Soft down of feathered nestlings early grow
molt of aerie's young, scattered ground below
like tattered remnants of manna heavens sent
sustained a desert life - starving words once lent.

Moltings freely cast, eaglets unknowingly grew
with dull-feathered flights of fancy thereafter flew
til full-grown wings ranged further far and wide
flown of ancient skies - Icarus once tried.

Unneeded nest abandoned, cradled in tree's top
emptied of life once sustained, eagle's annual crop
youths deeds, feathers cast aside for future years
some would ignore or accept - with forgiving tears.

Floating above mountain tops, flown with freedom's flight
far above madding crowd, supernal views brought of height
quoting ancient words echoed across unending years
wisely spoken, selfless souls heard - with believing ears.
November 25, 2003

Clearly asked, freely chosen within
a life lived yet as would never sin
gifted such a love, gave her strength accept
though often tempted - a choice always kept.

Special dispensation God once freely gave
neither forced nor required - self-made a slave
longly struggled, deny oneself for others
yet lived normal life among friends and brothers.

Until came that confusion pregnancy brought on
visit to kindred relatives eventually drawn
her aunt once thought barren, in old age soon gave birth
as each to each shared strange words - of far deeper worth.

Came to pass, a husband named Joseph she took in hand
in due time and circumstance, gave birth in David's land
of such, patient centuries retell again and again
yet that marvel, such love given - accepted within.

Birthing Christian message throughout past centuried years
suffered patience of practiced love, though fraught with tears
shared with caring, forgave as would be forgiven of
simple complexity of life's worth - when fully love.
December 8, 2003

Beyond, beneath, below - in rural lays
far from citied wealth and rule
that fed their masses from hoards
brought of greedful trades and deals.

Bred of sin and wealth into proper pride
as an accomplished man of the world
declare theirselves as God's gift to man
til found dismal world ruined beyond repair.

Nor those reprisals, even war
could not amend, yet will outlast
ensuing ages left upon a dying world
when even that faithful sun - will refuse to shine.

Its darkened cold left but a blackened cinder
gathered with burnt-out others unseen
 til clutters an ageless universe
when that forgiving God
 deems last cease of Things.

Yet even then God has a plan
for that creature loved - called man.

Whereof what faithful long pled with tears
their proffered prayers, mercy lip-launched by each
despite deprivations of their tragic years
those astral stars - strangely found within reach.
December 13, 2003

Unending line of weary crowd along darkened street
in solemn silence, slowly shuffled with fearful feet
each with kit-bag filled with life-time worth of deeds
uncertain at road's fork, where chosen choice leads.

As proud Devil laughs, yet God's caring love also heard
some chose but empty chaff - others saved by His honored Word.
December 16, 2003

Again celebrate olden tale
each year re-telling an ancient birth
of One whose words would not grow stale
to this day - proclaimed across the Earth.

Simple faith a child could know
early learned on their mother's knee
each life heard, each to each should show
kindness brought of love - sets one free.

An ancient legend still told - tis said
although those first believed long dead
to give til saves by what others need to live
lived by sharing - so others may learn to give.
December 19, 2003

Midst that strawed cribage, a first birthing cried
with Truth's verbiage, three brief years preaching tried
til his honored words twisted, when proud Hate lied
crucifixion asked forgiveness - as He died.

Midst those manger scenes children's eyes first see
birthing hopes, if full-believed - sets them free
his honored words, Death certified on Rood's tree
Christmas gifting hopes - first learned at mothered knee.
December 25, 2003

Only Hopes hold honored worth
beyond reach of futured Time
self-chosen Trust given birth
freely wrought from Earthen grime.

Both heart and mind in tandem
without need for proof nor facts
yet not gathered at random
those wishful dreams - one still lacks.

Thoughts life-long reflections churn
hand-ground within sorrow's quern
suffered pain til one's Love bled
tis by such Hope - one's Faith bred.
February 9, 2004

A morning of misty silence, dank cloud drippings drop
more dew than rain - less of sadness than peace
air unstirred, distant kein early graze beyond
Time felt hidden - occasioned by surroundment of fog.

