To sense one's Spirit has need, look within another's eyes
to dream what Spirit gifts, gaze beyond far distant skies
tis of these awakens grateful love, til touch one's soul
imbibed from eyes or outward skies - Spirit makes one whole.

Now aware Godness gained, surmised from existence everywhere
a reality pervading all dimensions - simply there
like a thought self-pursued, til further knows of how to love
freely ventured within old dreams, one's awareness - brought of.
April 12, 2001

Within some hollowed silence, quizzed what There obtains
thence asked of timeless Space, how oneself There sustains
whereof soul knows nothing but of itself
merely Spirit - beyond sense of oneself.

Wondering if such ponderings gave proof I exist
beyond Death, though disembodied - still as me consist
without recourse to memory, what There inspires
such God's gifting - Heaven's existence requires.

Or will Death's conviction be missed, unsense one's dying change
thence experience continuum of self, to further range
pass through an earthen death into Eternal after-life
thus to Know and Love forever - beyond foul stench of strife.

If so, what experience attends in that vast beyond
will one be co-responsible - or but merely respond?

Such hauntings once intruded in silent dark of night
urging a cause to pursue, what could be learned or might
tasting Death's hunger, what There obtains or allows
trusting life-after, Hope, Love and Faith - still avows.
August 16, 2002

No reason to live nor die
no answer given for its why
perhaps something - God had to try.

Like some stray strand found floating by
life given from God's loving sigh
either way, grateful - am an I.
September 8, 2002

Once chance, encountered a man without birth
yet firmly found of solid worth
his life's destiny - three years spent on earth.

First met along pathways daily taken by
friendly greeting with mutual waves, each gave try
challenged me with hard thoughts - to question why!

Moon's glow faded, til west-woods hidden by
our talks prattled on, ideas bid me try
urged to understand - World's worth and why.

Prelude to a friendship, hoped last the years
struggled quizings, beneath life's hopes and fears
one without birth, held earth-bound awhile
yet gave no reason for his exile.

But should he leave in life's late December
never found to come again
only some scattered few may remember
those with minds and hearts akin.

Despite each person cannot live without sin
world wobbles on, despite ill-deeds of men
for whatever hungered needs - each might win.

Perhaps rebirthed his spoken word
with that gentle love He left behind
unforgotten, recalls what heard
life thereafter - His words still remind.
February 28, 2003

To render Freedom of each and all
tendered friendship - Gospel's call
yet tribal cultures loved but their own
to others - need not be shown.

Past histories record why wars were waged
so gain the more, or save what own
even now, such warrings newly paged
til other's freedom - overthrown.

Ancient religions man first created
denied those freedoms that other's need
so much so, wars fought between those hated
tares left rooted - weeds full-grown to seed.

Human Freedom demands love of all
kindred-tribes shared, but with close-familed kin
yet tender friendships of Gospel's call
such man-made faiths - have yet to wisely win.

Old cultures drew lines, keeping others out
so might love, but only those of their clan
wars still rallied with proud Hatred's shout
olden texts taught, blindful eyes - briefly scan.

Gospels echo Love, draws all within
Freedom's worth for all mankind
East and West, wars fought as always been
friendship but love - God designed.

Still we love, as if Death end of all
squander our brief life without Hope's call
trample on freedoms, others need to live
fearing to suffer - what our love might give.

Of all those gods, human minds contrived to birth
mute idols formed of but earthen mud
only One, a Father briefly sent to Earth
even God's Son - had to shed His blood.
April 11, 2003

But brief stewards ought each one be
using of, but what meager need
shared and cared, kindly gifted free
grain reaped - yet some saved back for seed.

But as owners, no one ought be
wasting more, misered with their greed
tightly clutched, satisfies but me
despite starving hands - hungers plead.

Unequal sharing world's wealth
selfish thousands so proudly breed
wealth of powers with pampered health
as ignorant poor - untaught to read.

