Should of their last vagrant calls
starkly heard in cold morning's dawn
as stalked sharp edgings of Fall fields
final migrant song - of parting birds.

Soon lost beyond their far-traveled flights
warm southern climes again will hear
exemplifies what Death may offer
to those whose hopes encompass such.

A sign Nature signals of
should such whim be inly felt
joy of their summered songs
a sadness - Winter remembers by.

Should Life gift its extended stay
when nascent Spring rebirths anew
fond notes Winter lost, reheard again
til echoes forgotten hopes - refound.

A fresh melody brought on drifting winds
changing seasons, sun and clime yearly shift
unsullied by self-shame cold world seeks
songs sang with such purity - gifting peace.
December 5, 2003

There awakens in cold bleak blear of dawn
turbulent clouds, sky awash with varied grays
edgings tinged of rosy-orange or steely blues
dawn doubtful, as if beneath - some sadness lays.

As further clouds gathered, enveloped by a gloom
forbidding colors, only those ful-featured wan
growing grimmer as if awaiting some doom
their portentous performance - first shown at dawn.

Scraping clouds scoured off brief flurries of snow
untinseled without sunlight's bright sparkled sky
soon found lost, but a flaunting teaseful show
as if dared a winter-storm awaiting by.

Until by noon cloud layers risen high
in silence told no storm intended by
just a common winter day dullish gray
yet strong overtures could brew - weathers may.

A day to sit indoors, but think or doze
of what cold bleak blur of dawn early chose
til found another mood to bear my day
after wrote what here found - had need to say.

Even as I closed up these versing lines
sun briefly peeped between - reassuringly!
December 6, 2003

In still silence of their green growing
floral whispers spoke between, sometimes heard
when brought to life by meek winds blowing
til that tossing limb - roused a singing bird!

Despite solid girthing of its trunken bole
long-standing, gave green leaves further height
til purposed aim found precluded, deep shadows stole
those promised sun-beams unseen - gifting light.

While shed their dying leafage
tales told between ravaged limbs
brought by frost, wept sad death griefage
Autumn rainssang their burial hymns.

Those barren branches now naked bare
forgotten seasons grew long ago
when full-moon's bright scatters there
nude shadows cast upon snow below.

In that quiet, windless days bring by
mere murmurings meekly told
sad episodes limbs would later cry
but only after - tree grew old.

Til fell that fatal day, one came
needful not of beauty - but fuel
as tree trembled, yet without shame
others there standing by - thought cruel.

To this day that olden stump found
still marking where proud tree once grew
rotted down to its ancient ground
neighbored trees still shed - their tears of dew.
December 12, 2003

Fading orange of wasted Autumn leaves
raveled bleak of half-denuded trees
ravaged waste wrought by harsh weather's freeze
of such barren nakedness - Winter grieves.

Dismal damps when rainy sleet chills the day
brooding clouds lour low, foul weathers may
life hidden within dark lairs Nature provides
future's hopes bound by what fickle Fate decides.

Remnants of a world once bright with hopes of Spring
echoes still remembered, returning migrants sing
within the mind, early vernal's beauty seen
memories when Spring woods rebirthed - fresh and green.

That silent stillness, dying world left behind
of its final demise, to such - now resigned
so I turned and left this scene of desolation
to wonder what god decreed such desecration.

Til Spring returns, blessed by Nature's consecration
lost hopes renewed by vernal's fresh germination.
February 24, 2004

A balmy day with southern wind
to bring those migrants back
once more to greet my feathered kin
refurbish my missment's lack.

Each morning finds further more
to graze my lawn for worms
each eve warbles songs of yore
announce what mating yearns.

Again measured out their swirled flights
loud flutings, old ears rehear again
flock formations fly soaring heights
rebirths lost memories - restirred within.

Varied venues each specie claims
territories fought with beak and claw
brief battles played as breeding games
testing readiness - with bits of straw.

