High above chimney's bight
flying bats outwear their night
back and forth with fluttered flight
til dawn hides all - out of sight.

Yet within dark chimney's flue
nests held by salival glue
swifts returned as darkness drew
abides their night - out of view.

Below tall chimney's flue and bight
cold fireplace-damper shut up tight
ignored whole Summer through, out of sight
til Winter demands - first firing's light.
June 13, 2001

As strolled warm fields in June-time's bloom
clouds above scattered with witches broom
blue-eyed chicory by fence-line grows
growing wild-free - surging Nature shows.

No one with whetted scythe lays them low
nor harvest planned from what did not sow
freely grown, Nature birthed to glean their beauty
rather than crop grown - with hard-labored duty.

Floral patchwork designed, woven on field's loom
such beauty seen, when landscape flushed with Summer's bloom.

Second clutch of bird eggs soon will hatch
season ending when their fledglings flown
til late Summer ears, again will catch
those morning songs - flocking birds are prone.

Another season has come and gone, oh so soon
seems but yesterday, felt first blush of early June
how quickly once wanted Spring has come and gone
as tired August fields - stifle a late Summer's yawn.

Seems both Spring and Summer quickly fled
eager to bury down cold Winter's dead
richest time of life, but a brief reprieve
like childhood lost, old age - can not retrieve.

Life's four Seasons but a day in the sun
so soon after felt had too quickly run
wore fresh January through cold's December
as strolled those Autumn fields - to remember.
July 3, 2001

In that quiet stillness late evening brings
August dry becalmed by what dead air wrings
sun long had set, though after-glow tarries still
as night slowly intrudes - with its touch of chill.

Then night gathers secrets Nature provides
their silent whispers heard within, confides
beauty learned from eventide, yet much unknown
a tonic for one's weary soul - out alone.

A silence meekness craves, late evenings share
when dry August hushed with mere breath of air
after-glow of sun soon snuffed out, til finally gone
as cool night returns, til day rebirths - a newer dawn.
July 5, 2001

A year when both June and July lasted but two weeks to stay
March thru April held on six weeks more, even far into May
then in mid-July, found August dry early came much too soon
how long will this arid stretch last? - Months strangely out of tune!
July 16, 2001

Midst varied strengths Nature shows
lie weathered rocks, scarred and grooved
prised by heat or frozen snows
their shifting plates - sometimes moved.

Midst frail wisps Summer grew, Nature freely sows
silky wisps of thistle down, like cobwebs shaken free
gently drifting of wheresoever soft wind blows
cast far and wide, their seeds ensuring - will always be.
August 11, 2001

Autumn's forecast felt of drying air
although little shows its being there
leaves frost-tinted, with more to come
katydids still heard - nightly hum.

Clear days more sharply cast fully bright
twilight revealing bats in flight
as evening quickly descends into night
until stars seem closer - more clearly quite.

As winds drifted wafts of thistle down
released from dry stems, fast-fading brown
brief tinge of frost, early mornings melt
that touch of chill - late evenings felt.

Sky patterns now display Fall's latest style
freshly painted upon re-numbered dial
evening birds early down to roost
than those of Summer nights - been use't.
Noon-time sun, shadows northward more
seen further cast across the floor
with or without calendar's page
Nature itself - far better gauge.

As Summer's final fling quickly ends
tis signals such as these, Autumn sends
when Fall's fading colors clearly seen
what late browns have grown - from early green.
August 30, 2001

Rushing head-strong to reach the sea
roiled a-flood with wild spree
soundings a-roar, churning rapidly
lured on forever by gravity.

Despite river's rush and raging surge
found here and there, lost its downward urge
hidden behind bouldered rocks, close to shore
placid pools lie unharried - quiet wore.

Now ensheltered from river's wonton rush
beyond its turbulence and swirling flush
a place of normalcy found, of gentled peace
only there, plundering chaos found to cease.
September 1, 2001

Dense cold, kinked slow rise of chimney's smoke
bellowed up til cold air bent it broke
scattered layers spreading from each chimney pot
like filmy shrouds of white clouds - fresh morning brought.