Its ghostly bright of filmy mist wets one's brow
moistured morning held without a distant view
birds but flitting shadows in mute silence flew
briefly sensed passing, soon lost within fog's glow.

For in truth, but merely clouds loured low
bid to shroud cold ground with portending gloom
til shattered one's uncertainty with selfsame doubt
as if stood between both Life and Death for a while.

A premonitious portending, Space-Time stood still that day
nebulous interlude of unknowingness, yet fully aware
as wet shadows slowly faded, soon again reappear
mystic place of unrevealed revelations - felt there.

Misty vapors veiled one's brooding mood, not of loss but hope
an ethereal venture occasioned between Heaven and Earth
unsurprised no else heard nor seen, yet felt un-alone
for what purpose such gave - words could not define.

Sensed as if spirit-found, peace might freely give
dimly seen, mutely heard - neither cold nor warm
as by fence and hedgerows, wandered in morning's cloud
unknowing whence nor where my silent steps footed down.

Lured by deeper mists gathered below hill's brow
along stream where fog turned all I saw - blindly seen
eyes unknowing, yet wise enough to simply listen
til faint purl of rill's waters - softly heard to run.

Of what it spoke - merely that will forever flow
to whence or why, of such only Nature could know
thence wended back up hill's slope, my returning found
misty veils thinned to clear air above cold ground.

Til distance fully clearified, evaporation dries
morning sun's risen high, warmly caressing
again face new futures beneath old earthen skies
annointed with Natures unending blessing.
March 27, 2004

The fact that we are
begs the question
for existence simply is
without a given why.

Such circular thinking
proud science now tells
measured facts revealing
Space ever curving
til returns upon itself - again.

Whence give rise to question
from continuous questings
hear what a lifeless love might tell
inferred from Nature's sequence
some think but a suggestion.

As inter-dependencies intertwine
until Cause rears its prerogative of Why
as each one finds within theirself
proudly acclaimed so uniquely - but I.

Among strange secrets Nature gifts
by irrational sense of Beauty
inspiration feels more than knows
some hidden hunger ever starving
within those lost depths of one's soul.

Til Hope births an answer
found compatible with Love
even Death itself could not deny
nor demand eyes see what one knows.

For words once first spoke to tell
evolved into what written letters spell
passing ages inscribed by hand
expressed longings, dreams brought to life
a story - words thereafter told.

Fables fashioned into faiths
til philosophized as gods
realized with religious practice
for varied ends - love's hunger fed
some twisted into control
although lasted but briefly
or reverenced with firm belief.

Still begging that question
without firm proof of why
a knowing yet unknowing
each seeks to trust - hoping by.

Good or bad, weak or strong
truth or lies, right or wrong
facts or dreams but merely schemes
each may reason out their why
yet others many think a lie
or but freely believe - thereby.
March 30, 2004

Lastly traitored by chosen friend, rulers - Temple's priest
leavened by ruling powers, religious fervor's yeast
abandoned by close followers, fearing Roman rule
thrice of years teaching truths, eternal words could fuel.

New wine, for old wine-skins could not stretch with newer truth
"your people now mine, your God my God" - re-baptized Ruth
til fearing powers found expedient - weighed as gain or loss
one accused and beaten, condemned to die upon a cross.

Two millennia after, few names history clearly knows
yet He once crucified til dead, one name - Mystery yearly grows
endless struggles of war and peace, despite hopes each may seek
heart-heard within by those found seeking truth - ones kindly meek.

An ancient message turned upon its head - for further truth
simplicity not of the mind but hearts, those met unlearned or couth
secrets hid in each one's soul, to be selfish or selfless
sharing love, caring others, especially those - Hates oppress.

For when youth grows up, soon learns life fought on battle grounds
noised words read or heard, scattered drifts of prattled sounds
wide range of wisdoms taught, use of laws for what one ought
yet by caring hands, forgiveness - tis found morley brought.

