Was when Time briefly hid a bit of itself
behind forgotten tomes left on bookshelf
just in case, later years might come in handy
should occasion find need for something dandy.

Hope once saved back a bit of itself behind the door
just in case some lost cause had need of such
perhaps could save the day with that hidden - little more
such occasions found - wanting more of much.

So ought not be surprised in the least to know
God has hidden most of what He knows from us
just in case we became too proud of ourselves
should choose - cast God aside without further trust.

Yet God kindly took pity on mankind's lack of wit
so gave humankind a Faith - at least a little bit
that we might see, well-knowing how we hide our lies
a coward's trait commonly found within our lives.

With that in mind, I freely chose some forgotten day
took a secret moment, hid a sin or two had done
behind a false stance proudly held - I would never say
til found that sin festered me - pride's want once freely flung.

Then in my agony occurred to me - began to pray
perhaps ought own up to those hidden sins long stashed away
so outright confessed to God of what had freely sinned
then from out those clouds, heard His voicings in the wind.

With kind forgiveness and small laugh - a father might
absolved those hidden sins I had once locked up tight
then found a freedom unlike those lies once swore
when hid a thing or two just in case - behind Life's door.
December 20, 2003

Juried into some conclusion
none alone would agree
silent with unasked questions
aloud - gave unquestioned answers.

Prosecutors defending lies
defenders prosecuting truths
til judge finally went to sleep
as twelve jurors went to roost.

While lawyers shouted each other down
in silence, audience asked brought up
bailiff simply thought of other things
as why court-room clock - never fixed.

Paid lawyers wrangled on til noon
unknowing wrong time now far past
their faith in Time told by slothful clock
til rebuttals wornout - both sides agreed.

Fine declared by waking judge
gaveled down at one hundred dollars
with ninety-nine exempted
though of one more - judge tempted.

Jail-time - thirty days locked up
press reporters scribbled down
with not one day suspended
t'was only this - all remembered.
March 25, 2004

Adjectives and nouns gave cause instead of verbs
by mis-use of commas, lost meaning of words
further compounded by illogical sine qua non
til what skillfully wrote, found its meaning - left unknown.
March 29, 2004

When Good and Evil both went to bed
to clasp and cling as if wedded two
their progeny found more widely spread
til Evil finally won - tis true!

Of what their illicit foul foalings bred
namely bastards, unknowing right from wrong
unfearful of what those dispossessed said
victors reaped spoils left - but to those strong.

Found but two classes - rich and poor
middle-class milked til could earn no more
soon after, World finally went to Hell
beyond that, no one left - what need not tell.
March 30, 2004

Some surprising statistics years may tell
are far more suicides than murders kill
between Us and Europe, more widely drifts
easier to spread than tectonic shifting lifts.

More money spent than one's earnings earned
less teachers teach more than learnings learned
til devalued dollars revalued buying's worth
despite far fewer deaths than new birthings birth.

Vehicles travel further on less gas
smaller atoms have far greater mass
birds found flying faster than flown before
some think an error, others - caused by war!

Though cost of living spirals higher at years end
balanced by what Christmas shoppers less freely spend.

Some scientists calibrate Time as slowing down
others measured its passing, report - speeding faster
more swimmers survive, live longer than those who drown
yet more die laying down than those who die of laughter.

Women often found put on more weight
watching TV, staying up too late
some suggest they eat too much fat
others prove - not because of that.

As has been said long before, figures don't lie
can be sure those who figure know what to buy
their constant use of numbers eventually grows
until how much eventual owe - no one knows.

Few legs are broken merely by sitting down
more hearts forsaken when their sweethearts skip town
some say our earth is slowly getting warmer
others surmise - much colder than the former.

Doctors charge far more than used to bill
due to higher cost of birthing pill
our physician still charges us much the same
refusing to play that old conception game.

More men found named John than women called Mary
perhaps more males born than found to marry
wars kill far less in battles than those die by death itself
government studies spent thousands - then hid it on the shelf.

From well-kept data, day-watchers have found day's length lasting longer
night-watchers without any data, argue day-watchers are wronger
statistician's numbers found people dying older than before
morticians embalming dead cadavers, surmise death takes far more.

