What creature first gave thought to life after?
What mood birthed that first burst of laughter?
What sound emerged from lips, spoke their first word?
What stroke one's finger wrote - sands firstly stirred?

What dream gave rise, til realized Nature a gift unsold?
What heart first felt gratitude, Some beyond should be extolled?
What Muse gave heed of Wonder, some glint grasped to question why?
What latent proclivity urged need - look beyond the sky?

When first shed tears of loss, felt one's death betaken?
When did simple care evolve, so love awaken?
When were fears held within, reconciled by hope?
When arose words expressed as prayers - lips launched to cope?

Was gratefulness gladly given, before turned sour as greed?
Was loving solicitude learned, before became lust of need?
Was truthfulness truly held, before deceitfulness took seed?
Was friendship deeply formed, before hatred - firm-hardened into deed?

Will such answers to questions raised, result in end of war?
Will remembered facts of History, teach futures further more?
Will ancient writings from long ago, still have hopes to tell?
Will Wisdom overcome ignorance - to save us all from Hell?
June 15, 2001

Across far reach of distant years
came weeping eyes with happy tears
smiling lips, unriven by fears
honored hopes held high midst life's drears.

Across far reach of distant lands
those greet or help with outstretched hands
hearts shared with all who meekly stand
of their good-will to care - felt grand.

Across far reach of distant days
hearing kindly words friendship pays
gleaned from what their kindness has to say
across far reach of Time - come what may.
July 25, 2001

Atop high precipice, eyes westwardly cast
chanced with help of old hopes, reviewed my past
beneath an evening's haze, foggy rains brought by
here and there emerged those glimpsings - star-glints try.

Since Time dead-still, with eyes westwardly cast
recaled those once times, that could never last
their worth still saved a few coherent strands of truth
straying wisps brought from those distant days - of one's youth.

Whence Time soon returned, night fully came to quench my view
atop that rock, slept the sky til felt fresh morning's dew
thence stood facing East, watching that early sun give rise
since Time came back, assured my inner hopes - gift one wise.

Despite climb taken to gain this high escarpment's crest
two days and a single night, brought worth from my quest
one Truth I learned, of its search - must never rest
ever changing, for tis loosely held at best.
August 29, 2001

Why can Truth not undo those lies of Hate?
Why can Faith not undo the sins we make?
Why can Love not undo wry twist of Fate?
Why can these not undo - our human ache?
September 17, 2001

Is ever Life a curse to live
or Death a balm, Love could not give
are Hopes found worse than dreams outdared
or Trust given - close friends unshared.

May one choose to die rather than kill
or slay another against their will
is Truth ever found if each one lies
or Faith a value - if no one tries.

Should life find love from One who cared
trust instilling hopes in He who dared
then chose to die, so that others might live
for Truth does not lie, tis such - Faith will give.
September 21, 2001

Mused upon fragments, life's leavings left behind
shattered shards widely scattered, Time bid unsigned
remnants History cast aside, lost beneath ancient dust
buried as forgotten, abandoned til rot or rust.

Ideas former minds crafted for some wanted need
some necessity ordained, soon brought to seed
til Time wrought change, gifting minds a better view
older visions soon discarded - once held new.

Old relics relished by present dreams as treasured love
dregs later times may unearth, thereafter pondered of
past years showing, what future hopes could have brought to hand
til Time dried to dust - Death cast across an arid land.
October 1, 2001
Of distant days, done or yet undreamed
times past, unraveled by vanquished themes
when hopes die young or lie yet unschemed
Time measures Change - mere Existence deems.

At its core, lies Mystery of that unknown
strong as life, yet sterile dry as barren bone
filled with aims, hopes we unfully own
though love abides, still - we live alone.

That of distant days, done or yet to be
if not without, yet deep within felt free
until Life brings change of whom have now become
future days will find, Death denies - left undone.
October 1, 2001

Cursed by all those gods World has ever known
crushed by all those lies Hate has always thrown
denied by all those, whose Love should have shown
deprived from what lost Hopes had never sown.

