Of words listened to
had not heard before
cast to me by you
quivered lips implore.

Echoed across the lea
in such silence
as if lips spoke to me
of some offense.

So should not be heard
yet still might know
as merely inferred
silent lips bestow.

As if world must decide
evidence would deny
from what mumbled lips confide
such judgments full imply.

Then voicings were softly heard
echoed across that lea
stir of winds and singing bird
your peaceful lips set free.

Released from a bondage
long held you bound
only love could assuage
now one queenly crowned.

That night, full-moon full eclipsed
but for an hour or two at most
as earth's shadow slowly slipped
an omen - lips would ever boast.

As hand in hand we downed that lea
tarried long before your door
an experience that set you free
those quivered lips - soon found sore.
November 10, 2003

Harbored within its natural cove
a single dory floated free
moored-tied by rope some sailor wove
its owner tied to nearby tree.

Whence rose and fell with lifting tides
gently drifting, boat daily rides
like some pet left there tied-up
length enough for curious pup.

Below its gunwale in fading paint
its christianed name still found embossed
title taken from some ancient saint
in cruciform - yet tripled-crossed.

Lasting legend family knew
storied of harsh captained crew
old fishing days from long ago recall
died at sea, liquored lips brought his downfall.

Gathered from one fishing nearby loch
squinting eyes, face with well-weathered pock
gray-grizzled beard, side-burns and chin
of that dory - told all once been.

We talked of many things that day
til sun told could no longer stay
yet still I tarried by that foreign quay
watching boat rise and fall, each wavelet may
poem now recalls - of that far-off Irish bay.
December 2, 2003

Held dumb by a silence
only beauty could utter of
muted into hearing
those loud stirrings within one's soul.

Enraptured til fully captured by
a joy felt undescribed
each held lingering vestiges
of those moments - just before.

As echoes of sung aria
retained long strains of silence
then that sudden burst of noise
thundered - from their applause.

Sequestered in dim dark alone
each unique unto themselves
brought to wonder those deeper depths
soundful words sung - had spoken.

Thence into that hurried night
regain their returning home
transformed by such beauty sung
as if now - absolved their sins.
December 5, 2003

There loned encamped far north
midst boreal swamps and bracken growth
silent insect calls, dry Fall ceased
early nights, late dawns - days shortened by.

Til only its quiet heard
despite wind and movement stirs
drift of canoe done in silence
brief fire eating by - crackles soft.

As days gathered weeks full measure
migrant birds disembarked southly
til one fears to make a sound
lest shatter one - into fear.

When suddenly of mid-noon
fractured by a droning sound
solitary plane slowly flying high
traced its flight across gray sky.

A solemn event that gifts one hope
flew east to west - forever felt
sanctified a silence too long heard
blessed lost-trust - lonely fears breed.

As faded into some future aim
pick-up hunters, deliver mail
that sound sang a melody for me
still haunts my hopes - future days yet hear.
December 5, 2003

Not one to parade his stride with well-mannered pride
as if to the manor born
nor ignored those found without oweage to the crown
with broad smile proudly worn.

No doubt a gentleman of long-centuried lineage
with bloodful ties to those bred of like-named kinnage
some surmised a man most wise, a Peer of the Realm
title earned by war's manly strength at embattled helm.

Neither rode nor hunted, yet daily took his stroll
of village affairs, seemed unconcerned on the whole
or some other distraction briefly strayed to view
though cricket not his ticket - bet a quid or two.

Of what brought down his end, a most singular affair
as remarks told at his wake soon made all aware
simply clutched his heart, leaned forward - dying as he fell
just day before, doctor declared him most healthily well.

Then finally - to that manor borne
upon shoulders of neighbored friends
last tribute, not of hunter's horn
but brief prayers close-kin cleric lends.

Laid to rest upon high hill of well-mannered ground
among full-famed ancestors, quaint mausoleums bound
a man without issue - barren to his dying day
so tis said, obituaries discretely - unsay.

