Ah, now tis I who lones the day
ill-broughten weathers forever stay
midst a quiet so hard, as could shatter glass
Time unticking by - as if might never pass.

Doors unopened, for no one knocks
phone seldom rings, in mute silence mocks
those driving by neither slow nor wave
til even a wrong number rung - now crave.

Dogs trot by with a furtive backwards glance
even flocking migrants fly high - take no chance
no matter what season, seldom gifts sun's bright ray
til I leave this world - each goes their separate way.

With gloom of dour despair must daily fend
gather hopes from what lost past may lend
with clock's unmeasured hands forever still
future days lie in wait - with but nervous chill.

Stray dog found and fed, had a crippled leg need be set
two days after, truck speeding fast - killed my two day pet
flies, bees, wasps and such dwell both within and out
yet should vermin take one look, quickly leave - no doubt.

So I often send emails to myself
to tight to buy a stamp for letters sent by post
or rearrange knicknacks upon the shelf
as idle-sit here alone, tis this - done the most.
October 27, 2003

Visions strewn across wise minds
world's wealth one's seeking finds
Knowledge's signature - Wisdom's signs.

Yet Ignorance blunders without shame
like crude structures hand-built of cane
as starvation leaves behind - no name.

Destiny but a pauper's dream
blameless Fate holds no special scheme
nor Karmas self-induced - vaguely deem.


Deeds done of Choice and Circumstance
or necessity of Happenstance
mere Opportunity often grants.

World still hears moans of despair
long striven labors oft unfair
or hopeful dreams one risked to dare.

Such a tangled web World still weaves
some to forage among fallen leaves
others plucked ripe fruit - from olden trees.

Tis our Ignorance, not Fate we should blame
Life taken serious, tis not a game
learn how smoldering wick - rebirths life's flame.
November 17, 2003

Wearing last dregs out of life
not of deepened thoughts, but only things
idle hours told episodes others lived
woven into laughter - humor brings.

Each day done added to those past
an endless seam that never ends
toiled labors - but feet and hands
active for what each moment lends.

A string of facts without their dreams
connecting reasons for what does
with no thought of why - merely done
entire life spent for what it was.

World of ideas held no interest of
nor arts or science - beauty left unseen
sweet nothings but a wasted joke
preferred schedule for day's routine.

Faith but a child's hope - after death
each Sunday churched, a bounden duty
harshly kind but never kindly
yet honest-fair with work and money.

Simple pioneer lived but to stay alive
those wonders of history left unread
wear of days or years, much the same
each day its own - never looked ahead.

Such health - aged four-score ten and counting
seldom ill enough to waste a day
simple-minded yet keen enough - very sharp
seemed like one eternal - come what may.
December 3, 2003

Somewhat well acquainted with shame
shattered loss of one's once good name
til false facts rumored made full claim
since now alone - I take full blame.

No need quarrel over one's name
is not that word by which it came
some past endeavor gave it aim
some foolish fear fanned into flame.

Whispered words spread, ruined one's fame
minds pretended - a teenage game
left behind one crippled, limping lame
truth or lies, fact or false - felt the same.
December 6, 2003

Of what caused panic in her eye
til inflamed sweat of heated brow
some ill-fated deed love brought by
patient Time chose be given now.

Some shattered waste of the past once laid aside
here its abandoned fate must now decide
perhaps find some brief comfort for what might bring
before il-compassed hope - gave its final fling.

Again recast upon those endless wisps of Time
across far uncharted seas, found in every clime
til haunts its bleak strife upon some other poor soul
whose life lately soured - hopes yearned some ungainful goal.

Trust another time finds a far distant place, where
ill-fraught schemes drift upon foul stench of stagnant air
abide tempests through, til found conquered - or but dies
once observed of one with sweated brow - and panicked eyes.
December 16, 2003

His shrunken frame shrinking, nearly but skin and bones
abed but to idle lost hours, til at last dies
breathing a losing battle each wheezing breath groans
awaiting that Mystery - til dwells beyond the skies.

Mind still keen, eyes kept closed keeping out all things bright
as drifts midst those scattered years for whatever deems
so might better ponder of, what one's dying might
awaiting yet dreaming - on hope's eternal themes.

Voice but a mumbled whisper, awake and yet asleep
as life's pulse slowly shuts down, inner warmth but skin-deep
struggle midst those strange enigmas no one fully knows
til in some silent hour, hopes linger - then finally goes.

Their history but what close-kin recall, old letters tell
at wake and funeral, may hear of other facts as well
some remembered of, yet future years quickly forgets
one finally lost midst those annals - til leaves no regrets.

As ageless unthinking Time simply carries on
ignoring those seeds of war by growing larger guns
until sun engulfs world's globe - and all is gone
as scattered dust of ancient years - reforms newer suns.
December 17, 2003

As survey my domain, eyes transect
across dry fields beneath two-inch snow
over far ridge then down, ears detect
muffled sounds, outworn centuries ever flow
endless pour of waterfalls - to spill their years.

Any season or weather, its labors never done
early sun gifting foggy mists to greet morning's air
voicing but an ancient ache, endless miles must run
til sea-shore greets its journey - ending there.

Eternal drift of passing years measured without length
nor some treasured history, of such - it cannot tell
yet by force of endless flow, shows wear of stones - such strength
amplified by those tumbled falls - its pourings yell.