Tis such, vapid world casts its empty spell
til all that be heard, proud Ignorance would not tell
few finding freedom, from what their Faith taught so well.
October 3, 2001

YEAR 2001
Still much too far beyond weak humanity's grasp
to breathe of trust, Freedom's breath but a wheezing gasp
power's lust for greed, breeds control and always war
fueled by selfish ignorance - those yet unlearned and poor.

Nationalism a seeable god, honors obeisance to their state
proud flames of religious fanaticism, soon twisted into hate
freedom fractured by misguided fictions of man's dull inanities
pleasure felt as life's essence, leads to frustrations of insanities.

Til world's future seems never to understand selfless love
an ancient call mutely heard, One long ago had spoken of
new millenniums calendars not of peace but wars
spreading contagious disease, begot of sex with whores.

Wasting world's natural resources, til naught but sterile dust
Nature itself depleted with dry famines, famished by mistrust
will another savior again be found to reawaken hope
or will humanity self-destruct, by use of lust, greed and dope.
October 5, 2001

Tis how we inter our dead, a sign
burials shaping hopes, felt sublime
presumptive, as if promised life divine
by our dead's interment - we so assign.

In ancient days, when thought fully sound
many placed within a single mound
yet today, each grave singly found
body fondly placed beneath cold ground.

A modern awareness, ancient times did not share
research telling but of their own tribe, buried there
individuals merely members of their own clan
as History shows, wars common between early man.

Slowly they later learned, each person tis special
yet olden hates persist, religious or racial
dreadful wars still fought to fulfill greed's want
despite each human derived from same fount.

Six millennia proving, each person's life has worth
exemplified how dead engraved beneath cold earth
evidence archeologists dig, how burials done
to wonder how long interments - will honor each one.
October 10, 2001

Ever those found inspired from Freedom's source
while others conspired by use of force
thence conflicts begin, how free should freedom be
how violent should force become - til bends their knee.

Efforts to gain by use of power, later - control
or restrain such passions, tendered care - kind words console
should grasp by cold greed, or proffered gifts each one shared
challenge risked, force met with freedom - too few have dared.

For force violates our freedoms, yet also true
when freewill used, impinged on other's freedoms too
solved by sharing, ungreedy of enough - each may freely give
a quandary humans yet struggle, letting go - to fully live.
October 25, 2001

Only by suffering can we fully learn to love
midst those conflicts and contentions, Fate often brings of
despite greed's want to push and pull - when others shove.

A tolerance brought of understandings, soon or late
for if never suffered, when offended, quickly brought to hate
worth of sufferings, teaching us a needed social trait.

If have not been deprived, affronted nor taken from
sheltered from life's stress, untried by pains that leave us numb
then when offended or denied, angers brought to hate
too long pampered to know what sufferings teach - til too late.
November 4, 2001

How might rend these shades that blind us all
like wasted leaves shed from Eden's fall
each proof we find soon aborts
til Truth with Lies - each consorts.

Noble aims, ideals past ages taught
loudly voiced, wise reasons so proudly thought
til olden honors found lost to shame
as so many learn - but themselves must blame.

Those striven dreams one's hopeful trust may require
hallowed visions deeply held, as might inspire
agreed, accepted - until greed finds a better way
returns much like before - as creeds of most turn to clay.

Noble efforts taught til regained those freedoms lost
warring battles fought until many die - war's cost
merely high price Freedom pays for future years
but quickly after, Power's greed proudly steers.

Cyclic cycle of peace and war
history recounts all done before
hopes found to heal, til blindness sets in
mistreat each as brothers - our greatest sin.
December 21, 2001

In bleak barren cold, harsh Winter shows
long nights, shortened days with whitened snows
Time decreed by ancients, eyes high-held up the sky
fixing days to measure - another year brought by.

Dating therefrom, gave history of man's deeds
charting ritualed times for varied creeds
needs to know of just when, what day - its month and year
such hungers Man's want of Time - though oft bleak and blear.

