Midst those Halls of Academe, century's teachings threw
reaped from gathered ages, Histories long sifted through
labored knowledge gathered into words of when and who
seeds sown within fertile minds - retaught as learnings new.

As if to grasp wide World's length and breadth of Time
divergent views, vistas wrought a from distant clime
measured dimensions, outside as well as within
seeking to know the present - from what once had been.

Unraveled threads of the past, rewoven by future dreams
converging strands of hope, developed far different schemes
crafting deeper meanings, gathered from History's ancient worth
midst those Halls of Academe - searched far beyond the Earth.

Although death of each assured with full certainty
youth yet hungers Truth - Academe's trusted guarantee.
June 13, 2001

Of operas written, wise fables fashioned by wits
olden tales performed on stage as simple skits
of what could soon become or what once might have been
stories sharing wealth of hopes and love - lust and sin.

Daydreams depicting yearn of hearts and minds
conjured extremes, real life seldom finds
seeking purity of intent, morally right
human hopes ever seeking love - but never quite.

Past history contorted into future dreams, inspiring one's worth of hope
mystery of olden lies twisted into truths, designed with artistic scope
an ancient practice acted out, since back then - were no schools
those uneducated would not attend, presumed fit - but for fools.
July 14, 2001

Of frivoled lines that many penned
gifting what inner hopes might lend
gleaned of love or what foul grief may send
for what their poetic words may mend.

Tales drug from dregs, Life's cauldrons brew
storied episodes, strange travels threw
perchanced insights long suffered through
chanced or dreamt - falsely felt or true.

Retelling what oft been retold before
forefashioned from facts of olden folklore
yet each grasps flavors untasted afore
of such frivoled lines - Time has not outwore.

Where new steps tread, former feet trod long ago
what recent reasons reprove, old books wrote before
frivoled lines still penned, ancient tomes wrote long afore
tales twice told, future pens but review once more.
December 26, 2001

Of what have lived to give, but what I say
inner visions life-learned, dreams put in play
writings longly striven so might be read
woven from one's thoughts - for what words have said.

Sharing what life taught, thoughts reflections chose
not lengthy tales of long storied prose
but gathered versings laced with metered rhyme
what stray strands of sifted thoughts brought of time.

Those writings Life's existence drifted me
labored of mind and pen - yet gifted free.

Wearing that full range, human topics quiz
ancient triplet - People, Things and Ideas
common fare pondered on by everyone
yet most prefer first two, third - underdone.

For idle minds so easily turn in upon themselves
little time given for what depths, new ideas might delve
search one's soul, tis there where inner Spirits touch
tis of these gathered poems - longly penned of such.

Tracing dimensions that gives one breadth
pondered prehensions of Life and Death
echoe hints by what mere words might tell
when read, may their silence casts its spell.
March 10, 2002

Amazing what may find among forgotten years
scattered wisdoms, long labors won
regathered like wheat put to shocks, when harvest nears
so may dry, til thrashing needs be done.

Collected vagaries, salvaged from one's distant past
 perhaps those more recent, lately came to pass
ancient auguries, anguished days suffered - Time had cast
numbed heart and soul - til shattered like broken glass.

Clinging webs caught, recaptured youth-times of joy
freely gifted by others when just a boy
gathered of life's early friends or forgotten foes
though long ago, now rethought - til one fully knows.

Vanished episodes of wars, fought in one's early youth
what blindly did or not, before learned a deeper truth
deceived by leaders, unknowing then - others lied
til long after, understood why so many died.

Those met but once, or others kept through friendly years
whose kindly fellowship lent wisdom to my ears
these yet fill my heart, from what their lives had given them
cherished dreams firstly bloomed - before died upon life's stem.

Distant hills, prairie grass - cliff-high held by ageless sea
frozen-silence of barren North, all so I might see
mountains scaled, rivers floated, outdoor driftings tried
Nature's pandora-box, youthful days first opened wide.