White fog festooned down by river's bend
where warmer waters met cold air's blend
thence both fog and sun early met, friendly drawn
such a silent day first spoke - to greet the dawn.

Loud bellows of unmilked cows echoed clear
honking geese flew above where fog made steer
but not before rooster calls were early spoke
muffled sounds mixed with smog - by first-firing's stoke.
September 11, 2001

When first felt warm rays of morning's sun
sparkled on webs, spiders nightly spun
melting those hard crystals of frozen frost
too briefly soon, rime found completely lost.

Thence droplets reformed as simple dew
what night webs strung, morning's sun - withdrew.
September 19, 2001

Silken twists released on Autumn's air
carried far and wide
late year's milkweed crop, seeds given heir
gently drift and glide.

Strewn across dry field's dearth, far scattered there
trust again is tried
Nature's worth of Summer's birth, like silken hair
shaken free with pride.
October 6, 2001

Fruit first found green til yellows, then ripens orange -deeply held
til Autumn's frost opens pods, wrinkled deeply brown and red
hanging whole winter through, tethered - dangling pediceled
since early Spring through Winter's frost, refused itself be shed.
October 8, 2001

When shadows show but paper thinned
as if light with dark closely kinned
moon found faded wan, bare bleak of light
such seen scattered so, of Winter's night.

When airless wind felt like freezing breath
as if would die a frozen death
only life seen, those stars far away
of such, wordless message might convey.

Harsh brittle cold with dying lack of light
held one to question, tis the end in sight
answered when dawn made rosy gift of sky
stoic Nature lives on - til Sun should die.
December 16, 2001

Saddened moods told in minored key
what once-things later came to be
factors, Time and Place both applied
by such facts, Fate would now decide
those future years may soon provide.

Rainy days awoke with morning fog
soddened fields found a swampy bog
bleak hopes wore far worse than wished to be
songs of life heard - played in minored key.

Sun unseen for days, bleakly chidden
its wanted glow, clouds darkly hidden
awaiting return of bright morning's sun
til April's rain be found - finally done.

Knowing tis but Nature's wonton spree
weathers heard and felt - in minored key.
January 5, 2002

Fine-grained snow fell the day
drifting til gently lay
watched with but naught to say.

Winter's magic Nature gifts
windless air, so formed no drifts
peaceful play, one's Spirit sifts.

Such depths birth a silence
northern climes oft dispense
tis then - soft dreams commence.
January 6, 2002

When December storm left all winter-white
found outdoors
from eve to morn, til dawn challenged night
day-break restores.

An experience those who dwell a southern clime
may never know
when morning's frost turns night's dew to frozen rime
perhaps with snow.

Nature wears different moods as seasons shift
from Nature's booty
flaunting those latest styles weathers gift
with natural beauty.
January 8, 2002

Doth pathway skirting my scant holdings
sense missment of my passing by
unsettled birds peeve with their scoldings
as if of my absence - asking why?

For late-winter snows gave no sign of prints
except those creatured of the night
since my untraveled steps left no hints
for absent shadows - can not write.

No doubt, hedge-rows have forgotten I
unaware my passage unfound
as not of their concern nor its why
unknowing - too long held housebound.

When weathers fair, again will walk my way
note how Winter's wear took its toll
for Spring soon will rebirth a warmish day
perhaps then - take my daily stroll.
February 21, 2002

Should night's malignant winds entone squeaks and moan
as lie awake abed, hearing creaks and groan
lightning's bright flash, harsh crackings thunder rends
ominous hauntings - stormy weather sends.

Loose spouting rattles at eave's end, wind loudly howls
wasted leaves dance at window panes like frightened owls
with sudden burst of wanton gust, house hard-shaken
raging fury loudly screams - whole world waken.

Surging blast of pelting rain, rattles windows as well as doors
spooky thuds emanate from those rooms below - or distant floors.

Leaves one dreaming, as if sailed some ancient ship at sea
thalassic gods of Neptune risen, wars with vengeful glee
seeing beyond the glass, gigantic waves lunging a-storm
full force of Nature's wrath alive - sea-winds asked to perform.