Although Nature, each one's natural gift
with inborn rights to live and breed
free to learn, earn and yearn - hopes may sift
drink rank lees - or sweet taste of meade.

Uneven harvests labors reap
chanced yields wrought from toiled glebe
riches gathered, not meant to keep
shared with others - one's kindly deed.

Beyond Death's door where Kind One stands
winnows out grain from tares and weed
blessing each with forgiving hands
saves both smoldered wick - or crushed reed.
June 2, 2003

What might God gift His mother
such strength as to never sin
suffer love for another
of such - only One-else has been.

First conceived within her womb
until birthed a sainted one
after death, rose from stone tomb
life teachings - how love be done.

He she conceived, never sinned
love learned among rocks and wind
for what His deep love might give
yet would suffer death - to live.

Tis of such love, each one craves
yet so many mis-understand
yet tis charity that saves
freely gifted - what comes to hand.

Of what might God gift, that mother of His only son
with such a power, Faith earns within
strength to treat each like a brother, fraternally done
needs only chosen trust - to begin.
December 8, 2003

A morning of misty silence, dank leave's drippings drop
more dew than rain, less sadness than peace brought
air unstirred, distant kein early grazed beyond
Time felt timeless - occasioned by a surrounding fog.

Til ghostly bright of filmy mist wets one through
moistured morning held, without a distant view
birds seen but flitting shadows, in mute silence fly
lost within foggy dew, briefly sensed - passing by

For in truth, but merely clouds loured low
bid to shroud cold ground with portending gloom
til shattered one's uncertainty, with selfsame doubt
as if stood between both Life and Death - for a while.

A premonitious portending, when Space-Time stood still that day
nebulous interlude of some unknowingness, yet fully aware
as wet shadows slowly faded, then again reappear
mystic place of unrevealed revelations - felt there.

Misty vapors veiled one's brooding mood, weather brought to birth
like an ethereal venture, occasioned between Heaven and Earth
unsurprised no else heard nor seen, yet felt un-alone
for what purpose such gave - hopes could but condone.

Sensed as if spirit-found, peace might freely give
dimly seen, mutely heard - neither cold nor warm
as wandered by fence and hedgerows in  morning's cloud
unknowing whence nor where, my silent steps had footed down.

Lured on by deeper mists, gathered below hill's brow
along small stream where fog turned all I saw, blindly seen
eyes unknowing, yet wise enough to simply listen
til faint purl of rill's waters - softly heard to gurgle.

Of what it spoke, passing Time forever flows
to whence or why, of such - only Nature knows
thence wended back up hill's slope, my self-returning found
as misty veils thinned to clear air - above warming ground.

Til distance fully clarified, evaporation dries
again face new futures beneath old earthen skies
when morning sun risen high, warmth had caressed
annointing me - Nature had fondly blessed.
March 27, 2004

The fact that we are begs the question
for existence simply is - without a given why
such circular thinking, proud science now tells
Space ever curving, til returns upon itself - again.

From such continuous questings
inferred from world's congestion
gave rise to those endless questions
some think - merely a suggestion.

As inner-dependencies intertwined
til Cause rears its wise prerogative of Why
within each one's thoughts, quickly redesigned
proudly unique - everyone may try.

Among those strange secrets Nature gifts
inspiration feels more than knows
some hidden hunger forever starving
within those lost depths - of one's soul.

Until Hope rebirths an answer
found compatible with one's Love
even Death itself could not deny
nor demand lips to tell - what one knows.

Those words once first spoke to tell
evolved into what written letters spell
passing ages inscribed by hand
a story - words thereafter told.

Fables fashioned into faiths
til philosophized as gods
reverenced with one's firm belief
realized with a religious practice.

Yet still begs that question, without firm proof of why
a knowing yet unknowing, each seeks to trust - hoping by.

