, told anew
couched with nobel words, illiterate cannot read - yet justified
by those riches, national leaders earned in lieu
of respect, false leaders learned such worth - rectified.

Proud persons rise to fame on monied votes bought before
when voted in, those who gave - must pay back even more
ascribed their schemes with religious themes, if more votes bought
so brazenly done, for even illiterates know those lies - poverty taught.

Eat and drink, for tomorrow we die - but a vanquished cry
cursed and sworn on unread bibles, failing hopes still try
held unto their bitter end, unafraid of their dying after
sterile souls bred on wealth and fame - proclaimed with loud laughter.

Whereof comes another war, like those fought before - thence to die
uncaring nor trusting a life of faith, unbelieving thereby
cyclic cycle History retells, from ancient times immemorial
at last perhaps may purge their pride - in flames purgatorial.
May 10, 2005

If Space were so small, til could not be seen
would be no way to find what lost, til never found
nor where tis - or if gone.

If Time found so short, til seemed tisn't
would be no way to tell what still t'was or isn't
nor when was - or t'wasn't.

If Death were so final, til one could not die again
would be no way to fully live, until Death put one away
 grave took down - turned to clay.

If Infinity was infinite, til felt would go on forever
would be no way to ever quit, unless Infinity came full-circle
proving thereby - all t'was eternal.

If Life would last forever, til should always be
would be no need for death nor dying, nor die then rot
but live-on forever - everafter.

If Existence always existed, proud Death had resisted
eternal life t'would always be what it was
for what else could it be!

If Faith had faith enough, to full-believe what it held
be no way to disbelieve, what one's belief believed
nor deny - what Faith achieved.

If Good was always good, and bad was never bad
would be no way for one to sin, nor do what should not be done
except be good - to everyone.

If Always was forever, life-after would ever be
such might be rather clever, doing whatever one does or not
since forever after - will always be.

If Never never was, life could do whatever it choose
could do just what one well pleased, since would lived forever
life ever after, would everafter - always be.

If Truth was not true at all, but a lie that always lied
there would be no right or wrong, nor purpose - one might propose
til life found not worth living - one might well suppose.

If if had no supposition, nor any conditions - whatsoever
t'would be no purpose to supposing, of either this or elsewise of
or whichever else one might chance to be - or do.

If Maybe meant to be or not to be, til questioned - if t'was or t'wasn't
would be no way to prove, whatever might be proved or not
for whatever such might be, tis merely something - has to be.

If answer to a question asked, tis but another question raised
there would be no end to questions being asked, or questioned why
til reasons were never answered - thereby.

If Hope ran out of hope, until could hope no more
if Faith failed to believe, til held no belief at all
if Love refused to love - one would always hate.

What would be the worth of Living, if only Death would end it all
if found this poem rather odd, next time in church - ask your god.
May 20, 2005

And by whom tis it said to finally say
enfeebled body, mind begins to fray
sans teeth, sickness inly felt - old age might
zero cold - of a winter's howling night.

Dragged oneself and blanket, with fading sight
leaned against a tree, face harsh blizzard winds
thereof die down, within a dying sleep
twenty minutes til fully frozen - quite.

Grateful to their gods, inner trust will hope
slowly slip off into their promised land
thereof live-on, as hopeful spirits might
old culture provides - for their future years.

As life gives itself up to death - grateful
for all yet to come, beyond earth's pale
in cold freeze of a harsh blizzard night, take leave
there dwell amidst those ancestors - gone before.

And who is said to say, when fractured lives bleed
out their life's blood, with sharp anguish of dying's pain
medic's attempt to ease, with shots of morphine's drug
as might dull sharp pangs of a body - soon to die.

Or instead, a shot of lead quickly ending all
to save what life cannot, when knowing death soon comes
suffer them to slowly die, or quench its sputtered flame
by morphine's slow numbness - or soft lead's deadly aim.

Whereof humane humanity makes final judgement
of another's life, slowly dies or quick-death puts down
into those eternal realms, we trust are truly there
beyond which only one's faith - and ancient fables share.

Fancied clouds of high-Heaven or flaming pits of Hell
perhaps somewhere in between, proud ignorance holds as true
first learned at their mother's knee, thence everafter held
Fate certified by a Faith, wisdoms gathered from years past.