Gradually, storm's strength began to wither wan and weak
no longer does Nature's anger find need to curse nor speak
until its after-silence left unheard, as sleep comes on
know morrow, finds wasted limbs and leaves strewn across the lawn.
February 28, 2002

Cliff swallows flew figured-eight curving flights
enraptured me as if were ritualed rites
pursuing varied insects, each held in sight
as an evening slowly faded into night.

Swallows fed upon myriads flying there
ever circling, acrobatics performed in air
oft skimming water's surface with swift dapping dare
such magic Nature bred, late evening gave heir.

By time I left, entire valley turned ghostly white
an eerie view, ground-fog glowed beneath full-moon's bright
of such beauty, my evening walk brought to sight
when swallows flew figured-eights, in evening's fading light.
March 5, 2002

Across Irish meads, leas and hedge-rows, a quiet world lay
til by mid-morning, sullen clouds scattered with darkish gray
though sun seen at first rising, nearing storm threatened in vain
amassing gloom too high, too fast - here would not shed its rain.

Scattered kein lay green meadows, re-chewing first morning's graze
livestock unvoiced their sober content, farm dogs porched a-laze
such telling storm would vent its moisture far beyond, further east
here foul weather simply skipped, I knew - but not those muted beast.

Such signs of impending weather hinted, mid-morning's forecast but a lie
long years of weather-watching, gave hopeful evidence storm but passing by
so I ambled further on, trusting presumeful rain would be but dry
for life oft assumes days of gloom, yet sometimes not - left with brightful sky.

Mooded me, as if could hear pipes of some army marching through
light-hearted youth yet unfearful, what awaiting wars must do
each scurried by, eager for challenge beyond false darkness here
soon earn what honored valor must pay - its deadly price of fear.

Before last clouds scudded off, returning sunlight burnt off misty haze
cattle first tilted forward before rising, again began to graze
shadows gave definement of depths and shapes, sunlight's beauty found
lull of morning's marching clouds soon forgot - like that army bound.

A day still remembered of, here poemed with but what memories may
when youth, war, foreign fields - my meandering steps chanced to stray
traced midst those rural lands, where Irish weather once chose to play
as strode across meads, leas and hedge-rows - where a quiet world lay.
March 8, 2002

As late evening's air brought chill with dampish dew
last rays of light, orange tinted clouds held high
all else seen but silhouettes, dark shadows drew
til faint twinklings - be-starred a distant sky.

Here by sea-worn coast, where tides measure daily rise and fall
sand complains of continent's shorelined ill-raveled crust
centuries embattled between land and sea, til rocks worn raw
eternal wear by wind and waves, tis such erosion's must.

No night birds nor insects entuned, only tide's scouring heard
gentle words water speaks, as touch and taste sharp edge of land
stars above twinkled, as if spoke some universal word
demurely chastened by Nature, such grandeur brought to hand.

Tis then one's thoughts tempted, test strength of one's Faith and Truth
what Hopes might grasp midst this vast Immense, by one so small
huddled like some timid creature, no older than its youth
enraptured by an endless view - overpowered with its thrall.

Til fragile quizzings within one's mind could be fully known
frail attempts breathed in its richness, til questioned answers found
as feeble hopes formed then dissolved, never held as one's own
failed pretense presumed, sensed from a silence of unheard sound.

Time and Space seemed but phantoms, some sky-god felt pleased to show
midst dark and damp, touch of air, constant laps - wavelets wear
alone with such vastness, untrusting if All real or no
revelations late evening told, sea-shore - once whispered there.
March 22, 2002

Purpled ironweed sways midst nodding golden rod
colors each Autumn gifts, beauty wrought from God
patient winds urging them to humbly nod
roots freely grown, nourished from ancient sod.

Such regal colors, former kings once wore
as bravely led their armies into war
holy shades still displayed at Easter tide
past history yet informs - long held with pride.

