As two hands reached out in hopeful peace to end a war
powers in monied-towers planned for even more
governments well-paid with perks - what their congress for.

As endless cycle chased itself, crafting further schemes
enslaving poor with meager pay, til foreign slaves seems
a fiscal prudence - though another war intervenes.

Tricky balance, lucrative rich ceding modest token
granted the masses behind closed doors, in secret spoken
stretching Trust by lies, Time sadly waits - til completely broken.

Patriotic piety encouraged, but a wasted lie
each another's enemy, feasts a ravaged famine til die
as those fragile few remaining after - left to fathom why.

Til population grown to dimensions unsustainable
starving masses enraged until their hate unconstrainable
greed's need amassed by newer wars - now found unobtainable.

Cyclic cycle history repeats, dying echoes lastly cry
as brutal savagery pants a lust, no armed army dare try
til whimpered moans of suffering few left unheard - before they die.
November 25, 2003

Although much found the same, lots has changed
like those kings of old - Greece and Roman days
dulled by wasted nights with some wanten whore
til needs for more - fuels heat of war once more.

Those in power amassing such strength, until think
their destined fate, but to save a ravaged world
aid and abet with well-placed lies, upon grim brink
of well placed Time - now be seized with fingers curled.

Reach beyond their strength til more blood bled
choking ancient hopes, those found lying dead
slain by human hands, vain dreams reached too far
would never gain - each wished upon their star.

But a child's game as seen within cold Devil's eyes
Satan inly knew would fail, for Evil must win
a shattered world seeking peace, again may rise
cyclic cycle of peace and war - World ruled by men.
December 19, 2003

(Quote from Barton Rees Pogue  - From Wayside Windows)
Across vast waste of endless Russian steppe
strong mountain-holds where China's sleeping dragon slept
midst dry sands and stone, arid Arab deserts drift
dark held Africa - still enslaved by tribal law.

Thereof have never learned full-worth of forgiving hands
still clinging to that selfish law - what one's sins demands
proffered material gifts, absolving their still-held hates
coins cast on templed floors - buys back their absolution.

Is of these yet hold old visions - unpondered memories
of the past unforgot, unrescinded evils chose
hardens in cold flinty hearts, til wars fought with enemies
in due season ripens, Hate's embers re-fanned - til glows.

Some equate all world's faiths have equal worth here below
in high heaven, of human love - perhaps those gods forego
yet if closely observed by earthen eyes, seems much a lie
til hates justify retaliations - a ruse they try.

Might a faith if truly tried, absolve those hates with love
not with proffered doves or guns, but what friendship brings of
not to gain but give, freely shared - of all their future years
outwear onward days without resentments or long-held fears.

Yet when those in power bid quotes, bought by promised kickbacks
evade past rulings by high-paid lawyers use of syntax
lies hid beneath frozen laws, long abuse found melted down
til in time, new wars with old hopes - topples some reigning crown.

Should tares become crop of fashion, hid poppy fields grow
that feeds both well-fed and starving, a poison few full know
yet here and there old echoes heard, honest words still be found
spoke in silence, as kind hearts listen to its muted sound.

Where across those vast wastes of more than half our world
graft and greed, wars and hates so loudly heard - still swirled
midst desert wastes, frozen steppes, jungles dim or mountains high
that eternal hope to find - a good world rushing by.
December 19, 2003

What whiles a mood to birth
within thoughts bright morning brought
til pierced one's perceiving soul
knowing some truth - unknown before.

Thence beneath that ceiling, clouds brought
quickly enclosed dimensions, day felt
ennobling thoughts now firmly measured
boxed-in by sky - sloping hills and ground.

Such equationed limits of both Time and Place
whereof Life's source and wants, freely gave
a treasure unasked, til nourished a plot
fashioned from deep-held hopes - to brave their day.

Should cast aside rampant rush and hurried haste
scuttle mere prattle of tongue's idle chatter
quell casual voicings, til ends with laughter
a remedy for pain of despondent days.

Here in silence, root-solid land, firm ground
whereon stands convictions of life eternal
neighbored by attributes Nature freely gifts
certified by what ancient histories - ever tell.