Til quiescent death-felt fears, now honored by Faith's hope
quells that mystery of fatal dreams, by which to cope
conceived with life, future years gathered growth, Time tells
one's life chanced upon those high risks - each one takes.

Filled with vicissitudes their ventures dared, or did not try
so fragile, life cannot live forever - for must die
mysteries human hopes still live on, Death cannot end
that eternal enigma, Faith's inner hopes - must ever try.
May 24, 2005

In full sunlight, beauty brightly seen
as smiled across each passing year
when youth's fresh health felt alertly keen
despite what darkly held - felt no fear.

Youthful dreams, future schemes might be quickly solved
til found eager hands, too short to reach that far
whence Time came of age, wiser minds soon evolved
as might understand beyond - their distant star.

For what may learn to know, yet freely shared
when all found equal to their allotted task
laughed and sang, as if what old Devil dared
could not rend youth's freedom - each will ever ask.

But history tells, such seldom found to last
days of freedom oft fractured into despair
by greed's constant need for more, sternly cast
its shadow fractured hopes - trust can not repair.

With no turning back, retrace those tracks
ill-winds of war and waste blew away
fueled smoke and death up chimney stacks
belching out ashes - of life's decay.

Til in time, breathed in warm sunlight's bonnie breath
freshly gathered from those outdated lies
its blood and gore, former war crimes brought of death
youth knows but what - their hopeful future tries.

Frequent players, who act upon old World's stage
Fact and Folly, Truth and Lies, Hate and Love denies
such life tempts us by, feast or famines daily wage
coming centuries once again - will also devise.

Time's pendulum slowly swinging to and fro
measuring out worth of mankind's festered dreams
yet so oft, too few learn from what histories show
scattered tares of sin, stunted seeds - future gleans.

Tis such how our world wobbles on - of wars and peace
dependent on youth's ignorance, as well as those old - grown wise
perhaps we ourselves will war once more, til life should cease
when earth's ashen fragments, far scattered - across darkened skies.
May 24, 2005

Will it all come crumbling down
with death of both Cross and Crown
til comes the revolution
without some resolution?

Will ill-winds blow their foolish gibberty
bringing death of Freedom's proud liberty
til chaos breeds a far different war
our world has never seen before?

Will wanton waste of human kind
bury but those Death leaves behind
til remaining few live in caves
again to eat - but fruits and maize?

Will world still be found to wobble on
beneath darkened haze, each day births at dawn
until once more, man may rise again
a second chance - Freedom may begin?

Or will God decide to let us die
his eternal Love could neither save nor atone
despite those three years, Son's words taught why
a world gone awry, Man's trust - had outgrown.
May 25, 2005

Freedom tis not free til earned
struggled until finally learned
must be ever practiced
truths - oneself elected.

Fame, pride, greed and monied power
seeking whom they may devour
watchful eyes need to control
Freedoms - always on parole.

Vote in every election
be sure of your selection
nor fall prey to those old lies
honor but those - who are wise.

Be not afraid of those poor
nor pander those who are rich
live within your means, and save
grateful for what Freedom gave.

Tis Greed's proud need, spawning wars
whence beast of Power loudly roars
whence self-pride froze their hearts of stone
for Freedom's high cost - but ones own.
May 29, 2005

Like in those years long gone before
wisdom sung by a troubadour
carried rumors from place to place
recent sins - of our human race.

Commentary on latest news
diversity of different views
often explained in coded words
lines of truth or lies - slyly blurred.

Careful when to run or stay
for King's henchmen, grew big ears
songs sang, food and keep would pay
to act the clown - no one fears.

Folk music, but our world's commentary
on those down-trodden, mankind's emissary
from times of old, still true today
listened of - for has much to say.

Much like what old poets have to tell
Truth recast into rhymes - rather well.
June 3, 2005

Those past dreams of days when young
youthful hopes, what wished be done
aspired, until their swan-song sung
required - til futures truly rung.

Such the world may freely gift, if it could
yet wars and slavery denies what they would
if would love for what they might become
if could share - til earned decent income.