For three weeks after, his wife took voyage at sea
that doctor also seen aboard - both having tea
til others were heard to whisper ill-chosen lies
despite husband's recent death - she no longer cries.
December 15, 2003

When both paired eyes felt sudden fear
before either could quickly veer
found fendered between beast and brakes
a casual casualty - Death takes.

Life brought to death, eyes briefly saw
as drove right on past - Nature's law.
December 26, 2003

Corralled then cut-out with culinary art
though its spindled legs wobbly fell athwart
stumbled into wry complexities
of unknown joints - flexing either way.

Til after repeated trials, wandered off free
from all those self-collisions
despite corralled attempt t0 cut calf out
with such exemplary - riatinary art.
April 24, 2004

Seeing eyes that saw but dimly dark
much like its fast fading woof and bark
with severaled struggles of old-age efforts
front legs gave rise to bolster
rear-end leverage needs to lift
yet its back-ender - stayed behind.

Thereafter unseeing whence might go or stay
in that security blind blindness presumed
must be relied upon til dog's dying day
til collapse back into ancient dust
of mute Nature's unremembered clay.
April 24, 2004

Rooster's clarion call crowed
til awakened drowsy dewy blebs
to dance upon spidered webbings
all night spinnings freshly strung
across and then re-crossed assuredly
til held its ensnaring trap securely.

As cock's proud lust strutted loud
awakened harem of idled hens
with vacant minds, but simply squat
of their comb - cock's bill clung by.

Then in a flash, released rooster's need
with shaken fluster and full-feathered shake
hen loudly clucks, as scampers off
for hungry want of morning's feed.
April 24, 2004

With quiet content, eyes half-wide
as gulped their cud re-chewed
thrusting lower jaw athwart
with idle spindled strings of
thick saliva strung from both their
awkward warp of chewing jaws
their contentment well observed
closed eyes affirm by their silence.

As another day morning woke
to earn of their needed keep
twice milked each day's letting-down
til must be freshened anew
ensuring flow of mothered milk
be daily milked again.
April 24, 2002

There between house and barn, coops and shed
labor's daily doings strung out, til gathered in
what can be saved from toiled wastes
old farming ways - oft left behind.

Of birth and slaughter, birthing's groaning moan
raw Nature farmed to share its bounty
brought of daily chores - sometimes all night.

An agrarian aptitude for self-employed hands
hard-calloused from labor's lift and strains
weathers both hot and cold, wet or dry
brings of one's life but work's worth of hope.

Til several score counts their years - grown old
finally die, interred beneath sod's mold
but brief stories recalled - elders told.
April 24,2004

That ancient plan of early man
to eat and live thereby
upon that land on which they stand
but to farm or graze.

Two basic forms farm-labored by
from birth-born until old age die
their need for food, farm families ply
bonded with but themselves and land.

To herd or plant by beast or seed
past millennia provides two ways
both beast and man, to flock, plant or plow
sweat beneath sun-browned weathered brow.

Until tired land itself should decline
its sterile loss grows less of what it can
as turns to arid waste of desert sand
found can rebirth - but the end of man.
April 24, 2004

The wonder of it all amazed us
watching colored leaves Autumn let fall
one by one or several drifting down
til our accounting soon lost their count.

For each had a style of its own
like a de-vestation cool Autumn chose
like a de-vestation cool Autumn chose
to shed, despite fell upon our lawn
unmindful of Jame's recent rakings there.

By mid-day next, seemed nude trees shivered
at least in my mind - stood there naked bare
in some parks and places, would violate
that prim decency - of a well-raked lawn.

As watched their striptease with fascination
upon reflection - been most tastefully flung
upon downing air of a pleasant day
and so I still think - if of such I may.

Yet - Jame's duty to rake entire lawn
rid its distasteful scatter of fallen leaves
rakings promptly gathered into descrete piles
an Autumn duty propriety required there.