Old words written, survived Cultures now lost
still remembered, past memories well-learned long before
they and we, theirs and ours - so much the same
thoughts rethought, hopes still hoped - might regain.

In idle moments, may hear what Creation tells
old hopes daily stalked, each may capture within
sown and grown to reap a harvest, til ripened
into forever dreams - someday may bring to pass.

Not whims of fancy or mere schemes to gain
nor crass necessities required for hunger's need
rather asked with trust, Someother chose thereby
a harvest gathered - for we know not why.

Of such dim destinies felt unsure, still hoped
struggles to learn eternal truths daily coped
tis such ever whiles within each one's mind
self-trust awaiting after Death, hoped may find.

Til grasp some truth unknown before, now needs to say
until gathered up words one might gratefully pray
as Space and Time measures out - each one's night and day.
March 26, 2004

Beyond quiet evening's commending peace
churn of day's ending, night will cease
a reprieve - Time's gifting may freely lease.

Toils of long labored hours now put aside
rest one's night, so might face another day
summer porched or weathered cold by fireside
family matters sorted through - for what may.

Safe secured in one's home, those neighbored near
future dreams contend with what now require
History at the moment blest without fear
fought freedoms kept - what won wars acquired.

Til morning's dawn returns by earthen turn
revolves another day - what life may earn
amassing memories, money for retirement years
til Death brings cease - both kith and kin shedding tears.

But elsewhere far beyond, those found in huddled fears
whose simple ignorance unexplains their constant wants
suppressed by oppression, enslaved for centuried years
self-bound by a sterile faith of superstitious haunts.

Ever at false mercy of leaders who rule by force
pleasure of wanton greed, their idle hands plot with guns
passed on by early man, wars first won by strength of horse
hateful love unforgiving, a sin centuried Time - never shuns.
April 6, 2004

An endless marathon forever run
from whence first begun
out of a forgotten past now lost
unto an unknown time
still has yet to be.

Old stories, new histories allege as true
as well they might if such believed
not of faith, but facts sifted through
former futures lately found - full retrieved.

Each age an episode retold anew
for beneath, each one found unique
runs that endless thread of life
each may self-feel and inly know.

A cyclic cycle some allege as on-wheeling
inly perceived, dimly revealing
some growing grain gathered newly found
grows an upward trend on newer ground.

Our inner trust forgiving love, happily seeking
some sense of maturity, may emerge
among vast clutter old years left behind
hinting an evolution of far better mankind.

Wars waged til exhausted blood bleeds no more
red-dried into sticky black of battle's gore
old lesions healed, brief truce allows
satisfied by requisite swing - of gallows.

As another peace signed to pacify some several years
til old hates re-flamed by those same ageless fears
even though full-knowing what peace requires
fueled by fresh return - old hates yet aspires.

Yet in that whence, Nature itself cannot express
depleted resources, new theories cannot repress
polluted beyond purification, tainted long ago
neither powers nor lands can rebirth nor bestow.

Til goodness grovels midst foul dregs of wasted past
research probings prove, endless riches will never last
as a worn-out world wobbles out of control
though vanguard of science - ever on patrol.

Signed treaties twisted into treasons, soon profaned
peace pandered by proud powers, lustful greed ordained
hopeful youth innocent of what their history foretells
recurring waste of want - starvation but compels.

Peace resides but within, one's lifetime its fullest length
beyond that brief span of years, question asked of man's strength
an inner attitude each challenged to gather by
sharing the best among those least - kindness may try.

Hopes ever seeking those Elysian dreams of old
a life with laughter, friendship kindly sows
such to smother stress, those pangs of living's pain
admixture of good and bad, strains toiled - tired labor owes.

Leaves behind a better world than first found before
a temptation worthy of its best - despite wastes of war.

Taste sweet tang of beauty despite what others say
holding one's honor with honesty, friendships may
bind up each others wounds, fan smoldering wick
tender care of crushed reed - comfort abandoned sick.

For on that far horizon, future wars will come again
hateful hungers hatching some new-laid scheme
monied dreams of power, hands holding knife hid within
as old hates loudly praised - their lustful lips blaspheme.


