March afternoon held cozy warm, southwest winds blew
far to West, mere speck slowly circled - caught my view
red-tail out like me, a day so perfect - seemed due
for Winter been a harsh one - glad to have gotten through.

High then higher hawk drifted, heated fields giving lift
til at times for me, lost to sight by glare of sun’s shift
slowly circled easterly, til reached above field’s calm
there I sat a-bench, for found season’s warmth a needed balm.

Watched hawk spiraled downwards, til twenty-feet above ground
circled then hovered, wings aquiver - its prey be found.

Since been there long before, gave no notice of me at all
with instinct bent on quelling hunger, was then saw it fall
among distant weeds, where could not be seen - but fully knew
had found some prey, its searching paid off - probably a shrew.

Hid for several minutes, then uplofted from out those weeds
easily caught without stress - mastery, Nature's magic breeds
since talons empty, yet stayed so long - knew had caught its goal
smaller prey as voles, small birds, shrews - simply swallows whole.

Again circled above field yet higher up this time
in ten minutes more it plunged, again waited for its climb
when did, lifted very slow with small rabbit in its claws
struggling just above those weeds - heavy load gave it cause.

Headed for woods below, lit within high branch of oaken tree
time spent shredding fuzz and fur, thence began to eat
such I whiled a warm March day long past, viewed raw-Nature free
hawk’s hunting successful, Nature gifts - a rare treat.
March 5, 2000

Dam up a small stream, local ecology changes
but no one dies
Nature on this small scale, quickly recoups
so say those science-wise.

Big dam foolishness, a logion of the fifties
now out of style
but are back at it again, at Aswan have finally dammed
up the Nile
in just a few decades, its banks and Delta will become infertile ground
have forgotten lost lessons, those big dams early taught
again thought sound.

Now they’re at the Huang He River in China
simply to gather money for those in power there
yet this vast region is replete with many earthquakes
among millions of people
deprived of learning’s care.

A dam big enough to effect half a continent
despite its impounded water’s weight on stress-load
in time, far greater damage will then impact
from those fragile tectonics
by weight’s further goad.

Science eventually gets it right
for its prey is elusive truth
but greed eventually twists truth tight
til acquires false power - in routh.
March 15, 2000

With cold-cast rain a-slant, to beat beneath one’s cap
caught unaware when weather changed - sometimes will hap
collar up, hands pocket-thrust - cap settled lowly
with determined mien and will, fared on - but slowly.

Unbooted feet mired with mud at each plodding step
as though enmixed with feelings - from weather’s inept.

Should travels lead home, stretching Time til dark
then slower be one's pace, more alert with searching eye
tree-limb snags at night lurk unseen, to scratch their mark
keep one's thoughts on home, warm fire - wife with piece of pie.

Yea, should foul weather quick-come
tis always catching - someone!
March 19, 2000

At last, evening rays of northing sun
graced their glow, til reached where clock high-hung
telling Spring advanced half-way, with Summer won
all because how Earth and Sun - were early slung.

Declares tatters of Winter’s rag, further frays
re-birthing life once again, to stage its plays
as first Act opens, this season debuts with
tantalize inward hopes - like some ancient myth.

Sour grays of Winter, replaced with April clouds
cold weather put away, laid beneath Time’s shrouds
like long awaited news hoped for, finally came
cast off wintry cramps - Summer refuels its flame.

After awhile, know gray November comes once more
a rhythmic, mid-latitude event often looked for
then re-measures, as evening rays of sun unreach that clock
as Winter wends its way back, with Summer - put under lock.
March 24, 2000

When evening early comes, because clouds ill-gathered black
then warring Thor does battle with bright lightning’s flack
yet before all arrives, its stilled silence portends of Doom
despite blushing Spring bedecks leafy boughs - with bud and bloom.

Warm air stifles all quiet - like holding its breath
as if awaiting end of all alive, with Death
another face of beauty that Nature often shows
knowing clear weather will finally come - when evening goes.
May 22, 2000

Wore several days with readings of favored one, read before
his life spent midst rocks and bones, an ancient past long outwore
til he too became within, what historied eyes saw - Time long ago
kindred with ageless past, dim ghosts Nature casts - embers yet aglow.