Many bow their head in prayer, until suffering comes their way
push and shove, cheat and lie, kill and maim for greed's wanted prey
love full-embraced, til time gathers pains each one's self-will may
unheeding Death's constant shadow - lurking each and every day.

Love and suffering single-sided, unlike up or down
freely fashioned by our hopes, yet often left with our frown.

For love requires that enigma of one's believing trust
freely flung of the heart, chanced yet chosen as often must
testing strength of commitments one had freely chose
still required, even though that other one - goes.

Such love, such strain, such joy - endless caring one may share
such words One's message briefly taught, simple need - each to care
ancient words faith passed on to future years, high-hung enabled
long unknown, meekly born in sheltered place where oxen stabled
some heed, others patronize as but a fairy-tale - fabled.
April 9, 2004

If a father's love cannot shame one to repentance
what else can be shared to save their proudful soul
but leave them to weather teachings of meek acceptance
of reason's eager hints - their self-pride proudly stole.

Decisions freewill chose to gain, or those - fear cast aside
futures felt eternal, proud ignorance holds its own
til onward years stumbled with eyes blind, self-guidance misguides
burdened by errors of judgements - til self-shame full grown.

In that agony late-life reflections image - what have become
learning who you now are, but a vagrant prodigal lonely lost
should then a father's love be seen, awaiting your return therefrom
forgiveness freely found, redemption redeemed by repentance' cost.
April 10, 2004

One of those places I will never go
yet if should, would not return again
for what occasioned there so long ago
such beauty found, only there - could bestow.

Seeing far visions natural wonders sow
within those whispers inner weathers blow
enshrined as temples of land, sea and sky
gave Hope a reason for - without its why.

Now looking back on that time, place and gift
an Eden pristine revealed its ancient glyph
divulged hidden hopes unfound elsewhere by
ever changed life's outlook - til one should die.

Sacred place where God's finger touched one's soul
its location now lost, years left behind
whereof and after, gathered stray strands stole
place would never leave - nor return again.
April 16, 2004

Of thinning mists as morning came to view
 visions chanced by cast of foggy dew
chimeras shimmered midst smoky murk
within morning's gloom - felt old hauntings lurk.

As stood between light and dark, past and now
despite rooster's early call and soft lowing cow
wide awake within a sleep yet unwakened from
vague views fading, unknowing whence come.

Voicings softly spoke, memory knew by name
tenored lilt told of who or whom - words came
uncomplaining nor laughing, yet knew spoke to me
heard long before when yet alive - what would be.

Ghostly returns assuring me, lived beyond their grave
admitting their failures like I, weak and frail or strongly brave
with such freedom in known voice, as if I too stood there
in silence clearly heard, as morning's early fog thinned to air.

When distant hills came full in view, fog's leaveage left behind
til early avian chatter ceased, left now but breakfast by
know my terrestrial body heard and felt, what those ghosts divined
with meekful reverence yet with fears, without need my asking why.

Such strangely occurred as morning's early fog withdrew
when old friends respoke with me, til bid their last adieu
of that day's intervention, those old ghosts spoke with me
will be long remembered, til Death at last - will set me free.
April 21, 2004

(In reference of 7107)
Again I rode of nights and lonely days
across barren tors and deserts dry
Spring's green, Summer's bright - cold Winter grays
with but feeble faith - my frail trustings try.

This time I rode a single steed - farm bred
reins hand-held, legs athwart its sweaty back
dreams sought where new or olden trails led
with but strength one's trusting yearns - old hopes lack.

Rode with unflagging pace of varied speeds
spurred on by new dreams to guide my onward way
across fevered swamps, prairie dust and weeds
with a growing faith - each dawn and dark would pray.

Unlike before when rode my horse afar
across endless tracts, seeking some peaceful rest
horse blown, stabled yard, three camels brown - that star
with such a knowing at last - to end my quest.


New visions rebirthed my faith beneath that star
still giving hope by Faith's believing power
unto others one's love freely given
by an absolution - one's sins shriven.