Good or bad, weak or strong, truth or lies, right or wrong
facts or dreams, but merely schemes each must reason out
their endless quest of God's eternal Love - and why.
March 30, 2004

The Lord is my shepherd, still have need of wants
browsed those fertile fields, seeking cool water fonts
slaking my needful thirst, where still-waters quiet lay
green pasturage freely grazed - grown upon hill-side brae.

So as might reap full-kerneled wheat, til renders me whole
gives strength to be right rather than wrong, such may claim
our relationships friendly, rightfully entrusting one's soul
though I walk midst brooding dark shadows - of untimely Death.

Ever fearful of those using others badly, for selfish gain
despite rules of Law, rod and staff - rulers proudly proclaim
til my shrinking cup of pure water, fouled much the same
unlike ancient hymns chanted - fulfilled and runneth over.

Constantly ascertained from later New Testament views
life but a cross to bless unending days, for what might choose
suffer and forgive, freely give unmeasured - til one found bled
despite psalmist predictions, some thought faith - had gone to his head.

Both days and nights, past year's cost to curse or bless
two-edge sword cuts both ways - peace or stress
old laws become but a ruse, to do as one may choose
new law not a law at all, in real life - but win or loose.

Yet the Lord as our shepherd, cares for His sheep
but in today's pasture, price paid for hay not cheap
too many grovel mere wants, their hunger puts to sleep
seeking a friend to be kind - yet left to wail and weep.

Times have changed, Evil recently seen to that
enslavement and tyranny enables rich-few growing fat
leavings left behind, poor grovel upon - but dry moldy dust
food but for the day, tomorrow finds - but wry bitter crust.

A far better faith, than sterile rule by antiquated laws
words newly dared, freely spoken far beyond those outside walls
still echoing Faith's truth - despite blood, sweat and tears
though far scattered, hopes regathered down passing years
Lord still my shepherd, awaiting Death - holds no fears.
April 28, 2004

Should one's belief believe
water changed to wine - sublime
fulfilled a mother's caring wish
attending lips - asked of her Son.

 As many came to drink and feast with happy zest
upon viands, a wedding spread before their guest
mother meekly asked of her son, with whispered quest
to wine and dine upon a blessing - few guests guessed.

Tis of such, a tale tradition dared
assuring that His mother's request
outlasts those lives, two-married shared
those wedding vows - their love first professed.

Water changed to wine by a man divine
one's mother meekly asked, her Son obliged
a miracle earned by one's love, Hate crucified
self-suffering high-hung to bleed upon a cross
as nailed arms still found reaching out
across centuried years - hopes might believe.

A gift, Father asked of His only Son
self-suffered Love and Death would bring
a mother's caring wish once pled be done
tis of such - the ages still proudly sing.
April 28, 2004

That eternal sky, night's clearful light
flung across convexed curve of darkened Space
prinkled points, astral wastes out-scattered bright
points between, which ancient minds could trace
fantasies fashioned - for man's endless hope.

Dark broodings urged within a questing soul
man's yearning dreams, held forever
beyond that stretch, out-reached a wanted goal
each Life cedes of Death's endeavor
secrets star-prints drew - within mind and soul.

Unaware, connecting stars one might draw
future years re-spread designs further wide
until found rearranged, former eyes unsaw
strangely shaped, newly titled - old names lied
knowledge recent years gathered - now realigned.

In our proud ignorance, still use olden names
Time far flung across vast Zodiac
awed by such vastitude, Time-Space still frames
Fates predicted, now found in almanacs
science and new religions - cast aside.

Armed with recent visions lately brought
when scanning late evening's sky
though re-schooled by what one's Faith taught
much left unanswered, telling why some found
puzzled by changing space - still asking why.

Hopes that reached beyond those facts, science taught
within endless depths, signs forever sought
visions nightly viewed, saved from the past
dreams from long ago - had firstly cast.

As later scriptures replaced those past
til teachings once held high, crumbled down
into fractured dust, blowing winds cast
into dreams, til Cross replaced the Crown
to heal a broken world - found going mad.