History still plays a record, we've heard before
starvation, ignorance, genocide, greed and war
of blood, sweat and tears - but life's constant theme
a peaceful world - but a hopeful dream.

A love that will suffer for another
affirming each person our brother
a challenge, some have died to save
deeply thankful - for what they gave.
June 3, 2005

Until one's mind dissembles back into fading dust
old age memories full-retained, one may still trust
an iron-clad blessing, before finally turns back to rust.

Life's harvest yearly sowed down lost years, Summers gleaned
from first breath belched, til mothered paps found fully weaned
and all thereafter earned, thence lost - bred hopes once schemed.

One's self-history, recorded deep within their mind
self chosen events or otherwise, Fate had signed
 ageing relics from their past, grateful prayers enshrined.

A reservoir time filled, til knew who am and are
episodes years longly gathered, both near and far
til believed of what we think and know - truly ours.

What one holds within, tis who each have come to be
not our body, but what found felt deep inside - as we
an inward sight, until full believed - tis truly me.

What those predilections believed within one's soul
strong Faith amplified, self-held certitudes made whole
last gift of Life, beyond Death - reach our final goal.
June 14, 2005

That stretch of evening shadows, reached across a fading landscape
til merged within that foggy haze of cooling air, stealthily stealing
up those cloudy valleys, with a silence such grandeur cast upon
watching Beauty's eyes, painting itself into those dark corners
 purpled rays of setting sun would leave behind, its final signature
that certified another day out-worn by - now lost to night.

Whereby when light ceased, noised day now laid to rest
left to those slumbers, we ourselves felt comfort snuggly by
as gentled down into that haze of unknowing sleepy dreams
past memories late night recalls - of long lost years before.

 Stilled by misty shadows, darkness snuggled into each valley
slowly creeping up their hillsides, until sharp eyes could see
there beyond, those woodlands far above - now brightly bathed
by a nocturnal moon, its haunting glimmers, discerned between
a hazy fog and that far distant sky, beneath those astral stars.

Left a world darkly hidden within night's shadows, unknowing
what day left behind, yet above it all - showered brightful stars
gifting an inward peace, to bed down a day quickly forgotten
as if left to die into some mute oblivion, one's dreams might save
into a trust one's early life had lived, and all those tomorrows
each new dawn rebirthed, bred of an eternal Time
that measures out all things - until the end of all.

Ad infinitum, why of and whenceforth, for whatever
human reason asks, questioned by an innate hunger
we dreamed to know of those far future hopes
til gives some assurance for answers, we dimly
plead of a presupposed deity or power, faith-founded
upon some historied past, humanity forever seeks.

As to never die beyond their natural death, for tis
of one's inner faith, not what dreams are made of
echoing some saintly hymn, voicings loudly out-sung
a universal eternal love, as humanities endless response
gathered from those ancient mysteries - prayed to our God.
June 23, 2005

Whereby subject-matter, spreads itself
across printed pages, filling bookshelves
left unread by some, other hands took down
to gather what might read - into themselves.

Whereafter, wrought change within one's mind
their hearts as well, until altered one's belief
implicit words evolving, til newly found
fresh knowledge birthed - struggles brought relief.

Life's long length of years, bodes well for those
who gathered in both wisdom and smell of roses
whence Beauty and Truth, mankind freely chose
whereas before, what each one - merely supposes.
December 13, 2005

Tis of those future years, we now await in silence
as wars still battle olden Hates, with newer violence
world suffers once again, with a growing madness
to win or lose, those final years - filled with sadness.

Such our world has always been, perhaps ever will
truth or lies, facts or fiction - what hate or love may tell
perhaps a weary God will send down His son, elsewhere by
man's first attempt on Earth failed - give Life another try.
December 13, 2005

Beauty gripped one by the tongue
gaged, til could not speak of things
as if early May were strung
across joyed days - of Spring.

Til found a sameness of it all
blending Time and Space as but one
nor need measured out, large or small
eternal Time and Space - has flung.

For we are but ourselves alone
each travels our solitary way
an endless voyage still unknown
nor understood - although we pray.

Tis God's gift to birth, one's parents choose
each cursed to live, yet never die
or blessed with a life will never lose
Salvation left - but to wonder why?
December 14, 2005