If should close-by sit those falls, may finally hear
words whispered upon one's awaiting ear
infers some natural beauty found lurking near
fumbled waters shout a secret - need not fear.

Its journey like everyone's, years swept along
lured by such dreams, one might well wish drift among
til enraptured to sing life's joys with a psalm
in gratitude for mysteries - past years outflung.

As surveyed within my dreams, old hopes reflect
among arid yields found full grown four-fold
as to my cherished God still give one's respect
what humbled words spoken long ago foretells
with final wave, their silent grave - farewells.
December 18, 2003

Idle Ignorance ignored with lax derision
while Wisdom pondered with proud precision
yet was one's Common-sense - made firm decision.

Slowly woven from stray strands of fragile Faith
those wasted strings left behind by raveled Hopes
til held convictions stoutly clenched - confirmed by Love.
December 24, 2003

Set out high on shelf to dry, arid winds Autumn brings
south-side faced caught lower sun, wry Winter wears of things
kinked and shriveled, no burst of wet Spring rains could revive
some memoried relic forgetful years saved - survive.

Til in long after-days, other hands and eyes quized to ask
dried-up waste, no tongue could taste nor broach its fermented cask
some forgotten saved, an idle whim or hope put away
left on dusty shelf high-held - for want of some future day.
December 27, 2003

Wild events beyond calms normalcy brings
now knitting with a past, scattered memory flings
high-hopes once sung, now but low notes - sadness sings.

New episode of olden tales each life may find
reweaving new harmonies til pacifies the mind
healing a wound Time itself will cure - eyes once blind.

Such doth teach anew, echoed prayers one may hear
in that silence Now and Ever brings so clear
known without knowing - understandings brought clear.

If alive or dead, such it matters not
words cast or caught between, soul-seekings sought
ageing hopes trusting - til full-ripely brought.

Almost as if futures already vaguely known
seasons yet to come, early seeds already sown
life in but a single year - sprouts til fully grown.

Until future fears no longer panic what life yet may hold
it matters not if lies or truth, hate or love are bought or sold
an eternal journey's passage, bought by cost of lead or gold
some assurance held within to know - one will never grow old.

That endlessness Infinite, beyond fetters of Time and Space
a trackless vast of rocks and winds ever changing, yet changeless
henceforth, an eternal odyssey unknowingly must trace
ever new, ever old, til full-love found - completely strangeless.
January 3, 2004

Love found that long aisle
a wedding to exit by
proud-faced with our smile
with firm resolve - love must try.

Twicely that long aisle
a gauntlet to exit by
stoic-faced, no smile
with firm resolve not to cry.

Once more down that long aisle
a last funeral to exit by
shrouded with frozen smile
her curtsy bids - when I should die.
February 15, 2004

Merely light, heat and one's wetless tears
mutes in total silence what one hears
hot arid sands, buttes far away
sky, air and land - gifts an endless day.

Where one wonders such things unthought before
a place sensed endless no history tells
its eternal presence Time left behind
like some forgotten landscape cast aside.

Yet when eyes pierced beyond mirage of shimmered air
far above, soaring buzzards seen drifting there
or below, scampered lizard-tails quickly dart
scarab beetles hind legs tumbling - death's ugly part.

Such a simple landscape, til one's thinkings brought clear
single-minded broodings, pondered of things supernal
early thinkers fashioned self-made gods, one could hear
til brought to wonder, if one's life - could be eternal.

In jungles dim, mountains high, desert lands arid dry
in each of a quiet day, profound thoughts felt by
distilled in mute silence, landscape shapes one's mind
reflections Earth may tell - eyeful ears may find.
March 21, 2004

As years gave measure, such length would finally yield
gathered across wide world's well planted field
life chose to reap or ignore, thereof found
either choice - gleaned from earthen ground.

Well remember a smile one once gave
freely given far stronger than one's wave
then turned, soon lost within rushing crowd
how does such measure - pride of feeling proud.

A needed lift one freely offered me
when learned of why and where had need to be
a foreign land - lost by a language I unknew
how does such measure, for me - altered his venue.

One whose silent nod and eyes told elsewise
of where others plotted for me to go
whereof I quickly left with simple lies
how does such measure - one will never know.

As one tallies up forgotten yields
rich harvests reaped from full-ripened fields
friendly neighbors, such kindness freely given
meekly measures full-measured by - in Heaven.
April 1, 2004

Soft mired mud of Springtime
dry graveled dust of Summer
brief frosted dirt of Autumn
hard frozen clods of Winter.

Of such remembered, country lanes yearly wore
endured as a country boy
that in-between stage of play and daily chore
treasured one's homemade toy.

Weathers foal or fair, hot or cold, wet or dry
held no excuse when play desired
should labors need children's help, would fret or cry
excuse profuse - when work required.

Life's living soon outwore one's heedless youth
til age retired to hours of idled Truth
as old years honed one's keen perceptions
absolving childhood's deceptions.

Springtime's early years so quickly passed
Summer's teenage time of heedess yearns
Autumn's labored toils, family caste
Winter's wisdom - old age slowly learns.
April 10, 2004

If lies were given half a chance
to deceive truth in other ears
perhaps then we would always lie
one held untrusted - til should die.

If faith were given half a chance
to believe words told long ago
perhaps then we would always hope
confident - life could always cope.

If hopes were given half a chance
humbled by what chose to believe
perhaps then we might will apprehend
meaning of one's faith - til comprehend.