Hallowed halls of academe or churchen aisles strode
revealing History's long learnings, to which much is owed
seeded fertile ground, my questing mind so thirsty for
church birthed a Faith, til grew far richer than firstly wore.

Circumstance of happy Chance, prior lineage gifted me
much of what became, their traditions telling whom I be
nurtured by what strangers told, shared their years had taught
varied encounters others threw - life's yearnings caught.

Of toiled labors early years found of worth, much still stands
those latter years, when lived nearby - or dwelt in distant lands.

Countless books read, understanding truths science sifts
slowly learning, beauty felt from what artist gifts
sundry sermons here and yon, fashioned far deeper hope
full believed from Christian's wide encompassed scope.

Til gained strength, making commitments that led further on
like, as if viewing one's future - what might birth at dawn
challenged one's daring, risked trusting others even more
gathering strengths others gave - one's friendship hungered for.

Dwelt among cultures grew up in, or those otherwise
valued differences, so with others could sympathize
appreciate endless journeys each one's life must take
love some create as selfless - despite their hearts still ache.

Below, above, beyond - ever seeking further far
searching elusive truths, so might know what truly are
so many memories ears have heard, my heart yet holds
enraptured, inly sequestered - my brain still enfolds.

Vast visions richly captured, those found at Nature's knee
what purled waters tell, winds whisper - such challenged me
ciphered songs birds sang, quizzings ground-hog lips mutely grin
beyond sight where stars blink, of all else - so much to win.

Past stories warriors told, old men spoke - those, women lie
hidden hopes nuns believe, priests preached - humbled words ought try
from all those have met and listened to, hearing what had to say
blending Truth with Beauty, Hope with Faith - tis of these I pray.

Long sat to comfort those widowed-out, who dwelt alone
bed-side stood, watching one dying there - although unknown
biblically prescribed of widows and orphans should do
even though non-christian or those otherwise - Muslim and Jew.

Cried together, laughed whatever - listened carefully
from such came to know how should speak my God, prayerfully
learned worth of married love, how precious tis meant to be
all gathered to my heart, what lately learned - from that special she.

Such memories found scattered here and there, midst my poems
or what other poets wrote, in old or recent tomes
refashioned into words loosely metered, some seek to rhyme
reflections life long collected - gleaned from gold or grime.

A resumé, my life now leaves behind as memoirs
a sort of vade mecum among many lodestars
long years spent composing as a duty - my devoir
last gift to those I love - as bid my last au revoir.
September 11, 2002

All that life gave, all my love had won
those brief episodes, life's journeys spun
memoirs fully written - last poem done.

Til lay me down when Death finally comes
play soft pipes lowly with muted drums
as bear my body to its portended grave
thereby grace my God - for all His loving gave.

Bid fond farewell to those I leave behind
who knew me well or ill - most have been kind
after body lowered beneath grave's cold stone
take and share among yourselves - of all I own.

Perhaps those may remember some kindness gave
if so, likewise do others - with friendly wave
cherish what love your life found, shared for all
if whispers after-heard - tis I let fall.

Bid no taps be played nor loud guns salute
of former hates, let there be no dispute
as fresh dug dirt tis slowly shoveled back in
stand there not one sadly - but with your grin.

Thence drift off to all those other things
your hopes of future days slowly brings
retelling what fond memories have yet to say
as for me, know I am off - and on my way.
September 12, 2002

Much like asking them
if like reading poetry some
they briefly pause - as if struck dumb.

Too soon will quickly lie
you see it in their eye
yes - they tell, yet says a lot
as if ashamed - like as not!

Much like asking them
if believe in God
how quickly they nod.

Yet seen within their eye
knowing perhaps a lie
yes - they bravely tell, fears giving clue
as if one ashamed - believed like you!
April 19, 2003

Of some brave ballad old heroes sang
only poets write
their ancient bones left bleaching white
only poets know.

Of those slain thereby, war-blood once spilt
only poets feel
what former years taught, old historys tell
poets echo of.