Purple-gold freely cast among these rural dells
brilliant tintings, late Autumn's season yearly swells
when dying ironweed and golden rod cast their spell
slowly fading brown, tis such - Winters sadly knell.
August 21, 2002

Standing tall against an early Autumn's sky
wondering if their worth, my questions asked why
bleached stems turning brown, yet their seeds not wasted
even full-life, dying annuals had tasted.

As wonton winds blow and bend, til crippled each stem
thoughts of death or its dying, unknown to them
each cell shriveling, early green fast fading brown
til weight of Winter snows - slowly brings them down.

Proffered seeds, shattered kernels, left their empty shell
cast by those wonton winds, where each seed simply fell
soon gathered by mice and birds, keen searching finds
uneaten remains, birthed next Spring - upwards climbs.

From their first sproutings, warming Spring brought to birth
nurtured by sun and rains, minerals nursed of Earth
fresh green slowly inching upward, reach for Heaven's sky
trusting innate genes and weathers - for their growings by.

Densely neighbored, midst kindred kin and others
conflicting closeness, til fear each one smothers
growing short or tall midst their struggled competition
hemmed in by close-crowding - stunted by malnutrition.

Each leaf and frond found clinging morning's dew
thirst for Summer's sun, yearnings slowly grew
hoping their unseen flowers be fertilized
Nature's maternal instincts soon realized.

When mid-summer came, abuzz with insect's hum
scattered pollen fertilized, bees probings plumb
nurtured those swollen seeds, held within each kernel's shell
until at last shaken loose, falling - whence each one fell.

As Fall winds bent their nodding stems, Summer grew
annual weeds found their quiet life finally through
crippled, slowly drying - dying back to earthen ground
without one word of praise - their beauty had proudly crowned.


An early Autumn scene of wan weeds turning brown
wild fields, my searching eyes caught at sun-down
mooding mute thoughts of what my own aging might
til twilight hid weedful crowd, beneath dark night.

Felt as one kindred with those weeds, now sere and bent
equal parallels our lives both lived, growth had lent
efforts lost by wear, inclement weathers strew
yet enough saved for future years - healthy true.

Love that came full-term, giving life future hope
written words or spoken loud, so one might cope
felt in future hearts, to scatter down their years
bear those pains living grieves - midst its tears and fears.

Knowing all growth seeds future days, planned or not
Nature one of those teachers by which each are taught
midst life's harsh struggles, warring countries fought
thankful what others shared - caring hands brought.

Such now recalled, standing tall against an Autumn's sky
as evening's sun slowly faded, til brought twilight by
awakened aging memories, now left to wonder why
truths old age had long preserved - until should down to die.
August 29, 2002

Upon morning's frozen air, icy flecks brightly danced
swirling flakes softly drifting down
glittering rainbow's full color's range, bright sunlight chanced
shed from high heaven's twinkled crown.

Morning's ten-below shrank mercury's red
an arctic front's all-night dropping fed
bright glitter, winter-wonderland had shed
awed by what pristine nature's beauty bred.

Thin air filled with twirling crystaled flakes
morning's warming sun and cold air creates
slowly shed from tree limbs, soft winds swayed
like a fairyland - in which had strayed.

All else stood silent, as if World mystified by this event
a rarity seldom seen, like some miracle high-heaven sent
til rising sun began its melt, to end this brief display of beauty
as if too much of a good thing, interfered with life's need for duty.

Soon after, waking birds emerged from brambles
where nightly dwelt those alder swamps down below
their avian songs, blessed morning's miracles
like a Matin's early ritual might bestow.

Nature at its best, cold Winter briefly shows
before Spring soon rebirths - for what Summer grows.
August 30, 2002

Upon yon hill, pines softly sway
my ears clearly heard what they say
constant whining, airs gently stir
sung by tall hemlocks, pines and fir.

What might their words tell, if one could understand
prattled back and forth within dark forest-land
soft stir of murmurings, outer world unknows
until muffled by heavy snow - silence bestows.

Pines never hibernate, awake all winter through
ever active, like stirrings of a nervous shrew
to wonder what Nature's signs naturally say
upon those yon hills, when tall pines gently sway.
August 30, 2002

For several hours or more, continuously fed
ever lifting off, when passing cars sped by
circled-flights, brought each back to where before had fled
others drifted upwards - soaring further high.