If love were given half a chance
enduring what must suffer by
perhaps then we could tolerate each other
found a friendship, bonding each one a brother.

If humor given half a chance
til tickled one's funny bone
perhaps we might well laugh alot
til anger's wanted rage - found forgot..
April 11, 2004

Of where might they now be found to dwell
near neighbored friends used to know
lived close by, oft came to talk a spell
far back years - would come and go.

Alive and well, kids out-grown and gone
or one widowed out, death lately brought
others buried beneath church-garth lawn
or an aging couple - time left forgot.

Thus I wonder of when folks move away
friendship long grown by what kind words convey
their memories and former schemes left behind
tis such that saddens me - their move consigned
til of their fequent moves am now resigned.
April 13, 2004

Of a mute quiet none could hear
except those who have ears to know
passing years built with saddened tears
only suffering earned - by giving so.

Of a loudness everyone felt
except those whose eyes saw their wrong
passing days, happy kindness dealt
only suffering earned - by being strong.

Of future days left for one to live
accepting those with hearts to cope
passing years given for one to give
suffering only earned - by one's hope.
April 16, 2004

What my forward days had left behind
remeasured those depths life quickly found
more deeply delved than first held in mind
lastly understood til firmly sound.

First ventured dare my hunger chose
soon starved from lack of deeper lore
fearful where learning's trail goes
til dared to go - far further more.

When reached where Maud's log house burnt to ground
below where Charlie's old plow-horse dropped dead
neither rose again, fire and stress brought down
above burnt house - to there my future led.

Til finally gained where next hill gave rise
far above those views just seen below
captured with rope and quick hand - my prize
grown colt - Charlie's horse bred years ago.

Whole summer spent, learn how to ride
three months challenged of one's growing up
til mutual care earned its trust, I rode with pride
such freedom, to call - then saddle-up.

Was long ago, now too old to ride
still remember first fears riding slow
days of one's childhood, fun but rough
were of such youth learned be kind - yet tough.
April 17, 2004

Worked like clock-work
or glove in hand
smoothly blending
as hand in hand
first this then that
til seemed unending.

As sun begins to rise
gifting light for one's eyes
in search of other things
sun's rising slowly brings.

As pathway led me on
to where its leading goes
such brightful beauty shows
sunlight brought of dawn.

Til morning's light found where
pathway would circled wide
urged me on as its guide
to whence - I was unaware.

Yet was precisely there
I learned that truth of Truth
and false bite of falsehood's tooth
one's temptations chanced to dare.

As late sun began to set
dim pathway led me downwards
to levels I now preferred
where both Truth and Beauty met.

A day, a season - one's lifetime
time and place each travels by
live and learn by asking why
a challenge found - life must climb.
April 17, 2004

Her palsied hands shook, trembling mine
shaken by her grateful pride
a toothless smile grinning wide.

Visioned eyes blind with cataracts
as gazed through my searching mind
til knew each knowing - both were kind.

Led me by a wish she unspoke
brief walk leading from her door
with such a richness that left her poor.

Thence thereafter unmet again
yet in my heart, still greets me by
to talk again - old years may try.

Visits made between years ago
aging hands, toothless smile
with such engaging wile.

Tis of such old age remembers
her friendship shook with palsied hands
til her glass held - but quiet sands.

One's love growing old, yet alive
forgiving years that grew her strong
left me crying - echoes of her song.
April 20, 2004

Lifted his eyes with weakness of age
shifting both lips into gear
lisped ideas as if read from a page
an aging memory held clear.

Of what been asked took time to respond
minutes passed before he spoke
choosing each word from far beyond
some distant past - memory woke.

As warmed to his topic, asked then chosen
young ears heard very first time
his eyes inflamed with cheeks red-rosen
eyes shedding tears - even mine.

As oft said, was long ago and far away
canadian wilds - Ludlow Bay
first Winter's cold felt of Autumn's cloudy day
forty-years past - when youth felt outre.

Now two-score later, tis I of age
awaiting my thoughts to clear
murky memories blurred on yellowed page
shifting words in slower gear.

Going back in time, but not to change
merely to remember or review
though Time is staidful, oft oddly strange
tis of such slow manners - old folks do.

Reviewing truths - those lies History tells
spoken into words - Time correctly spells.
April 22, 2004

No thought given back when
youth had so little could say
of what futures might bring
death-after, soon would fling
within dark depths of things.

Future days envisioned far
beyond those realities yearned
one's future might well-earn
by hard labors long striven
deep into heart-core of things.

Fond Hopes foiled by realities
hard facts, Time and Place took toll
knelling losses early gained
by one's persistent dreams
eager youth must learn to doubt.

Until hair grows thinly gray
by flaging wear of our dreams
wore into mild laughter
of our fractured hopes
old age late found worn thin.

Til no thought now given for
what lost youth aged into old
hopes now out of style
ageingTime cast aside
for what one's Death may bring.

Future days now left un-visioned
to trust of such - Faith may bring
to those with fading eyes
old age clearly sees so well
into those far depths of things
worth one's full Life may bring.
April 23, 2004

In youth-time's rapid rush and haste
to reap life's awaited thrall
of how might cope, soon found searching far
for some aging balm to salve harsh wear - Life brings.

Til old age use of want and waste
hearing Death's dim distant call
of how might hope, soon found reaching out
for some youthful balm to salve harsh wear - Death flings.