Til Sunday morn - as I left to honor God
paid Jame's his weekly fee with my gifted nod
those naked trees nudely bare - still seemed rudely odd.
April 24, 2004

Such that terror of Truth's written word
of one young man's inner spark
light long denied, only silence heard
year held in damp dungeon's dark.

When at last released for crimes never done
soon after, re-birthed within
a hope long denied, held with poet's pride
perhaps once more might begin.

When his forgotten pen refound
to write as freely - once again
those inner thoughts held most profound
he wrote what wrote before - again.
April 25, 2004

Well come right on in - spoke with smiling grin
hand reached out to direct our coming in
began a friendship til grew its strength of trust
as if baptized then confirmed - self-blessings dost.

Ned and Charlie long neighbored back and forth
Charlie a local man - Ned raised up north
reason named each others dogs - Blue and Gray
after Charlie died - Ned remained to stay.
April 29, 2004

Slight limp he hobbled slowed him down
some thought an act - much like a clown
especially when face screwed up to frown.

An idiot well disguised as sane
smart as sin, sharp as flint yet not vain
his way of getting on - proud yet plain.

Around town all called him Wobble Willie
since all related, seemed a bit silly
yet town's teasing never bothered Billy.

Swept and window-washed bank and grocery store
hardware and Lodge-hall, but a weekly chore
good at it - despite awkward stance he bore.

A town-fixture, any would give their nod
so as gave him rest from that awkward plod
til neither town nor Willie thought his limping odd.

Just one man's way of getting through his day
short on brains, yet proud of his wobbly sway
Willie or Billy mattered not - either way.

County Home all knew, where would end his days
when age or health should slow his wobbled ways
probably had more friends - than one could self-raise.
May 1, 2004

Those walks taken to Tanbry town
that road I walked all way down
at first-light left by garden's gate
to walk myself all way down.

Of such to buy or pay half crown
if should a full crown I had
such gave reason for my going down
long road-way taken to Tanbry town.

When found what brought me down
a high-hanging hung seen for free
noose first thrown, then strung up
to hang that one til freely swung
t'was for this - walked to Tanbry town.

Half-crown took down to Tanbry town
not spent to watch hanging hung
saved well-spent on aled stout
for what its strength might give
before I upped and left Tanbry town.

That walk I took to Tanbry town
same road walked early morning down
late afternoon brought me back up again
to gain that garden gate my leavage closed
when first walked down to Tanbry town.

Nearly dark it was - Tanbry town far below
when gate shut me within my estate
there to feast and drink with finest taste
of she who must be obeyed - I kissed
as both she and I walked quite late
far above those dim lights of Tanbry town.

Well, t'was long ago I speak of here
walks took up and down to Tanbry town
when youth was spry with hopeful eye
to see some poor sod highly hung
so often swung back then in Tanbry town.

Now she and I seldom leave by garden gate
but to shop or weekly church close nearby
children we'd bred long have fled
leaving us both alone ourselves
still hear church bells ring in Tanbry town.

She but smokes while I always chew
both tobacco-forms bought in Tanbry town
when pension full-paid meager half crown
now requires two crowns worth
on such we survive - above Tanbry town.
May 1, 2004

Took a half-day's worth of warmth
til sun's heat held such height, could reach
that gable-end window dormed
to melt those morning shadows there
as filled inner room - bright and warm.

Not til then did she awake and rise
to bathe and dress her day afresh
as threw open both windows wide
breathed in full noon-time's cherished air
then brightly left - to take her daily ride.

And so all came to hand, day before both planned
through meadowed flowers as finches flew away
tarried by babbled brook, allowing mount to drink
then off to Bandor's towering rise
from whence viewed moor beyond its brink.