Longly watched, whiled a morning through til noon
then of late evening, again sat porch-steps by
espied midst those dead remains, were several coon
feasting like morning's buzzards - when road-kills die.

Later, a gibbous moon slowly emerged into view
casting its soft light, reflecting wet of evening's dew
much too dim for me to note, yet sounds gave their clue
chew and gnaw of brittle bones, heard - til left but few.

When checked mail box next morning, nearly eight
no trace of fur nor feathers found, left to tell
what prowling creatures of the dark, last night ate
no remnants remained, nor signs - of what once there fell.
October 18, 2002

Chilled wet winds blowing til most leaves found fled
of but one day, through long blustery night
early morning next showed what Nature shed
barren woods cleanly seen - if not quite.

Nature's cycle of birth through death, Time makes loan
from Spring's first fresh blush, such - Summer soon fulfills
until Autumn's scattered seeds, found freely thrown
whereof done of one day and night - Time distills.

Within a single day and its after night
ground gold beneath naked trees, Fall's annual rite
what Autumn's magic gifts, cold Winter soon lays bare
til nothing left, but to tender - one's grateful prayer.
October 30, 2002

Stone-wall fence between meadowed lea and I
leaned thereon to reap what brought of eye
watched sun's soft glow, descend down the sky.

A field once planted to yield rye
late autumn drilled, while cool ground yet dry
with sweated labors, will harvest next July.

Few years after sown to wheat, just to try
another hot day, neighbors put to scythe
then shocked, later threshed - til straw-stack blown high.

Varied plantings sown, farm labors yearly ply
stone-wall mutely stands, perhaps wonders why
its ancient rocks never grow, nor put to scythe.

There at dusk, a silent peace may grant
as whippoorwills gave their solemn chant
twilight seeds old scenes, new dreams may plant.
October 31, 2002 - June 11, 2003

After dreary weeks of grays and colds
short days, early January often holds
first clear day, brightened by risen sun
such silent wonder - Nature's magic spun.

Brief beauty bidden to pacify one's soul
although browns of barren fields, might seem droll.

Sun-bathed landscapes beneath pristine azured skies
without winds ablow, such in holy quiet lies
ceding an inward peace, trusting what Nature knows
despite run of weeks, skies gray with whitened snows.

But then my hopes harshly shattered by thoughts of war
moral fractures from olden days, its waste and gore
so much suffering wrought of hate, lust, lies and greed
Nature's peaceful calm tarnished - human sins still breed.

Sin yet wars with love, one's hopes tested to truly trust
quietude of peace but an interlude, as it must
yet, after dreary weeks of Winter's cold and gray
brief reprieve felt a Peace, as if brought on by May!
January 8, 2003

January's chill so cold and raw
great-horned owls gave no mating call
neighbored dogs refused to bark
new-moon froze - completely dark.

A-wonder tree-bark did not split
too cold for man nor beast, unfit
a night to sit one's fire-side's brink
there in silence - but sit and think.

Despite sharp extremes of frost and chill
winds gave no howl to moan their plight
as hoed between those rows, memories till
awaiting what morning shows - at first light.
January 19, 2003

White coldly shivered beneath full-moon's bright
bathed valley far below hill's brooding height
further chilled by late January's hush of night
heart felt blessed, by Nature's ritualed rite.

As if stood near brink of endless Time
viewing some ageless forgotten clime
regathering lost days when in my prime
before young dreams, churned to dust and grime.

Both dark and bright, full-frozen into silence
gave an illusion - vast Nature so immense
that star-dimpled sky unknowing I existed
its strength felt far stronger - though I resisted.

Of such beauty cast upon those fields held frozen white
in silence standing there, pondering life's unknowing plight
such I had done long ago, beneath those dark depths of night
alert to natural wonders, Creation's eternal gifting might.

Its stoic silence, gave lie to a warmth I did not show
yet in my beating heart, felt full strength of its inner glow
sparked from an ancient Faith, mere Nature can never grow
so much beauty felt within - so much will never know.