Early twitterings awaken dawn
their frenzied excitement loudly sung
as wing and dive above greening lawn
avian chatter in foreign tongue.

I awaiting that still silence, cold-snap brings by
morning song recently prayed, now held mute
til noon-sun melts cold frost, once more birds sing and fly
knowing some still must wend a northern route.

Til mid-May's weather, few flock together
nesting duties claim brief future days
for too soon will preen and comb each feather
return long trip back to southern lays.

Again cool Fall days return, urging southward fly
relearn those old migration songs birds newly try
such I will ignore, so may reap their beauty now
as feast their charm on lawn - wing or bough.
April 13, 2004

Early morning's fog felt like smoke
slowly rising by new risen sun
all warmed by sun's fire-shaken stoke
til fog burned off - morning's magic spun.
April  20, 2004

Soft white snow slowly melted into soddened slush
churned to mired mud as would make purity blush
bemiring all wet and soggy, til felt such disdain
appealed those weather gods - for a cleansing rain.

Oft such a meanness cold March brought, too longly stay
Winter's trash left behind, duty - Spring must cleanse
before solid ground burnt dry, Summer's warming may
ravaged wastes left by - March-April's weather sends.

Bright white of August sky, daily churns ground to sand
as torrid winds stir, drifting across heated land
shriveled up, burnt dry til Summer felt such disdain
appealed those weather-gods - for a cooling rain.
April 25, 2004

There are those natural songs Nature's gifting sings
in the open or within deep heart of things
at unknown times, outbursts surpriseful sound
heard across world's heights - murmured below ground.

Ancient whispers wafted freely on the wind
stirred by those armed with beak and claw or those finned
others morley gift sweet pipings with flight and wing
midst poet's thoughts thought best - for birds can truly sing.

Low rumbles beneath tall mountains stressed far below
high screams tornadic winds yell by its highs and lows
unending gentle lap of sea-side wavelets drift to and fro
sharp crack of ice-berg's twisting ice - echoings come and go.

Sudden crack then thud, ancient tree's falling shouts
dreaded warning buzz, wasps and bees fearful drone
insistent hiss or rattles startled snake flouts
injured creatures meekly utter their dying's moan.

A resplendent repertoire Nature's songs bring to hand
innate voicings shaken loose across a muted land
echoed endless wash of sea wavelets on coastline sand
til arose unique creature could self-compose - that gift of Man.
April 25, 2004

Autumn's morning chill gave burst of pods
milkweed seeds of silk released to fly
across browning stems of slow decay
Fall's dying brings of warm Summer's birth
with that final flush - sere Autumn's try.

In coming days with further chill
life frozen in its tracks, soft snow will
records those footings feet will measure
imprinting tracks of their nightly travels
unknowingly leave behind - like signatures.

Tis such, creature's un-owingly sign to endorse
an early frosting's chill, night-air wrote
on a wintry scene so early come - late Octobers may.

Mindful of these playful showings Nature freely displays
without need of fans nor their pay
yet such beauty beatified itself with such saintly stature
one might well worship by.

Giving thanks beyond the sky above
prayed from earth below - those depths
we cannot see nor but barely guess
a hidden value only Faith can spend
to buy of Life - what it may.

Til cold Winter's claim upon the land that once gave
us birthing rights of air we breathe, may earn
our worth to live another day
or unnumbered years search beyond.

Yet each one still counts upon
awaiting days Time may gift ahead
one's faith assures, there beyond
that final day - will thereon die.

Then a warning chill will touch our brow
gently recalling what long years felt
like silken fluffs of remembered times
strung across past years - Death lastly dealt.

When greening stems of Summer's birth slowly turns
brittle brown by slow decay of aging growth
tis of such dying brought, those frosty chills cold Autumns fling
Winter's blessed anthems will proudly sing.
April 28, 2004

In ancient kingdoms of wild forests dim
pristine relics only tornados trim
unknown to axen chips or curf of saw
humbled beneath old giants standing tall
still heard wild hauntings of wolfen's call.

