Of what could one write
chalked upon hard blackboard's slate
words wrongly spelt right
future years brought of fatal Fate
as if foretold - long years must wait.

Tis of such, but those childhood dreams
fancied within their young mind
youth's ignorance held with early schemes
far future years, may thence find
mere circumstance - thence had signed.

Each day and night, come and go
hopeful chance puts in play
far more than could ever know
passing years gift what may
much more than one - could say.

With future days at our command
we out-face those onward years
what growing dreams and schemes demand
despite waste and want - or fears
ends with death- and grave-side tears.
April 13, 2006

Whereby an ancient Death, birthed with Life
far beyond reach of Fate and Powers
despite vissitudes of troubling strife
high-hung and nailed there - three hours.
April 14, 2006

Those changing shadows, twilight cast
shifting memories from out one's past
varied visions that will never last
yet tis of such - strange feelings cast.

As daylight colors flaunt their brightful hues
rounding noon-day sun, may chance to choose
weaving brief patterns, sunlight brought
tis of such - self-reflections haunt.

Nature's changing styles, old Sol brought
in their silence, shifting shadows taught
words cannot explain, yet within - one knows
shifting shadows tell - as late evening goes.

Those dappled patterns, day's sunlight freely cast
to cast across woods and fields, gently hast
fresh hopes, future days may remember by
trusting Death will rebirth - beyond the sky.
June 3, 2006

When early morning's sky, broods leaden gray
again to know another day
sad memories whisper, only tears can say
price of life and love - death must pay.
June 10, 2006

Whereof an evening downs, to quench last light of day
still silence loudly speaks, nigths whisper what has't to say
til calms those fears felt within, former hopes chanced to stray
becalms one's inward soul - silent lips outspeak to pray.

An ancient hunger unfulfilled, pleads out to God
hearing its final answer, now unthought as odd
trusting life does not end, when graved beneath cold stone
faith-held hopes hunger for, despite those sins - made loan.

Whereafter thereafter, belief of what may be or not
a quest that may never end, one's inner faith - life has taught.
August 23, 2006

Her trusting hand held in mine, gave strength to lead the way
til she pointed to that sign, mute silence could not say
whereof we both entered by, mother's arms quickly gathered by
whence saw her child my hand held, her arms reached out  - but to cry.

Such as to make my day, her once lost child now refound
words she soon had to say, bought ice-cream cones - for all around.
August 23, 2006

Crying tears for those now lost
former days held as one's friends
high price. passing time has cost
late Autumn clouds - greyly sends.

Echoing those sounds from long ago
wry stories told with our loud laughter
as flitting cameos come and go
thence those silent tears - shed soon after.

Days filled up with hopes and dreams
onward years now reveal
unaware of changing themes
Time would so quickly steal.

Til what had lost when as a child
old age grew new hopes held up high
whence saddened eyes, thereafter smiled
friendly laughter's tears - soon brought dry.
October 28, 2006

Whereby knelling tolls told, one had died
kith and kin gathered from far and wide
pews held friend or foe - sat side by side
most stoic sat, a few - damply eyed.
Spetember 8, 2006

A thousand thoughts, each day scattered across one's aging mind
memory slowly gathered down through one's lost years
unknowingly gifted, silent ignorance kept us blind
yet deep within, old-age deafness - now loudly hears.

Echoes of distant days, recalling those of our past
that of themselves, reawakens what we have forgot
in those idle moments, answered questions - left unasked
years had longly lain in wait, until now - were rethought.

Like ravaged leaves, cold weathers shed
Autumn's brown had thrown away
grey sky's dark broodings, cast with lead
such - somber moods now convey.
October 21, 2006

That waste of idle days and wasted hours
casually strolled endless Time, we thought but ours
few records could attest of what we found
now lies sadly wasted - beneath cold ground.

A smile turned to laughter, years after would recall
frail fragments long gathered, some far back year - in late Fall
fragile remnants still retained, memories bring back in play
passing years lately recalled - for what you had to say.

From out those times now long past, today - one came to tell
what his solid memory told, as harsh words loudly fell
recast those days now forgot, youth's freedom once chanced to dare
when rowdy crowds cursed out-right - til double hangings hung there.

Those early years, one could quickly leave behind
til trails grew ice-cold, future years would never find
episodes of one's past, as old age regathers by the fire
to warm those stout hearts of young lads - before he would exspire.