Long struggled years spent to earn what living brings
til those songs early sung, old age prayers - now sings.
April 23, 2004

Beyond this point of citied time and place
where begins late at night its freedom of hell
yet when sun should rebirth with morning's pace
begins a day where proper people may dwell.

But when night returns - least is done of most
drink cheap wine, eat of moldy bread or crust
not wine of blood nor bread of sacred host
as day turns night - a place of drunken lust.

Across a world left for man to freely till
some sow wheat, others strew dry waste of tares
abusing their night with those wild pleasures of Hell
as others light bright lamps - their friendship shares.
April 24, 2004

Without a backward glance she disappeared
into that madding crush of stirring crowd
to board a train scheduled to leave at five
destination would dissolve all trace of her
forever left unknown - if dead or alive.

I returned where we both just spent five hours
recapturing lost years - what each planned to do
in that empty silence so briefly held ours
hearing what left unsaid between I and you
future years would not gift-  neither never knew.

But such occurred thirty years ago, life chanced to take
between then and now, time and place gave birth of other ends
presumptions thought future plans might well make
til old age wonders what became of her - no letter sends.

Each friend, material for new novels yet be written
upon those drifting sands, circumstance soon blows away
occasions of love and hate, long or briefly smitten
skein Life unravels - til Death snips final thread one day.
April 25, 2004

When first young, think but future cares
what then will have
when old, ease those pangs aging wears
balm our bones with salve.

When fresh young, unthought of one's past
but what will cost
when grown old, think how long will last
til life found lost.

When firstly young, unknowing then
those out-planned dreams
never birthed at all.

When lastly gone, name soon forgot
as if never lived
or died last Fall.
April 26, 2004

Were those days when men were men
us boys merely younger then
when men made work a labored chore
lads quickly slopped through - found a bore.

Men more modest than boys, yet allowed to swear
lads oft did, but in the open - wouldn't dare
men merely boys grown up, boys but men - life will age
boyhood memories old men recall - now wisely sage.
April 28, 2004

Each age wears man much the same
those earned by one's love or hate
some kindness forgiveness kept alive
tis of these - how most folks survive.

Good and bad ever trusting - or by treason
hung itself upon that aging cross
each asked to bear upon broad shoulders
weight of internal hopes - or eternal despair.

Life lived just to keep alive some brief stretch of years
time too quickly wastes behind, unraveled deeds of sin and love
warding off strong brunt of man against another or Nature
as if thereby, buy one's way into further days
so much like all those gone before.

Some with a fading gleam left in their eye
may see well-traveled roads taken step by step
or launch a daring leap across those voids
one cannot evade - if life is to be fully lived.

What holds one to stay the course
their health and yearnings yield to
but another day or hour brings by
better to know or understand some awareness
still leads them on by those dreams each one dreams
to gain an end - unknowingly know.

Ever that distant toll of knelling bells
briefly scattered across unexpected ears
for whom it may toll, someone's ending tells
of a life - recalling its struggled stress of years.

Of such high price, war's cost so quickly spends
to waste ensuing years with but vanquished dreams
one may wish, when finally sees how war ends
til builds another peace of hopeful schemes.

For Nature wears each one much the same
people soon learn must obey those who rule
life's cards had shuffled - as if a game
for wealth must win, those poor - but play the fool.

Eternal game world leaders deal out
with well-marked cards, conned by their scheming eyes
gamble another's loss, never left in doubt
stakes Life often dares - yet Death never lies.
April 28, 2004

Its curved blade of steel sliced furrows
last years brown-sward overturned upon
each other, til buries old growth, their roots
reversed - as crumbled theirselves upside down.

Fall or Spring when ground moisture just right
neighbor's three-horse hitched to pull his plow
re-curled rolls of fresh severed soil upon itself
plow shiny sharp, ground wet black - drying brown.

Ground birds just ahead, flew behind his back
allowing those steaming horses plow on past
feasting on freshly out-turned grubs and worms
from depths below - well-fed theirselves into birds.

Half-way rest - later at field's end
horses resting themselves and plower
time taken, cost of his labors felt proud
earned to buy back old fields - newly plowed.

Ancient practice, first learned need to plow
furrows over-tossed upon its neighbor
recurved into coils of field's earthen ground
crumbling dirt to seed fresh plantings found.

When work done, plow greased so keep its shine
come next season, furrows form straignt line
a ritualed practice, take their plow in hand
labor each neighbor farms - upon their land.
May 8, 2004

Indentured much like a slave
debentured what could not save
urged on by tyrant's constant curse
worked for food - yet unfilled their purse.

Free to live - if do what told
used til life grown old - or sold
obedience their constant rule
work, eat and sleep - but labor's tool.

Til mind turns numb like a beast
among unpaid, earned the least
their only hope but quickly die
bodies thrown in swamps - none asked why.
June 2, 2004

In but three hours retold their fifty years
mostly with laughter, some with happy tears
an over-load of facts and circumstance.

Jumbled stories so quickly told by all
scatter-load of life's events, great and small
forty lives - across wide world's expanse.

People, places, ideas, hopes, dreams and death
each one self-revealing with bated breath
Fate had deftly hurled across their path.

With hurried chatter to explain themselves
volumed words would out-fill several bookshelves
such starving hunger - self-disclosure hath.