Again I galloped on, another quest in sight
til came a cloudy day among crowded streets
mob's curse shouting jeers, meek held back with fright
found fresh stripped palm-leaves trod beneath anger's feet.

Soon my panicked horse began to lunge and toss
spooked by raging crowd, loudly cursed their anger's cry
soldier's pointed spears pushed horse and I - back away
was then saw One high-hung - nailed upon a cross
at last to end my quest - His sufferings saved me by.
April 25, 2004

The Lord is my shepherd, still have need of wants
browsing fertile fields, thirsting cool water fonts
slaking my needful thirst where quiet still-waters lay
green pasturage freely grazed free-grown on hill-side brae.

So as might reap full-kerneled wheat til renders me whole
with strength be right rather than one wrong - such may claim
our relationship friendly, rightfully entrusting one's soul
though I walk midst brooding dark shadows of untimely Death.

Ever fearful of those using others badly for wanted gain
despite rules of Law, rod and staff - rulers proudly proclaim
as my shrinking cup of pure water, fouled much the same
unlike ancient hymns chanted - ful-filled and runneth over.

Constantly ascertained from later New Testament views
life but a cross to bless unending days, for what may choose
suffer and forgive, give unmeasured, bleed til one bled
despite old psalmist predictions - old faith gone to his head.

Both days and nights, past years cost to curse or bless
two-edge sword cuts both ways - peace or stress
old laws became but a ruse to do as one choose
new Law not law at all, in real life - may win or loose.

Yet the Lord as our shepherd cares for His sheep
but in today's pasture, prices for hay not cheap
too many grovel mere wants their hunger puts to sleep
seeking a friend to be kind,  yet after - wail and weep.

Times have changed, Evil has always seen to that
enslavement and tyranny enables rich few growing fat
leavings left behind, poor must grovel on dry moldy dust
food for the day, tomorrows may find - wry bitter crust.

A far better faith than sterile rule by antiquated laws
words newly dared beyond - outside old walls
still echoes Faith's Truth, despite blood, sweat and tears
though scattered, their hopes regathered - down passing years.
April 28, 2004

Should one's belief believe
water changed to wine - sublime
fulfilled a mother's caring wish
 as many came to drink and feast
upon viands a wedding spread before their guests
to wine and dine upon a blessing - few guests guessed.

Tis of such, a tale tradition dared
assuring that His mother's request will
outlast those lives two-married shared
belief spread across faithful years.

Water changed to wine by a man divine
one's mother meekly asked - her Son obliged
exemplified a miracle earned by one's life crucified
self-suffering high-hung, bled upon a cross
as nailed arms found reaching out
 across centuried years - hopes believe.

A gift Father asked of His only Son
a mother once asked of her son
water changed to wine - Death into Life
self-suffered Love and Death will bring.
April 28, 2004

That eternal sky, clearful nights light
across convexed curve of dark Space
prinkled points, astral wastes scattered bright
between which ancient minds could trace
fantasies fashioned of man's endless hope.

Dark broodings urged within a questing soul
of man's yearning dreams, forever
beyond that stretch, out-reached a wanted goal
each Life cedes of Death's endeavor
secrets star-prints drew within mind and soul.

Unknowing, connected stars one might draw
later years spread new designs further wide
until found rearranged, past vision's unsaw
strangely shaped, newly titled - old names lied
gathered knowledge, recent years now realigned.

In our proud ignorance still use old names
Time flung across vast Zodiac
awed by such vastitude Time-Space still frames
destinies still found in almanacs
science and new religions cast aside.

Armed with recent visions lately brought
when scanning late evening's sky
though re-schooled by what one's Faith taught
much left unanswered, telling why some
now puzzled by change of night-starred sky.

An inner dream to forever live
Death but merely a temporal change
birthed by dreams one's inner hopes might give
beyond where old stars lately ranged
re-creating old gods - now newly named
more widely spaced apart yet oldly flamed.