Few left growing there, mere remnants from their past
last trace of prehistoric trees dying fast
salvation for Eden's garden now fears
atmospheric warmth precludes future years
predicting - long-term warming trend nears.

Til old tin-types and Muir's writings left to tell
Nature's sanctity - grandeur of magic's spell
soon lost like before, past ages tumbled down
mere echoes re-heard, old books their authors crown
vast stretch of endless green - slowly turning brown.

For Time still rambles on, proud Destiny will provide
endless years evolving change, both new and old collide
only those meekly brave, found grown beneath tall trees
may survive climatic change, hid midst rocken screes
as those above timber-line now found - seldom freeze.

Constant change of Time and Place, endless ages grow
Life and Death an eternal trend, yet very slow
rocks and plants, old artifacts past histories know
yet our world still wobbles on unconcerned
all once knew of our Earth, some day - overturned.
May 1, 2004

Rumbled jolts of unending thunder struck
lightning scattered across foul blackened skies
raining drops dimpled field's dirt to muck
mid-summer afternoons - so often tries.

Cloud-mists in deep hollows now slowly fades
into a silence left after on a stage
ends a Summer's day beneath evening shades
til drizzled drops - mere echoes of storming's rage.

Soaked up last three week's worth of dust and grime
freshly cleansed into a refreshing clime
world recharged itself, again renewed
evening sky oranged to red - til purpled hued.

Scattered Zodiac strewn with star-blinks fiercely bright
air of purity allows clear view of cold night
infinity gave answers, night's clarity brought
understanding much of life by what Nature taught.

Telling in due time, all things must end at last
yet rebirths another age, faith-hopes forecast
despite rumbled jolts suffered upon life's way
yet gifts an interlude - fresh tomorrows may.
May 18, 2004

Vortexed into swirled madness
churned with innate senseless haste
roiled by raging spumeful foam
both below and beyond those falls.

Thence thereafter but a soundless silence
placid quietude, such tranquility
peaceful composure of restful repose
demurely flowing with serenity
unpretentiously - sedately composed.

Calmly drifting with such quiescent ease
til finally, churnings heard of distant seas
ancient yearnings, flowing water still desires
upon ocean's quiet calm - at last retires
tis of such thoughts as these - this poem inspires.
June 3, 2004

Vagrant drifts of idle winds
told silent tales from wayward air
echoed ripples across a stagnant pond
as ferried rafting leaves into moorage
on leeward side - gently rise and fall
like incoming breakers on evening's tide.

Cloud puffs dot across an azured sky
they too, told scattered tales up there
as their shadows raced across the land
like some imagined herd, thunder stirred
stampeded into a collective common cause
some instinctive fear gave need - to scurry fast.

Midday thermals cycled rising currents
scudding across stretch of farming fields
urging bending grass to nod or kneel
in praise of a power deeply felt, yet unseen
til cool of evening calmly brought surcease
whereby air surrendered - treaty-signed into peace.

As pond ripples melted into flat sheets of glass
moored leaves still hovering close to shore
viewing pictured images reflected there
mirrored surface, pond copied down the sky
til brought into question, that of Beauty or God itself
a lost day lent to me without need - to answer why.
June 5, 2004

Lost within fairyland of swirled snows
sparkled condensations sharp-coldness froze
eternal whiteness in all directions shows
fast falling flakes surrounding me - blindness knows.

All done in mystic silence of drifting bright
cascading bits of gray midst swirling white
frozen flakes gayly dancing in flight
like gifted manna - high Heaven might.

Only in daylight could such magic show
stood as one lost, encircled with its glow
yet hallowed by such blessings brought of snow
dazzled bright gave birth - prayer to God I owe.