Perhaps like Resurrection day will be
joyed reunion at last - finally free
gifting their forgiveness, each one felt absolved
returning or yearly dying, - Death desolved.
June 11, 2004

Etched in stone marked one's end
love gave seed to birth years ago
measured length life would lend
from first to last - Time must bestow.

Brief or long-lived matters not
rather, what song did they sing
before earned what Death brought
tune - their melody might bring.

Some may yet remember still
what their living freely gave
before buried upon this hill
etched in stone to mark one's grave.

Thus Death consigns to earthen ground
with but name and dates cut in stone
for several centuries may still be found
til mere remnants left of brittle bone.


Firstly, Life's song birthing flung
 lastly Death's dirge - sadly sung.
June 15, 2004

Their frozen hearts locked up tight
congealed into solid stoic stone
shriveled dry from doubtful blight
concealed within lifeless brittle bone.

Their self-wrought fear frightfully cowers there
trembles - lest they be found out
tempted by what another's love may care
warmth may melt their hearts of doubt.

A fortress self-built, held in full control
proud pride secures with rights of sinecure
stand uninvolved, but of theirself extol
til Death provides - their final sepulcher.

How does love unlock such selfish pride
what key can unlock to enter by
release imprisoned souls opened wide
freedom gave - until looked beyond the I.

Only Time itself must await with hope
as other's love patiently keeps in touch
warmth might melt, kindly hands may fondly grope
by deeds done as these - might bring of such.
June 22, 2004

Of frets that once mattered much
former years longly labored of
now seem merely triteful such
when considered - with that of love.

Decisions life's judgments chose
brought into birth to save or gain
some semblance, right-thinking knows
now surmised as - but proudly vain.

Old age reflections shed saddened tears
weeping eyes wept til streaked weathered cheeks
late learned forgiveness, despite old fears
matters most - human love justly seeks.

Hurried rush of early days a waste
wanted visions seemed needful when life young
took advantage of love's eager haste
over-rode others hopes - with sharp voiced tongue.

Fading years enlighten aging eyes
sightful of mistakes one's choosing chose
as too late we learn to be one wise
surmised in retrospect - what deep love owes.

Yet is that very blindness when young
spurs eager steps for what seen ahead
til juice of ripened life fully wrung
much should have told - meekly left unsaid.

To tame that savage beast deep within
quell young self-hopes, clutched with eager hands
youth's flaws old age atones, to one's chagrin
as tearful eyes now seeing - understands.
June 30, 2004

Curt manner of his steps to lead him by
sharply defined him as one resolute
keen eyes sought old ruins where phoebes fly
below where wet swales - grow arrowroot.

Overgrown lane unused, unlike in its prime
untraveled since, age consumed house and shed
a place full of memories left unchanged by time
rewoven into dreams within his head.

For hours he walked about or longly sat
searched midst old debris - those within his mind
scavaged beneath rotted boards for this or that
along hidden fence rows for what might find.

Til sun sank low with gathered shadows drawn
his unfed hunger gave sharp need to leave
as with saddened steps, gave last look of lawn
what youth longly saved - ageing Time will thieve.
July 3, 2004

Time of Spring when wood-grouse a-drumin'
knowing sweet Summer soon a-comin'
school boys come home happily a-hummin'
at least in good ole days - on family farm.

Out and about, skin burnt before full tanned
when all labored long Summer through by hand
yet knew Summer over when plums late-canned
natural knowledge - taught its peculiar charm.

Though not far away but now long ago
when pace of living moved patiently slow
deprivals early learned, pain understood
friends more friendly in one's own neighborhood.

Trusted with honesty, both kith and kin
yet clever to know if still boys or men
were those who were rascals - few even mean
some a bit lazy, yet many sharp keen.

But all this has changed in mere sixty years
what once was but local, now felt global
when freedoms before respected others
those days found gone, now trust - but one's brothers.

What held each together, now scattered and fled
man's honor disproven by war's shattered dead
like many oldsters, fled back to countryside
back to land of their youth - beyond those citified.

Midst kindred kin where proud honesty tries
loud friendly neighbors still laugh olden lies
gathered with family and friends, much like long ago
Summer a-comin', grouse a-drumin' - woods below.
July 10, 2004

Soon returned with wanted picture
leaning it against an empty glass
so as both might view it there
each could see and talk about.

For our conversations had finally led to that
til gave rise of her going and coming back
its black-and-white still un-brown
cover-kept - to save its black-and-white.

Thereof she spoke with eyes a-gleam
its ancient happiness returned
to smile upon that picture there
for what it told - back then.

Side by side, he and she wedded by
bride's maid and groom stood on either side
each one there looking so awkward shy
as if now spoke of what said back then
she once had spoken - when first a bride.

All four pictured there young and spry
each one yet alive - such she told
now awaiting their passing by
until Death should down them cold.

Of what their years had saved or lost
she now retains those long past as best
of what life bought from loving's cost
til all four at last - are laid to rest.
July 21, 2004

We measure people by their pleasure
as well as treasure
so accurately learn of what they yearn
or rejectly spurn.

We appraise of what they think about
as well as what may doubt
consider precisely what they know
or inaccurately show.

Til we wonder of just who they are
as well as what yet may be
remain closeby or range further far
til measures each - fully free.
July 22, 2004

Our onward way led straight ahead
until finally met head-on
single way found diverged upon
to quiz one's choice, as if perhaps
freely elected to decide
what newer path may provide
other than onward way firstly chose
another path taken - whereof goes.