My breathless breath held in, as not to miss one word
those wild days, round-up of western cattle herd
hard-tack and luck, well-fed that strength - a man would need
to earn but a day's dollar - whence future years would lead.
November 6, 2006

Rusting relics held in a trunk, grand-dad kept locked up tight
when I was middle-age, only then he shared - late at night
stories of the past, longly saved within his aging mind
a long-lasting marriage hard earned - until grew him one kind.

T'was thrity years ago, his eyes and lips lately shared with me
a past, none now lived, til finally died - nearly ninety three
those rough and ready days, today's frontier no longer found
as slumbered by evening's fire - dreamt of those past sights and sound.

Cold courage risking life itself, to make but a buck or two
days that come no more, slowly lost by one I but briefly knew
as stray strands finally unraveled, my ageing years unwound
time carelessly left to age, like those fading pages - turned brown.

Perhaps in far future spheres, death may well opportune
recollections lost to one's past, Heaven may exhume
re-incarnated into a reality, unknown here below
until once again, regathered into tales - from long ago.
November 7, 2006

Was old enough to be my father
yet so young in age, to be a boy
our friendship never seemed to bother
our young days gathered up - with such joy.

Time grew up fast, until war earned their strength to fight
four-long years of battles fought, with one's fears and might
until crippled those proud truths, one's early years had taught
wondered thereafter - why those battles were ever fought.
November 8, 2006

With but half a notion to fill up one's day
thereafter gathered by what here have to say
with those words, one's lips barely explains
reasons why or not - of what remains.

And so that sad day came to pass
whereby months later, met that lass
whence past youth had strength to tell
that truth - shame had brought from Hell.

Ridicule and mockery soon took him down
with strength firm enough, to leave this dastard town
thereafter never heard nor found alive
if or if not had courage - to survive.

One cursed with an out-right honest tongue
once spoke those words, that would hang him hung
for a crime, neither proved right or wrong
whispers still hear - echoes of his song.
November 9, 2006

Forced again to feed my famished soul
straved from wont of that, which makes one whole
mere scraps of tattered dreams, echoes still heard to play
ravaged remnants, wastings - from which I humbly pray.

Despite Autumn's soft breeze, brings stray strands long forgot
drifted within my awaiting heart, time briefly brought
as if to caress a suffered soul, feeling blue
an unforgotten love now recalled - brought by you.

Til shattered days and nights, gently healed me thereby
once more redeemed by a love, you lips sweetly brought by
aid and abet with equal trust, til calmly felt again
dissipating those clouds of dark-gray - of what once had been.

Across this wide world, throughout past years - tis love's cost
whispers daily heard, retells what love has never lost
brought from out those realms, firm faith trusts are true
peaceful lips kiss anew - our lips once knew.

Despite deeds of neglect or shame, love proves Faith tis true
whispered in silence, heard again, weathered years once threw
ravaged remnants of scattered dreams, our lives learned thereby
wed-days of our happy themes, whispered prayers - now reply.
Novenber 11, 2006

Was as she paused, then slowly turned
caught my eye by her quick stare
like an after-thought, I had earned
she spent on me - with her care.

A kindness chanced, came my way
mis-information ill informed
brief words, told her where to pay
my quick kindness had thence performed.

Midst that hurried haste, so often found
where fast rushing crowds, have no time
to pause nor speak, in harsh citie's sound
its rush and haste - of daily crime.

Such brief cameos are seldom found
some quick encounter, quickly brought round
thereafter done without a backward glance
a brief serendipity - brought by chance.

Til after years, sometimes recalls again
to wonder of their worth, rethought within
brief encounters still retained within the mind
those common curtesies, one's goodwill - had signed.
November 12, 2006

Much like a friendly voice, have come to fully trust
in those silent hours, that wears both day and night
one's quiet recollection, among life's long gathered dust
dark mysteries of year's past, clock's hourly chime - brings to light.

 Such comfort timely felt, its ticking kindly quells
those wastes of former days, our past has lost behind
of what might well have been, late night so often tells
becalms those years long past - passing time may remind.

Requires but a weekly wind, to keep old clock running right
thereafter left on its own, to count those hours - day and night
once a year, a dab of oil emplaced on each pivot's end
held high above on mantel's shelf - for what its soft sounds may lend.

Those old or long widowed out, grateful for clock's ticking by
its sound never questioned, without ever one asking why
but a duty daily done, to know how late one's time may be
monthly calendar torn off, clock weekly wound - twelve turns of key.
November 14, 2006