Midst brittle cold, beneath a full-moon's bright
natural beauty bathed with moon's brooding light
once chanced by me of a silent night
til I saw things - with an inner sight.
January 27, 2003

Late-Winter winds prowl amidst bleak stand of trees
as if escape some menace from which it flees
harshly howling its unending quest far beyond
seeking some unknown end, its natural search had spawned.

Leadened grays overcast all, Space and Time felt far above
steady blows ruptured by harsh gusts, as winds shift and shove
scudding clouds contending each other, fast rushing by
late-Winter winds growled unseen - beneath a snow-less sky.

Although wan browns lie dead upon ground of frozen flint
longly mired beneath bleak grimes of bleak Winter grays
lies a nascent hope Spring's whispers urged, giving hint
as if ancient pulsings portend - springtime's greening days.

Winter winds and chill quenched Nature's natural smile
as if must now attend some ill-weathered trial
former sins demanding a penance, ill-begotten
til joyed days of past Summer's warmth, found forgotten.

Trusting Nature's cycles will return upon their appointed time
regather pleasure of former days, like those featured in one's prime
despite continued howl of Winter winds, for days on the prowl
from one's past, life well knows hopes will survive - whether fair or foul.
February 4, 2003

Lived long enough to watch another three-day blow
whipped by wanton winds, shift and drift of endless snow
 brittle flakes scurried and scraped, building winds had blown
til rearranged lay of land - drifting snow left unknown.

For three days, ceaseless winds piled up Winter's white
high pitch of Nature's song, howling all day and night
sculptured with warp and whisk, ceaseless winds slowly built
prowled across frozen wastes - weaving cold Winter's quilt.

Erased former landmarks, relied upon to know of where
til beyond window's familiar view, only snow seen there
felt as if end of Time had come, condemning life to cease
yet beyond this show of white and blow - felt a hidden peace.

A change brought by windy snow, rare occasions might
weather's wear of Winter's scenery, but grays and white
turned daily routines to thoughts of life's hopeful aim
remindful of ancient dreams - holied scriptures claim.

Yet too soon all will melt, its beauty but a passing whim
til further days will out-show this brief grandeur, growing dim
thereafter found but in memories, old folks often tell
when that year of three-day snow storm - cast its magic's spell.

Have one in mind, occurred back in nineteen seventy-eight
well remember its secret charm and fears, for three days straight
have lived to experience another three days like before
perhaps the last I will enjoy - snowstorm's final encore.
February 17, 2003

Fresh Spring returns, warm and mellow
colt-foot blooms, edging roadways yellow
trees early blossomed before found leaved
flora rebirthing what Winter thieved.

Woodchucks seen pausing, road-berms by
chipmunks below still sleeping lie
cold reptiles have yet to uncoil
toads and frogs dream on, beneath subsoil.

Migrant birds passing through or stay
Nature awakens those that may
what last Spring freshly bred, as adults have returned
of those that died, stoic Nature seems unconcerned.
April 3, 2003

With but several staccatoed clucks, hen's warning promptly brings
regathered feathered flock to shelter beneath her wings
or by feebled bleatings, ewe's frenzied alerting cries
her lamb falls dead flat - foiling eagle's searching eyes.

Tis of such calls, Nature crafts to warn of sudden doom
parental care protecting offspring, birthed from their womb
but in the end, Death reaps all - each gathered to its tomb
beast or man growing old, matters not - of who or whom.
April 30, 2003

When Love came of age to know fact from fable
when Hope found reason to know of what able
then Love gave birth, a need each one craves
thence Life gave purpose - one's trusting saves.

Thoughts such as these, dry desert winds softly drift
heard within one's soul, ancient truths centuries sift
in quietude of arid wastes - prayers may gift.

For Nature's silence simmers minds, til gently brew
truths heard on arid winds, deserts - whisper true.
May 5, 2003

Full-moon blood-red, colored by airs upper mist
roiled clouds reshaped, formed with air's kneading fist
haunting winds searching - for those longly missed.