Inchoate Nature knows no need nor want of Time
tis we who fashion dimensions of age and clime
gather past and future into presence of our days
yet soon forgot as not, for each but dies - then decays.
January 1, 2002

How trembles Truth when jury called before
to gainsay for what its judgements might tell
these saddened times, wastes again brought of war
as if ought be condemned - for lies of Hell.

How shriveled has become Love's cherished bloom
first gave sprout when rose above Eden's ground
too quickly, Hate would wilt its proffered plume
til futured years unbrought - full-blossoms found.

Should these two be held bound, if so - thereafter tried
deemed both be but ignored, thoughtlessly cast aside
or rather, those values found redemptive for our Earth
their ancient teachings yet merit our strength of worth.

Such heard midst those shadows in dim-lit far-off gloom
echoing reflections of some impending doom
though all listened, their silenced voice gave no reply
til only hollow whispers heard - soft winds imply.
January 10, 2002

Why do joys we taste last but the day
while sorrow's sting, til Time found lost
what pleasantries weave, too quickly fray
while grief abides - drear sadness cost?

Why do friends last but for a while
though with kin no matter what, smile
as long as neighbored-near, friendships last
should they move, soon forgot with their past?

Why do memories save but happy times
ill-troubled deeds, soon forget their pain
forgiveness absolving forgotten crimes
tares winnowed out, til leaves but ripened grain?
January 25, 2002

To wear those harsh strains of endless years
long endured, despite those friendless peers
til unravelings rewoven once more
life-time trials - a necessary chore.

So might cross chasms, no bridge can ever span
beyond proof brought of reason, follows no plan
a power only one's Spirit brings to bear
when all looks fatal-black - there is always prayer.

Based upon some inner energy called Trust
a fortitude each may find, if should they must
endure those silent strains of endless years
tis such Love requires - though fraught with tears.
February 9, 2002

As far as eye could see, then of more one might guess
wondered if such spatial distance, far more or less
what lies there beyond, perhaps then one could prophesy
as if knew of what it held - would such satisfy?

As far as dreams may scheme, brought of distant hope
fantasized varied ends, future years might grope
thence left what knowing of, would such be enough
or if dared find too much - reap but God's rebuff?

Yet if should wear each day humbly as it comes
accept Fate by Chance or Choice, full-loaf or crumbs
still that want, one's thirst to know what lies beyond
human hopes a tonic - so may not despond.
March 1, 2002

Across those wide wings of Space and long lapse of Time
within dark delved depths, some ancient forgotten clime
sequestered bondage, long borne beneath stern tyrant's stroke
at last, enslaved ears heard loud heraldings, Freedom woke!

From hot caldron's boil, long stirred by tireless searching Truth
bubbled aromatic wafts, whets hungered soul's starving tooth
to feast and savor a richness, quiet minds seek to muse
nurtured thereby an honest wealth - thoughtful ones freely choose.

Framing Honor with a trust, til upholds worth of kindly deeds
shared by reach of ready hands, tis such love each human heart bleeds
gathered wisdoms, past and present found growing in every clime
eternal struggles one ought choose - til outlasts far length of Time.
August 9, 2002

Only once, whence country newly forms
unique event, for there were no norms
land first discovered, thence stolen by pelf
soon rebelled - against its founding self.

English-born, same culture - history too
til proud British greed overtaxed those few
when entreaties failed between brothered two
wish for democatic Freedom - freshly grew.

Then strong arm of England gave command
those oppressed, no longer made demand
rather, self-declared their Independence
refused to bow - with former condescendence.

War declared - England lost, Freedom won
revolted against that tyrant's hand
no treaty signed, new Nation held one
states soon formed across its tractless land.

One unlike all others formed long before
new Freedom rebirthed, old Historys outwore
then too soon - liberties restricted
native tribes pushed west - til evicted.

Thus two races reduced to slavery
as new Nation shamed its bravery
yet some spark of Freedom's trust stood firm
when Succession's greed - made Northerns squirm.

Another war fought and won, four long years
terrible cost, each one's blood, sweat and tears
til Freedom birthed Emancipation
war's final act - Assassination!