Such wends Life by our election
freely chose by one's selection
uncertain to whence will lead
lured on by some innate need.

At that moment, pondered within
to gain or lose what might begin
a new path more easily make
unlike before first chose to take.

Whereby taken, if brought a difference
unknowing before of its consequence
yet with our pride or hopes of confidence
freely taken - trusting in Providence.

To learn that rich worth of Trust
by high cost of learning Love
until one finally knows
a friendship - each one grows.

Bound together by connections
with tight strings of strong convictions
life once unraveled long ago, til new days arrived
giving birth a newer vision old eyes yearned
ignorant youth - unsaw back then.

One's early pride proudly denied
inflicted on their pandered days
frittled prattles of idle thoughts
wild words had early thrown
uncontested by truth or lies.

Til weathered into such strength
grown of passing episodes
each life reads into itself
fabled like fools now thought wise
self-grandeured in youthful eyes
til one's pride - cut down to size.

Learn those lies of truth and truth of lies
one's oxymoronic wisdom ties
into knots of laughter, tied up with a smile
as friendly humors put angry anger to shame.

Takes away proud Pride its shameful name
until each knows who they really are
a blend of genes, deeds and dreams
strung like cobwebs across
that breach of years, we thought
our own to own as only ours
spent with such waste of frivoled hours
until became of who we are.

Thus occurred so far away and long ago
when Life's force thought fully free and only ours
til came that divergence one's decision shaken
as stood by two roads, til chose of which - one taken.
July 26, 2004

Each morning birthed another day to play
with whatever came to hand
day before now remembered of
what then had been done
to outwear another Summer's day
back when thought - would never end.

For as a child, time freely given
with whatever brought to mind
unfinished what done day before
yesterday wore out
start anew another wear of day
back then thought would always be.

Now full grown up, another day goes by
with whatever needs be done
yesterday did not seem to do
now unremembered
nor requires today should still do
for tomorrow - may never come.
July 27, 2004

Their beauty enhanced by what old age saved
weathered years wove into leathered creases
early years first bloomed - rose-tinted peaches.

Yet their voicings spoke as childhood did
passing years perfectly preserved when young
teens now matured into their full-voiced tongue.

Their laughter now just as loud, if not prouder
gathered episodes late life may often bring
when frivolous youth would laugh - of any thing.

Then too soon all left, gone back whence they came
of their future years, old age will further tame
youthful years and now - left them much the same.

Awaiting another year gathered by
once more return, except those found to die
youth's early years unthought of - nor its why.
August 15, 2004

Dream driven or Godly drawn
tis such Life's road wends upon
gathered into aims - thought my own.

Weathers featured foul or fair
cold seasons or warming air
such limits found - were not my own.

What early planted deep-set
nurtured by a pride well-kept
seeds found sterile - could not be grown.

Fall harvest reaped when hot and dry
meager crop gleaned hard-toiled by
enough to wear harsh Winter through.

Labored by blood, sweat and tears
risked alone with fretful fears
aims ever changing through lost years.

Doubtful yet grateful, come what may
kindly, not hateful - words would say
struggled on in silence each and every day.

Those early dreams so proudly drawn
now mere outworn schemes quickly gone
til only hopes - what lies beyond.

Beyond those gates Death will open wide
then perhaps, gifts one's God will provide
those my self-ignorance - so long denied.
August 26, 2004

He held memories I remembered
as age grew old til Decembered
stooped back bent him with shortened height
unlike years back when tall and sprite.

Fifty years between back then and now
each balding snow-white, both beard and brow
so we talked of school-days shared us both
and what came after - by aging's growth.

Views and hopes wore much the same between
same culture bred, working years routine
a day spent togethered by - old friends
our ceaseless talk spoke til evening ends.

Hugs and smiles, as each bid their farewell
perhaps will never meet again - until
first to go, may attend their funeral day
only memories now left - old friendships play.
August 27, 2004



Lured by measured tolling of churchen bells
long stood listening for what meanings told
unknowing confusions right or wrong - war tells
a youngster far too young to be one old.

Nor understood those mysteries of dying's strife
or why his mother - was his father's wife
childhood merely a gift given free
unaware, chanced night of love seeded he.


A saddened day later years would recall
when his own son would die of war
again stood by fence-row at late dew-fall
grief-knowing what church bells - tolled for.

Still bothered by mysteries, unanswered doubt
years gathered like sheaves to be winnowed out
enigmas brought from magic of child dreams
flailed into tares and grain - old age gleans.


Til came that day, blind eyes would not see
his casket carried across dry lea
buried where long-lineage lastly laid to rest
a sleep that wakens - to but another quest.
August 31, 2004

So long stood I at creek's bridging's rail
as full-moon reflected coldly pale
dappled there, til current's ripples replied
of such strange matters - one's dreams confide.

When my need to further on, such duties may
moon's ghostly glimmer led me homewards way
midst quiet dark, moon and I led each other by
a journey unplanned, uncertainties life must try
without one's need to know - nor even question why.
September 6, 2004

Those early years of rush and run
life's need quickly get things done
so might find bit of time for fun.

Those middle years of wait and see
life's aim to do but what needs be
so might find bit of time for me.

Those latter years of sit and scheme
life's idle waste a constant theme
so might find bit of time to dream.