When shadows found to reach sundial's gauge
tired horse seen unbridled, stabled then fed some hay
her gathered steps led through summer-kitchen's door
yet in dark of twelve's deep shadows - she returned
to mount and ride - again tryst upon that moor once more.
May 2, 2004

When distracted eyes unsaw her hand touch
opened letter unaddressed to her
first words read before she knew, read too much
altered few after days - with eyes a blur.

When she unanswered his upstairs call - below
til he repeated louder from first landing
then paused, as if confirmed this her day to go
then heard back-door closing - from where standing.

Last night late, as each both undressed for bed
varied themes next day planned to do were said
among love-shared words tossed between, briefly queried him
yet unreminding him, tomorrow - her day to swim.

He stood by desk, wondered why she left without a word
no answer given to what he'd shouted down below
then saw open letter she may have read
only then surmised - double-meaning said.

If one should read last line, twice lined in red
his brother's letter, careless humor might say
half-laughing, half fearing - of what letter read
quick call to gym replied - she not here today.

Why should he panic so, last night divine
phone's ring made him jump, her voice re-assuring
aunt Flow broke her arm, not be back til nine
what letter lied - her words un-inferring.
May 2, 2004

Tarried there to rest his legs
standing where ends my country lane
as I going out met his coming by
where we talked an hour away.

With final wave left me there
to watch his patient steps take leave
from all our friendly words told
hopes his fading form left behind
of my childhood - now remind.

As he vanished in far distance
my eyes soon lost below that hill
would so quickly lead him into town
where Conrad's Cafe could feast his fill.

Then postman stopped, handing out
my mail, with no word to stop
his need of other's mail delivered
in boxes - beyond that hill.

When reached my porch, again to scan
letters sold, but a need I need not pay
former buyings lately bought to hand
already worn out - hard usage may.

Yet of all thoughts thought that day
but of he - who whiled talk with me
as watched his footing take hill down
beyond country lane - into town.
May 7, 2004

With precise precision and perfection
three equal drops of thickened cream
slowly stirred without added confection
thereafter - but to sip and dream.

Thus he sat alone, cafe window by
eyes un-seeing what lay before
visions gathered from times when young and spry
cluttered memories gathered - fourscore.

Facts and friends, time and place some kindness done
failures one's trusting found brought to shame
wealth gained then lost, despite what toils won
now left alone - with but family name.

Least was my surmise in that English inn
observing his precise perfection
to know him like us all, both loss and win
such - world's human collection.

Whereby first found birthed, whereof would he die
lost unknown or beneath a stone
with few or none to know where lastly lie
til leaves behind - but crumbling bone.

Then recalled his precise perfection seen
tea consumed with such proper care
knowing, hopes held his mind acutely keen
when I should die - will meet him there.
June 4, 2004

Unusual dry-spell, some ill-weathered quirk
year late-summer's heat burnt heart out of work
drowsy days and sleepless nights, six-week drought
rainful clouds never formed, old springs gave out.

Bottom-land creek shriveled up, August dried
remaining pools dwindled as minnows died
hill-side cow trails churned til two-inch dust
drying cow-pies withered with leathern crust.

Birds spent entire day in woodland's dark
beneath shrubbery, panting dogs seldom bark
wherever shade could be found, cats lie low
yet flies and fleas, wasps and bees - come and go.

Six burials in just three weeks - old folks died
graves pick-dug, useless shovels thrown aside
no grain for feed nor harvest pays the rent
some finally sold out or just upped and went.

Day those rains returned, talked about for years
church-bells rung, when blue skies thinned black clouds clear
in just three days, green growth grew everywhere
children ran wild - not one stitch of underwear.
June 30, 2004

Cold clatter of rumbled steel
announced its strength by shivered ground
ears hearing what one could feel
when emphasized by whistle's sound.

Eight-fifteen and four-o-five
each day felt its pounding drive
railroads once kept alive
clanked along its steely track
daily-double - out and back.