This day wakened with snow held of ground and leafless limbs
low clouds blue-gray, brought northwestern blows - all day coldly skims.

A token Time tossed, as if resurrected by that author’s book
for I too have sensed a oneness with dour Winter’s gray - length Time took
like some throw-back, cold glaciers featured - forty-thousand years past
when man began to think and hope, clan-gathered families - early cast.

Reflections late-life reassembled, curious what might show
since cavemen days, seek to grasp some faint glimmer - thence perhaps know
beyond the past, here and now - those future hopes, asking why
like old folks, still yearn to ponder life - yet lured beyond the sky.
November 20, 2000

When last streak of purpled sky faded black
thence dark night came quickly on
whence final light of distant stars went slack
then brightful sun - rebirthed dawn.
June 29, 2001

Of what might they hold inside
we more brought-up, presuppose
Nature's secrets Springs provide
brightful bloom of their rose
admired - til decompose.

Of what might these soon foretell
we more astute, could always guess
hidden grains warm Summer fills
harvest reaped by long-labored stress
barn-gathered - before weathers froze.

Of what might some find, must always show
we more proper like, would always hide
barren Winter buries 'neath its snows
to wonder if by next Spring, has died
while Nature more learned of - simply knows.
May 27, 2003

Standing free, yet felt full-weight of ageless years
mid-field at dark of night, sky starred with spheres
such magnitude - vanquished my forgotten fears.

Prinkled star blinks, concaved upon my upward view
those ancient designs, one's childhood vaguely knew
framed into gods - astrologers strangely drew.

Scattered across blackened sky, beyond human touch
their eternal presence, no reaching hand could clutch
annual shift of drifting stars, designed - strangely such.

Here might grasp a grandeur brought of wisdoms, old and new
late night's silence assuring any doubts, answered true
one's inner gratitude innately felt - godly due.

Magnitude of space vastly measured within my eyes
gathered with an ignorance, confusing truth with lies
despite such distance, distant hopes - soon brought down to size.

Such pleasures slowly fading from present point of view
as urban's bright glow of lights, bedims what star-lights threw
infinity tarnished, spoiling pristine Nature - once knew.

A panorama, clear nights brightly cast across the sky
now best observed, when visions full-viewed from a mountain's high
til know more by seeing less, nor need - surmise its why.

Captured within the mind, child years saved from long ago
promise made by ancient gods, floods worldwide - would forego
akin to another view, daylight births - arching rainbow.

With head held far back, proud to listen of our distant sky
timeless universe speaking soft whispers, that answer why
found midst heaven's multitude - importance of you and I.
June 5, 2003

What forgotten far famished year
History never found to tell
dated deeds left unsigned
an Autumn - not one leaf fell.

An eternal Eden pristine
only southern climates breed
events no one knew
if words written - none would read.

Long after thoughtful man disappeared
violence, only creatures killed
survival, but wild beast frontiered
without values - freedom willed.

Ever evolving something new
perhaps better for privileged few
merely for an eon or two
living creatures - yearly grew.

As epochal ventures slowly changed
former species gradually went extinct
til newer creatures birthed, rather strange
without inner wisdom - merely instinct.

Habitats vanished from over use
floods and fires, disease and death
violence or famines, ceded no truce
quenching life - beneath its breath.

Til some outlandish future year
a history none will ever tell
sequence of strange deeds oddly queer
left without life - completely still.

An eternal Eden dying
gradually growing sterile
no creature will ever note
peaceful world - going feral.

Vast eons after, left unfound
no historied page will record
but a vacant lifeless void
one left - even God ignored.
June 16, 2003

From whence of former years, mind holds scattered
ancient learnings taught from memoried Autumns past
forgotten fermented smells, soft air gathered
rare taste of sweet kernels - hid within fallen mast.