The fact that people are working longer and earning far less
due to faulty calculations, calculators simply guess
an olden adage - taxes never go down, always up
yes, I'll drink to that - if taxers lend me their golden cup.

"The poor will always be with you" - how true tis true
though not rich, will soon be poor when taxes comes due
already Summer comes, for Spring too briefly put away
before one knows, Autumn comes - such calendars convey.

Eat far less, live more longer - better health they say
eating less, getting older, yet is I who pay
such modern statistics tell, world holds out for each of us
a frail, fragile system - unworthy of our fevered fuss.
April 13, 2004

They squabble, they barter
each or both think their smarter
history knows - neither a martyr.

Fume and fuss with their cries
swear and vow with endless lies
goes on despite either one dies.

Treaties, agreements, pacts
greedy for what each one lacks
yet both laugh behind their back.

Agreed in palaced tower
pact both signed - their proudest hour
eternal bickering for power.

Each wanting what they want
their vacant prides proudly flaunt
belittling with their teasing taunt.

Constant feuds curse or bless
how leaders lead, anyone's guess
their citizens could not care less.

Two countries side by side
between them both - river wide
economies of both held their pride.

Since so close together
like two birds of same feather
what each plans - depends on whether.

Both leaders play the game
is their pride that fuels their flame
what each side plans - much the same.

One night as drank their cup
loud volcano felt erupt
after, river between dried up.

Buildings fell on both sides
river filled in by mud-slides
need for each other - no one hides.

Required work together
both found got along better
soon learned - each to each a debtor.

Til two sides no longer fight
put away their former spite
with no squabbles - futures look bright.
April 15, 2004

When I firstly came
far-back seat made claim
to tell I was poor
found needing far more
to pay for up-front seat.

When soft lights dimmed down
til to read brochure
left me in the dark
as to when would start
still wanting up-front seat.

When first notes heard play
peace its silence gave
took me far away
from where back-seat sat
no one else sat nearby.

Orchestration gave
music's full measure
with such haunting sounds
its deep cadence pounds
out of mind - my back-seat.

With no intermission
left me with suspicion
if high price worth its cost
until I finally lost
track of just where I sat.

With no pause between
music's soft serene
as heaven thought be
such a pleasant place
one could sit front-seat free.

Then began finale's end
of what came to hear
such wonders it gave
for those sitting there
in comfortable up-front seats.

After final bow
conductor bent low
profoundly proper
as one would expect
unseen from my back seat.

Silence quickly shattered
with what each one chattered
like a gaggle of geese
heard to end my peace
and loss of my back-row seat.

In that mangled rush
to quickly french-leave
managed to step upon
ones forgotten hat
beneath my rear-seat.

Neither left nor right
I never looked down
below nor ahead
where crowd filed out
beyond last-rowed seats.

Cool fresh air felt good
to breathe full again
walked with tiring feet
along side-walked street
finally freed - of far back seat.
April 21, 2004

Where darkened clouds always lour gray
shortened summers, lengthy winters stay
puddled turloughs in early spring
migrant lark-spurs but briefly sing.

Celebrate their day with nightly quaff
ale stout imbibed til each can laugh
chew and spit as sing or sigh - tavern held
church gathered every Sunday - last pew filled.

Barter, beg, banter, bedevil some
pious, peaceful - should mother come
proudful, bragful, bravely boast their pride
beyond their clan or law - they always lied.

Its sins and sons found in every clime
of their pride and boast - lied any time
longly labor should have need of quid
otherwise - found in dark taverns hid.
April 21, 2004

With proud profundity well prepared
profound wisdom Professor professed
asked to deliver a series of talks midst his peers
in tribute - acknowledged his professional career.

With aclarity and aplomb he rose to speak
in one hour - most others would require a week
pontificated upon deep delved depths as he spoke
few could fathom nor realize - his wise visions woke.

Their applause bid several unending accolades - bowed once more
thence without a single word thereafter, left by rear stage door
only then came to him - a fatal flaw in his logic's proof
so quickly returned inside to explain - erroneous goof.

All next day behind closed doors profundities argued by all
til by noon agreement reached concerning that fatal flaw
by five, revised text well-answered - all agreed as one
gave final proof, despite proud proposal erred - he alone had done.
April 26, 2004

As neighbors, both strung a fence together
to keep each one in and each other out
for flocks have been known to stray
where they freely will
daily grazed across then back
up and down our hill.

