One evening sat beside a purled spring
as twirling eddies danced their bubble's ring
til drifted off without its swirled swing
shape and form changed, its purling - just a fling.

Thought of our beginning, your brightsome curtsy brought
graceful bow with flushing face, trapped me as one caught
each life sharing, revealing what married love had taught
til shape and form knelled by Death - your bonnie bow firstly wrought.

Only widows surmise how Death steals love away
love’s early years surprised, but in the end - brings but dismay
not true for you and I, for our love - your curtsy yet conveys
its cherished obeisance still enraptures me - with its forté.
April 15, 2000

Silent echoes still vibrate within
mute moments, night-hours quietly spin
fantasies sketched, when darkness comes
neither purpose - nor logic plumbs.

But vague vestiges, refueling its feebled spark
ceding but little warmth to heat the outer dark
drifts from distant days, harsh cold winds tossed
felt like fragile flecks - of brittle frost.

Brief chimeras found, as shadows merely
episodes remembered, though not clearly
what former days brought to birth, so long ago
old love now barely hears - their fading echo.
November 16, 2001

Another night occludes last bright of day
left to wonder, if words have need to say
or tis best to mute the tongue, should one may
thus cede the moment silent - yet to pray.

Another month now found has fled away
left considering, if words still convey
or tis best unwrite nor as yet unsay
thus abide with time - as if ought delay.

Another stretch of time and put of place
left pondering, if words said will be heard
or might silence tell more, if brought of grace
at last full-telling - with one's silent word.

Such one wonders, when silence stills the night
knowing thoughtful words may be wrong or right
understood or misconstrued, should speak or write
although your love felt, should one tell - or not quite?
February 28, 2002

What yet tells, those winds once voiced from long ago
whispered echoes lost within their noised past
when gentled on someone's heart, setting it aglow
for a day or season - aging years saved to last.

Mellowed words spoken by one, whose love could melt
inflamed with passioned pleadings that must be told
flung from lips, could only speak of what both felt
on wings of wind, remembered - as years grew old.

Despite ravaged wastes of wars, death quenched with fatal grief
eternal winds retelling, each one's life but brief
regardless of Cultural roots or whims of passing ages
still echoes words of love between - History ever pages.

Words of endearing Love, like words of Truth - much the same
regardless of Time and Place, voicings will ever claim
revealing deep feelings, humanity must always care
expressing a bondage, loving hearts each to each - ought share.
November 12, 2002

Your voice arrived quite clearly
as if truly heard - not merely
though your presence unfound
inly felt - their olden sound.

Enough, sensed what its tenor meant
knew by what mood, your voicings lent
as if seeing your face aglow
like old viewings - from long ago.

Such your love still tends me well
but a moment does it dwell
enough to know our love remains
brief glimpse - far Heaven yet ordains.
January 8, 2003

Of her final shrine, all now left behind
its ancient secrets, others will never know
unaware, what for them cannot remind
as I dreamed of what fresh hopes - may newly grow.

All that transpired there by her and I
of their precious depths, some I cannot share
dimmed by age, memories will gradually die
until holds at last - but her dying there.

Tender episodes of our past, soon lost
love's Summer's warmth, now quenched by Winter's frost
yet of what they once gave, hopes re-bloom anew
what old Faith retains, future hopes - but review.
January 16, 2003

Once more Spring returns its migrant birds
thawing out what cold Winter froze
warm memories retell their former words
still heard within, love-lips - first chose.

Those trips, long trails our birding-days stalked
endless miles our sore feet tiredly walked
binocs sharp-focused, to tell what just flew by
old species refound - or newly brought to eye.

Her excitement, so serious for
an early quiet morning blessed us with
oh if could but walk with her once more
those birding days now - but a vanquished myth.
March 27, 2003

Love tendered, gives what one may care
Love rendered gifts, that both might share
Love splendored - shows one's beauty there.

Love engendered til happy tears wept
Love surrendered, whereafter both slept
Love remembered - each forever kept.
April 22, 2003

Far away, setting sun warms a stone
its chiseled name, you used to own
inscribed with dated month, day and year
well remembered by one gathered here.