Still we sit to dream of night's clear sky
more brightly seen beyond citied gates
to ask again of how, when and why
designs star-forms hinted - of man's varied fates.

For darkness blinds us all, late at night
that in light of day, hides its hidden scrawl
wrong or right, day or night, dark and light
showing the way - or blinds one's sight of all.

With varied visions we view those stars
Time and Space, Life and Death searching far
head back-bent, eyes traverse their show
beyond ourselves - what more might know.

In adulthood, star-sprinkled sky a nightly task
but a natural hunger - even children ask.
May 1, 2004

On a day bright-lit by sun, to dazzle for what might see
by reflected light into our eyes, Nature gifted free
burning star we call our own, enabling darkness quickly flee
into nothing but itself, allowing light shows - what may see.

Old Sol, Sun-god once worshiped by ancient wizards of old
knowing whence sun found unseen, still honored its warmth or cold
on a day lit by our dreams, left to drift within our mind
connections brain freely schemes, inner thoughts may see - though blind.

A yearning our hopes evolve from out that distant darkness
gathered from an inner light, may give a clearer sharpness
our soul left to worship God, reveals what preachings stirred
til learned when Son is honored - healed by His gifted words.
May 7, 2004

Stills a silence into such quietude
one could fully hear what beauty sings
til music felt that strength of solitude
self-immersed within - deep depths of things.

Melodies echoed from far distant spheres
old serenades Nature sang, nightly shares
eternal music gifts for human ears
til one's soul responds - with grateful prayers.

As God's hand extends finger's gentle touch
tendered reach within one's soul
each person a child of His, tis such
love creates - until makes one whole.

Life and Death, but steps each one takes
soft whispers gently fall like silent snow
til Beauty soothes our human aches
in that silence Nature gifts - thence we know.
September 6, 2004

Love perceived within from without
freely felt, yet leaves one in doubt
gently hints of what such may tell
in one's mind - but their heart as well.

Ever present, should think upon
close at hand, for tis never gone
as to trouble our onward years
still trusting doubts - despite their fears.

A choice without proof, to tease us by
convictions chosen, unknowing why
within one's inner silence, tis fully heard
one's faith must finally trust - upon His word.
September 15, 2004

Cold winter harshly felt
wastes what little left, til melt
itself back into pristine earth
yet found unlost - its ancient worth.

Of death and dying, tis such
Winter slays with ravaged touch
Summer's worth of birthing seed
saved back - for what Spring may breed.

As world yet wobbles on apace
unmindful of man's need for grace
breeding births into life, til death
as months measured out - season's breadth.

Are but we who know of Death's demise
past memories tell, or feelings surmise
cast upon those hopes, Nature may ignore
a life thereafter - man still hungers for.
October 21, 2004

When cherished dreams of yesterday begin to fade
like temptation 'neath Tree of Life's forbidden shade
til old age rests those weary travels taken by
blood, sweat and toil - gathered years chanced to try.

Nurtured on varied fruits, too late found ran dry
ever seeking that eternal quest of why
life soon found too short - til taken down to die.

Practiced patterns, learned from past ancient creeds
toiled to earn their wanted daily needs
felt cursed or blessed, events strangely put in play
as if exorcised one's faith - found need to pray.

Youth's blind certainty assuring, brought but the best
despite thorns and thistles, bestrewn one's onward quest
blood, sweat and tears, but Life's payment for Death's high cost
til aging eyes nearly blind, asked - if one had lost.

Thereof just like Love, Trust cast upon life's waters
returning tides washed ashore, til brought a hundred fold
despite labored years stoutly built, weakly totters
ideas Life first learned, doubtfully asks - will Life's center hold!

Again trusting God will kindly forgive our sins
midst life's battles fought, Circumstance decides who wins
certified by how often we have absolved others
conflicting needs or selfish wants - between our brothers.