Twice each day that haunting sound - come and go
of hurried returns or goings out slow
chatter of rumbled steel spoke hello
echoes one's childhood heard - long ago.
July 7, 2004

They left behind but memories
we shall never know
house once bought now finally sold.
Whither did they go?

Shaped and sheltered their family grew
neighbors never knew, merely waved
foreign sort, so quiet - seldom view
perhaps live on what money saved.

Unspoke that language locals use
neither said goodbye nor hello
some thought were of war's displaced Jews
t'was far back - sixty years ago.

Simply upped and left.
Whither did they go?
July 7, 2004

Two of morning, too early came a knock
first apologizing, second to ask
need of my ladder for their getting in
bother and borrow - embarrassing task.

Since now up and awake - dwelt next door
dressed for weather full ready to help
in darkness stealthily made our way
as both laughed what men as boys might may.

That first attempt failed, window found locked
til finally found one could open up wide
thereof he disappeared til lights turned on
few minutes more - door opened from inside.

We laughed like young school boys up to no good
briefly sharing wry humor from where each stood
again to know what good neighbors for
by time I returned - quarter til four.
July 9, 2004

Among those joys of gathered friends
that wore an evening through
tall-tales told seemed to never end
til night's chill - left but few.

Were those who helped clean up scattered scraps
cups and chairs first set out
til those now leaving put on their wraps
each homed by different route.

Of such, if we had only known
how fast our passing years would slowly glide
into relics of aging stone
one's growing old - no remedy may hide.

Yet that joy of our gathered friends
oft wore our evenings through
of what we then spoke late evening lends
perhaps the best one's life may do.
July 14, 2004

She chanced to see in mirror walking by
a startled glance that caught her unaware
til in mid-stride quickly took two steps back
noticed, then attend - placement of her hair.

Forefinger flexed with thumb of left hand
focused by a pair of eyes in use
observing with swiveled twist of head
hair now rearranged - once dangled loose.

But as a woman, such was not enough
to know if her coif's coils proper of
eyed her bodice and neckline, chastely so
speck of powder brushed away with her glove.

Thereafter mirror unheld her point of view
her quick leaveage by front door took note of that
now alone, mirror viewed itself across the hall
imaged by its twin - that hung opposing wall.
July 15, 2004

He grumbled in his soup freely given him
as rambled on about some uncaringness
had lately came to hand.


Occurred in early morning, sun meekly dim
obscene words spoken with such unsparingness
had loudly made demand.

His unspoken answer, two fists quickly broke
into his face and groin, with such unfairness
took two to take him down.

One caring, found him asleep before he woke
still felt alive despite hazy dizziness
white helped up one - colored brown.

Both nurtured by food pantry's noon-time meal
til both were laughing of last night's ugliness
nightly occurs in town.
July 23, 2004

Heard across distant bay, ancient spires rang down
mid-day Angelus bells gave pause for daily prayer
tribute flung to country shires beyond their town
remembrance of Incarnation - a birth gave heir.

Above stirring bustle of cited streets and lanes
daily tollings thricely rung, passing centuries gave
in contrast to business enterprise, it peaceful strains
religious belief remembers - One's death could save.


Atop rubble of bombed out cathedral tower
church-bell half protruding, its bent clanger strangled dumb
hopeful war-after, re-hung to ring noon-time's hour
reminding all before that war, each day thricely rung
for many began their day - when monk's chants firstly sung.
August 2, 2004

Old shed now kneels upon its siding
bowed outward on eastern wall
as west-wall merely cants with its sliding
as if caused shed's ageing fall.

A-lop it stands idle, despite wasting wall
Time's slow decay, passing years slowly wore
til took it down - as spraddled roof covers all
buries that deep rot beneath - at its core.

No longer harbors tools and sundry things
farm labors required, yearly season brings
they and those saved before, well-kept repaired
frugal times long past one's poor pride declared.