Not to save the world, but be kind to others
rendered where need found, each one met - one's brother
love not to gain but given, kindly eyes will find
oft discovered close at hand - though each one blind.

A mystery history tells, hopes each heart hungers for
feast or famine, waste of want, disease and death, peace then war
legacy left to each, war's ravaged past left behind
brief life thought endless - blessed scourge of mankind.
April 6, 2004

That idyllic dream, to be as one held extremely rich
like Ben Ladin or Saddam Hussane, either one of which
oft leads to lust for powers, Devil soon holds them by
til those ground under, wish nothing more - than quickly die.

Tyrants twisting their trust into rank flaunted power
til those they rule harshly suppressed, fearfully cower
in their silence trusting no one, suspecting each other
in secret met, til bonded with - like a familed brother.

As worst of hates multiplied til ordained a sacred duty
human hopes turned upon their head, preferring ravaged beauty
sin birthed but fouler sins, rich wished to own the world
as future days smelt Death's rot - foul stench rankly swirled.

Of how we so oft waste our days, birthings freely given by
dazzling world so fascinates, til quiz our askings why
help or hinder, give or take, love or hate, dreams or fate - live then die
a gift life given for, til kindness yearns life beyond the sky.

Tis of such old men dream, widows weep as life slips away
looking back on their past, refashioned by what hopes convey
til old truths told long ago, resonate within one's mind
gained riches should be shared, ancient teachings taught - be one kind.
April 16, 2004

Scattered wastings world leaves behind
left but confusions - futures might think
world seems ambivalent on its brink
sharp edgings of hope or despair
such as could decide
or not at all
such I saw.

Words out-shouted, full voiced tongue with fevered brow
echoed within those depths of seeking minds
three may argue, two might think
one surmised they knew
precisely a truth
to hold in sooth
such I felt.

Contriving strange ways, controling those others by
old lies refashioned, new hates flamed white heat
long beaten to strengthen their soft core firm
galvanized into some grim resolve
til peace foredoomed and patience lost
heard loud cries scream for war
such I heard.

Thereafter ravaged waste, world wars leave behind
confusing what new futures may think
dreams turned bold with outrageous lies
old world realized gone mad
love no longer cares
as each one dies
such I cried.

Thereafter but ceaseless fears and hate, salvation lost
crimes committed to killing what past long saved
strange gods idoled with fanatic madness
ordained by psychotic maniacs
reason could not understand
to die - a blessing
such I thought.

A world of smoke and sin, sun lost behind clouds of war
fires and famines, disease and drugs nights strangely dream
hopes haunted til untrusting life itself
minds filled with confusions unanswered
no curse nor god could forecast
what yet awaited
such I unknew.
April 17, 2004

Beyond what years have lost
behind those doors Time shuts
out of fashion, put aside
hid in dark cellers thrown.

Beyond what daylight saw
when morning birthed its dawn
quickly lost when evening came
to end but another day.

Beyond what histories wrote
old records left unread
those unknowings, thought or done
tis of such - none will ever know.

Beyond far reach of distant Space
where other 'verses timely spin
twirling within vast empty place
merely guessed of - by hopeful men.

Beyond depths no lens can see
where tiny quarks firstly given birth
holding All altogether by
such dreams - God freely gave to Earth.

Beyond hopes belief holds dear
of what man's destiny be
its silent answer God gave
returned full trust back to men.

Beyond firm faith believing of
what old cultures, past ages thought
held within kind hearts saved by love
gave birth to what religions taught.

Beyond days, distant years may fling
for world's use of Time and place
where dreams God dreamt, wished them by
still gifts all mankind with their peace.

Beyond that unknowing beyond
of what Creation simply does
by which God first came to be
we simplify by - always was.

Beyond first fruits fair Eden grew
to explain cause of sin and such
a fable fashioned long ago
its hidden truth - tells so much.

Beyond all those words poets scrawl
across a world's quest to know
of all that is or comes to be
lies far beyond - what these lines show.
April 23, 2004

To sing those sins others sang with shame
as weeping eyes spilled their weptful tears
some surmised otherwise with different aim
til forgiveness absolved their frightful fears.

