Of what unexpected hopes we used to dream
today or unnumbered tomorrows may bring
happy episodes togethered friend's might scheme
fantasies hope fashioned - for what Chance should fling.

Those futures we'd planned or promised each other by
unconsidered without care or caution - nor why
such strength love empowers to those hopeful young
when life's flame fiercely burned - their happiness sung.

Such daring dreams our early years sought to try
hurried haste and waste, Time slowly passing by
gathered both thrills and ills, til grew of what became
old age clearly sees, though now - only I remain.

Such young years are for, slowly learning Trust and Truth
maturing ideas and hopes first wished in one's youth
treasured memories now remembered, yet with weepful tears
what quickly gathered, old age slowly cries -  passing years.

Grateful, faithful, waitful - til again one with you
those early dreams of life and love, each hoped come true
until we both now knowing of what each came to be
as with feeble voice thankful - for what you made of me.
November 30, 2003

When late evening's air begins to stir
cooling winds descend down dark mountain sides
a quiet time took to think of her
perhaps between both - their love gently glides.

Each fashioned futures treasured within old dreams
for when wanted wedding day might come
inly hopes him safe, despite what battle deems
knowing wars leave behind - death for some.

Hoping no letter arrives with unknown hand
her awaited mail first glanced, quickly knows
those suffered longings, endurance each must stand
how many Springs or delay of Winter snows.

Until one she most recently posted, simply sent back
then love burns a saddened flame of grieving's trial
graved beneath foreign soil or in sunken ocean sack
til time heals with another - downs churchen aisle.

Yet such times recalled when soft winds stir
cooling drifts lent of late evening's air
long kept letters still read by her
love she still proffers - as her prayer.
December 6, 2003

Slowly drifting, gifting what hope intends
loft across a reach no hand may stretch
beyond boundaries Time and Place suspends.

Tis freely done, no known power can block
one's heart inly writes, no pen needs sketch
traveled prayers - old love of vintaged stock.

A word or two just to keep in touch
some brief whim urged with one's tears
togethered times recalled - our love 'twas such.

Ever grateful always faithful - to tell you so
communed between despite our distant spheres
whispered words my love oft sends - just to let you know.
December 6, 2003

When those sweet words were finally heard
bravely spoke between
as early Spring rebirthed what love might bring
first love found pristine.

Hopeful hopes hoped then, letters put to pen
fond words could not speak
as fresh Spring wore til June, love sang its heartful tune
each day of each's week.
Budding love grew stronger, cozy nights took longer
words spoke more tender
as Summer filled the air, placed flowers in her hair
smelt love's sweet splendor.

Wedding plans finally set, though would be two months yet
post cards proudly sent
as Autumn leaves first tinged, early frosts briefly singed
ripened love's full scent.

Then came that perfect day, like first hopes brought of May
each one with their smile
falling leaves slowly shed, to honor two now wed
as came down that aisle.

Sweet words told that night held each other tight
closely clasped between
as Fall leaves fastly fell, hinting what Winter's tell
first love oft turns - routine.

What love fully gave, their salvaged years saved
bravely spoke between
til Death took one down, other's grief yet found
first love left - pristine.
December 20, 2003

When their eyes firstly met, Tim but three months old
hands held paws, somehow each knew - dog bought and sold
thus began a twelve-year run each gave to each
bonded friendship grew their years, time took to teach.

Every day anywhere, Tim and Jack a constant pair
much as any country-bred, their days and years would share
if either should be seen out and about, yet alone - astray
question asked of dog or man - Other nearby or far away?

A comradery perhaps more faithful than wedded bliss
until each grown so familiar, whereby their eyes gave kiss
presence each expected, unspokenly acquired
companionship both gave - begun when Jack retired.

Til ancient law obeyed, every creature birthed alive
unthought when first birthed, life but brief run of years survive
til Tim heard that deafened silence - loud stillness of Jack's laughter
found without his hand, voice and presence, Tim died three days after.
December 27, 2003

Beneath those wanning clouds of wan Winter's gray
with no further words left each could never say
gifting their final fumbled manly embrace
yet strong enough to eye - in each other's face.

Their goodbyes quizzing if last words spoke, truth or lies
only future days would tell with son's ventured tries
by mere strength of human trust, vague hopes kept alive
those prayerful silent prayers - that one's son might survive.

