A sea of scurried motion, intended, directional
tall buildings and crossing streets gave it measure
their heights and grids, pacing speed of human bustle
upon hard background - of solid earth and structure.

Noise heard unendingly, loudly felt it vibrate
background held no quietude by which to meditate
but mechanical clatterings, human voicings filled the air
such felt and heard in downtown Chicago - lonely standing there.

That pace of stirring motion, best felt riding el-train
midst its roar and sway, mute members sit with silent strain
each seemed exhausted, catatonic - blind to all but what mused within
sat apart, alone, isolated, their real life - clutched firmly in.

As if sanity twisted by hard steel and concrete
their honesty slowly sapped, from subtle schemes of deceit.

Although city engineered for human need
now grown gargantuan by powers and greed
devouring those minds that first gave it birth
business re-ingesting last crumbs of money's worth
til at last implodes, but rust - dust and barren earth.
July 18, 1998

An early morning walk once taken in full stride
as trod alone, felt some unseen else at my side
til finally, since it kept pace with me - I chanced to say
asked, if such this a phantom be - what might it convey?

I whiled onward a ways before heard its reply
raspy voice grated on my heart, yet I knew not why
then fatal Fate revealed itself without disguise
as strode abreast, told of unknown truths or olden lies.

At last I spoke, How fares Fate these days - meekly asked of it
is true you proffer both well or ill before life may quit
or as some ascertain, gift but what those tragic woes betide?
With silent steps, walked further on - before it replied.

I am merely Events personified, with no strength for their Cause
cast as but wear of Chance and Choice, out-scattered among Nature’s Laws
resulting in those circumstances, humankind finds beyond its pale
is they who bitter-see or thankful be, for what have found on Life’s Trail.

Indeed, I get a bad rap from a superstitious world
which ever casts me as darkly-cloaked with an unfeeling heart
but in truth, am but Presence of those Laws - Creation unfurled.

Ever since is I who trace Time and Space, merely one to chart
showing course and drift Mankind must struggle with as best they can
no trouble with Flora and Fauna - only those whims of Man!

Sun rose higher, wet dew began to dry - warmth came on
Fate and I lengthily walked, for foot-path still led anon
both held silent, as I mused upon all it had spoke
til at last came to path-side bench, placed beneath an oak.

As I sat down, asked Fate to bide with me if it would
or if more fitting it need not - okay if it stood.

Sun now held me hot, when I awoke was nearly noon
deeply rested, felt as if awakened from a swoon
yet I lingered there, to know if Fate still stood close nearby
but knew it gone, for neither had need for each - now knowing why!
January 19, 2000

He was wont to say: Not birds have wings that they might fly
but rather - birds have wings because of their gifted genes
how he ranted on about that ill-usage of teleology
blending its worth within Nature - by use of theology.

Insisted all life, mere flow and fusion of things chemic
without reasoned rights, pre-decide with telic strength
events brought by Cause and Effect, reality holds endemic
for scientists, perceptions of Nature reasoned out at length.

No matter one’s observance, what Nature plays - merely facts
not Causes, only results from what affecting effects
simply physics and chemistry, that’s how Nature acts
should events strangely occur - due to genetic defects.

For Cause implies pre-decided ends, hence knowing
unfound in Nature, science so clearly showing
takes Spirit to surmise Cause, from what effects have shown
like looking backwards from what is - til its reasons known.

At first, taken aback by what he plainly taught
as if to view worth of Nature, but results of naught
but as course whiled on, he alluded to other views
from these I understood, he held a deep faith - that was news!

Towards the end, last week in fact, he spent making distinctions
quickly reviewing everything taught, even extinctions
but last two days, told we ought not forget - all comes from God
if had said as much two weeks in the past - would have sounded odd!
January 25, 2000

Without my choosing, encountered Chance one day
lurking midst opportunities brought my way
viewing assortment of Possibles display
t'was then first spoke to me - of life’s vast array.

Caught Its distinction between choice and its choosing
for thought all along, was I who chose by my musing
when winked Its eye at me, silently told I had been right
are those fearful or regretful, blame Chance for what they might.
April 25, 2000

While I waited, wondering whatever might be done
though have a past and present, tis futures must be won
when thinking such thoughts, felt silent slink of Time
measured me with dim eyes - blurred from ancient grime.

It spoke - Time but a frail fable fashioned by man
beyond natural Nature, Time unfound with purposed plan
a mental construct by which humankind makes demand
when each dies, It and all that has measured - will disband.
April 25, 2000

Night held deeply dark, only light - glitter of a star
I gazing thereon, sensed its distance as very far
science describes such lengthly measures as a light-year
as there awonder, suddenly felt some Unseen - stood near.

I made known, open to whatever might choose to say
enlighten my understanding from what Space may
voice longly traveled, measured Itself before out-spoke
awaiting what clever incite - its wisdom might evoke.
Space but a mere reckoning, to gauge emplacement of things
old measures of history, present human culture yet clings
beyond multiverse, such dimensions have no need - for what brings.
April 25, 2000

Was high-cliff held, viewing endless wastes below
across thalassic flats and park-lands by sea's edging coast
charming Spring afternoon with warming breeze ablow
again felt some Presence nearby - who now would be my host?

Sensed eternal Ever with its endless task
its unseen Presence made quiz for me to ask
dare imagine - Nothing having any worth
been thinking of such - Nature's long wear of Earth.