Hopes outreaching beyond facts Life learned
Faiths replacing old demigods
with those endless depths signs always yearned
widely strewn across an endless vast
new visions nightly viewed - saved from the past.

As later scriptures replaced those past
til teachings once held high, crumbled down
into fractured dust, blowing winds cast
into dreams - til Cross replaced the Crown
to heal a broken world found going mad.

Still we sit to dream - clear night's sky
more brightly seen beyond citied gates
to ask again of how, when and why
designs star-forms hinted of man's varied fates
but vagrant dreams once brought from outer Space.

For darkness hides us all late at night
that in light of day hides hidden scrawls
wrong or right, day or night - dark and light
shows the way or blinds one's sight of all
life ever challenged by - do good or not.

With varied visions we view those stars
head back-bent to traverse their glow
Time and Space, Life and Death - searching far
beyond ourselves, what more might know
eyes have seen, ears heard - late-night viewings show.

Tis often done or seldom - night-smitten
old notes false gods had fondly written
star-sprinkled sky a nightly task
briefly barely, one's faith might try
a natural hunger - even children ask.
May 1, 2004

Endure the pain, so bear its strain
self-suffering may grow the more
a learning curve come full circle
understanding - what love is for.

Forgive their fault, absolve the sin
acceptance may bring back, within
sheep-fold among one's kindred kin
new wine fresh-filled in new wine-skins.
May 18, 2004

Thoughts, mind delivers into
one's heart, rebirths with beauty
til soul enshrines as its belief
humble tongues baptized into faith
re-echoes those ancient words
once spoken so long ago
seeking ears have need to know.

Vocal sounds mere letters spell
into words spoken lips speak
heard by ears seeking truth
only life itself can earn
by its faithful trusting so.

Struggled stress of sufferings
sin and fate both mingle with
circumstance may bring to bear
on Death's solid certainty
hallowed gravestones - but remind.

Words merely sounds ears may hear
eyes gather from written texts
scattered down passing years
still embossed on printed page
or heard - sunday preachings tell.

Kindness shared, forgiveness dares
to heal sore wounds of doubt
faith holds with a trusting hope
til love brought One down to death
re-echoes - those ancient words.
May 22, 2004

To save those unsaved, such we might do
after death, encourage scattered few
everlasting love - retrieving those found lost.

An endless endeavor, love wont to do
gently urging, especially those once knew
our self-givingness gave, such - Salvation's cost.
June 1, 2004

Such simplicity, eternally be
full felicity, supernally free
single entity - internally we.

Once conceived, birthed with existence
life perceived of enduring persistence
Faith held - chosen by one's insistence.

Free to accept or deny, should we may
Faith might accept or defy - either way
merely a concept whereby - God we pray.
June 17, 2004

(Micha 6, 8)
Act justly, love tenderly, walk humbly with one's God
once unthought as strangely odd
old words of wisdom the passing ages lost
scriptures left unread, to everyone's loss
when Love's last Forgiveness - fell from His Cross.
July 14, 2004

Out of vague mists of Time
and distant dust of Space
our backward view but a cloud
through which we unclearly see.

Of such may find ourselves to be
chance birthed from life's emerging slime
staggered onto solid rocks
our beleaguered history tells.

Our right of passage earned
by freedoms each holds within
to know that terrible truth
only Death itself will win.

Life a lasting gift we so presume
ever always to be but I
as bravely look in God's eye
one's hope casts upon future time.

A dare we freely choose ourselves
emboldened by our faith in trust
hopeful belief unendingly delves
midst those dry dreams - if should we must.

Births a gift - Death earns far more
beyond distant stars those ancients swore
like a child, ever questions why
yet heard unanswered - til we die.

Birth and death, each but mirror imaged
knowing no more than when birthed
Chance and Circumstance - struggled scrimmage
reared and raised a creature - earthed.

Of such I know within my soul
neither reason nor proof provides
innately trust as but part of a whole
on such certainty - my faith confides.