Now an arbor to nest young fledglings in
shelters foul weather's wear of rains and wind
enclosed within bramble's growth hid beneath
tis such, Nature's aging charm may bequeath.

As seasons come and go, centuries expire
winds of change and usage man may require
despite old dreams, first gave cause to shed built by
Nature honors with burial - when buildings die.
August 7, 2004

A smile caught my eye
when waved with lifted hand
with no need - knowing why.

Pleasantry cast out-loud
ears have no need to hear
spontaneity endowed.

Circumstance briefly caught
across what lay between
one's brief kindness brought.

Beauty found everywhere
be alert with your eyes
kindness - so debonairé.
August 14, 2004

Aged mare seemed skittish so
last ride together - slow
old bones felt of their pain
as last came down our lane.

Vet said best killed for glue
her working days were through
took my walk when truck came
weeks after - not the same.

Near-on forty years past
old memories longly last
recall when freshly foaled
mid-winter - very cold.
August 26, 2004

Ill-lit by what dark clouds deny
as if noon-time, black night brought by
cloud's gray grumbles gave their reply.

Til high-heaven rent to tears
splattered leaf and frond with drears
bleak shadows - late evening steers.

Day turned to gloom of despair
light itself could not repair
nor what darkness might declare.

Until tomorrow rebirths with dawn
awakened by sunlight brightly drawn
that dark gloom found - completely gone.
August 31, 2004

Lantern sent ghostly shadows
to waver on walls and tall ceilings by
quivered by a smokey flame
shivering across the room - caught my eye.

A haunting dance of light within that dark
interior of a house childhood knew
safely held within a mother's warm arms
swaddled as one gently held - her love drew.

Thus to calm us both til bedtime came
with some story her lips brought to sleep
til bright rays morning sun beams took aim
upon waking eyes - old age would keep.

Ghostly shadows from so long ago
yet flicker should some mood settle in
soft gleams of shifting lamp-light's glow
murmured notes sung of some olden hymn.

So when power found to fail - outage brings
tis of such, memories come back again
gives comfort with a solace some voice yet sings
still echoes dim light and songs within.

Quiet dark extinguished by a flame
flickered strange shadows across that room
like an ancient dance, both bride and groom
a mother's tender love - once made claim.
August 31, 2004

Old records long stored away
mildewed, webbings spiders spun
slowly rotting with slow decay
lost history of what once done.

Old echoes long hidden there
one's writings first put to pen
gave accountings when and where
some need deeply felt back then.

Old facts written into word
inscribed on fading pages
those sights and sounds firstly heard
gave substance to past ages.

Old forgotten books longly shelved
futures may stumble on again
some research, ancient pages delved
to learn of what occurred back then.

Old deeds hand-signed long ago
retell secrets long forgot
some chance find held in escrow
high attorney fees - under bought.

Old works Death left behind
hand quilled with ink and pen
a treasure brought to mind
their past once did - back then.
September 4, 2004

Half-rain half-snow to glaze the night
around lamp-posts city streets provide
circles of haloed crystaled light
cold weather's frozen rain - applied.

Held everyone indoors looking out
a magic eyes have need to see
how soon electric off, left in doubt
yet cold weather's charm - gifted free.

All night long, sand-trucks heard passing by
cars with clanking chains driven slow
icy glitter, sleet from out the sky
every school-child prayed - for snow.

A beauty, Nature now-days seldom comes
back in those thirties when salt unused
sleet storm's crystal magic now unsung
school kid's hope, climates now warm - refused.
October 11, 2004

Wherever road lies before
feet have not yet trod afore
such is one - I must explore.

Not those crowded citied streets
nor avenues where no one greets
busy thoroughfares - traffic bleats.

Far off the beaten trail
roadside produce for sale
those met - will friendly hale.

Where dusty roads turn to mud
when Spring rains are wont to flood
as roadside trees freshly bud.