Old age reflections, but dreams from yester years
pondered on, until future soon disappears
for who has not eaten of that fabled Tree of Life
starvation's stress could not fast - midst one's long struggled strife.
November 4, 2004

Caught between a wish and its hope
facts freely forced, one's faith must cope
delved within the heart and reasoned mind
words from long ago - one's searchings find.

An inner dialogue between one's self
readings read from Book, hands reached down from shelf
past generations longly gathered of
a proof without proof - freely trusting love.

A prayer with a trust, until at last
freely flung with love's presumful cast
hopes decide, as well as proffered prayer
after death, awaiting - sees you there.
March 8, 2005

Gray grieving clouds sadly lour low
a question if cold rain, sleet or snow
those wet damps of impending Spring
early migrants - refused to sing.

Yet few think of such, what Day means
much too busy with vapid things
childhood faith, late years cast aside
like His chosen friend  - one once denied.

Freedom wasted into pleasured wealth
each concerned foremost with but their self
washed their hands like Pilate, cleansed of shame
Life died to save those blind - halt and lame.

His hands outstretched across that world Cross
words three years spent, deaf-ears spurned - to their loss
kindly words spoke need of one's selfless love
dying eyes looked down - suffered from above.

Twice a thousand years, yet Words still remembered
truths discarded, zealous Crusades dismembered
ever those few still found, faith deeply held within
old wine long fermented, still saved - in old wineskin.

As those gray grieving clouds sadly lour low
not a question of weather - rain, sleet or snow
but of fresh risen hopes of impending Spring
when early migrants, Nature gifts - proudly sing.
March 25, 2005 - Good Friday

Die so others may live
love so others might give
shrive so others gladly shriven
strive so others - proudly striven.
March 25, 2005

Impaled upon that famous Rood
hung all those hopes of far future years
Hate loudly laughed with words crassly crude
while others shed - but saddened tears.

A death, a man, large crowd gathered there
witnessed an event that changed our world
Death stared down with love's forgiving care
despite those taunting words - loudly hurled.

Kind words charged with love instead of hate
harsh words cursed with spite instead of love
confrontations brought from deeds of late
curious crowd crowded - with push and shove.

One crucified, most had never heard
guilt found need to squelch his spoken tongue
those he came to save, most deeply stirred
condemned to die on a cross - high hung.

Across ancient world, long unknown
til first roads built and ships put to sea
far-scattered cultures, long left alone
til greed stole bondaged slaves - taken free.

After, long history traveled far and near
word of one crucified, known by most
til His words twisted askew, changed to fear
some believed, others - but a phantomed ghost.

But if true, what proofs helped one to know
to taste of a mother's love - tells all
within one's heart, kindness helps one grow
faith each one's choice - an inner call.

A day still remembered, deeply thought
celebrated, grateful for His word
by faith's inner strength, short life had taught
be but gently kind - His faith inferred.
March 25, 2005

Whereof came or after went, left behind what quickly spent
not coins of mintage gold, but wise words - briefly told
His fading footstep's print, drying winds soon blew away
where had gone, gave no hint - former words still told today.

Ever-after recalled, open ears listened of
others left appalled by words that spoke of love
centuries have not forgot, gentle words kindly taught
future years would allot to each - wise wisdom taught.

Such as could be applied to any culture found
new laws need not provide, in one's heart - firmly bound
merely a corollary of how to treat each other
not as an adversary, but kindly - like one's brother.

Whereof once came to tell, a thrice of years teaching
neither to buy nor sell, words freely shared - preaching
His final footsteps bled, as rough soldiers led the way
mock crown placed on his head, last words spoke - forgave that day.
March 29, 2005

Of what thereafter Death portends
its answers we but guess
some philosophic note appends
ignorance asks - hopes may bless.

But a dream Faith nurtures by
inward grace may fertilize
needs not be hard-questioned why
nor church teachings - christianize.

Of death-after, but dreams old men tell
from varied schemes bibles spell
to each their own, one's ignorance could not ask
for Death itself must broach - its awaited cask.