Whenever sword brought to hand, its hilt
tightly gripped to swing with vengeful hate
either way swung, sharp blades quickly spilt
blood of fearful foes - rage could not wait.

Two-edged sword twicely swung cuts both ways
dull or sharp, honed or not - always slays
to sever whomever, until halved in two
keenly honed or dully blunt - its swing swung true.

Yet with well-placed aim brought of practiced eye
rive a Gordian knot none could untie
dividing right from wrong, render truth from its lie
or simply idle-hung hip-held - peaceful hands may try.

A two-fold instrument of peace and war
out-swung or scabbard-slung for either or
divide and conquer, dare each other down
or save what might be saved - by Cross or Crown.

An ancient tool used to defend or vanquish with
first beaten into blade, to save or steal
long usage past ages told, later put to myth
two-edged swords, leathern scabbards - blades of steel.
May 1, 2004

Such bold power, treasure of printed book
emplacing one's thoughts within reader's mind
need not ever seen, yet their writings shook
upon a world each hears - self-kindred kind.

Sheer magic symbols gather into word
should be blind - by another's reading heard
testimonials re-telling histories
solving yet evolving olden mysteries.

A thousand years takes but an hour to read
enraptured by wisdom's majestic worth
time and place, cultures birthed by human seed
spread across global's reach - eyes now rebirth.

Within two hands, words grasped by reading eyes
of one hour's length, know of ancient years
reclaimed as newer truths or olden lies
human hopes bought and sold - without their tears.

Knowledge of good and evil - Eden cast
when creatures first emerged, became worth of man
simple pages turning, from first to last
a creation books assure - Life's gift of Pan.
May 5, 2004

Emboldened with a staunch resolve
full-faced harsh strains of one's future years
no matter of how may evolve
despite frightful fears or weeping tears.

Marched to hourly beat of measured Time
across world's change of place and clime
earned by chance or learned in life's harsh school
heard at mother's knee - or idle fool.

Know to understand, ears heard by word
what brought of eye, double-visions stirred
til mind gathered nerve - felt beauty's strength
its hunger nurtured by life-time's length.
May 5, 2004

What strength must one have to trust
another's will may do its best
allowing what freedoms must
varied visions - their reasons quest?

What length must one long endure
another's morals learning right from wrong
til knows what sufferings assure
of such denials - finally grows one strong?
May 6, 2004

Ancient ringings daily bringing
each quarter-hour sprinkled down
unchanging notes faintly dinging
flung across unhearing town.

Time's measure heard on air's soft breeze
ears briefly hear, soon forgot
to warn each moment one should seize
years yet left - Life may allot.

Each time stirs up awaiting pigeons
til stretch out their wings in flight
one left to wonder, if religions
prayers tall churchen spires preach - are right.

Centuries flung from bell-tower's croft
message sent on white wings of Spirit's dove
reminding each hour's quarters loft
day and night bellings sound - loudly telling of.

But now, few churches dare to ring their bells
a call now ignored, many prefer left unswung
a rushing world lost upon themselves
deaf mutes stumble despite that silence - left unrung.

Finally freed themselves from such knavery
locked within a self-imposed slavery
dishonors others inward hopes or views
self-contradicts itself - freedoms abuse.

Church clock no longer measures down quartered hours
now but a mute silence heard from spired towers.
as Democracy once trusted - slowly sours.
May 7, 2004

Within that confinement, Life's fence surrounds us with
dwelling within an ever-now, our destiny but a myth
compelled to search way out of labyrinthian maze
whereby must exit of - when Death downs our final day.

Such magic moments suddenly open vistas unseen before
bright visions gifting some surreal understanding
however briefly so, thence knowing some unknowingness
never grasped before, cradled within wise Wisdom's arms
 proud Beauty's posterity, preternaturally gave birth.

When a sudden flash of insight gifts our blindful sight
til gathers all together within some universal whole
like a single entity outside Time and Space
as here and now, comprehend its ancient essence
without a single doubt, thence - so quickly gone!