Fence tightly strung, dividing his flock from mine
as surely as confined my flock from his
and so has always been
between both mine and tis
til came that day most dreadful
between his and mine.

All my sheep still grazed within our fence - his found fled
our searchings led us nowhere, not one print gave clue
of how, why, when, where nor means
caused my sheep still fence-held
nor reason his had vanished
though searched two counties through.

So I sold my neighbor - half of mine
the other half I kept
old fencing still holds each others in
yet equally apart
getting older, half a flock is all each needs
to buy and sell, shear then trim - or take to mart.

Until came another day more dreadful
than hap't before
neither he nor I owned any sheep
for not one we found
even that dividing fence unstapled
rolled up and gone
so we just laughed and left, each sold out
both now live in town.

Still aware that fencing never stood between us
as some barrier to keep each other out or in
nor ever called into question, as if to cause some fuss
still live close-by near - sheep counted but in our dreams
neighbors from first to last, each time meet - speak as gentle-men.
April 29, 2004

Ingested with gay glutted glee
its bulging belly distended
with well-rounded rotundity
til full felt - ill-contented.

With rapid flap of willing wings
found unable to fly away
lesson soon learned such glutting brings
gastronomic groans convey.

So simply sat for several days
indulged with ill-indigestion
weakened by wanton weary haze
cruel crampings from congestion.

Patiently prayed for peaceful purge
its avian avarice earned
awaiting anal's anxious urge
rapid relief - hourly yearned.

What negligent neglect neglected
ecstatic excitement expected
til excretment fully ejected
its glutting abuse - completely corrected.
May 10, 2004

Within those ivied walls of academe
professors seldom talk of topics mundane
rather what profound ponderings proclaim
most likely those - students consider arcane.

Beyond such staid triteful thoughts
careless words youth's voicings sling
soon learnd were far better taught
by what careful thinkings bring.

Tis of such scholars taught
quaint quizzings wisely asked
war with words hard fought
til their minds over tasked.

Embattled ideas loudly swore
mostly by those - of ifs and or
as just how many angels might stand
on sharp point of a pin held in hand.

Struggled with such complexities
as concave or convexities
argued between Truth and Doubt
til conflicts full-measured out.

Words of post-educated fools
un-calloused hands ignorant of tools
far outside of life's real task
words but weapons each might well ask.

Self-imprisoned behind ivied walls
safely beyond reach of outside laws
as professors fought with words and tongue
til one wonders what went wrong - when young.
May 11, 2004

By far the best was their laughter's laugh
equally gleaned from both grains and chaff
truth thoughtfully twisted into lies
til even the foolish fool - proved wise.

A life-time's living of gathered wit
long evening hours seemed to never quit
distilled into folklore, years had taught
if new or old retold - mattered not.

Until time grew itself midnight past
as laughter's fatigue inveighed at last
one's self-worth re-healed, tiredness told
truth and lies that night - both bought and sold.
June 9, 2004

Seemed to have left before he came
for all that talk of what must do
this and that, thousand duties claim
such I surmised - well spoken true.

Seemed in such a rush get things done
here then there, something had to do
this then that, always on the run
never held a front-forward view.

Things yet undone, fevered from the past
seems he never lives in the present
hither and yon, ever moving fast
yet of all he spoke - always pleasant.

Then came that day, finally put away
garth-gathered low as if already graved
to wonder if in death - some delay
til far past caught up - life's hurry saved.
July 14, 2004

Ribbed-kicked mule wouldn't budge
cursed and yelled, both pulled and shoved
til gave push with gentled nudge
morley gained - when one felt loved.

Both plodded on together
whence both minds made up to go
neither brayed, cursed nor whether
uncaring if fast or slow.

With temperatures adjusted cool
pleasant words exchanged between
both kindly, no longer cruel
gentle neighbors - now serene.

In town, mule tied at pump
what he bought, who would have guessed
sack of oats placed on its rump
going back - took time to rest.

When old mule died, owner cried
took all day to bury by
cross still marks with honored pride
need not question - nor ask why.
July 14, 2004

Corralled within a harem of friendly folk I unknew
each loudly cackled with bragging voices, crowing who or whom
slowly strutting, ever butting those hit - both fore and aft
lit by an il-lit crowded room - heard their outspoken silence.