Cozied warm and dry, slowly savored so longly last
til brittle freeze of Winter's nearing, brought death
begrudging long wait, til Spring rebirths newly cast
crops slowly matured by warm Summer's - nursing breath.

Cyclic seasons yearly churn, to their proper taste
drifting skeins of floral fuzz, bursting pods quickly waste
shed-leaves forlornly browned by frost, friendly felt
sweet floral aromatics - air keenly smelt.

As might grasp some ancient wisdom given there
abridging vast dimensions, centuries might share
til hopes lost to Time and age, despite one's care
brief spell of life - smelt on Autumn's musky air.

Then with sad thankfulness, one greets the frozen morn
grateful what Autumn's bounty earned from Summer's growth
enough to outlast Winter's ravaged waste and scorn
old memories hopeful - trusting Spring's annual troth.

Crispy odors, pungent Autumn yearly flings
savors moldy must, strange scentings Nature slings
sharp tangs awaken hopes, to trust what future brings
squeezed from dead debris, til one smelt - deep depths of things.

A special wisdom, northern latitudes yearly drift
Nature's natural world, annual seasons gift
when onset of Winter's frost turns dew to rime
from fallen fruits, hints of some far future time
an Elysium dream hoped for - in far Heaven's clime.
June 19, 2003

Early dew did not foresee
what night might bring of frozen weather
til wet blebs, frosted into icy beads
of hardened rime.

Liquid drops now altered with frosty haze
newly displayed a different Winter's white
until early morning sun-beams
heated those frigid globs of ice.

Thence but dew graced fragile frond and leaf
to twinkle sun's reflected light
mere beads of pristine water, their remaining day
would find lost by noon
til vanished into thin air - unseen no more.

Like so many wed as two now one
breasting onward years of matrimony
til Death's fate declares, their vows rescinded
without disgrace of alimony.

When untimely Death so often liquidates
 one - but not the other by.

Prior beauty fled, when deedful Death
absolves those past sins of spousal life
melting a bondage of faithful years
granting a dissolution of their union.

Such as untimely Death so oft extricates
 one but not that other, Life still holds by
as frost turns dew back to ice, til propagates
a reunion - their love again will try.
October 12, 2003

Early morning's fog felt like smoke
slowly rising with new risen sun
warmed up by sunlight's-shaken stoke
til fog burned off magic - morning's spun.

Thus began another day to exist
God's grace and Nature freely assist
giving one some quiet time to reminisce
after dusting off - life's aging verdigris.
April  20, 2004

Autumn's morning chill gave burst of pods
 released silk of milkweed seeds, to freely fly
loft from brown-hulls, their dry stems left behind
such worth, Fall brings of warm Summer's birth
with that final flourish - sere Autumns try.

In coming days of far colder chill
life frozen in its tracks, hard snows will
records those footings, feet out-measure
into trackings of their nightly travels
unknowingly leave behind - like signatures.

Tis such, creature's un-owingly sign - to endorse
an early morning's chill, night-air wrote
upon a wintry scene early come, late Octobers may
affirming Winter - soon will come again.

Mindful of those playful showings, Nature freely displays
without need of fans nor pay
as season's beauty, beatified itself with saintly stature
one there might - well worship by.

Give thanks beyond that sky above
prayed from earth below - those far depths
we cannot see, but merely guess
a hidden value only Faith can spend
to buy of Life - what Death may.

Til cold Winter's claim upon a land, that gave us
birthing rights, thin air we breathe - may earn
to buy our worth, live out another day
or unnumbered years - best left to God.

Each one counts upon those awaiting days
Time may gift ahead, one's faith assures
lies there beyond, til that final day - redeemed thereof.

Thence a warning chill will touch our brow
gently recalling, what long years felt
like silken fluffs of remembered times
strung across past years - life kindly dealt.

When greening stems of Summer's birth, slowly turns
brittle brown, by slow decay of aging growth
such dying brought by frosty chills, cold Autumn flings
yearly worth of Nature's anthem - so proudly sings.
April 28, 2004

What seen perfectly straight
always found slightly curved
til curls upon itself - again.