As if forever after unmet, til but Death
itself may recreate once again, to reappear
like some former vision life once briefly taught
knowing one's eternal dream - some Spirit brought.
May 12, 2004

Whereof does Time gather its measure
to test of Space its point of place
both twinned with need of Earth's vast extent
to frame their honor with equal grace.

Wherein occurs events Chance might play
upon firm foundations raw Nature gave
odds of mere Circumstance dares to say
risked Creation's gamble - yet Freedom's slave.

Whereafter Time grew older not wiser
nor Space, for is but Time's aging shadow
til wears Life itself to its portended grave
Death but delays - dying souls soon outgrow.

Whereupon what becomes of Time and Space
their length once measured of, soon found worn out
rescinded then recycled, til becomes a negation
quickly used to measure out - our eternal doubt.

Time and Space, Life and Death, Chance and Circumstance
eternal components - dimensions of Creation's happenstance.
May 13, 2004

On some distant Sphere unknown
til there emplaced, to be questioned of
what is Life - its why and worth
experience so unlike found on Earth.

As if anything at all
holds its beingness with some purpose found
by some Mind's delightful awe
til gifts their existence - Creation crowned.

An eternal dream gave birth
Infinity realized into
Time and Space with measured girth
til gifted Reality's first debut!

For what Purpose could propose
out of pure Nothingness, something brand new
some Entity might compose
allowing a Freedom - either False or True.

Self-decide Itself to be
lumbered by Laws, Science recovered
when but Dust gave mind to see
beyond Itself - slowly discovered.

Thereafter looked back upon
til Knowledge gradually came to know
when reflected far beyond
perhaps by asking Why - such be so.

A Dream conceived into birth
idle Ignorance grew, asking why
til Faith found its lasting worth
to honor a God beyond the sky.

Dust molded into Mankind
a living Creature with deep inquiring mind
gave purpose to Life's design
eternal Life beyond Death - Faith firmly signed.

Though given birth, Life unasked
Earth provides hungers for each to live
yet of Death, Reason unasked
questions Life ever seeks - Faith may give.
May 16, 2004

Freedom from or freedom for
battle-lines drawn up by war
recipe of either or
til their wanting - only more.

Have it both ways when needed
til equal laws half-heeded
when each side but half-pleaded
found equal-rights - half-seeded.

Freedom both a duty and right
to be one kind or beastly fight
a two-edged sword to save or kill
such rightful duty - Justice will.

Freedom subservient to Love
either denied or given of
those dimensions of Love - not Law
equally given - one and all.
May 16, 2004

Refurl that proud flag Greed unfurled
affirm lost Hopes highly aimed
loose bonds of Slavery longly thirled
unfurl flags - Dishonor shamed.

Let Mockery choke its laugh
bid Truth strangle Perjuries tongue
break in two, cruel Tyrant's staff
depose those Despots - high hung.

Restrain self-license, false Freedoms tried
rescind unequal laws Edicts lied
remand Honor, self-respect may learn
demand Poverty - again must earn.
May 17, 2004

Swung out of trees, Man waded short savanna grass
 on steppes, tamed both wolf and horse - til dog and ass
man's destinies brought of full-moon's eclipse
colts foaled - four horses of Apocalypse.

Greedful powers still control rampant War
enslaves the most by Ruler's quest for more
suppress with cold resolve, Terrorist's heated lust
til Genocide grinds their dry bones down to dust.

Cultures failed when famished bodies die
natural vicissitudes Famines wrung dry
as starvation's starvelings pled their hunger's cry
mammon's wealth held un-shared - poor unasked why.

Ill-advised housing, proud Ignorance ignored
Nature's natural worth, Poor cannot afford
Disease, Famines - afflictions daily feel
chronic ills - Medicines cannot heal.

Until Death's fatal ending buries all
bodies waste to earthen dust, Life's last call
certain-cease, some buried by or left unfound
unritualized with Reverence - tomb's barren ground.

Thence comes that day, Cosmic Laws finally dare
Earth burnt to ashes by Sun's final flare
light quenched with darkness, Earth but scattered dust
apocalyptic Hopes - Faith's final trust.