A country birthed so unlike all the rest
held out hopes for those seeking Freedom's quest
wars still fought worldwide, Greed must declare
but why Freedom found here - unfound elsewhere?


First Freedoms formed without Monarch's rule
birthed far from those tyrants cruel
populace of kindred-culture's birth
life's struggles required - labor's worth.

Faith-held hopes learned at churchen steeple
one nation under God - of the people
and by the people - for the people's worth
pray that freedoms shall not perish from the Earth
yet today - what have freedoms now given birth?
August 21, 2002

As if one came from afar
apprising how freedoms fare
world suppressed by power
most enslaved - proud greed gave heir.

Midst this ravaged waste of ill-used humanity
harshly oppressed beneath staunch control
one Nation unfound of such profanity
Freedom held - though merely on parole.

An awkward balance tenuously allowed
between leaders and its people
permitting liberties, founders first endowed
early learned from school and steeple.

Where lives taste those Truths, hopeful hearts hunger for
frugal Freedom fulfills human needs far more
choices chosen, each decides
a climate - Liberty provides.

Unlike many lives lived, to merely survive
of human freedoms left - but few
poor uneducated, their governments deprive
for centuries world-wide - still true.

Yet Freedom a two-edged sword, requiring some control
but there's the rub, excuse may use
for those in power must be watched, as if on parole
if not, too soon - people lose.

Reflections taught from History, past years sadly cry
seldom will full-freedom longly last
tis wars and greed, why kingdom after kingdoms die
fragile Freedom still found - weakly cast.
September 10, 2002

As degenerate into old age
learnings gathered from Histories page
so much that could have been
so much - should not have been.

How Powers grew, until enslaved the most
as each country's leaders gave honored toast
ensnared by greed's sticky webbings, tightly caught
til hates outgrew far beyond those truths - first taught.

Kingdoms bought into Monarchy's flaunted claims
churchen rules twisted into worldly aims
taxes, milking people further poor
as State against State - still hungers war.

While high-held postures of those found in power
preached from priestly podiums of churchen tower
loud-proclaimed from regal balconies, each side swore
wild words flung, til fragile peace returns to war.

Unto those endless ages, centuries constant consistent drain
pious platitudes pleading, hides greed's desperate dares to gain
til but barely a decade passing, faught another battle
thousands bled and slain, buried - sacrificed as merely chattle.

Worthy words camouflaged, by colors their shoulders bore
vestures regal purple or scarlet robes leaders wore
yet beneath their mantles, words warped into hate
even faith re-flamed - by honored words of State.

Yet always those few, during and after ever found
in silence secretly whispered, heart-hidden minds yet sound
those cherished words, One long ago uttered for a thrice of years
its truth inly treasured, despite outer lies and dreadful fears.

Always, their Faith far stronger than those wastes of war
outlasting ceaseless lust of greed, to gain far more
His mercied Love reproven, yet finds Faith still lives
some firmly know, morely gained - by what sharing gives.
October 1, 2000

History yet repeats its weary tale
Trust wastes into lies, til hates have gone stale
Freedom wars gained, soon lost by greed
facts ancient texts tell - few still read.

Ever changing landscape of boundary lines
as ancient faiths rebuild their former shrines
culture-clash soon shatters those olden rules
til intolerance flamed - by hateful fools.

Then armies amass those weapons of power
til friendships mistrusted, hopes turn sour
olden treaties spurned, newer laws passed
 peace last war had fought for - will not last.

As future years waste what old futures gained
Greed's firm grip controls what their Powers deign
despite waste and want, such warrings cost
Hate yet duels with Peace - til freedoms lost.

After, old lines redrawn much as before
new hopes offered, may last a few years more
Cultures retrenched with little change
again Peace felt - but also strange.

As History retells its weary tale
of human love and trust, growing frail
til one must think there is little growth
only love or sin - namely both.

Despite what scriptured words told long ago
revealing tares, growing with the wheat
joys midst suffered pains, life may bestow
yet still we strive - for each one must eat.

Wearing birth unto death with trustful hope
only those selfless, fully lives
yes, strange advice scattered, few fully grope
trusting their Father-God - forgives.