Right hand held their drink, left pointing either here or there
struting simplistic manners, put-on by airs
polite etiquette they themselves declare or provide
with forked-tongue, piercing into one's business - not their own.

Til I in my blindful ignorance, saw two others collide
each took blame on themselves, their way of faulting someone else
whose dress or career seemed ill-suited to have been invited
into such grandeur, room's appointment - left me unexcited.

Among swarm surrounding me, penned up like cattle
my pecuniary loss, lost among these wealthy rich
feigning I understood their proud lies told by loud prattle
as would drive me insane, til left - unknowing who was which.

For chanced a moment, someone fell across two upset chairs
crowd's panicked curiosity led all to watch and stare
was then I left, to find those emergency-service stairs
in ten minutes I was gone - never again finds me there.
July 14, 2004

Pride of women far different than men
such the ages tell has always been
man of what he knows, yet she - must feel
lady, how one looks, he - is it real.

Such may have been whence humans first began
since Eden's day - she was she, he was man
while man looks out, she looks down and back
he but sees - she to know if slip shows black.

Tis of these last efforts noted just above
personifies women's need - how one is seen
be assured by her friends well-thought of
neat and tidy, still in fashion - always clean.

Every husband understands, women simply know
I need not say of more, you know just what I mean
a duality Creation double-cast long ago
assuring equal inequalities between.

A man may be king - but only if she is queen
each crowned, yet unalike such royalty may bestow.
July 14, 2004

By age old conventions everyone knows
eventually hardens into inflexible rules
with such dis-etiquette, as snubbed one's nose
also applies to good manners shown - when one duels.

Wise wisdom of how to get along in life
exactitude preferred by those educated
finishing schools well brought up to be one's wife
civil of social order - well cultivated.

However, there are times that try men's souls
overstepping proper bounds of propriety
whereof old conventions oft overthrown
then time to damn all - including sobriety.

For those gifted with Irish wit, well knows
one must follow two sets of rules to get one by
depending on how fares the day one goes
most proper one should know - which way to go and why.

Two countries nearly side by side across the straight
friendly sort have learned to live with both love and hate.
July 15, 2004

The wise local logistical wit
found no way of doing it
instead, solved it with magic
though results - rather tragic.
July 15, 2004

On first hearing, 'ave a right-good laughing fit
of those found in trouble
for whatever their misery 'ave brought of it
their stout taken double.

For if are truly Irish
will laugh at their own - tis true
why they make such good neighbors
if no better off than you.

They remember all forgot
hold firmly to their first word
unless can earn more begot
by sly lying of a third.
July 30, 2004

His sharp point of view stuck in my mind
impaled upon unasked questions
founding an answer unthought before
til that point of view aimed its wisdom
in my direction, as if replied
gave answer to his keen suggestions.

His point of view may have seemed pointless
by those whose minds already made up
solidified with strong convictions
unmoved by such insightful wisdom
their proud smugness, feelings held frozen
ignoring his keen-held suggestion.

Til his engaging smile thawed out
their cool response, stoic pride had chilled
by self-deaf ears that heard but of their own
til logic confirmed their thoughts with his
that far-fetched idea in return - would save.
August 15, 2004

Answers asked of my questions
gave no hint nor suggestions
her responses were quickly given
facts not feelings - how made her livin'.

Age, height, weight - sex she assumed
current address still presumed
without looking up - five dollars please
payment paid for annual driving fees.

Quickly thereafter loudly spoke - next
as awaiting nervous fingers flexed
last words heard as I closed their door
next year - done like all done before.

Impersonal daily performance
applied with required conformance
dully done, stoic laws full-required
license renewed - when license expired.

Laws assuring employment
work done without enjoyment
cyclic cycles, how governments run
tax and fines - pays what need not be done.

An idle waste of time that keeps them busy
til complex laws and rules leaves one dizzy
her questions asked without a smile
each year felt - like one still on trial.

Just another statistic written down
added or subtracted - felt like a clown
corralled into lines, hurry up then wait
wonder if the same - at St Peter's gate.

Weighed out on scales of right and wrong
those endless lines enormously long
then but thumbs up or down - judgement's call
certified either way - Life paid all.
September 17, 2004