As Four Horseman's hoofs beat across a World
four Destinies with bannered flags unfurled
forever forecasting what Death awaits
until final Judgment's last move - checkmates.

Long forgotten, how mankind firstly graced
when Wolf became Man's best friend - Love creates.
May 18, 2004

To yield future years with trustful strength
enduring across coming centuries' length
global convolutions world measures
of varied cultures - each freedom treasures.

Powers seeking greed's desires, yet sharing
interdependence, inspires each's caring
til people's freedom fractured by rights and laws
survival reprisals - fought with equal cause.

Die that others may fully live
live that others may learn to give
as unfettered Freedom dies in shame
until to live or die - much the same.
May 26, 2004

When warm turgid clouds began to rise
til met cold harsh winds of darkened skies
soon condensed as tears - weepful rain tries.

As if those aeolian gods cried
of tragic wastes freedom never tried
tender trust spurned - when honesty lied.

Skies blackened by cinders war flames burned
scattered wastes, unburied ashes spurned
from death and dying - greed morely earned.

Cleansing rains shed, as if washed away
sinful stains, atonement might allay
as skies descry - world gone astray.
June 2, 2004

Scattered seeds freely cast
future hopes might fully yield
trusting will firmly last
across world's fertile fields.

Be it seeds sown, new Freedom found
or kernels of trusting Hope
tillaged toils on barren ground
midst those tares - must daily cope.

Only when Freedom's growth grown ripe
their people learn - to vote a right
each argues with respectful gripe
learned from what their readings cite.

As centuried years slowly grew apace
til proud Ignorance outgrew its selfish ends
merging Cultures, foreigners embrace
Democracy freely birthed - midst kindred friends.
June 11, 2004

World has chosen to dine upon itself once again
self-consuming not only enemies but those akin
millennial ages long labored, each other - one's friend
much how our world first began - perhaps how it may end.

Through tiresome Time, slowly learned worth of man's need for welfare
yet civilization still returns to ancient tribal warfare
some are saved, some we kill - each kept or waste with equal skill
story of good and evil - Cain and Abel primeval.

For centuries lived side by side across nation's countryside
til festered hates flamed into barbaric genocide
with wild savagery, thousands slaughtered like brutes
human animal - returned to its beastal roots.

Scattered across barren desert wastes, heated arid dry
shattered bones among sterile sands, where well-fed buzzards fly
pursued through shadowed tropic jungles like some hunted prey
those well-hidden unfound - left for disease to die their day.

Salt-poisoned wells, charred fields - vermin their final meal
beastfully raped, their poorness pillaged for what might steal
such barbaric brutality of blood-lust insanity
yet world's outraged anger cannot quell such profanity.

World sits helpless, as war-ravaged Earth returns to Hell
for what can be done to save remaining few, hopes compel
overrun by satanic savagery of malicious madness
few fed yet many die, but mostly - we cry our angered saddness.

Their tribal butchery fueled by religious bigotry
endless disputes of varied isms - racial niggertry
gives Hate such intensity, til Death itself honored by
what warrings win, faith explained god's will - their final lie.

Judaic need for war or Islamic call for Jihad
Christian crusades against the infidel, thought willed by God
salt their wells, scorched-earth policy - for such is Allah's will
til self-suicide - terrorism's latest ploy to kill.

Nietzsche's proud proof of nihilism, but an oxymoronic lie
love turned to hate, human leaders deified til worshiped by
trust cast aside, expedient many die to save the few.
What does world's future hold, but of the past - or something new?
June 25, 2004

What outrageous curse now scorns the day
as if rounding sun should cease its run
til blackens all, such deep broodings may
quelling hopes once yearned, til left but none.

Whereafter sun will bless new day again
as peace returns to birth of truer men.

Why must world echo old themes once more
ancient hates thrust upon lashed backs of slaves
drear drudgery, as work itself were war
fought by free and poor, buried in nameless grave
til shamed that pride one's life has need to live
forced to fight what can not save - life freely gave.

As ill-broughten deeds dared to strangle hopes
til breath of living men no longer breathe
chokes on rotten lies or by hangman ropes
trust of honest ways - future days will thieve.