Those ancient beliefs once thought true
only poets search
love someone gave, til Death ended all
only poets delve.

Of what futures brought, unthought til now
only poets guess
of foul fevered grief so many grieve
only poets seethe.

Of what Truth once told, presumed as true
only poets wait
their secrets unknown, as yet untold
only poets lie.

But should Time come - found Love died
selfish Hates proudly demonized
til dying Hope no longer tries
nor Beauty's charm felt with one's pride
then Poetry dies.
April 22, 2003

From far scattered words still found running loose
gathered into herds for poetic use
corralled til well-tamed, each distinctly named
with their meanings rhymed, meter - vaguely claimed.

Tells what had in mind, so others might know
from what old words found, ideas poets sow
unlike written prose, line's length any size
til paper's length longly grows - further words thought wise.

Prose tells by frequent use of many words written
their meanings often loose, like grandma's prized kitten
but when Beauty one's goal, poets find few words best
for rhymed words please the soul, such words - a poets quest.
May 8, 2003

Seeds of music conceived from Beauty's allure
artful thoughts perceived from hopes obscure
old classics fingers play, yet always slow
such silent mysteries - I will never know.

Wakens cryptic hints, some unsought dream found to stray
thin notes gently coerced, well-trained hands deftly play
gathers in nearing shadows, til cast darkly gray
such magic pleads, when music grieves my soul to pray.

Melodies awaken sentiments, ears heard long ago
caroled chants cathedraled choirs sang, Time can not outgrow
Slavic moods, strummed nine-stringed guitar, ten-fingers deftly ply
hauntings of Chopin's soothing nocturnes - one's life heals by.

Lofts one's soul on a journey, melodies unheard before
gathered throughout those spheres far beyond, one's hopes may explore
gifting melodic tones, til sets one's Spirit completely free
a puzzle some inner purpose bids - why am or meant to be.

When such dreams drift beyond our reach, til peace felt-found deep within
like polyphonic choirs, their rippled echoes replay again
curved by ogive's arching, tripled meanings gave - spoke their final drift
tis such music leaves behind, conceived by what Beauty's charm may gift.
May 15, 2003

Should some forthcoming be heard
as might save a vanquished hope
nerve to trust in one's word
as worth their pains to cope.

Should few words be caught from
other lips, then had told
forewarned with beaten drum
other's love - now grown cold.

Should first light brought of day
give voice, some wish come true
those, one would never say
to tell their love for you.

Should eyes found seeking yours
hinting lips shyly tell
each knowing old love stirs
gifts - only angels will.

Should words read, found to strangely drift
suspecting their truth but falsely lies
reject what such ill-readings gift
but anguished words, ears heard - as love dies.
May 24, 2003

Orchestrated hands stroked to vibrate those soundful echoes
driven into awaiting memories, til aroused their feelings
symphonic notes brought to mind.

Fingers as well as mouthful blows huffed into hollow horns
their ready reeds heeded with skillful artistic air, til hall filled
with drifting notes and hallowed dreams.

Enraptured by where those haunting thoughts, led one's feelings
across some far-back reach of struggled years long toiled by, Time lent them of
til resurrected olden memories, buried long ago.

Grappled with lost events from youth's past, until mooded on
to some other story, early read of childhood days
reincarnating their spectral ghost.

Such I felt, well hid within that semi-darkened chambered hall, enthralled by sounds
as those thousand notes recalled a lifetime's forgotten dreams
conceived by some spectral love - such music gifts to each.

While far beyond some otherwhere, gathered from one's past or yet to come
til one of genius will create a new string of olden notes
unlike ever heard before.

Destined to become a classic in some newer age, ears have yet to hear
freshly cast within that silence of one's inward soul
til both dreams and music re-emerge - completely whole.
December 23, 2003

To speak what we feel
not what one ought say
such, poets reveal
heartful words - put in play.
February 18, 2002