Midst vapid nights and undutied day
cloudful black demands dour weathers play
Time soddened from dismal damps - foggy gray.

Premonitious feelings engulfed one's soul
pretentious hopes scuttled, in part or whole
pernicious moods occluding one's needful goal.

Ominous omens openly spoke, though feared
olden tales, folks heard when youngly reared
occasioned Devil's laugh - Times considered weird.

A string of dour days, people's lies convert to weeks
when thunder claps grumbled words, foul weather speaks
as lightning's flash leaves behind its jagged streaks.

Tis of such, human hearts can not long endure
as weather's gloom breeds ill-reasons obscure
tis then bleak forebodings - one's feelings abjure.

When bright sun burns off cloud's wet and mists of rain
fair weather found full returned, should sky-gods deign
premonitious feelings finally squelched - Reason held sane.
May 18, 2003

Below its willowed banks
when evening's stillness lies
upon those peaceful water's quiet flow
birthed reflections of Heaven's skies.

Sky returned to Earth, imaged there
clearly seen within
Space found full reversed
upon itself again.

Like looking into a mirror
to view one's face, knowing who we are
when placid waters seen at night
reflects graven image of a star.

Moon as well, circled Space reseen
viewed either up or down
unlike those circus mirrors
showing one much a clown.

Single swallow dapping stream's surface
shows as if two kissed head-on
thence both equally flew apart
leaves but one to think upon.

Til deeper darkness obscures all this
profound mysteries, nightness darkly hides
to question what one may find or miss
as Nature's innate beauty gently glides.

Thus I left, with circled trajections
til reached my bed and sleep
dreaming of those doubled reflections
brought of streams - not sheep.
May 29, 2003

Beyond far reach of our searching mind
lie deep secrets we shall never know
yet with such strength, as will always find
an endless need - for all things that grow.

Such, gravid Spring's yearly birthing brings
though some sired before Winter's cold
all Summer fed, til dry Autumn flings
birthed to wonder - what their futures hold.

Yet, unknown by Nature's natural kin
fore-fashioned but to feed and breed then die
their scattered dust regathered back in
recycled, so world un-outworn by.

While each Spring views their beauty flung
for what purpose - but their living grows
extracting dimensions minds have wrung
hopes squeezed - til their pleasant beauty shows.

Spawned like drifting spores, winds freely cast
til wonder what deep mysteries therein found
so might reap answers our dreams but ask
although like them - rooted to earthen ground.

Trusting beyond that far reach of searching mind
may discover olden secrets we had never asked
til held with such strength, at last become one kind
our endless need for love - others too briefly cast.
May 30, 2003

A tall barren tree, painted itself like a shadow
its naked portrait imaged upon cold frozen snow
with light tints of gray, self-image wished to save
a cold winter's bright sunlight, so freely gave.

Winter nights so dark, tree's self-painting left unseen
until morning's sun would slowly rise
retouchings greyly added, its daily routine
every day, tree's shadow darkly lies.

A week later, I chanced to pass thereby at noon
gray March day, found frozen snow melted completely
tree's self-portrait erased, shadows no longer strewn
its graven image, warm weather stole discretely.
June 9, 2003

Whence drives that surge of rising juice
when Winter's thaw melts bondings loose
some innate urging Nature knows
as warm Spring melts - what Winter froze.

Til those coiled leaflets in awaiting bud
of night and day, unfolds with sappened flood
instinctively distending, til flushed full
both leaf and buds, swathed with fuzzy wool.

As advancing days grew further warm
heating hidden seeds, roots, buds and corm
nudging their vernal growth, cell by cell
enlarging stalk and stem - saps slowly fill.

At last, barren branches found fully leaved
silent throbbings, its life-pulse nightly heaved
budding blooms beflowered with rainbow shades
natural beauty seen - midst those leafen glades.

Reproduction replacing Winter's kill
earthly powers had bred with genetic skill
all done in that silence, ears cannot hear
a special envoy Spring sends each year.