A trust we may hang our high-hopes upon
to hedge our bet on Death
yet matters most, Heaven's realm far beyond
awaits but our final breath
when at last - must down and die.
April 2, 2005

Within those deep depths of one's self
beyond gristle, meat and bone
each nerve sensing sharp hungers pelf
til what we hope - fully known.

Whereof may be inly heard, ears often tells
faint echoes pulsating within those ancient cells
resonating old habits, more felt than thought
first glimmers early man - some spirit caught.

Tis whereby God's finger first touched his soul
down through evolving time, became man's goal
knowledge bred of Culture - History would foal.

Thereafter to dream of what could not
nor reach out to grasp its gathered sheave
dim shadows offered beyond that outer dark
wove into webbings - hopes must weave.

Tying up all their future years, into a Faith
of an eternalness thought ours, but not one's own
a condition, existence proffers like a gift
freely given to do with what we might - or not.

Others laugh as but a unpredestined plot
merely a hopeful dream, unlike as not
for in their stagnant state, life's end is but to rot
beneath those olden lies - preachers have always taught.

Such well may be, as those found hard-proved to say
faith but a wishful dream to curb one's sins
for each tis free to do whatever one may
since after fateful death - we may never know.

Within, without - full believed or doubly doubt
yet self-pride provides a hope of what one may
of what believed, kept within or loudly shout
some curse their god, while others - pause to pray.

But whose to say, with their nay or believing aye
for after death, each one returns to earthen clay.

Recalled those long dying eyes, open wide
her head briefly raised, to but say - He comes
well-remembered as I stood at her side
a memory from long ago - inly hums.

That event occurred long ago and far away
yet midst events life lost, this one deeply saved
a treasure have fondly kept, her words still convey
til cold death finally takes me down - lastly graved.
April 6, 2005

At last placed beneath church-garth's centuried sod
just weeks before, fresh growth birthed of early Spring
final prayers faithful gathered, farewelled to God
now left to Nature's care - for what Death may bring.

Morning service well attended, prayers bid to say
his lingering illness, now kindly put away
friendships Death suspended, sky overcast darkly gray
fresh mounded dirt now awaiting - greening growth of May.

When wife and he reached their eighties, grave stone planted
each saw fit, awaiting for whoever went first
til one sick and dying, their wish finally granted
of a morning early - dies when ageing heart burst.

Church pews filled out with kin-folk, siblings and old friends
organ pumped-out known hymns, parish tongues sang in tune
scriptured sermon laced with what local humor lends
elderly recalled, when deceased - still in his prime.

Then in silence, casket carried to that portended grave
whereof final prayers given, well-wished him to Death's beyond
at last laid to rest, faith's ancient usage - fond farewell gave
when at last each spoke Amen - that human need to respond.

Thence all gathered to eat lunch like a Seder meal
deceased released from bondage, reached their Promised land
here celebrate each one's friendship, pains of loss would heal
those meals still prepared from food - home-baked and canned.

For expanding cities now incorporate surrounding farms
many selling out, bought-up by corporation's eager greed
yet hid here and there, remaining remnants of quaint rural charms
farming-lands, future years will waste - wealthy think they need.
April 30, 2005

Wherefrom they each gather to
mostly many, sometimes few
each Sunday - sit well-worn pew.

Whereof opens with familiar hymn
blessed both bread and wine, til gifts of Him
prayful readings read aloud - heard grim.

Whereby bestows on those gathered there
admonitions, each to daily share
of friends and neighbors - rendered one's care.

Wherein holy writ proclaims His word
slowly loud, so might be clearly heard
whereby one's soul be found - gently stirred.

Wherewith bread and wine partaken of
consumed within, bonded with His love
confirmed - as with a Pentecostal dove.

Whereafter they chatter of latest news
who and why, where and when - questions use
praised or scandalized - left one to choose.

Wherefrom first came, whereto now returned
weekly gathered, belief reaffirmed
homeward scattered - Sunday church adjourned.
December 3, 2005

One's full letting go, thereby giving more
until Life itself, one gives away
but only to those destitute, found poor
poverty's ignorance - could not repay.