Those tree-lined lanes shadowed dark
sweet sounds heard of migrant lark
when slowly pass by - dogs bark

Crossroad cafes, stop to eat
friendly folk one dares to meet
spend an hour - clean and neat.

Clear sky above, dirt road ahead
twisting lanes, old signs left unread
if found lost - stop and ask instead.

Matters not - North, South East or West
back-road travels an endless quest
what lies unknown - dirt-roads the best.
October 17, 2004

Graveled road's dust of an August dry
churned up by travels, those driving by
seen like smoke signals - drift down the sky.

Across flat Kansas plains in mid-August heat
rising dust clouds above vast fields of wheat
hurried haste bellows grime - those behind must eat.

Their lime dust freely spread across farm fields
winds gently settle, gifting richer yields
bless or curse that Summer dust, housewives complain
signs of life midst prairie flats of dry terrain.

Recalls a lonely train ride - hot Kansas dry
wood-seats, churning dust filled car's air inside
all afternoon, old age youth remembers by
monotony of Kansas plains - broad and wide.
October 18, 2004

Night's early snow turned to rampant rain
streets and roads flooded by frozen drains
late-Winter night chanced - il-weather deigns.

Usual outages brought long kept candles out
gutters overflow at each cornered spout
til came high winds, to gift one further doubt.

While far from city's black and frozen drains
farm families gathered by cozy fireside flames
listen of late Winter's storm and drowning rains.

Til children trundled off to bed and sleep
old folks stayed up, fed fuel from fireside's keep
watching dizzy dance - flaming shadows leap.

A joy now recalled oft done years ago
when children young, stayed up to watch the snow
knowing on the morrow - school need not go.

Fuel felled from farm woods, each Fall's cut laid by
candles if needed, two lanterns hung high
memories our children kept - no need ask why.

Such one thinks upon when night snow turns to rain
old age reviews, back when poverty kept us sane
children gone, she has died - tis such Time ordains.
October 18, 2004

It came then left, thereafter seen no more
time once briefly taught, still retained in my mind
month, day and year, three minutes after four
what most remembered - its eyes looked very kind.

So long ago, only one's childhood could save
starving dog weakly whined at our backdoor
behind her skirt, I saw of what my mother gave
when viewed those hungered eyes - her love could not ignore.

Both kindred creatures, voicings spoke their need to live
only memories now bring back those kindly eyes
early lesson childhood learned, one's need to give
though both now gone, a childhood's day - one still cries.
October 27, 2004

Long stretch morning reached
to gift first light at dawn
cold breath all night breathed
shivered its waking yawn.

Numbed feet felt fully frozen
cold slippers tried to warm
right foot - left firstly chosen
vision had yet to form.

Out stretched hands to touch his way
into those first steps of day
among those still left to live
future time - has yet to give.
October 30, 2004

A single gossamer spider swung
to save itself, webbing safely strung
escape along what its spinning spun.

While I held silent, perfectly still
as not intrude upon its ignorant will
its life dependent on some innate skill.

One mound of dirt groundhog tunneled out
well-rounded dome from which eyes may scout
another hole hidden - their escape route.

I in silence watched from distant view
as not disturb whatever it might do
life relied upon - instinctive genes gave clue.

Then recalled that one met with unsightful eyes
across two traffic thoroughfares, kindness tries
safely led to warn of curbing's guttered rise.

All alone in silence, helping-hand led one by
as not disturb innate fears, to question why
mere trust accepts - faith awakens one to try.
November 12, 2004

Heard kindly Death slowly taking him down
one who dwelt the land, never lived in town
but was many years ago we met
if not had died - still be farming yet.

One with natural wit, unschooled left him shy
a mind shrewdly keen, earned of ears and eye
many thought him strange, others found him wise
I among those few left - know where he lies.

Same day he died, graved beneath cold ground
hot July, no stone to mark his mound
whereof after, I moved on to otherwheres
passing years old age unraveled - poem now shares.
November 17, 2004