An orchestration offered each may hear
all may attend, heard with hopeful ear
music Nature yearly plays from out the spheres
that eternal serenade - of endless years.
June 14, 2003

Where erosion slowly gnaws with weathered teeth
as if eschewing, what former ages long assay
grain by grain, life by death, love crippled by grief
as might shortly seem our world - soon eaten away.

Time's aging practice of slow decay
yet unwasting world's worth away
recomposing from its decomposing
recycled, thereafter - re-exposing.

Far beneath those fragile layers on top
embroils churn of hot lava's molten rock
Nature's nursery rebirths a newer crop
slowly evolved by volcanic rumbled shock.
June 5, 2003 - October 15, 2003

As stalked sharp edgings of Fall fields
hearing their last vagrant calls
starkly voiced in cold morning's dawn
Autumn's final song of parting birds.

Soon lost beyond, with their far-traveled flights
a warm southern clime again will hear
exemplifies what Death may offer
to those whose hopes - encompass such.

A sign Nature signals of
should such whim be inly felt
joy of their summered songs
a sadness, Winter remembers by.

When nascent Spring rebirths anew
should Life gift its extended stay
fond notes Winter lost, reheard again
forgotten echoes - fresh hopes convey.

Their bright melodies brought on drifting winds
changing seasons, sun and clime yearly shift
as long as winds shall blow, will never cease
sang with such a purity - gifting peace.
December 5, 2003

There awakened in cold bleak blear of dawn
turbulent clouds, sky awash with varied grays
tinged rosy-orange or red, their edgings drawn
as if beneath morning's birth, some sadness lays.

Til further clouds gathered, enveloped by a gloom
forbidding colors, only those full-featured wan
growing grimmer, as if awaiting some doom
portentous performance, firstly shown at dawn.

Scraping clouds, scoured off brief flurries of snow
untinseled, without sunlight's bright sparkled sky
soon found lost, but a flaunting teaseful show
as if dared a winter-storm - soon brought by.

Until by noon, cloud layers risen high
its silence told no storm intended by
just a common winter day, dullish gray
yet felt all could change - should weathers may.

A day to sit indoors, but think or doze
what cold bleak blur of dawn had early chose
til found another mood to bear my day
after wrote, what here found had need to say.

Even as closed up these lines of poetry
sun briefly peeped between - reassuringly!
December 6, 2003

In still silence of their green growing
floral whispers spoke between, sometimes heard
when brought to life by meek winds blowing
til a tossing limb - roused a singing bird.

Despite solid girthing of its trunken bole
tall up-standing, gave green leaves further height
til sun's aim found precluded, deep shadows stole
promised sun-beams found unseen - gifting light.

While tree shed its dying leafage
tales told between their ill-ravaged limbs
sun's light lost, weeping sad death's griefage
Autumn rains sadly sang - their burial hymns.

Those barren branches now naked bare
forgotten seasons grew long ago
when full-moon's bright scattered there
nude shadows - cast upon snow below.

In that quiet, windless days bring by
mere murmurings meekly told
sad episodes, limbs would later cry
but only after - tree grew old.

Til fell that fatal day, one came
needful not of beauty, but fuel
as tree trembled, yet without shame
others standing by - thought so cruel.

To this day, old stump can be found
vaguely marking where that proud tree once grew
rotted back to its ancient ground
as neighbored trees still shed - their tears of dew.
December 12, 2003

Fading orange of Autumn's wasting leaves
chastely unraveled denuded trees
ravaged waste, wrought by harsh weather's freeze
tis such barren nakedness - Winter grieves.

Dismal damps, should a rainy sleet chill the day
brooding clouds louring low, foul weathers may
life quenched within those dark lairs, Nature provides
future's hopes cursed - by what fickle Fate decides.

Remnants of a world once bright with hopes of Spring
echoes still remembered, returning migrants sing
within the mind, their early beauty yet seen
such recalled when Spring woods rebirthed - fresh and green.

That silent stillness, a dying world left behind
of its final demise, to such am now resigned
so I turned, and left this scene of desolation
to wonder what god decreed - such desecration.

Lost hopes of foul Winter, found rebirthed by vernal's germination
when Spring returns once more, newly blessed by Nature's consecration.
February 24, 2004