Having ears to hear, yet so many shout
having eyes to see, yet purblind
brave hearts preaching love, yet still we doubt
having hands to share - yet unkind.

An olden tale History keeps alive
youth first taught, until later forgot
World wastes peace by wars, though some survive
such will be - til our World tis not.
October 30, 2002

By Truth or unequal lies
we can always justify
vented with our passioned cries
til final word - Crucify!

Words tossed across short breach of years
loudly shouted, screeched panicked fears
what those in silence knowing, untell
truths Freedom gifts - hateful lies dispel.

Our Fears, Freedom's worst enemy
old Truths, Freedom's best guarantee
Death's price of blood, wars paid for liberty
bought full-rights for all - held with equity.
March 13, 2003

Time measures Change's plodding pace
Space calculates where Change takes place
Nature gifted as completely free
space-time predicting - Infinity

So much for Cosmology.

A kindness gifts it's friendly style
needs but one's Love to birth a smile
Faith outwears both Time and Space
takes but one God - to gift us Grace.

So much for Theology.
March 13, 2003

If should read these lines in future years
knowing then, what before - you could not
give thanks their Beauty felt, yet with tears
nor begrudge what reminds - Time forgot.

If should be left unread, these words untell
unknowing why nor what might have taught
be not ungrateful, my poems could not compel
even Ignorance may find - some beauty brought.
March 21, 2003

Observing day waste into night
viewed darting bats with fluttered flight
above an ancient Scottish brae
where felt a peaceful silence lay.

Unknowing then what future wars would tell
til reaped its anguished wrath of Hell
wasting worth of human flesh, killings bleed
yet olden Hates still retained - bought by Greed.

Knowing Evils far more certain than Peace
without restraints of Hates, wars never cease
for Powers quickly turn to sin
yet without suffering - Love cannot win.

If had known such back then, wars once fought
before felt those results it after brought
of what became, may have been quite otherwise
for futures still unknown - need not amortize.

Because of Time, our futures never known
a challenge Life gifts, to each their own
again recalling that former Scottish brae
feelings once felt - where a peaceful silence lay.
March 23-25, 2003

If I should idly drift a pleasant day
with but simple plots, need not put in play
perhaps visit old friends or tend wife's grave
view Nature's beauty - nodding bluets wave.

Knowing at this hour, elsewhere far beyond
fearful families struggle until must despond
midst those confusions, war's waste long suffers of
dreading what tomorrows bring - for those they love.

Yet even those nations where Freedom's bells still ring
despite nobled aims victories proved, people yet sing
almost every century records at least one war
although Peace abides, Evils strength outlasts the more.

Tares sprout midst sown wheat, new crops must endure
weeds unrooted out, hopeful - seeds may mature
some say such loss has worth overall for Future's time
yet History shows, tares grown - survive in every clime.

Sin an ever present dimension of humankind
by each one acts, how Society's signature signed
yet goodness still grows despite Evil's scheming games
perhaps matures best - shared midst those with selfish aims.

An ancient quandary each age must struggle - sins bought and sold
limits Freedom cannot overcome, faith-words wisely told
til Sin seems stronger than the Good, yet each one must decide
an inner battle those thoughtful of - must still fight inside.
March 27, 2003

Further enslavement closer comes
invidious invasions, panic numbs
as terrorism gathers world-wide
beneath bannered Hate - kills for genocide.

Future years enslaved with unending fear
between rulers and ruled, lines unclear
neither wars nor treaties ensure hates disappear
pure Nature polluted - til ruins biosphere.

Those governed, gradually lose civil freedoms
fearful for what their society soon becomes
until terrorist's turn civilians into barbarians
a Holocaust, a Pentecost - poisoned Icarians.
April 18, 2003

Was a day finally arrived, well-remembered date
when with full forethought, deliberately took-on Fate
parley longly lasted until neither of us won
although both thought had or would - at least before begun.

For Fate merely what Destiny scatters down one's years
usual jetsom hates cast, ignorance, sickness, dreadful fears
but amid this crass waste of Time we presume as ours
dim glimmers hint within each one's mind - those hidden powers.