Those final years of waiting for
life's want - recall those days of yore
so might find bit of time to snore.

Those ending days cold Death brings by
deaf ears hear, swish of reaper's scythe
so might find bit of time to die.
October 8, 2004

Vacant sadness after
reunion day's laughter
early times before
knowing - comes no more.

Celebrate what earned by age
each struggled upon life's stage
to wonder of what Life for
or fractured love - out wore.

Those few unfound thereof
recalls remembered love
distance or death forbid
time's circumstance - outbid.

Size and shape, health crippled by
change of venue work needs try
hair ageing gray or yellowed white
hinting of each one's final night.

Gendered brood looks but ahead
paternal hopes left unsaid
a day of joys shared between
when family reunions convene.

Til day grows into leaveaged hours
midst those kindred and kin of ours
hugs and kisses bid farewell - tears in their eye
family friendships - reunions remember by.
October 11, 2004

Beyond this high ridge lies an endless plain
beneath an azured sky, holds no hope for rain
as evening drifts down to end long day for me
and all those future years - I will never see.

With but a brief run of several score
birth and life so freely shared with me
grew to grow and love what living swore
to earn and learn for what one might be.

Quiet calm, wild Nature tamed by
as long day gentled down into night
whereof found frozen stars stud the sky
by Aurora's gift of wavering light.

Their eerie charge dashed beneath Heaven's floor
far streamed in silence across sky beyond
ageless panorama high-drama wore
to blaze a night - my hopes could but respond.

Night softly warm, calm air barely moved
its natural beauty such grandeur proved
far remote from rustled stir of town
one could well ponder of - whole night down.

Whereof one innately knew, felt purpose of
among near neighbored folk, their need for love
ties each to each with humanhood
til one's friendship - right well understood.

There were other feral creatures heard that night
as vaguely crept into one's dreams if they might
old echoes lost ages still call out loud
prairie howls and hoots - clear sky brightly proud.

Such was long ago, far beyond citied roar
where peace freely given with no need for war
a time of renewal, freedom - grief might mend
from what of natural beauty, such cure could lend.

Whereof in latter days, those yet left to me
birth and love shared for what I have come to be
grateful what came to hand, Time full-gifted free
and those far future years - I will never see.
October 21, 2004

In those silent calms late night bequeaths
til rage and roar of day reaps its rest of sleep
alone with thoughts, wrapped with surrounding dreams
that shrouded mystery - who one is or seems.

Alive yet alone, to wonder of Now and After
strange trails life had taken, chosen or goaded on
both pain and joy, soon released with laughter
our world fashions of - each morning wakes at dawn.

Distilled from that magic of voice or pen
spoken dialogues or written words eyes gathered then
grows a change, passing hours remake - what once been
as body slowly wears to death, one self-hopes will after win.

More questions asked than were heard to answer of
that grateful enigma - depths of human love
to query of those now gone, Death took away
whereof ponder God - as not be led astray.

In that darkish stillness late night becalms one by
cares of the day left behind, time to wonder why
alone with private thoughts, words could not well explain
to hope Life holds a reason - one's God may ordain.
October 25, 2004



That proud worth or final waste of life and death
beauty first sprung from a seed its parents gave
to grow through upward years with widened breadth
til by disease and death - brought down to grave
life could not save.

Not one picture captured its crowning glory
only some filmy memory still seen within
nor deft writing enshrined a famous story
a single tree stood alone - without a twin
that might have been.

No more to shade bright sunshine's harsh glare
nor shadow strange silhouettes across white snow
soft whisperings, dancing leaves once spoken there
that told of natural secrets - I could not know
God's winds may blow.

Yet still it stands, much as in my childhood days
inward eyes observe, dim shadows youth left behind
upward eyes dreamed beneath, in dry hot August daze
or naked barrenness - cold Winters still remind
aging hopes defined.


No vestige now remains, bulldozed out roots and all
curved brow of hill reshaped, its old lane long filled in
as if banished into nothingness - outside the wall
decreed to disappear for some unforgiven sin
time and age grew thin.

No fragile film portrays proud summers past
where pleasured days of boyhood shadowed by
those caressing leafy limbs fondly cast
to bless my onward days - I then unknowing why
now forgotten by.

Like that tree's leaves had been strewn across wide world's worth
to shade and shelter those gathered beneath its limbs
wise Mother Nature, watching children play on God's earth
chattered laughter, dancing leaves - intoning olden hymns
til each note sadly dims.

Now only memories fastly fading, that none can tell
urbanity denatured, denuding Nature's fame
paved and tarred, leveled low, landmarks gone once knew so well
only dissembled memories recalled - old dreams yet claim
today unfound the same.

For Time merely that dimension by which we measure Change
onward years may record, til even History found forgot
what once had been, thence later came to be - now seems rather strange
games played beneath that tree, til at last - downed to die and rot
yet grateful - what it taught.
October 27, 2004

What virtue can save one's life after death
its honored trust held true with human breath
spoken of, old scriptures assured are true
what creature first believed - from what it knew?

What magic gave man courage, til believed
whereby one found lying dead firstly grieved
some ill-defined second chance - chanced to be
earned by enchanted prayers - felt given free?

Cave fires glimmered weird shadows nightly flit
dancing dreams performed on dank cavern walls
an ancient magic first words spoke of it
chalked pictures drew - rough fingers crudely scrawls.