Or if patiently wait
Time bends inwardly swerved
til inly spirals - ever after.

Either continuously spinning outward
or else upon itself, ever after
for Space is eternally arched
also measured - speeding ever faster.

For Space-Time closely intertwined
held within our minds as co-combined
such Science now declares, or assumes
Art uncaring such - simply presumes.
July 26, 2004

Colors black, white and gray
seemed too longly stay
such - March weathers may.

Bleak and barren, frigid chill
harsh winds starkly shrill
such - March weathers will.

Sun peeks through, then quickly hides
too briefly its warmth abides
tis such - March weathers tried.
March 4, 2005

Again smell those aromatic whiffs
winds brought of soft whispered pines
gentle winds bestir, til one's nose sniffs
incense burnt - of northern shrines.

Obeisancent limbs sway in homage
their murmurs caressed by winds
reveals an ancient knowledge
as if man and they - close-kinned.

Beyond far reach of citied towns
those habitudes of scurried rush
where God himself would surely frown
but in forests dim - silence's hush.

Their lofty arms raised in prayer
for those who have ears to hear
learn what tis told in secret there
pine's tossing limbs - whisper clear.

Far northern nights, cold moon glows full
an interlude, when whispers lull
antiphons sung by wolfen's howl
as silent pine limbs - humbly bow.

As if all Nature honored Pan
for their gift of created life
in chorus with those prayers of Man
to balm harsh pangs - and stress of strife.

Whence should of an evening, winds gently blow
northern climes of Canadian wild
in silence listen, what pine's whispers sow
those lost secrets first heard - when a child.
April 6, 2005

Those cold winters of long ago
window panes glazed with frozen frost
zero's chill of harsh winds and snow
recalled those joys - one's youth had cost.

As short sunless days shivered into night
howling winds sang weird songs, harsh blizzard sings
a three-day snow-storms, packed in firmly tight
early mornings wondered - what daylight brings.

Oft dwelt within shelters quickly built
out-lived within, until snowstorms wore out
understood how first pioneers felt
today's structures constructed - solid stout.

Howling music, boreal weather plays
works upon one's mind, harsh winds - blowing sings
monotony of endless nights and days
life and death issues - faith's reflection brings.

Til comes that morning clear, whence all in silence lays
azured sky held crystal blue, all else - but grays and white
recalling that greening warmth of past summer days
despite here, where earth lies cold and frozen - brittled quite.

Up north, where stern Nature oft found unforgiving
short summers, but a brief reprieve
years later I moved south, with grateful thanksgiving
those long winters, no more - aggrieve.
April 12, 2005

Gathered with a quiet
whence wee-hours toll
gone is harsh riot
 that grates within one's soul.

Sentenced to a silence
old ears hear
from some far off Immense
need not fear.

Long after midnight
before break of day
a time of delight
to hear what one may.

That stillish silence
with something to say
fresh sun-rise commence
births a newer day.

Tis there, eternity felt
to untrouble one's peace
old age had quietly knelt
until prayers finally ceased.

World beyond shut out
unsensed by eye and ear
unfearing frets of doubt
or sadness - darkly drear.

Only soft caress of night's air
to calm those tangles of stress
worries each day one has to bear
those wee hours of night may bless.

Soft music of Nature at rest
to know Life still fully alive
creation nursed at earth's fertile breast
knowing Universe - will survive.

But when moon shines full
brings dark shadows by
til feel its pull
left unknowing why.

within that mute quietry
dark hours hold still
dine of night's soft dietry
such peace - may fill.
May 15, 2005

Fully flushed turgid green
full length of day-light seen
best felt - of Summer's scene.

Years longest day, shortest night
Nature's fresh growth, unabridged
fields green, skies - azured blue.

Fecundity's fertile birthing brings
fulfillment promised, warm season sings
children's happy laughter - gayly rings.

June's full month begins their year
summer bursting at its seams
life and living - sheds no tear.

