This Rose is a Forget-Me-Not Cast

Age: 19
Born: June 24
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Powers: Strength of Will

Rose is the keystone that keeps her group of friends together. She fought alongside Caleb with the others to save the world. She loves the Caleb she once knew, and is trying to love how Caleb is now without his memories, because she knows the new Caleb can't be that different from the old one. It's almost like falling in love all over again, and she's not sure she can wait for him when their relationship was already pretty far along.

Age: 19
Born: August 7th
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Powers: Sword and energy attacks

Caleb was the leader of a group of heroes who saved the world. At the end of the battle he was mortally wounded and after six months in a coma he woke up with no previous memories of his life. He's unsure of Rose and her group but they seem to be the only ones who know him.

Age: 21
Born: May 8
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Powers: Super Strength & Ninjitsu

Vartan is Rose's older brother and one of the six heroes who helped save the world. He is very protective of his sister when it comes to relationships and Caleb was very lucky to win approval from him. In most other situations he knows Rose can protect herself.

Age: 19
Powers: Alters Matter
Born: May 24th
Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Dario's life was fighting for the longest time until he met Rose and Caleb. His priorities lie more towards life and saving beautiful women- I mean, the world currently. Now that Caleb rejects Rose he wants to be there for her to protect her, and maybe more.

Age: 19
Born: October 9th
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Powers: To copy any ability she's seen before

Vashira was friends with Caleb since middle school. She became one of the six world-saving heroes shortly afterward she and Caleb met Rose. Now she tries to be Caleb's friend despite his lack of trust.

Age: 12
Born: March 30
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Powers: "Imaginary" Friend creation and control

Tanek was an orphan until he was "recruited" into the world saving crew. He tends to dislike people so he made a friend to protect him from them (and loneliness). Rose, Caleb, and the others are like family to him and probably the only friends he's had that aren't "imaginary".

Age: 19
Born: September 14
Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Carnation met Caleb when she drew attention to herself and asked if he was well. Something about her makes Caleb feel safe with her, and the fact that she didn't know him from before (i.e. is not part of Rose's group). Carnation is generally soft-spoken but not afraid to try new things.