Blank presence birthed into what tomorrows bring
hunger pangs yearned those days beyond the now
eons later, enchanted music still sings
life beyond the grave - searched behind receding brow.

Man birthed into a freedom animals unknow
a creature slowly evolved unlike all before
passing centuries grew between those ancient snows
across dry deserts. mountains high - Time would explore.

Lust led each to breed, daily hungers held them one
night dreams fostered visions, til gave purpose to their why
culture grew from stories, memories ancestors spun
til Death assured a resurrection beyond the sky.
October 31, 2004

That only child or last one given birth
become those lonely ones - roam the earth
none behind must they care nor learn to share
left outside family circle - older children gave heir.

Natural waste, families ignorant of their growing pain
self-centered dreams and schemes loneliness requires
destined to walk dim paths others will never strain
silent days alone - to dwell midst tors and quagmires.

They are not insipid fools nor dolts one might ignore
urged to study, some interest holds them sane
their harmless insecurity left for them to explore
perhaps some may finally earn right to fame.

Some off-branch subspecies, science unbothers with
to self-anguish down their lonely years, clinging to Life's edge
their visions insecurely held with some troubled myth
their self-grown plumage never feathered out fully fledged.

But if Chance should briefly come your way
give ear to listen how, of what they say
journeys such traveled by, have dear need of a friend
til seen with different eyes - answers seek a different end.

Bipolar end each family breeds - its last or only one
crude Nature holds no solution of why or how come
a quandary human evolution simply allows
youngest always different - final breeding oft endows.
November 1, 2004

Whereof one might go, future years would tell
why and when had gone, memories remembered well
exactly what had learned - words cannot spell.

Time has a way of shifting facts askew
til age alters much of what we once knew
former deeds oldsters speak - oft found untrue.

Yet in the end matters not, true or false
few vestiged dregs found among their dross
old facts rearranged - dementia's high cost.

Of those scattered remnants years left behind
always some wisdom learned, now brought to mind
treasures hid beneath some forgotten find.

Time often changes much old memories recall
twisting facts into strange fictions one never saw
til old age ill-remembers - or not at all.
November 3, 2004

What urgent fear gave cause to roil head-strong with churning sand
as dashed their surging panic upon that jagged coastal shore
where far behind those waves, earthen curve acrhed beyond sight of land
some seisimic disturbance deeply belched - gave birth on ocean floor.

Til here at morning's natal birth, ravaged waves hurled their might
upon edging sand and rocks, torn into spray and foam with fear
as green bubbles seen wildeyed, Neptune's curse of strangled fright
all day they came rolling in, some unknown out there - fled to here.

Bitter cold, wet salty air - raging battle fought to stay
turmoiled clouds of gray tumbled upon themselves all day long
through night next, battered coastline rocks held their ground midst spewed spray
whereof when winds were right, could hear constant bells of buoy's gong.

Birth of third morning after, heard high-pitched calls of feeding gulls and such kind
each came to dine upon broken flesh, wasted orts shattered by linging waves
like camp followers of old, trailed the war - feast on what Death left behind
til Time's oil poured on ragging waters, calmed and blessed those lost in ocean graves.

For we are creature of the land, snow, rain, heat of desert dust
earn our keep by flesh and floral growth upon the planet's crust
but of those wide seas we are strangers there, without fins to swim
still found held mesmerised, when spent a day beside shoreside's brim.

Those two fearful days and nights, dreams yet echoe their paniced roar
for in days of my lost youth, have borne that waste and want of war
noise beyond the ear, fear and bold bravery mixed with shame
presumeful should outlive to taste sweet calm of war's ending game
trusting peaceful futures lie in wait, when each to home will go
now by seashore calmly sat, to remember what - now I know.

Pride and fame, youthful dreams old age learns but a game
prance upon brief stage of renown, often as but a clown
for time soon burns out proud honor's ephemeral flame
crippled with a fading mind - palsied hands shaken down.

All that rush and haste, out-loud laughter that knows no fear
hither and yon to waste that peace for want of even more
scattered across brief brace of years, til one can barely hear
dull dregs afloat upon a fadding memory - of that war.

To learn again, greed and hate will always breed into shame
wars and peace, law and disorder - politics but a game
old age absolved itself, as sat whole day beside that sea
know earthen ways but sterile seeds Greed plants - War grown to be.
November 6, 2004

It was then I knew that eternal truth of things
earth long fashioned of stone and land by winds and rain
or grown grove of familiar trees warm weather brings
to find what once had been - done in vain.

It was then I finally knew world completely changed
refashioned by natural growth and seasoned weather's rained
my gathered steps lately traveled back where youth first grown
found out-altered all by what those passing years had thrown.

Yet those former vistas I returned to see once more
childhood's home, ancestral farm lost to woods and weed
memories found here and there, some few still lay as before
for all that once occurred there - my fractured dreams still need.

Til comes that time, will not return as done before
fading memories and frail bones will disallow
when death soon will gift another place to explore
thereafter all have left behind - may disavow.

For what Time and Place had firstly grown to be
a child's early world explored far and wide
those of later years, when widowhood left one free
memories saved or changed will prove - Time or I had lied.

Til some far future age will burn earth to drifting dust
out-scattered across astral miles beyond those stars
but within my remembered soul, will hold truth of such
that former life lived below - old dreams will still be ours.
November 6, 2004