Children's joy at their best
each day yearns but another quest
for barefoot travels - need not rest.

Tis such, old age now recalls
barefoot boy's in times of June
full freedoms felt - without laws.

Sunlight's length lasts a full day through
fertile dreams and hopes still come true
each morning's birth - baptized with dew.

Tis of such old age may remember
til Summer dies in late September
lastly buried - in cold December.
June 14, 2005

For eighty years, held its own
barb wire pulled either way
yet not taunt enough to moan
one hears - what winds might say.

Grandad's sharp helved axe daily swung
split locust, four score years ago
between his field and ours t'was strung
 well-built fence - good neighbors bestow.

Staples outlasted five-strung wires
of those former lines, most are gone
posts now hidden by brambled briars
farm sold to those - who mow their lawn.

Four score generations, birds made use
perched atop posts, well-weathered gray
several stands of wire yet dangle loose
entwined by seedings - bird droppings may.

Fence rows yet bestow their brambled beauty
human eyes may perchance to save
remaining posts still on sentried duty
split locust, a farm's need - once gave.

A dream yet lives on, to most unaware
not of need - but Beauty's care
silent remnant, like a lonely solitaire
despite weathered years - foul or fair.

Nature un-caring of man's want to own
despite dreams stretched by post and wires
a relic age ordained, now left alone
 posts well-hidden - by brambled briars.

Each life found using Nature for some need
perching birds oft leave behind scattered seed
some see as but a worthless patch of weeds
other eyes rebirthed - from what Beauty breeds.
June 24, 2005

Dry skin of a cold Winter's day
scattered its drying dandruff down
whitened snowflakes so rarely splay
hard-scaled off - from Winter's crown.

Lazily drifting slowly
as if un-sure of their flight
ever falling more lowly
on frozen ground - finally light.

Perchance soon melts away
 til leaves no trace behind
t'was but a brief display
yet left things - that remind.

Just a gentle drifting
Nature so seldom shares
wisps of dander lisping
telling, such weather - cares.

Or might foretell some portending
aeolian rituals rarely ordains
freely flung without intending
drifting snowflakes - Winter's beauty full-explains.
December 7, 2005

Freddie Fesner felt full-force of freezing chill
mid-winter winds whorled across wind-swept hills
just as growing dark, ushered in night's early sky
birthed a gibbous moon - gazed down with its silent eye.

Beneath cold winter's breath, whispered those tall pines
a strange language heard, unknown to but their own
shadowed upon white snow, moon in silence shines
echoes of owl's haunting call - eerily thrown.

Clear sky allows astral stars to brightly splay
as if those sparkled heavens, has need to play
a winters symphony, Nature brings together
pristine beauty freely cast - of Winter's weather.

Far from citied lights and discordant noise
sung upon midnight's air with perfect poise
as if praised that One birthed, so long ago
echoes of Winter's beauty - cast here below.
December 21, 2005

Between a sea of grass and spacious sky
spoke a ceaseles wind
of what it told, I unasked why
innately felt - close-akined.

Beyond reach of eye, held no meaning
passing Time gave no acounting for
whereof gathered by Nature's gleaning
a rich harvest - reaped from earthen floor.

Green-gray leaves of wolf-willow trees traced below
remnants, summer rains left by idle oxbow
green-brown of tall prairie grass, soft winds bestow
prairie wide-spread, its fertile seeds - self-sow.

Tattered memories early years dealt
now scattered within a fading mind
still returns that former peace, thence felt
pristeen grasslands - their beauty signed.

As evening sky gave back its nightly stars
cool air returned, brought birth of coyote howls
such sounds heard long ago, goes on for hours
haunting sounds - echoed by nocturnal owls.
January 6, 2006

Orangy-yellows, evening sun sets aglow
scattered where rippled waters flow
briefly lit river's dark blackness, afire
til stars replaced that sun - nights require.

Thence but purled percolations softly heard
cacophonies insects sung, cool airs disturbed
natural sounds, a summer's night sings to breed
til dim dawn returns - river's ripples plead.
January 23, 2006