Nature at its finest, flaunting such beauty there
old age remembers, an occasion most rare
midst swirled clouds of snow, but to stand and stare
awed with perfect beauty - Nature given heir.
June 5, 2004

Should ill-broken webbings
raveled by wanton air
til gibbered in the silent wind
tattered-torn - dangled there.

Yet when morning came
drying webbing's tangled cleave
overnight found repaired itself
with newer strands - spiders weave.

Hid between porch and door
to catch some unwary bug or fly
Creation caused it built
unaware my need to enter by.

Until comes first frozen frost
drives those spiders deep underground
hibernate cold Winter through
til Spring rebirths its battleground.

As what I would daily waste
Time brought by, but to lose or win
anger felt what matters least
spiders calmly mend their webs again.
July 1, 2004

In soft silence beneath an evening's sky
beyond stir of daily din town-folks churn
atop secluded tor of barren rock
viewed a quiet sea - day's end put to rest.

On far horizon, mist merged sea's edge with sky
while close to shore, evening bats flew prublind
felt gentle flow of twilight's air cool caress
soothed that dying heat of day - sun left behind.

Sea's solitary distance led out to unknown ends
curving gravity curls around ancient worlds
far beyond, where other suns gleam as twinkled stars
measures out distant miles - I will never travel by.

Confined as but an earthling, constrained by what may see
whereof here, evening's beauty lent wonders brought to eye
gave circled view across lay of land and endless sea
dregs of day wore down to night - with death of evening's sky.

Til darkened silence ceased all sounds but those liquid waves
as tide's pull lured to touch and taste grit of edging sand
an endless repetitious prayer, tired sea nightly prays
in homage to a shore - upon which may firmly stand.

Dim light still gave brief hint of all below or beyond
immersed by total darkness, could but blindly respond
feeling that soft breath of coolness night brought of air
til heard that gentle lap of wavelets - speaking there.

When to my right, pristine glory of a full-moon's glim
began to peep above distant edge of ocean's rim
its soft cool-glow shed ghostly palls of eerie bright
all that lay before - glimmered with an eerie light.

Moon in the east, slowly grew above black darkened sea
lunar's glow gradually spreading with gentle silence
bathing my view with a magic deathly white
seeing all as day, yet weakly - if not quite.

Lapping wavelets now sparkled with joyed content
to know they understood of such, my dreams invent
as eyes learned of schemes such beauty brought to share
in that soft silence, felt blessed - such beauty there.

Beneath wan moon's light I rose, return to where first came
down from those barren rocks of an ancient Irish tor
slow-footed late of night, aware I was not the same
patterns of peace laced within my soul - my coming for.

Thereof onward years, led me across far otherwheres
astride foreign soils old Histories long wore down
recalling gathered glints Nature's beauty gifted me
that late evening spent - by barren rock and quiet sea.
July 10, 2004

If one should have such keen ears
as elves may well listen by
of either day or night - hears
that pulse of Life's throbbing beat.

Beneath ghostly mushroom's crown
shielding night's dewy wets
deftly hear Life's surging sound
when evening sun finally sets.

Nudging cell by cell its growth
becoming what will become
crafted by God, Pan or both
hear its quiet beat of drum.

Full season without reason
to grow from what each may sow
in one's own proper season
mere ignorance has chanced to grow.

For Life holds no fear of Death
nor what obtains thereafter
within its own living breath
of itself - its own crafter.

Passing seasons still come then go
past eons old ages lost
back to blink of Time's first dim glow
playful God once freely tossed.

Still the ages beat with Life's quick pulse
hid deep beneath or far above
what ancient seas taste of eaten dulse
poets feel but silent Love.
July 14, 2004

Upon an evening early a phoebe broke into song
as if should celebrate what all others sang, might be wrong
or perhaps to question why Spring days now found - growing long.