Confused beyond reach of reason, proofs could not give
nor some firm foundation upon which one could live
as with total trust, so as not impede freedom's youthful try
biding each those parting waves - with tears in their unblinking eye.

Thereafter but that strain of waiting, wanting - wishing best
a youth still searching midst unknown snares of some secret quest
could neither explain nor express firmly held convictions
left behind but trusting fear - of future life's predictions.

Such that strength of hope, dependent on another freedom's choice
endless weeks before, could-would not freely exchange with their voice
until that farewell, etched within one's soul and heart as well
awaiting in those shadows - only one's future would tell.

Then but another wave cast, when both stood beyond reach of ears
as drove on, out of a an enigmatic life - eyes full of tears
pleading those gods above, their forgiving love may still bestow
upon one so desperately loved - yet no longer deeply know.
December 27, 2003

Had saved her virtue for that special he
though wooed by many, still unmarried she
til finally found what others could not see
she forty-one - he nearly sixty-three.

Gave her virtue to one could fully trust
tasting pleasures far beyond passioned lust
til declining years grew dry - as they must
both died within days - Virtue praised as just.
March 2, 2004

Midnight heard soft wash on darkened shore
wavelets speaking words Time took to say
gently telling, Change still keeping score
tallied in silence, such - wavelets may.

Though moon cast no shadows on wet sand
one felt some dark inner mood
seas wavelets hurled on dampish strand
anguished thoughts - her thinkings brewed.

Joy mixed with a deep sadness felt
night out alone, seashore might cure
when truth found false, his lies had dealt
yet even now - could not be sure.

Until silent whispers seawinds sent
high price paid, ending love would have to pay
then with determined stride, finally went
footprints left behind - wavelets washed away.
March 16, 2004

Can you forgive my inward shame
as but one to comfort by
consumed by loss too quickly came
with no excuse for its why?

Lips would not speak, though heart broken
felt-words should have sweetly told
pain held frozen, never spoken
as if love's warmth had grown cold.

A blame here must latterly confess
still castigates one's inner soul
a shame, regretful words now express
to expiate - love's silence stole.

May since-years, now full known by you
re-heal a silence then withheld
my agony then chose to do
now revealed - back then compelled.

Such that power of forgiving love
late confessing what then had done
shared between what each one telling of
til we meet again - two held one.
April 2, 2004

Joy his loving gave she felt deep within
as each throb's pulsing thrust told their love again
until aging days found weathered each one dry
yet eyes and words still told - love held firmly by.

As passing years changed them both, Death healed of
left one behind to ponder their former love
til within, each felt closer than love-tied before
still yearning what an aging love - could but implore.
April 16, 2004

Thus another Mother's Day has come and gone
leaves behind fading notes - its lovely song
drifts from olden memories one thinks upon
when love of maidenhood - birthed a mother strong.

Mother who gave me birth, mother of our sons
selfless sacrifice maturnity never shuns
first a son, then a father - now gift my prayers
what both once freely gave - Death finally took theirs.

Began when fresh wildwood flowers first enlaced their hair
each year flower pinned on their lapel, conveyed love of ours
each to end with single white bloom laid upon their breast
both now honored with graveside visits - instead of flowers.
May 9, 2004

How brief now seems those long years before
togethered with our labored toil
boldly faced, as onward days outwore
with full assurance - each one loyal
much doth Life make.

Now seems so far away
one's memory may recall
should old love-thoughts replay
those days found - best of all
such doth Death take.
June 3, 2004

Across the room she nodded in agreement
with whatever I had just thought upon
our married years earned by love's achievement
some magic - telepathy brought on.

Such the ages tell, two long-dwelt as one
like double shadows, echoes each other's thought
without need for words, what their thoughts both spun
til wears one down to death - old age finally brought.

Yet like as not that other soon will die
yearning to be with their other, beyond God's sky
til comes that day when both beside will lie
double-grave at last filled in - gathered few may cry.
July 14, 2004

Of what I have left, you may take from me
good name, money saved, health for what may be
those scattered poems long days spent, writings put by
take all you need, yet leave my love - Death took down.