Hollow kings of ill-repute yet found to longly rule
curse last worth of those enslaved, il-used as but a tool
to know sad lot of common man - still must play the fool.
July 4, 2004

Each called to become what have yet to be
beyond what now became, yet tis free
a challenge Life lures us by
dares to question not when - but why.

Lured on by some abstract attraction finds
covet within our brooding searching minds
an endless quest even death does not suspend
eternal existence - of what may yet portend.

Ever seeking by innate evolutionary skills
not of some simple need life momentarily fills
but a force urging us, what have yet to be
vague visions self-sensing - some grandeur see.
August 11, 2004

Only God could dare to look
upon this dispairing world
where no one gave, each one took
self-love close kept - tightly furled
July 30, 2004

A culture certified
by its language spoken
understood nationwide
allegiance unbroken.

Long history held its past
later years refashioned
for times were changing fast
new thinkings impassioned.

Tis such holds people one
words and myths much the same
long usage deeply won
self unity makes claim.
September 4, 2004

Those hauntings within the mind, gave cause
past genetics fractured into flaws
one's self-chosen life finally stumbles
upon unknown edgings - til crumbles.

Despite firm resolve by their inner hope
misunderstanding, ill prepared to cope
within vagaries old cultures ratify
self-sought ends of themselves - cannot sanctify.

Youth too young to know of whom they really are
eager dreams, reaching beyond their questing star
ideals falsified, strict rules required
early dreams shriveled up - til expired.

A child confused by denials Life refused
stern Nature nor one's mistakes found were not excused
harsh lessons reality allows to each and all
self-aimed proffered prayers, seldom heard God's distant call.

Freedom, true love allows to each their own
though choices chose - oft handed bread or stone
only other's love may cure with friendship's constant care
while alive, awaiting Time permits - each may dare.

Various dilemmas, quandaries of both truth and lies
caught midst sharp thorns, yearning hopes still reached beyond the skies
long tortured years pleading, searching for their inner whys
til quenching Death gives final answer - when each one dies.
October 15, 2004

We seem to wobble back and forth
waver further out or hover closer in
til reach that solid middle ground
in medio stat - best for men.

Excess exaggerates, til scant want starves
outer limits beyond which leads to death
safe sanity seeks where center holds
there one may live with peaceful breath.

Such, evolutionary fossils leave behind
at outer edgings where calamity sunders all
yet those found left in that middle range of life
held safely sound til Death's date, each hopes - escape the Fall.
October 25, 2004

The wolf, bear and tiger - snake coiled within
lurks midst those dark shadows deep inside of men
beneath a friendly smile and firm shaken hand
ill-tempered rage restrains - its prehistoric strand.

Ready at the quick, enraged to harm or kill
ten thousand years, human reason cannot quell
mind over matter, encage the savaged beast
anger still fermented - by some ancient yeast.

Reason nor kindness cannot control should tempers flair
practiced protocols of civility cast aside
raw Nature of primal man revealed naked bare
old genes still in place, stands Ice-Age brute - cold-eyed.

Long centuries worth of learning wisdom the ages taught
teachings of a humble Man - crucifixion hung high
judicial laws enacted, what human kindness ought
yet inside lies that barbaric brute - but kill or die.

History well proves war's folly, Time cannot forgive
cheat of bribes, lies hatred spread just to get ahead
each century much the same, kindness cannot outlive
til Armageddon's Four Horsemen declares - all dead.
November 4, 2004

Those faint echoes or shadows
that waver in hidden depths of mind
thoughts strangely searched til one knows
their final answer will never find.

Lost memories woven into olden facts
a life-time has stored away
stashed midst those twisted knots of neural tracts
broken ends cannot convey.

Yet when tired sleep inveighs the nodding head
outer sounds unheard nor felt within one's mind
some forgotten nuance may slowly thread
reweaves an awareness - though one's eyes be blind.

Some mutant gene edged into otherwised
births an unlearned insight so freshly new
solves or extends an idea rebaptized
newly named - of one whose time came due.