Such curiosity, my thoughts placed upon a simple bird
attribute such intelligence to that song recently heard
proudly warbled pristine beauty, til even God's love was stirred.
July 14, 2004

Sudden frost on north-side banks soon show
cell's walls ruptured by brief morning's sun
nipped in the bud before flowers grow
season's crop of fruiting peach - undone.
July 15, 2004

Out of ancient mud of Devonian seas
first stirred within its Life-giving slime
til emerged strange creatures, now-days no one sees
yet gave seed - first Man would birth in Time.

Early writings still found in desert caves
tells that primal story of Man
each age recasts from what past memory saves
across lost years of endless span.

Like a fish in its bowl, our wombs give birth
with hopes of what may later come to be
swam among those dreams, life first brought of Earth
old reflections gave birth - in ancient sea.
July 15, 2004

Should this be the last of Winter's angry show
a trifling fling of half-rain, half-mixed with snow
besmudging first day of Spring before Winter goes
unknowing what hibernal's destiny it chose.

Found left behind a sodden waste of snow and mist
Winter's last betrayal, given much like Judas kissed
beclouds a landscape's hungered hope for birth of Spring
unknowing what vernal's resurrection - May will bring.
July 18, 2004

Should this be the last of Winter's angry show
a trifling fling of half-rain, half-mixed with snow
besmudging first day of Spring before Winter goes
unknowing what hibernal's destiny it chose.

Found left behind a sodden waste of snow and mist
Winter's last betrayal, given much like Judas kissed
beclouds a landscape's hungered hope for birth of Spring
unknowing what vernal's resurrection - May will bring.
July 18, 2004

I dwell upon a ravaged soil
whose virgin land once wastefully raped
it fragile layer left to spoil
exposed barren ground - erosion shaped.

Pleasured their lustful need for oil
ground later mined for second-rate coal
maidenhead torn by thrustful toil
pristine land - debased without a soul.

Damaged goods left to struggle on its own
ill-ravaged, barely able to survive
tares sown on acid ground and barren stone
cheaply used til cast aside - half alive.

Sins of the past forgiven if not forgotten
savaged soil slowly healing infected wounds
a mistress misused, purity ever riven
time mending wasteful haste - ill-use so rudely pruned.

Yet proud Nature ever forgives its own
beast and flora eager just to survive
each Spring rebirths more species grown
as patient Time re-nurtures all alive.

Past sins forgiven, fertility returns
scant birthings each season's growth slowly re-learns
til in years anon, all trace of plundered thrust
gentle Nature absolves - scars of former lust
again left to human futures - with hopeful trust.
September 3, 2004

Sheets of rumpled white spread with sparkled snow
well-tucked in between woods and fence-line row
late evening laid to rest - beneath full-moon's glow.

Shadowed silhouettes imaged barren trees frozen still
cold night's freeze, shivered Nature's nakedness with frosty chill
moon's haunting light, swept across sparkled glaze of icy hill.

Frozen beauty, Winter enswaddled with pristine purity
white sheets of snow snuggled warm comfort of security
wear night abed, moon and snow blessed - with cold calm assurity.
October 25, 2004

All those miles and wide open space
weary songs prairie winds ever blowing
horizon leveled flat - lone eyes trace
surmise Winter days and nights - but snowing.

An endless land flat beneath the sky
gray clouds take half full-day coming by
within half-hour, rain blown completely dry
til brief evening sun quickly downed to die.

Graveled roads mile after mile led the way
straight and endless, quivered mirages danced in play
always those ceaseless winds found, fondly caress the land
silent whispers past ages told - one could understand.

Pure nature flung across endless spread of prairies
its beauty so remote, where one longly tarries
a solemn moment, stand alone between land and sky
unanswered questions one might ask - yet full knowing why.

A half century of former years have fled and gone
yet at odd moments, still hear lonely prairie's song
melodies woven into waving stands of grass and grain
those youthful days of freedom, age of latter years have slain.

Memories nature freely gifted
weathered features of land and sky
natural daily prayers once drifted
old age has not forgotten - why.
November 3, 2004