Shatter my mind with memory's loss, waste what yet remains
take all of all's that left, whatever my life contains
pull down what hopes yet seek, except of what I believe
curse my name with shame, yet save my love - Death took away.

Remove me from where now dwell, kill what still grows
bring on il-broughten days, ravage all that beauty shows
deny what futures may accrue, spoil all might dream
but leave for me her good name - proud Death left behind.

For in the end, is only Love abides after
Death a step you cannot deny of one old and gray
what world knows, tis only rife with rank laughter
for in the end I will win, when she comes - to bring me home.

A promise both gave each other, our love required
til death do us part - our early love first inspired.
July 14, 2004

Beneath high trestled bridge that spans the Khezt
where dim shadows fall at end of day
above its hidden banks, cliff-swallows nest
she and I first met - by what words say.

Thus began a run of days, quickly turned to weeks
as there below, sought what first love may
cable's tensioned wires high above, softly squeaks
as she and I met in evening's gray.

As weeks grew into months, eager love hungers try
there beneath, wedding plans deftly laid
unhearing rushing traffic far above, passing by
as we totaled up cost would need paid.

Beneath that trestle's bridge where love first met
far above, late sun held orangy cast
celebrates fifty years wed - married yet
back then trusting - love would always last.
July 15, 2004

Across the world - fireside sit
to wear their evenings through
perhaps he may smoke, she to knit
until last cup drank - of two.

Sitting fireplace hearth closely by
as may wear their evening down
one but stares, other unasks why
she smiles - he with his frown.

Both gathered there to warm cold feet
first firing of Autumn's season
til their talk speaks of warming heat
each shared with equal reason.

Gathered by warmth of hearthside brink
til both heads began to nod
in that space silence gave to think
with reflections of their god.

Watched those dancing flames Winter burns
wood freshly thrown on the fire
both grateful, early cutting earns
now honored by flaming pyre.

Behind them ghostly shadows dance
spectral phantoms fire-side shows
til she turns with a backward glance
to laugh of what fire-light throws.

Then fire banked, left to burn down night
cinder-screen put back in place
she goes first, he puts out last light
as both say their bedside grace.

Across those world hearthsides lit
a ritual few now knowing of
some still found there as calmly sit
to cherish warmth - of aging love.
July 21, 2004

Both gathered there beneath those elms
to say of what they would
when four eyes spoke more words than lips
as face to face they stood.

Of what each spoke, like two as one
only their silence knows
perhaps ever be remembered
when evenings - nightly goes.

I chanced thereby next day at noon
for whatever reason why
stood beneath those towering elms
when bright sun held noon-high.

To know of such trysts gone before
when I was young and free
brief words, yet more in silence said
spoke between I and she.

Unknowing then - what came to be
our onward years would tell
of such, as chanced when saw those two
standing there - when darkness fell.

A ritual, sun-down silhouettes
dark and light gathers by
within those shadows tall elms cast
sweet-nothings - telling why.
July 21, 2004

A father's seed, a mother's love gave birth
life freely given for whatever may
reaped from Eden's garden, fruits plucked from Earth
gave and shared til nurtured into kindness
future hopes and dreams soon put in play.

Til they in turn wed a love of their very own
a father's seed, a mother's love but clones
bearing fruit of similar blood and kindred bones
their hopeful dreams and suffered hands have sown.

Like a fair flower tinted but pale blue
breasts each morning's sun
when at last a daughter speaks her I do
to another father's son.

Fair blossoms so sprightly sprung
sweet scents fresh blooms freely flung
til re-seeds - of wherever may
upon a Summer's brightful day.

Unto those unending ages, Time confirms
upon an aging earth, each Spring returns
re-lacing fresh blossoms in one's hair
full-proclaims a love that each may share.

As soft caressing winds gently touch
bonnie blossoms brought of such
to dry those tears ill-weathers bring
a song - those dainty bluets sing.

By caressing winds nodding bluets knelt
with their silent scent so sweetly smelt
beauty cast upon those with eyes to see
a grace one's first love freshly flung to me
Death soon took down - again would never see.
August 14, 2004

There was a time and place
back then and there
that visioned beauty of one's face
early love found - fond and fair.

Enraptured as if beheld
a goddess others unsaw
Life itself sately fulfilled
only Death itself could withdraw.