A hope without an answer ever heard
its silence seems to assure the more
for love needs no proof of itself
freely accepted without need of words.

Thereafter but a mystic enigmas
understood only by a gifting God
earthly hinted by those historied kerygmas
trusting such truth - unthought as strangely odd.

Life so vibrant, vital, essential
yet much done found inconsequential
a precious gift of human potential
for so much found - seems providential.

What need not have been - yet given
freely gifted, each life daily striven
out of that vapored mist of Time
mankind created - birthed of muddy slime.
September 2, 2004

Stills a silence into such quietude
one could fully hear what beauty sings
music felt with strong strength of solitude
self-immersed within deep depths of things.

Melodies echoed from far distant spheres
Nature's serenade nightly shares
eternal music sung for human ears
one's soul responds with grateful prayers.

As God's hand extends finger's gentle touch
tendered reach within one's soul
each person a child of His, tis such
love creates - until makes one whole.

Life and Death but steps each one takes
soft whispers gently fall like silent snow
til Beauty soothes our human aches
in that silence Nature gifts - then we know.
September 6, 2004

Love perceived within from without
freely felt, yet leaves one in doubt
gently hints of what such may tell
in one's mind - but their heart as well.

Ever present, should think upon
close at hand for is never gone
as to trouble our onward years
still trusting doubts - despite their fears.

A choice without proof to tease us by
convictions chosen, unknowing why
til within one's silence is fully heard
one's faith must finally trust - upon His word.
September 15, 2004

May my trust deserve your love
firm belief has given of
life accepts - when Death attends.

May my prayers be of the heart
honest words, old truths impart
life affirms - when Death portends.

May my dreams lead not astray
needs nor wants might put in play
life decides - when Death descends.

May of what my time retains
be left unknown, Fate ordains
life awaits - til Death commends.
October 4, 2004

A father once sent his son
for what might tell thereof
by words and deeds, stories spun
to teach our need for love.

A gathered band of brotherhood
care shared among each other
with that fondness a mother would
treat each as if their brother.

Dry those wept tears of others shame
salve harsh wounds, hate burns within
smoldering wick fanned into flame
bruised reed nursed til grows again.

Suffer high cost faithful love tries
laugh when humor makes one grin
defy slandered malicious lies
forgiving each others sin.

Until Death nears its ending day
grim reaper's scythe must sever
gathered friends, weeping eyes will pray
convinced - will live forever.
October 30, 2004

When cherished dreams of yesterday begin to fade
like temptation 'neath Tree of Life forbidden shade
til old age rests those weary travels taken by
blood, sweat and toil gathered years chanced to try
nurtured on varied fruits, too late found to lie
ever seeking that eternal quest of why
life soon finds too short - til taken down to die.

Practiced patterns early learned from past ancient creeds
shapings traced to learn of their wanted daily needs
felt cursed or blessed thereby, events strangely put in play
as if exorcised one's well-worn faith - still found to pray.

Youth's blind certainty assuring brought but the best
despite thorns and thistles bestrew their onward quest
blood, sweat and tears, but Life's payment for Death's high cost
til aging eyes nearly blind asked - if one had lost.

Thereof just like Love, Trust cast upon life's waters
returning tides may wash ashore - brought a hundred fold
despite labored years stoutly built, weakly totters
ideas brought to life now doubtful - will Life's center hold!

Again trusting God will kindly forgive our sins
midst life's battles fought, circumstance decides who wins
certified by how we have absolved others
conflicting needs or selfish want - between our brothers.

Old age reflections, chanced dreams of yesteryears
pondered on, knowing future soon disappears
for who has not eaten of that Tree of Life
starvation's stress could not fast - midst struggled strife.
November 4, 2004

Who but man gives thanks to some distant god
beyond reach of eye and ear - one's own fears
yet history tells down lost years, unthought odd
but of god's response - words one never hears.

Yet still we trust beyond our reach of touch
words of thankful praise, lip-launched with our prayers
what of Destiny, gods may gift of such
Cultures across the world - likewise shares.
November 24, 2004