Whereby old visions reviewed with deeper worth
til clarifies old dilemmas left unclearly solved
old ideas at last released from bondaged birth
staid science or faith long ago - thought had resolved.

Perceptive insights never taught, now newly thought
brought into truth by feeble twinge of genetic twist
til proud man thinks he can know it all - such God wrought
should please His timely wait of what tired Creation wist.
November 5, 2004

The letting go, the holding on
the giving up, those left behind
the learning, the knowing - then forgot
the tongue, the word, the truth - or lie.

The wonder, then the plunder - til death of things
the sound, the quiet - heard in silence
the night, the day - til noon midway
the time, the place, why and how.

The whence to where, the test - the vow
that voice, their meaning - the understanding
the light, the dark - within, without
the truth, those questions - then doubt.

The thought, the hope, the trust - the try
the lust, the urge, the shame - the loss
the face, their mien, our laugh, the care - to cry
the birth, the life, the death - then grave.

The light, the dark til gray - then in-between
the heart, the mind, the soul - there beyond
the seed, the growth, the young, those years - grown old
the buy, the sell, the gain, the loss - the end.
November 6, 2004

Woven into that web History weaves
both rich and poor, thousands die war grieves
wise words in ancient books, wisdom fills
worldwide commerce - money buys or sells.

Culture's fabric wears against future days
saved and lost, new and old - each country pays
life and death, health and age - Chance timely preys
measured scales of justice - blindly weighs.

Those have and have-nots, inequality shares
averted eyes unsee hands unkindly brought
knowledge lost to pleasure, ignorance blankly stares
fabric of society unravels - let to rot.

Still we are found to laugh as sing our sorrows down
former wages richly earned, now but half a crown
green pastures centuries farmed, lately turning brown
as far beyond, from high heaven held - God must frown.
November 12, 2004

That rare chance of Circumstance, Fate holds in hand
perhaps but once in a lifetime, cast one's way
strangely perceived, yet felt as if never planned
in some awkward moment - silence put in play.

Surreal as if traveled across endless years
both Time and Space bid arrive on its destined date
an unknown knowingness beyond, cold darkness steers
to gift some rare event - eternal ages wait.

Dependent on one's will, freely accept or deny
of such Fate well understood, yet must be accepted free
gambled chanced with such risk, its promise - one could defy
Destiny planned, til all came to hand - as if meant to be
November 14, 2004

Beneath ancient dust, deeper grime buried there
lost year's residue long saved with idle care
beyond what history tells - no new thought given heir.

Whereon I now stood to view blue sea far below
were a Time, only endless land seen long ago
tectonic shifts slowly altered - Time would bestow.

Despite treasured memories held deep within the mind
gathered feelings collected, love's hand firmly signed
now slowly fading, like feeble eyes - aging blind.

Social patterns woven onto Culture's facade
centuried years civilized, religions brought of gods
til savaged into waste, by proud pride of jihads.

Wise wisdoms ages learned, il-used by ignorant men
former laws overturned, new wars made right by sin
old folks yet alive still dream - of what once had been.

Til Death itself gives hope, Faith assumes beyond the grave
a choice each may self-choose from what their living gave
early learned in ice-age caves - dimly hoped long ago.
November 18, 2004

No doubt all may be gone before we full know
half of what humanity will never understand
few will live to see that sudden streaking glow
as some errant comet exterminates - end of man.

Climate change, ocean depths, volcanic clouds of dust
shifting tectonic plates, starving thousands death must
atomic radiation, world hate must war
til vertebrate life decimated - seen no more.

Will Earth finally die out on its own, natural causes cause
or by hates of ancient faith, defy human need for laws
poison both Nature and Knowledge, Eden's tree will die
God's experiment of evolving Love - found but a lie.

Three class cultures treasoned into but only two
middle class powers milked - wealthy class of few
lower class enslaved til revolts cease their labors.
Will those scattered few left - hold each one as neighbors?

No matter how rulers rule, in the end - Love will die
for time will come ending all, errant comet brings by
scattered remnants flung across far reach of distant stars
perhaps wise Spirits will rejoice - end of human race.
November 22, 2004