Bantied about as free-will, self-chosen - words like that
as if we were gods ourselves, deciding this or that
strong-minded views, those without strength will never try
because of hazy thoughts - folks often unquestion why.

In the end, makes no difference how one's life cast
birthed amidst those billions, human breedings hast
each one of mixed birthings, til becomes a twisted knot
challenged to decide for ourselves - what is best or not.

Last have seen of fickled Fate, now tis I who decides
freely fashioned from what future Circumstance provides
til Death's sickled scythe intervenes, to sunder me by
will thumb my nose at fickled Fate - until I should die.
May 10, 2003

Beauty seeks perfection, Science seeks absolutes as well
a quality ever challenged, only one's heart can tell
that ever battle between those Arts and Science
either way argued through, finds proof has no defense.

Truths of Science tested by logic, reality proves the mind
Art's beauty tasted by human ears and eyes, feelings - hearts may find
Truths well accepted, so far as currently known
Beauty quickly perceived heart, eyes and ears make loan.

Of either branch of wisdom, one's soul seems to know
no need argue see who wins, in ones heart will trow
such the ages tell, mankind's quest to understand
til minds ponder beyond - of Heaven's hinterland.
May 18, 2003

That unwearing passage of those countless celestial spheres
unfathomed phantoms, by which some Divine forever steers
wrought from burning hopes, prophets long foretold - man's yearning hears
endless depletion of Time - from slow accretion of our years.

Counciled consistories, seeking answers of religious mysteries
studies delved midst burnt-out ashes, 'neath dead dust of aging histories
divergent disputations fought between Pharisees and Sadducees
scholars with pedigrees, contesting - until everyone disagrees.

Ravaged fates of practiced wars, bravery bled - settled olden scores
savaged hates fanatics swore, slavery bred - birthed of lustful whores
yet beyond beastal rape and pillage, bits of land tamed for useful tillage
beyond wasted blood of human spillage - civility of a peaceful village.

Far-sighted Science purviewed, exploring what newer learnings might know
insightful Arts pursued, captures beauty's endearing charm - feelings show
self-loved heart enchained within, old prophets equated as harmful sin
unchained selfless souls, listen what wise seers postulate - as but Love's twin.

Though fantastic World seems eternal, each life destined for its grave
our spastic hungers briefly diurnal, til each finds of Death - but its slave.


On-wheeling expansion, uncountable spheres timely spin
trusting old truths wrought of faith-held hopes, each one hears within
awaiting Destiny, man's yearning seeks with hopeful tears
awaiting Time's depletion, from slow accretion of our years.
May 20, 2003

Bind no man held a slave
let no one be master
make no beast a curse
nor a graven god.

Mince one's needs, wears but the day
quench, til surplus starves its fat
crush hate before births its lie
slay hidden lust - masked as love.

Stay ones lips hurtful word
shut doors ill-winds blow
deny entry, theft takes
squelch rumor's rampant lies.


Lift hopeful eyes, search beyond the sky
sift forgotten love to know its why
gift to others what freely hold
drift among remembered dreams of old.

Tender soft words, til saves one's shame
labor both hands with an honest aim
forgive ill-broughten deeds, met on life's way
re-live riant laughters - joys need not pay.

Forget olden lies falsely told
regret former words harshly flung
freely share from what inly treasure
unwaste allotted Time - full measure.


Clench a dying hand tightly held
fondly gift your trust, love needs
firmly hold their eyes, as slowly fade
retain old strands - Death leaves behind.

As you leave, wave what your heart truly feels
when depart, may last words spoke be one's best
as light slowly dims, gift with eyes - your last farewell
when Death descends, assure each there - will meet again.
May 26, 2003

What Power could create such a mutual love
as freely given for another of
joy shared between, til each other pleasured by
such reciprocity felt - between It and I.