My response was not an answer, but what else could there be
thought of no necessity for such a need to exist
Infinity inexplicable, such was my plea
then felt that Presence gone - vaporized like sun-burnt mist.

Still high-cliff held viewing endless waste, but now knew
Reason can never comprehend depths of Infinity
need only be pleasured with its eternal new
yet grateful for its mystery - cast by Divinity.
April 26, 2000

When times run smoothly from money’s ease
easy brought are things bought, which but please
tiresome toils shirked or fled, work-whiled but brief
unknowing want nor care - unfelt hot sting of grief.

From birth through youth-time, had never suffered loss nor lack
uncomprehend deprivations, wars and hates burnt black
untried on trial's last, what little learned soon lost anon
unfelt need to understand one’s roots - nor what lies beyond.

As weak breeds weak weaker, uncaring others with one's sharing
only festive pleasures, unearned those strengths harsh pains may cause
as social fabric slowly unravels, til at last - tearing
then feast turns to famine, country’s worth - but chaff and straws.
May 30, 2000

All those hungered hopes, hearts in love wished come true
all those anguished folks, fashioned futures - fell through
all those vanquished gains, laboriously toiled by
all those vanished rains, soured wet days - planned as dry.

All those timid hopes, hopeful love brought two their aim
all those gathered gains, shared others - who did the same
all those fearless folks, whose well-planned dreams came true
all those scattered rains, ripened what planted - fully grew.

All those who once lived, now passed beyond world’s wear
all those cave-men clans, did they also Spirit share?
All those who have died, remnants still retained - lives once tried
all those yet to come, will they find all before - have lied?

All that exists, how much lies beyond our knowing
all faith proclaims, will future years still be showing?
All that subsists, what Force still keeps them real
all yet must suffer, will future years - finaly heal?
November 16, 2000

In those dark shadows of nightmares, glimpsed late of nights
lurked amidst dingy dank, til blackened any rights
sharp speech told lies, thence echoed its sadistic laugh
with heart of hardened stone - leaned on its hollow staff.

There stood Hatred, blinded by its selfish rage
haggard from fierce passions found of every age
hands stained with others blood, shed from wanton war
reeked with fetid stench - long fed on putrid gore.

Within that cavernous mouth, pulsed its vengeful heart
savoring odious tastes brought of loathing’s tart
self-consuming, will last until the end of man
horrid Hate that wars with Love - last of Devil’s clan.
February 5, 2001

Saw faint image shadowed within some gloomy film
battered hands tightly gripping Life’s sea-wrenching helm
years spent gifting trust among proud man's realm
til those firm convictions tattered into ravels
both frayed and betrayed - through long centuried travels.

Yet despite hair gone gray, crippled feet, lips wanly paled
within those saddened eyes, saw its loving Trust still sailed
struggled with tendered kindness, for of such it must
til hopes found upstanding - when last man turns to dust.
February 5, 2001

A day brought clear and cool, late Autumn flung
early just at sunrise, grass dewly hung
breathed in health of morning's air, as briskly strode
whence met both Time and Fate on my wayward road.

At river’s bridge, encountered those two
nearly passed them by, but somehow I knew
two strangers stood the road, more felt than seen
stopped and listened - for their eyes held me keen.

Of what they discoursed, hard to explain
bantered high-leveled talks, yet germane
of such had been thinking on before were met
perhaps why my meeting them - was not a threat.

As harkened what each told, made me think
beneath words spoken, found Hope their link
so spoke, how Hopes give life strength to trust
nub of our talk - as sun dried road to dust.

Hope a virtue connecting Time with Fate
without human love, quickly turns to hate
Time allowing when each event occurs
Fate but results - one's human choice confers.

Both smiled knowingly, especially Fate
knew It had remembered our talk of late
three months past, when we had met as two
there longly told me much - what It knew.

Time and Fate both smiled with a knowing grin
thence spoke: checking up on how I had been
met at river’s bridge of morning early
when dew-held leaves still felt wet and curly.

About to add more, but found They were gone
apparition past, mist thinned by dawn
returned down dusty road, heading back home
when arrived, with coffee brewed - penned this poem.
February 17, 2001

Once chanced, met Death, its scythe pointing other way
as its custom, had little of much to say
gliding along, cowled and cloaked as made its plea
thence turned, as if to idle time - just with me.

What words we spoke between, not forgotten
though Death's certainty, daily ill-broughten
for all Nature wears down to death, dry crumbs of decay
thus we longly talked of such - what sere words convey.

I mentioned how so many friends now passed on
well-known or briefly met, seems too many gone
Death assured me, I too must travel its fearful way
like all others of the past - will return back to clay.

Death smiled when I referred of Time beyond
learnt from Spirit-whispers, Faith relies upon
when spoke of such, its bony hand touched my shoulder
encouraged me - fan Faith's flame beyond mere smolder.

When Death removed cold hand, told must be on its way
grateful for what Death's caring words had to say
after I plodded on - with somber thoughts to pray.
March 6, 2001

When curse of control at last should burst
when slavery's toils are finally curst
when Hate found lied, deeds once thought just
when weapons left - til finally rust.

When suspicions learned worth of Trust
when Love unfound possessed by lust
when tears have dried to salty crust
then Earth has died - to sterile dust.
April 12, 2001

When Cause met an opportunity, wished to change
for some reason refused, an occasion most strange
without Cause, Effect unabled to exist
left with only what before - must still persist.
May 2, 2001