Distant mileage now lays between where each resides
until of late came a change, moving close-by gifts
again late evenings, garth hearing words love confides
as across chiseled stone, setting sun fondly drifts.
April 23, 2003

Although much forgotten, yet more remembered of
lost episodes, adventures that spoke of love
others may recall, but I - more knowing of.

Gathered from what needful days brought to hand
scattered strays, gathered across Nature's land
footprints erased by blow - of drifting sand.

One view reaps those ten-thousands gone before
captured World's worth, joyed til Time outwore
then simply moved further on - to explore.

Another view - deep yearnings felt of heart
an inner exploration Love may start
unsuspecting how soon - Death plays its part.

Yet while doth last, Love gives Life full meaning
cultures soon adopted its hopeful dreaming
adapted by Religions - for their theming.

A love each fashions within, becomes their all
til point of suffered dying, its fullest call
even other's death leaves behind - their thrall.

Ancient words equate their worth as one with God
those with Faith full knowing, such belief not odd
Love eternal, though each rots beneath garth's sod.

Although much forgotten, still recalls friends of yore
past episodes, adventures - Hopes had harkened for
others may forget, but not I - full knowing more.
May 6, 2003

I miss you much, yet the more thereby
still remembered of, past words imply
entranced - when should hear your voice reply.

Such telling me our love held close by
vague whisperings I need not ask why
love-gifted, widowed ears need not try
love-rifted - widowed tears need but cry.

Assurance held within a grieving heart
remembered first curtsy, gave love its start
distinctly ours - no other love may chart.

Til some future day hears your voicings of
from gentled whispers sent by Heaven's dove
these scribbled words again - retells our love
perhaps you may read - from there far above.
May 10, 2003

Should a once time brought from long before
now be so remanded of
our first knowings would quickly explore
with hintings of olden love.

Would former days of our tethered past
be now commanded - must tell
revealing secrets unknowing hast
soft lips firstly spoke to thrill.

Whereby your way of leaving
done, so could far longer stay
thereby caress my grieving
fond love-words have yet to say.

What passioned lips spoke late one evening
found some way as yet be told again
long after your Death took french-leaving
again whispered me - recalled within.

Proving a former love may be kept eternally
as if never over, continues supernally
a choice not chosen, rather what I must do
love you long shared with me - returns my loving you.
May 29, 2003

Just some brief moment stolen from idle hours
recast into words, fertile love bred of ours
fevered thoughts lonely nights oft bring clear
tells as unoften did - you my dearest dear.

A brief note sent, tomorrow's mail may share
gentle words old love still pens with idle care
again telling - had chosen you and why
across distant stars, love's clasp - holds you by.

Knowing if I where There and you still here
same words each would write, our love longly meant
across boundaries, only hopes can quickly steer
memories cast between - our love-notes sent.
June 2, 2003

To taste those bitter lees now left behind
when another's love freely chose - declined.

Long length of time love fully gave to earn
before experienced enough to slowly learn
such painful anguish - could so deeply burn.

Not spurned, but a final decision made
late evening beneath tall tree's shadowed shade
dry-eyed telling, what her quivering lips conveyed
as beyond western rim - seemed sun itself betrayed.

His night left to weep, as moon coldly stares
her leavage so final, for had simply left
knowing a budding love would not be theirs
with an emptiness felt - so completely reft.

Desire to share yet tortured to possess
learned by what one's sufferings express
an enigma love ever tested by
a daring challenge each one's life may try
though never fully understood - nor why.
June 9, 2003

When a declining night drags its dreary dregs
across a sleepy dream, til briefly reviewed
among those forgotten episodes of the past
their early years brought - still held one enthused.

Til flashed on both mind and oaken mantel's ledge
reflections cast from that slow dance of a dying fire
his evening early lit, until warmed him to dream
old escapades - re-honored with its burning pyre.

As unknowing lips spread a grateful smile
now celebrated, as with thankful ceremony
his late night's dredgings proudly drank in style
in tribute to their well-blessed years - of matrimony.