Yet when Death's silent steps came near
to signal its time and place
was now and here
lips spoke with such grace - til left no trace.

So long ago, far off there
almost as if but a dream
as if days that never were
or so it now may seem.

Ghostly chimeras yet dismay
ghastly surreal - standing there
watched warm beauty fade away
early death cast wan and bare.

Time and Place, love remembers by
each to each brought of but themselves
visioned beauty first brought of eye
fond widowed memories - late-life delves.

Such so firstly real, til now seems surreal
dance of life, spectral visions still retain
gathered episodes passing years reveal
those events of Time and Place - yet remain.

What once occurred, so true one could touch
taste and felt all Love would share to try
only vague confusions now hold of such
time and place back then and there - love held her by.

And so one smiles as they cry sadful tears
opportunities caught or missed their appointed time
til old age holds unclear, place and time of former years
mere scraps of forgotten words - poets put to rhyme.
August 26, 2004

Take whatever have need of now
thereafter will be locked-up tight
to hear of but cold Winter's howl
or wolve's chill call of moonlit night.

Gathered up what seemed apropos
traveled back to whence firstly came
stored away her portfolio
held no meaning except by name.

Was nearly forty-years ago
two hundred miles north of town
remains of her bridle trousseau
her sweet scent - of white-satin gown.

Sad circumstance Death brings to life
early days of marriage - so brief
fond memories of one's only wife
cherished dreams - quickly turned to grief.

Now dwell a southern clime state-side
where snow nor wolf-packs heard to howl
only dim echoes - when she died
winter storms still heard - nightly growl.
August 26, 2004

Beyond our need to touch and know that once cherished face
across vast eternal stretch of time and space
between which no word may full tell - now wish to say
fractured feelings, lips may not touch nor put in play.

Down caverned chasms Death may speak, echoed once again
a void our mind merely echoes deeply down within
mysteries human hungers cannot clutch nor tightly grasp
nor embrasures love yearns, fingers fondled - still wished to clasp.

Merely what vague memories might sift from forgotten days
dancing chimeras dimly caught briefly seen, seldom stays
neither sight nor sound assuring if but truth or lies
former deeds life thought once had been - weepful hope still tries.

Unuttered words across that void are never heard
of what might have been, but by ourselves most often stirred
promised hopes once held up high, ancient verbage put to pen
those with faith's firm convictions, well knowing - not if but when.

A dare love casts upon those waters - comes back again
such fevered brow and sad wistful heart holds deep within
beyond one's reach to touch and know, til meets again someday
two now one once more, when at last to die - Death turns to clay.
October 21, 2004

When hungered hopes devour the day
til a night's sleepless hours hears words of love
its darkened silence gave need to say
softly said or perhaps - too seldom of.

Beyond that nightly window looking out
where revolving earth occludes solar light
launch my prayers with equal hopes and doubtful doubts
to say what must be ever said - if I might.

Standing there as one alone, yet proudly raise
my eyes and lips with brief words of fondly praise
in thankful gratitude of what was, then came to be
nocturnal dialogue discoursed - between you and me.

A nightly tryst, where both meet beyond those stars
cherished rendezvous our olden love still pretends
mere shadow of those nights, when first love was ours
a duty night still requires - mutual love commends.

Thereafter stumble into a sterile bed of dreams
that struggle midst memories of long ago now distills
til morning's dawn reawakens daily dutied schemes
awaiting what Death may gift - future love then fulfills.
October 28, 2004

Only now does one hear that sad silent silence
their raucous laughter's echoes, now put to shame
teasing banter back-and-forth at each one's expense
a day-long visit - gave reason why they came.

Our long years of gathered laughs, weekly lied again
shared among kindred cousins, each treasured within
old episodes ancestors passed on long before
til sleepy eyes, sore throats and lips - could laugh no more.

But will come a time, cold Death will take each one down
til few left to lie old stories or act the clown
as minds go astray with truths and facts, yet still will laugh
as Grime Reapers scythe takes down each one - til less than half.


All gone back to whence had come, those far otherwheres
pick up where life left off, travels took back home
gathered clan of kith and kin, mutual friendship shares
tis such love will do - gave reason for this poem.
November 28, 2004