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Autocephalous Bishops

We would ask you to be patient with us concerning updates to the Database.

We receive quite a number of emails with additions and corrections and unfortunately cannot get to them as soon as we would like. However, all additions and corrections will be posted just as soon as it is possible.

Please join our mailing list below to be notified when the updates have been made.

We thank you for bearing with us.

Every effort has been made for this Database to be complete and as actuate as possible. The information comes from various sources such as the Internet and several books on Apostolic Successions. However, like all Apostolic Succession Databases there are errors and omission in it.

As every entry cannot be verified we do not construe to mean, imply or infer that this database is complete, actuate or that the bishop holds valid Apostolic Succession

If you notice any errors or omissions or if you have any additions, please email the Site Administrator informing him of the errors, omissions and additions. [Email address at the bottom of the page]

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