Share and share alike, unless needs a little more
for pockets are forever empty of those poor
while those proudly rich, blind eyes will never see
nor fully feel what each one - tis meant to be.
December 5, 2005

Thereby a lone wadi paused, watered horse and I
another watered four camels, sun risen high
as waited, I asked - are many gods or but one
his calloused hand rubbed bewhiskered chin, then spoke - none!

Thereafter mounted one camel, that led those others by
as watched his retreating form, I pondered on and why
could he be right what asked, no god beyond the sky
old hopes many held, after one's death - but a lie?

When inned of large city, saw one trading black slaves
as evening came, sat on stone-walled plot used for graves
beneath its shaded palms, dined of dried dates and tea
thereafter slept down those bright stars - night lit for free.

Thereafter left, quickly packed and saddled up my horse
unknowing whence where I might go, as usual of course
nearing night found me riverside, some taking baths
as bedded down for night's sleep - could here their tittered laughs.

Gathered crowd awoke my sleep, some nearly naked
John placed beneath those waters, their sins foresakened
whereafter heard his words, spoke of One had seen before
mesmerized by those baptized - now spoke with strange tongue.

Whereafter learned, use of Temple Laws by chief priests
lived but for themselves, still raised with outdated yeasts
for old wine-skins cannot expand with fresh new wine
such saddened me, now knowing what would come in time.

Morning gathered a crowd, Roman soldiers rode by
you could feel crowds hot hate, again I asked why
some rash radical, local King denied his reprieve
to keep the peace, a crucifixion might well achieve.

I watched in silence as sharp thorns pierced his head
with both hands tied, thence beyond the city led
Roman soldiers nailed him to a cross, high-hung til dies
some cursed out loud, yet others weeping - tears filled their eyes.

Thereafter I freely chose to believe and live
an unending journey, my life will freely give
forgive all others, share what have - til should down and die
my final questing answered - til dwell beyond the sky.
December 16, 2005

Beneath blue skies above, lay distant lands
where below humble duties, one must
who rules above, salute those brave hands
grace bestowed upon ones prideful trust
yet even then - oneself still unknows.

Among those hot arid sands a-blow
across sterile soils growing weeds
germinating lies, ignorance cannot know
found quite useful to buy their good deeds
well earned by their self-wanton greed.

While others may search far beyond
those limits eyes may see, but blindly
unaware that pure Truth may respond
with their answers uttered most kindly
one may trust.

Til a nascent Faith began to grow
into a hopeful dream, fertilized
by dead falsehoods, some are wont to throw
upon ignorant minds, still brutalized
by old lies.
December 19, 2005

Scattered through endless centuries
gathered down their days
until Faith birthed of mysteries
trusting Love - still prays.

Assembled into belief
gave assurance by
affirmed its central motif
future years must try.

A lode-star to lead one by
across those unknown ways
til Death finally answers why
fulfills - all future days.

An eternal Destiny
Faith fulfills by Love
echoes heard in Galilee
suffering oft brings of.

Utopic panacea
that Nazarene had taught
unending Parousia
His Crucifixion brought.
December 21, 2005

Whereby an ancient Death, found birthing Life
far beyond foul reach of Fate and Powers
despite vissitudes of troubling strife
high-hung and nailed there - three long hours.
April 14, 2006

Whereof an evening downs, to quench that light of day
still silence loudly speaks, whispers what night may say
calms those fears felt within, hidden hopes chanced to stray
becalms one's inward soul - silent lips outspeak to pray.

An ancient hunger unfulfilled, pleads out to their God
unhearing its final answer, yet unthought as odd
trusting one's life does not end, when graved beneath cold sod
faith-held hopes hunger for, despite roads - one has trod.

Whereafter thereafter, trusting for what may be or not
a quest that may never end, one's inner faith - longly taught.
August 23, 2006