Thus wore their togethered years, til one's death
made full payment for a life-time's high cost
dying embers left behind, fire's remaining warmth
to symbolize a trust - their love-years had never lost.

Until early morning found his sleeping form
unaware those late night ashes still retained a warm grate
while a fresh dawn peeked through dark window's dorm
unaware Death's date still lies unknown - yet in silence waits.
June 11, 2003

Can you forgive my inward shame
as but one to comfort by
consumed by loss too quickly came
with no excuse for its why?

Lips would not speak, though heart broken
felt-words should have sweetly told
pain held frozen, never spoken
as if love's warmth - long grown cold.

A blame here must latterly confess
still castigates one's inner soul
a shame, regretful words now express
expiate what love's silence stole.

May since-years fully known by you
re-heal a silence then withheld
my agony then chose to do
now revealed - back then compelled.

Such that power of forgiving love
late confessing what then had done
shared between, what each to each told of
til we meet again - two held one.
April 2, 2004

How brief now seems, long years gone before
togethered with our labored toil
boldly faced, as onward days outwore
with full assurance each one loyal
such - doth Life make.

Prior years now seem so far away
one's memory may recall
should old love-thoughts replay
those days found best of all
such - doth Death take.
June 3, 2004

To halve the whole through, until doubled two
one I twicely knew.

Two merged into one, betrothal quickly done
til union finally won.
August 17, 2004

Final gasp of ending breath
first sound of lasting death
 thus began days of grief
to end a love - too brief.

Firm-held faith still ceding one hope
night-prayers plead - by which to cope.
March 2, 2005

Whipperwill's repetitious calls
echoed on evening's air
pure instinct sang without a pause
haunting notes - drifting there.

Reminds our love so long ago
and all that after came
future years would quickly outgrow
til left - what Death must claim.

As Nature's seasons come and go
love cast on evening's air
reasons we cannot fully know
each to each hopes - may share.

Til life lived beyond death - our cry
for true love still demands of such
only fools think a vapid lie
whipperwill's call - keeps us in touch.
March 9, 2005

I seldom think upon those olden days gone before
fearful lest might despond, what cannot return once more
now proudly ponder what my future days might explore
an eternal presence felt of she - I fondly adore.

Whereas each day comes and goes, filling out life's remaining days
grateful for one firstly chose, she of whom my love daily prays
freely gave my life away, to one who yet gifts their life to me
honor and obey til I down to die - her love will set me free.
May 25, 2005

Whereof would that outward ship set sail
into an unknown port across far sea
young hearts filled with dreams, thought could not fail
those left behind, waving - would never see.

Tis for those young to venture far from shore
future hopes, their eager minds would explore
back in those times, two months would take or more
to gain what then - each knew not of before.

While those left behind could only wait
by what their nightly prayers pled of Fate
be at least half- year, before letters read
learned what three-month-old letters wrote - had said.

Yet most would never sail back again
months often passed before message came
left a silence, loneliness wept within
late nights dreamed - watched dancing fireside's flame.

Now all that has changed - telephones and planes
daily in contact with their far-flung kids by phone
despite all, parents still feel those pains
late of nights, eyes still cry - their miss-ment bemoans.
May 30, 2005

Strength of one's faith endured its worth
so might suffer another's pain
to shrive a guilt, one may not know
clearly seen, years have proven true
belief retains within one's heart
atoned to save - their peace of mind.
June 4, 2005

She thought she would, he thought she should
'twas how things stood
but might she some along?

She took time to think, he gave eyes a'wink
there by kitchen sink
wouldn't take very long!

Three hours they came back, by then skies looked black
he carried her sack
so glad you came along!

She put their coffee on, still grateful she had gone
til both began to yawn
t'was how they got along.
December 6, 2005

Harsh words, cold winters blow
shivered into sterile dreams
warm love would never know
shattered by their hopeless themes.

Future days would find anew
their after years may bring
aging memories now review
forgotten winters - fling.

To wonder what life may find
summer days or winter's snow
harsh words or lips spoken kind
death after - may finally know.

Seasons ill-weathers blow
or warm climes, summers share
tis such our manner's show
if we but kindly - dare.
May 19, 2006