Not only be, but mutually interact between
a knowing kindness felt eternal, yet pristine
unending existence, fully know and love each other
til Time and Space heedless, with even God - our sister-brother.
September 23, 2003

As two hands reached out in hopeful peace, to end a war
powers in monied-towers, planned for several more
governments well-paid with perks - what their congress for.

As endless cycle chased itself, crafting further schemes
starving poor earn but day's food, til foreign slavery seems
a fiscal prudence, though another war intervenes.

Tricky balance, lucrative rich ceding modest token
granted the masses, behind closed doors in secret spoken
Trust stretched by lies, Time sadly waits - til Peace completely broken.

Patriotic piety encouraged, but a wasted lie
each another's enemy, feasts a carnaged famine til they die
as fragile few remaining after - left to fathom why.
As population grows to dimensions unsustainable
starving masses enraged, til anger's hate unconstrainable
greed's want, fueled by newer wars - soon found unobtainable.

Cyclic cycle history repeats, dying echoes lastly cry
as brutal savagery pants a lust, no armed army dare try
til whimpered moans of suffering few, left ignored - before they die.
November 25, 2003

A night cold as frozen scorn
til world emerged next morn
brittle sharp - as thistle's thorn.

Piercing into one's bleeding soul
some forgotten sin deftly stole
left but Sheol's - unwanted goal.

A place hot as those hubs of Hell
where God's forgiveness, angels sell
so might in Heaven - later dwell.

Among those sainted ones God forgave
despite former sins that yet enslave
hopeful after - they might behave.

Where fires of kindly love gave heat
until thawed out those frozen feet
stomped out those tares - among the wheat.

When a night cold as frozen scorn
lured by warmth, their lies had sworn
found pierced - by a forgiving thorn.
December 9, 2003

Though much found the same, yet lots has changed
like those kings of old, Greece and Roman days
dulled by wasted nights with some wanton whore
til needs for more, fuels heat of war once more.

Those in power amassing such strength, until think
their destined fate, but to save a ravaged world
aid and abet with well-placed lies, upon slim brink
of wasting Time, now be seized with fingers curled.

Reach beyond their strength, til more blood be shed
choking those ancient hopes, found lying dead
slain by human hands, vain dreams reached too far
yet never gained - once wished upon their star.

But a child's game, as seen within cold Devil's eyes
Satan inly knew they would fail, for Evil must win
til shattered world seeking peace, again may rise
cyclic cycle of peace and war - World still ruled by men.
December 19, 2003

(Quote from Barton Rees Pogue  - From Wayside Windows)
Across vast waste of endless Russian steppe
strong mountain-holds, where China's sleeping dragon slept
midst dry sands and stone, arid Arab deserts sprawl
dark held Africa, still enslaved by tribal law.

Thereof have never learned full-worth of forgiving hands
still clinging to that selfish law - what one's sins demands
proffered material gifts, may absolve their self-held sins
coins cast upon templed floors - their absolution wins.

Is of these yet hold old visions, long pondered memories
their past had longly taught, unrescinded evils chose
hardens in cold flinty hearts, til wars fought with enemies
in due season ripens, Hate's embers re-fanned - til glows.

Some equate all world's faiths have equal worth here below
in high Heaven, of human love - perhaps those gods forego
yet if closely observed by earthen eyes, seems much a lie
til hates justify retaliations - a ruse they cry.

Might a faith if truly tried, absolve those hates with love
not with proffered doves or guns, but what friendship brings of
not to gain but give, freely shared - for all their future years
outwear onward days without resentments or long-held fears.

Yet when those in power bid quotes, bought by promised kickbacks
evade past rulings by high-paid lawyers use of syntax
lies hid beneath frozen laws, long abuse found melted down
til new wars fought with olden hates - topples some reigning crown.

Should tares become crop of fashion, like hid poppy-fields grow
that feeds both well-fed and starving, a poison few fully know
yet here and there old echoes heard, honest words still be found
spoke in whispers, as kind hearts listened to its muted sound.

Across those vast wastes of more than half our world
graft and greed, wars and hates longly fought - still swirled
starving voicings loudly heard, pleading with their panicked cry
that eternal hope to find - a good world rushing by.
December 19, 2003